WFMU Recent Airplay list, September 26, 2012
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Heavy Airplay, February 15, 2013

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Hoboken, NJ 07030
broadcasting from Jersey City 91.1 FM/90.1 FM
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Brian Turner, Music Director
(201) 521-1416 x223

Heavy Airplay, February 15, 2013

LAURIE SPIEGEL - The Expanding Universe (Unseen Worlds)
VARIOUS - Laila Je T'aime - Guitar Music From The Western Sahel (Mississippi / Change / Sahel Sounds)
VARIOUS - Move With the Groove: Hardcore Chicago Soul 1962-70 (Charly)
JOHN CALE - Shifty Adventures In Nookie Wood (Double Six / Domino)
DUM DUM GIRLS - End of Daze (Sub Pop)
SUBSONICS - In The Black Spot (Slovenly)
RAY STINNETT - A Fire Somewhere (Light In the Attic)
MATMOS - The Ganzfeld EP (Thrill Jockey)

KRAMER - The Brill Building (TZADIK)
TIM MAIA - World Psychedelic Classics 4: Nobody Can Live Forever (Luaka Bop)
VARIOUS - Yeti #8 (Yeti)
JUMA SULTAN'S ABORIGINAL MUSIC SOCIETY - Whispers From The Archive (Porter Records)
S.Y.P.H. - 4.LP (Mig Music)
TY SEGALL - Twins (Drag City)
CS YEH - Transitions (De Stijl)
GAP DREAM - s/t (Burger Records)
VARIOUS - Cumbia Beat: Tropical Sounds From Peru '66 - '83 Vol. 2 (Vampi Soul)
TRIN-TRAN - Dark Radar (God?)
DIVORCE - Divorce (Night School)
VARIOUS - Indonesia Pop Nostalgia (Sham Palace)
G. GREEN - Crap Culture (Mt. St. Mtn.)
DYLAN SHEARER - Porch Puddles (Empty Cellar)

FELIX KUBIN - Teenage Tapes (Minimal Wave)
RICHARD YOUNGS - Amaranthine (Mie)
SOPORS - Creation Inch By Inch (Margin Mouth)

LES GOTHS - Reve De Silence (Shadoks)
DJ SHADOW - Total Breakdown: Hidden Transmissions From The MRC Era (Reconstruction Productions)
JAAP BLONK - Keynote Dialogues (Monotype)

WARM SODA - Reaction (Southpaw)METZ - Metz (Sub Pop)
PYE CORNER AUDIO - Sleep Games (Ghost Box)

Medium Airplay
MENAHAN STREET BAND - The Crossing (Daptone)
SOUNDTRACK - Le Mariage Collectif (Born Bad)
NATURAL CHILD - For the Love Of The Game (Burger Records)
CYRILL SCHLAPFER - Die Waldstatte (CSR )

DAVID LIEBE HART - David Liebe Hart's Mixtape (No Label)
STIAN WESTERHUS - The Matriarch And The Wrong Kind Of Flowers (Rune Grammofon)

DAN DEACON - America (Domino)
GUDRUN GUT. - Wildlife (Monika)
VARIOUS - London's Calling (Culture Clash Productions)
KAKI KING - Glow (Velour)

THE GREAT UNWASHED - Clean Out of Our Minds (Exiled)
THE LOVE MACHINE / RAJPUT & SEPOY MUTINY - Electronic Music To Blow Your Mind With / Flower Power Sitar (Gear Fab)
JIM O'ROURKE - Old News #8 (Editions Mego)
WHITEHORSE - Live Ritual July 25th 2011 (Small Doses)

VARIOUS - God Save The Kinks! (Neotomic)
PHILIPPE PETIT & FRIENDS - Cordophony (Home Normal)
MUCCA PAZZA - Safety Fifth (Electric Cowbell)
THE RIPPERS - Better The Devil You know (Slovenly)
DEEP MAGIC - Closed Eyes (Debacle)

SHOES - 35 Years - The Definitive Shoes Collection (Real Gone Music)
NATURAL SNOW BUILDINGS - Night Coercion Into The Company Of Witches (Ba Da Bing)
GODSPEED YOU! BLACK EMPEROR - Allelujah! Don't Bend Ascend (Constellation)
JOHN CAGE - Sonatas and Interludes (John Cage Trust)

