WFMU Recent Airplay list, August 15, 2013
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Heavy Airplay, August 15, 2013
VARIOUS - Je Suis Punk - The Very Best Of European Punksploitation (Faux 077)
VARIOUS - Live From Festival Au Desert, Timbuktu (Clermont)
PAUL MESSIS - Case Closed (State)
VARIOUS - Kenya Special - Selected East African Recordings From The 1970S & '80s (Sound Way)
KUUPUU - Sous Juju (EM)
SNAPPER - Snapper (Captured Tracks / Flying Nun)
VARIOUS - Music For Dancefloors: The KPM Music Library (Strut)
BRIAN CHASE - Drums & Drones (Pogus)
RICHARD DAWSON - The Music Bridge (Pink Triangle)
VARIOUS - Fac. Dance 02: Factory Records 12 (Strut)
JOAO GILBERTO - The Hits of Joao Gilberto (El)
BLACK BUG - Reflecting The Light (HoZac)
HUMAN EYE - 4: Into Unknown (Goner)
THE PEARLS - The Pearls (Rijapov)
PATRICK CONRAD - Gelukkig Als In het Bijzijn Van Een Vrouw (Kraak)
FAMILY CURSE - Twilight Language (Doornat)
SACHIKO - Loka In the Black ship (Kibitsuri Tapes)
ANDROIDS OF MU - Blood Robots (Water Wing)
WOLF EYES - No Answer-Lower Floors (De Stijl)
SOUNDTRACK - The Source Family (Drag City)
GHEDALIA TAZARTES - Check Point Charlie (Holidays)
THE SCIENTISTS - The Scientists (Agitated)
A GIANT DOG - Bone (Tic Tac Totally)
SEXMOB - Cinema, Circus & Spaghetti: Sexmob plays Fellini: The Music of Nino Rota (The Royal Potato Family)
MAAN - Manifold (Kraak)
BONADISH - The Zaragoza Tapes 1981 - 1982 (Captured Tracks)
A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS - Strange Moon (Dead Oceans)
REAL NUMBERS - Only Two Can Play (Three Dimensional )
C.S CREW - Funky Pack (Cultures of Soul)

Medium Airplay
VARIOUS - Yeti 13 (Hardly Art)
VARIOUS - The Conny Plank reWork sessions (Gronland)
COLIN STETSON - New History Warfare vol.3 (Constellation)
TAIWAN HOUSING PROJECT - Taiwan Housing Project (No Label)
AKRON/FAMILY - Sub Verses (Dead Oceans)
MONITOR - Monitor (Superior Viaduct)
JULIAN LYNCH - Lines (Underwater Peoples)
MU-ZIQ - Xtep (Planet Mu)
MARK MCGUIRE AND CHARLES BERLITZ - Inner Tube (Pacific City / Wagon)
COUGH/WINDHAND - Reflection of the Negative (Relapse)
DEERHUNTER - Monomania (4AD)
TOM JONES - Spirit In The Room (Rounder)
VARIOUS - Sedayeh Del (Pharaway Sounds)
VARIOUS - Sub Pop 1000 (Sub Pop)
THE REPLACEMENTS - Songs For Slim (New West)
CHRIS CORSANO & BILL ORCUTT - The Raw And The Cooked (Palilalia)
BILL RYDER-JONES - A Bad Wind Blows In My Heart (Domino)
STEPHEN MALKMUS AND FRIENDS - Can's Ege Bamyasi Played By Stephen Malkmus and Friends (Matador)
KOLIADA - Winter Songs and Music From the Carpathians (Brama)
VARIOUS - An Introduction To The Sounds Off Istanbul (Deform Muzik)
KINSKI - Cosy Moments (Kill Rock Stars)
JIM HAYNES - The Wires Cracked (Editions Mego)
VARIOUS - Complication Compilation (Complication)
PAN-AMERICAN - Cloud Room, Glass Room (Kranky)
MAD NANNA/ KRAUS/ PUMICE/ SLUG GUTS - Realistic Pillow (Kraak)
MAN OR ASTRO-MAN? - Defcon....5...4...3...2...1 (Communicating Vessels)
SIMON WICKHAM-SMITH - Multiple Tongues (Electro Shock)