AC NEWMAN - Shut Down the Streets (Matador)
AVA MENDOZA WITH NICK TAMBURRO - Quit Your Unnatural Ways (Weird Forest)
THE VERLAINES - Untimely Meditations (Flying Nun)
RALPH - The Alabama Love Man (Rabbit Factory)
KURT WAGNER & COURTNEY TIDWELL - KORT: Invariable Heartache (City Slang)
VARIOUS - KFJC Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 14 (KFJC)
SHAMBLES - Hello Baby (Sing Sing)
AKRON - Voyage Of Exploration (Vampisoul)
VARIOUS - Inner Self Globophobic Clown Tester (Part 1) (Wildrfid)
FLYING LOTUS - Until the Quiet Comes (Warp)
BROTHER ALI - Mourning In America and Dreaming in Color (Rhymesayers)
THE MOUNTAIN GOATS - Transcendental Youth (MERGE)
THE SHADOW RING - Remains Unchanged (Kye)
GREGG KOWALSKY WITH JOZEF VAN WISSEM - Movements In Marble And Stone (Amish Records/Required Wreckers)
LE SYSTèME CRAPOUTCHIK - s/t (Editions Flamophone/Wah Wah)
MMOSS - i (Burger Records)
GUINEA WORMS - Smiles (Columbus Discount)
SKY BURIAL - There I Saw The Grey Wolf Gaping (Small Doses)
DAN FRIEL - Valedictorian/Exoskeleton (Thrill Jockey)
ERIC LANHAM - The Sincere Interruption (Spectrum Spools)
THE PHEROMOANS - Does This Guy Stack Up? (Upset the Rhythm)
EFTERKLANG - Piramida (4AD)
BARDO POND - Yntra (Southern)
THE INTERNATIONAL STREET CANNIBALS ENSEMBLE - Ballets & Solos (Composers Concordance Records)
VARIOUS - Future Sounds Of Buenos Aires (Waxploiation)
EXUSAMWA - Excusez-Moi! (100% BREAKFAST)
RED DONS - Auslander (Dirtnap)
THE BLITZ BOYS - Eddy's New Shoes (Sing Sing)
LOCRIAN & CHRISTOPH HEEMANN - Locrian & Christoph Heemann (Handmade Birds)
MARK EITZEL - Don't Be A Stranger (MERGE)
BLACK BOMBAIM - Titans (Lovers & Lollypops)
JOEL RL PHELPS - Turner LP (No Label)
VARIOUS - Radioclit Presents The Sound of Club Secousse Vol. 1 (Crammed Disc)
COLOSSAL YES - Loosen The Lead And Spoil The Dogs (Jackpot)
VARIOUS - KFJC Live Broadcast From The Utech Records Music Festival (KFJC)
PAUL LYTTON & NATE WOOLEY - The Nows (Clean Feed)
TWO FINGERS - Stunt Rhythms (Big Dada)
DIRTY CUPCAKES - I Want It (Fuzz City)
ELKLINK - Farm Stories (No Label)
DAVID HURLEY - Outer Nebula Inner Nebula (Porter Records)
THE SOFT PACK - Strapped (Mexican Summer)
ROBERT HOOD - Motor: Nighttime World 3 (Music Man)
STEVEN STAPLETON & TONY WAKEFORD - Revenge Of The Selfish Shellfish (Robot Records)

Light Airplay
MARGARET CHO AND NEIL HAMBURGER - I Drink/How Little Men Care (Million Dollar Performances)
NRBQ - Everybody Say Yeah!/Hornin' In (Euclid Records LLC)
MOONRISES - Moonrises (Logan Hardware / Galactic Archives)
FENNESZ - FA 2012 (Editions Mego)
JESSICA BAILIFF - At The Down-Turned Jagged Rim Of The Sky (Kranky)
VARIOUS - In The Dark There Are Fingers That Grab - My Castle Of Quiet Companion #3 (No Label)
LOVELY LITTLE GIRLS - Cleaning The Filth From A Delicate Frame (SKIN GRAFT)
BONG - s/t (Ritual Productions)
SCOTT FIELDS - 5 Frozen Eggs (Clean Feed)
GUY REIBEL - Granulations-Sillages / Franges du Signe (Recollection GRM)
FACTRIX / CAZAZZA - California Babylon (Superior Viaduct)
HUMAN EYE - 9/23/2011 (Third Man)
BRIGHT LITTLE FIELD - Treatment Bound: A Ukelele Tribute to the Replacements (BAR NONE)
THAVIUS BECK - The Most Beautiful Ugly (Plug Research)
MICHAEL MAYER - Mantasy (Kompakt)
SATAN AND DECIPLES - Satan And Deciples (Aurora)
VARIOUS - The Wire Tapper 30 (The Wire)
THEE AMERICAN REVOLUTION - Buddha Electrostorm (Fire)
VANESSA ROSSETTO - Exotic Exit (Kye)
N.I.L - Neglect.Forget.Remember (Regimental )
MULTICULT - Multicult (No Label)
BURNT ONES - Protection Circle (Fuzz City)
MASTERS HAMMER - Slagry (Nuclear War Now)
VARIOUS - Women, Ladies, and Girls Sing the Bucky Songbook (Plan-UK)
SUISHOU NO FUNE - Phantom of the Eternal Night (There)
XIBALBA - Hasta La Muerte (Southern Lord)
EDDY DETROIT MEETS THE SUN CITY GIRLS - Eddy Detroit Meets the Sun City Girls (Ammit Records)
EVERY HIDDEN COLOR - Luz (Streamline)
CULTURAL AMNESIA - This Is Not Your Shape (Bleak)
CELER - I, Anatomy (Streamline)
THE BOWLES - 7 (Kye)
GUSTOFORTE - Italian Anitpop Group (Plastica Marella)
HIROTAKA - Move Love (GMS)
DAVID MARANHA & Z'EV - Obsidiana (Sonoris)
ROB MAZUREK PULSAR QUARTET - Stellar Pulsations (Delmark)
ANSTAM - Stones And Woods (50 Weapons)
PROTOMARTYR - Colpi Proibiti (X!)
THE DOGMATICS - The Sacrifice For the Music Became Our Lifestyle (Monotype)
KEN STRINGFELLOW - Danzig In The Moonlight (Terrorbird)
MOUNT EERIE - Distorted Cymbals (K)
AMM - Two London Concerts (Matchless)
FOI POUR PUSILLANIME - Foi Pour Pusillanime (No Label)
LECHEROUS GAZE - Bag-A-Ga-Zo (Who Can You Trust?)
DAN FROBERG / ALEXANDRA E. LINDH - Tingens Vilja (Kning Disk)
MIDNITE SNAXXX - Midnite Snaxxx (Red Lounge)
BROKEN WATER - Seaside And Sedmikrasky (No Label)
EKKEHARD EHLERS - Adikia (Staubgold)
HOODED MENACE - Effigies of Evil (Relapse)
THE BATS - Popgun (Sing Sing)
JELLO BIAFRA & THE GUANTANAMO SCHOOL OF MEDICINE - Shock-u-py! (Alternative Tentacles)
SENSATE FOCUS - 3.3 (Sensate Focus)
JOE MCPHEE & CHRIS CORSANO - Scraps And Shadows (Roaratorio)
LEGENDARY WINGS - Making Paper Roses (Dirtnap)
STATIC - Freedom Of Noise (Karaoke Kalk)
FINE STEPS - Boy's Co. (Song)
MOLD OMEN - Deem (Lava Church)
MATS GRONMARK - Flake (Rhythm Ace)
BURNT SUGAR - The Electrocution Of Miles Davis (AvantGroidd)
INTERNAL ROT - Eyelids (625 Thrash / Crucificados)
MAJEURE - Solar Maximum (Temporary Residence Ltd.)
EHNAHRE - Old Earth (Crucial Blast)
BRUTE HEART - Wildfire (Water Wing)
RENT ROMUS' LORDS OF OUTLAND - Thee Unhip (Nine Winds / Edgetone )
FRANCISCO LOPEZ - Untitled #205 (Loops For DJs) (Auf Abwegen)
LAZY - Obsession (No Label)
COLD SHOWERS - Love and Regret (Dais)
YOKO ONO / KIM GORDON / THURSTON MOORE - Yokokimthurston (Chimera Music)
SHOOTING GUNS - Sky High and Blind (Psychic Handshake)
PINBACK - Information Retrieved (Temporary Residence Ltd.)
ASHTRAY NAVIGATIONS WITH NEIL CAMPBELL - New Fashions in Toilet Training (Geeks)
MEGAN JEAN AND THE KFB - Dead Woman Walkin' (No Label)
BLACK MARBLE - A Different Arrangement (Hardly Art)
PRIMITIVE CALCULATORS - Sick / Cunt (Chapter Music)
ANDREW PARKER - Ex Tempo Ra (Plant Migration)
FUNERARY CALL - Fragments From The Aethyr (Crucial Blast)
YOWIE - Damning With Faint Praise (SKIN GRAFT)
DENTAL WORK - Fruit of Lebanon (Love Earth Music)

7" Singles List
SOPORS - Creation Inch By Inch (Margin Mouth)
WARM SODA - Reaction (Southpaw)
RED DONS - Auslander (Dirtnap)
BLITZ BOYS - Eddy's New Shoes (Sing Sing)
DIRTY CUPCAKES - I Want It (Fuzz City)
THE BOWLES - 7 (Kye)
FURY - Flying (Hozac)
THE SULPHUR LIGHTS - Little Pills (No Label)
ROY WOOLF & THE AVENGERS - Little Things That Happen (Cass)
RAW PRAWN - None Left (RIP Society)

RPM List
MATMOS - The Ganzfeld EP (Thrill Jockey)
PYE CORNER AUDIO - Sleep Games (Ghost Box)
VARIOUS - The Future Sound of Buenos Aires (Waxploitation)
VARIOUS - Radioclit Presents the Sound of Club Secousse Vol. 1 (Crammed Disc)
ROBERT HOOD - Motor: Nighttime World 3 (Music Man)
LAUREL HALO - Quarantine (Hyperdub)
DEBRUIT - From the Horizon (Civil Music)
PETER SELIGMAN - Swing Freeze EP (No Label)
VULVA - From the Cockpit (Rephlex)
EUGENE CARCHESIO - Circle Music (Room 40)

Jazz List
WALTER/HALVORSEN/EVANS - Mechanical Misfunction (Thirsty Ear)
SCOTT FIELDS - 5 Frozen Eggs (Clean Feed)
ROB MAZUREK PULSAR QUARTET - Stellar Pulsations (Delmark)
JOE McPHEE & CHRIS CORSANO - Scraps and Shadows (Roaratorio)
FIRE! WITH OREN AMBRACHI - In the Mouth - A Hand (Rune Grammofon)
JASON ROBINSON - Tiresian Symmetry (Cuneiform)
DOUG CARN - Infant Eyes (Black Jazz)
KIDD JORDAN - On Fire 2 (Engine)
JOHN BUTCHER - Bell Trove Spools (Northern-Spy)

World List
TIM MAIA - World Psychedelic Classics 4: Nobody Can Live Forever (Luaka Bop)
JUMA SULTAN'S ABORIGINAL MUSIC SOCIETY - Whispers From the Archive (Porter)
VARIOUS - Cumbia Beat: Tropical Sounds From Peru '66-'83 Vol. 2 (Vampisoul)
VARIOUS - Indonesia Pop Nostalgia (Sham Palace)
MUCCA PAZZA - Safety Fifth (Electric Cowbell)
OJO SEMBRONO - Jathilan/Jaranan (No Label)
VARIOUS - Music From Saharan Cellphones Vol. 2 (Sahel Sounds)
ALI FUAT AYDIN/CENK GURAY - Turkish Musical Tradition (Felmay)
VARIOUS - The Karindula Sessions (Crammed Disc)
VARIOUS - The Crying Princess: 78 RPMs from Burma (Sublime Frequencies)

Loud List
DIVORCE - Divorce (Night School)
SOPORS - Creation Inch By Inch (Margin Mouth)
WHITEHORSE - Live Ritual July 25th 2011 (Small Doses)
N.I.L. - Neglect.Forget.Remember (Regimental)
MULTICULT - Multicult (No Label)
HOT LUNCH - Hot Lunch (Tee Pee)
HEAD OF THE DEMON - Head of the Demon (Ajna)
ANCESTORS - III (Youth Attack)
VOIVOD - Target Earth (Century Media)
DIAL - Western Front (Ektro)

Hip-Hop List
DJ SHADOW - Total Breakdown: Hidden Transmissions From The MRC Era (Reconstruction Productions)
FLYING LOTUS - Until the Quiet Comes (Warp)
BROTHER ALI - Mourning In America and Dreaming In Color (Rhymesayers)
TWO FINGERS - Stunt Rhythms (Big Dada)
THAVIUS BECK - The Most Beautiful Ugly (Plug Research)
VARIOUS - Khat Thaleth (Stronghold Sound)
DOBIE - We WIll Not Harm You (Big Dada)
A$AP ROCKY - Long. Live. A$AP (Polo Grounds)
3:33 - In the Middle of Infinity (Thought Parallel)
BIG JUSS - Machines That Make Civilization Fun (Mush)

Cassettes List
BELIEVER/LAW - Contrition (Robert & Leopold)
3 LEAFS - Technical Death Metal Parking Lot (Dub Ditch Picnic)
PAK - License (Price)
THE CHEAP SMOKES - Life's a Drag (Unread)
THE WALKING CORPSES - We, God's Apes (3 Acre Floor)
LASERS - Nuclei (Price Tapes)
EMP - Era II (Robert & Leopold)
GDFX - True N-Ibiru (Ormolycka)
SAM GAS CAN - Death By Cheerios (Eggy)


Chris Stamey
Saturday, February 16th, 11am - 1pm
on Michael Shelley's show

Chris Stamey drops drops by with his guitar to play a few songs and to discuss a musical history that has taken him from a basement four-track studio in Winston-Salem, NC to relocating to New York to play and record with Alex Chilton in the burgeoning late 70s rock scene, to his influential work with The dB's and his new album "Lovesick Blues" which Chris describes as "...the closest I've ever gotten to the sound I hear in my head in the middle of the night."

Martin Koenig's Vintage Balkan Village Vinyl
Saturday, February 16th, 6pm - 9pm
on Transpacific Sound Paradise with Rob Weisberg

Martin Koenig* founded New York's Balkan Arts Center (now CTMD) in 1968, a vital cultural organization building cross-cultural bridges through music, dance and folklore. Koenig first fell in love with East European folk dancing in college in the 1950s. He adventurously traveled behind the iron curtain in Eastern Europe to learn the dances directly from the source. Seeing the old traditions rapidly disappearing he started documenting, with tape recorder and camera. One result was three classic 1970s Nonesuch Explorer LPs. But less well known were over a dozen 7" vinyl EPs of his field recordings (often made with his CTMD co-director Ethel Raim**), the Balkan Arts Series, that circulated only in folk-dance circles. Now over four decades later the Balkan Arts series is getting a broader release for the first time, both digitally and on the original 7" vinyl (with beautiful new cover art from Martin's photo archive, expansive liner notes and even an audio commentary from Koenig). Martin Koenig joins us to talk about his musical travels and share a sampling of this treasure trove of music.

*Koenig pronounced KAY-nig **Raim pronounced RAYM

Bliss Blood and Al Street
Monday, February 18th, 9pm - Midnight
Airborne Event with Dan Bodah
Bliss Blood was a core member of Houston psychedelic punks Pain Teens and has played in The Moonlighters and with The Melvins. Lately she's been singing and playing ukelele with Al Street, a jazz guitar master who's traveled the world as an official Jazz Ambassador for the U.S. Department of State. Tune in to the Airborne Event when they come by WFMU to share their sensual, stripped-down rhapsodies to longing, love, heartbreak, and secret desires.

Altered Boys
Wednesday, February 20th, 3am - 6am
on Distort Jersey City with Deed Runlea

Hardcore heroes from all over Northern NJ, Altered Boys blast through a ripping set live in the WFMU studios. From the depths of New Brunswick basements to the Warehouse Motor Club in Middlesex to the frequent trips to DIY Brooklyn spaces, these not-so-juvenile delinquents play straightforward fast hardcore that is not to be missed. Altered Boys has a fantastic new EP on Katorga Works that opens and closes with samples from The Best Show on WFMU, an upcoming EP on Deranged Records, and a handful of cassettes slated to come out soon. The lead singer cried at the last Kill Your Idols show. Get ready to slam.

Sera Cahoone
Saturday, February 23rd, 6am - 9am
Shrunken Planet with Jeffrey Davison
Sera Cahoone, singer-songwriter, is originally from Colorado, and currently is a part of the great music scene in Seattle. She was in NYC recently to do two nights at City Winery as part of a two-week tour with Kathleen Edwards. Cahoone's third release, "Deer Creek Canyon", was released last September on Sub Pop. Each of the albums is great from beginning to end, a testament to her skills as a musician of uncommon depth and emotion. Though a modern songwriter, you will also hear echoes of classic country and old-timey music.

Johnny Cash's Birthday Celebration with Jonathan Silverman author of "Nine Choices: Johnny Cash and American Culture"
Saturday, February 23rd, 11am - 1pm
Michael Shelley's show
Michael celebrates Johnny Cash's Birthday with guest Jonathan Silverman author of "Nine Choices: Johnny Cash and American Culture," a new biography of the tumultuous life of the Man in Black.

Saturday, February 23rd, 3pm - 6pm
The Cherry Blossom Clinic with Terre T
OFF! features some of hardcore's earliest prognosticators, sounding just as vital as they did 30-plus years ago. Comprised of Keith Morris (Black Flag, Circle Jerks), Steve McDonald (Redd Kross), Mario Rubalcaba (Rocket from the Crypt, Hot Snakes, Pinback, Clikatat Ikatowi) and Dimitri Coats (Burning Brides), OFF!'s pair of LPs have garnered praise from both the mainstream and underground for their brutal, efficient, no-nonsense approach to punk rock. This is Keith's best work since "Nervous Breakdown!" So be sure to check them out on the Cherry Blossom Clinic this Saturday February 23rd between 3-6pm!

Robyn Hitchcock
Monday, February 25th, Noon - 3pm
on Irene Trudel's show

On the eve of a brand new album, a tour and a significant birthday, Robyn Hitchcock is dropping by some of his favorite radio stations with solo performance sessions. Mr. Hitchcock is no stranger to Irene's show, having been on twice before, and said he felt it was important that WFMU not be left out. In advance of the new album, Robyn will be ensconced in WFMU's Love Room to play songs from his newest disc, "Love from London," to be released in early March.

Sh*t & Shine
Tuesday, February 26th, 3pm - 6pm
Brian Turner's show
Sh*t & Shine's heavy, primitive weirdness tore up the WFMU/Aquarius SXSW show in 2010, and now they're headed to their first ever NYC shows with a stop at WFMU. Hailing from the UK and Austin, S&S take you into crusty rhythmic zones inhabited by smatterings of the Butthole Surfers, Hawkwind, Neu, even mutant dubstep, industrial and disco splatterings. Live mayhem will ensue on BT's show today!

Jessica Pavone & Pure Horsehair
Monday, March 25th, 9pm - Midnight
Airborne Event with Dan Bodah
Airborne Event is glad to be able to share live sets from two great acts with you on March 25th. Jessica Pavone is a prolific avant garde composer. She put out the solo album "Hope Dawson Is Missing" last year on Tzadik Records, has an ongoing duo with guitarist Mary Halvorson, and plays with numerous ensembles. Jessica augments and extends her solo violin and viola playing with electronics to create complex art songs, with lyrics that get beyond conscious defenses to detonate at the border of dreamworld. Pure Horsehair is the moniker under which singer and guitarist Garrett Devoe plays his primitive rock and roll chamber music. He's played with folks like Laura Veirs, Jolie Holland, and Kimya Dawson. Tune in on March 25th prepared!

Stacian and Gel Set
Monday, April 1st, 9am - Noon
Liz Berg's show
Ladies rule April Fool's Day on Liz's show! Milwaukee-based one-woman prodigy Stacian delivers dark, synth-y melodies perfect for your next robot dance party. Stacian's 2012 release "Songs for Cadets" (Moniker Records) made it to Liz's top picks for the year, so don't miss out! Also performing will be Gel Set from Chicago, with creepy beats and even more minimal synth action.

Thee Open Sex
Monday, April 1st, 9pm - Midnight
Airborne Event with Dan Bodah
Stop by to get your April thoroughly fooled by guests Thee Open Sex from Bloomington, Indiana. They're in the area for a show at Death By Audio, and their new record is fresh out on Magnetic South Recordings, which is run by one of the members with a pal from sister band Apache Dropout. After a string of deep drone worship cassettes, Thee Open Sex have discovered alchemical chants allowing them to embed bluesy garage rock into a cloudy matrix of cosmic sauerkraut and fuzz stacked deeper than Neil Young's lyrics. Lend us your ears and we will make you a believer.

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