THURSTON MOORE & LOREN CONNORS - The Only Way To Go Is Straight Through (Northern Spy)
BAHRAIN - Rest (Blue Circle)
SIGURD BERGE - Early Electronic Works (Prisma)
JOHN CAGE - The Works For Organ (Gary Verkade) (Mode)
EBO TAYLOR - Ebo Taylor (Mr. Bongo)
JULIANNA BARWICK - Pacing (Suicide Squeeze)
DANIEL MENCHE - Marriage Of Metals (Editions Mego)
VARIOUS - Overdose of the Holy Ghost (Z Records )
IRON LUNG - White Glove Test (Prank)
VARIOUS - The Conet Project: Recordings Of Shortwave Numbers Stations (Irdial)
EGNEKN - 8 Track Magic (ATMOTW)
IGGY AND THE STOOGES - Ready To Die (Fat Possum)
GRAVETEMPLE - Ambient / Ruin (Ideologic Organ)
DOZERS - Brains / Rewind / Mud (Get Gone )
THE BATS - By Night (Captured Tracks / Flying Nun)
THE VELVET UNDERGROUND - Live At The End Of Cole Ave - The First Night (Keyhole)
RATCHET ORCHESTRA - Hemlock (Drip Audio)
!!! - Thr!!!er (Warp)
JON COLLIN - High Peak Selections (Winebox)
SAVAGES - Silence Yourself (Matador)
JAH WOBBLE & KEITH LEVENE - Yin & Yang (Cherry Red)
ENSEMBLE SKALECTRIK - Trainwrekz (Editions Mego)
GUIDED BY VOICES - English Little League (Guided By Voices Inc.)
MOGWAI - Les Revenants (Rock Action)
ADULT - The Way Things Fall (Ghostly)
ROLAND P. YOUNG - Mystiphonic (EM)
ROBERT TURMAN - Beyond Painting (Fabrica)
VARIOUS - Harafin So - Bollywood Inspired Film Music From Hausa Nigeria (Sahelsounds)
ADVENTURE - Weird Work (Carpark)
SYCLOPS - A Blink of An Eye (Running Back)
DOUBLE NELSON - Un Sentiment Etrange (Non Destine a La Vente)
LUC & BRUNHILD FERRARI - Programme Commun (Sub Rosa)
OBNOX - Canabible Ohio (Black Gladiator / Slovenly )
DIEUF - DIEUL DE THIES - Aw Sa Yone Vol.1 (Teranga Beat)
SALTLAND - I thought It Was Us But It Was All Of Us (Constellation)
MAJOR LAZER - Free The Universe (Secretly Canadian)
LUCA FORCUCCI - Fog Horns (Sub Rosa)
NO JOY - Wait To Pleasure (Mexican Summer)
ILLOGIC & BLOCKHEAD - Capture The Sun (Man Bites Dog)
KIDS ON A CRIME SPREE - Creep The Creeps (Slumberland)
ALIQUID - Kriegspiel (Nashazphone)
MOONRISES - Frozen Altars (Captcha)

Light Airplay
SMEGMA / BLOOD STEREO - Guff Vout Mulch (Nashazphone)
KEIKO HIGUCHI - Ephemeral As Petals (Utech)
CINDYTALK - A Life Is Everywhere (Editions Mego)
JIM SAUTER & KID MILLIONS - Boangeres (Doubtmusic)
AGARTTHA - A Water Which Does Not Wet Hands (King Of The Monsters)
AOKI TAKAMASA - RV8 (Raster-Noton)
DJ SKULL VOMIT - Antigoon Remixes (Grindcore Karaoke)
VANNA INGET - Allvar (P Trash / 1-2-3-4-GO!)
PAN GU - Primeval Man Born Of The Cosmic Egg (Utrech )
COLD CAVE - Oceans With No End (Deathwish)
THE CHILD OF LOV - The Child of Lov (Double Six)
ALAN LICHT - Four Years Older (Editions Mego)
FLOWN - Eyes Of God / Yearlong Eclipse (No Label)
THE WINKIES - The Winkies (Lemon)
JC SATAN / PIRESIAN BEACH - It's No Fun To Sleep These Days / No Disorder (RNR666)
HARDBODIES - Hardbodies (Hardbodies)
AARON DILLOWAY - Corpse On Horseback (Ergot)
JENNY HVAL - Innocence Is Kinky (Rune Grammofon)
MEAT PUPPETS - Rat Farm (Megaforce)
BLACK HOST - Live in the Sugar Candle Mines (Northern-Spy)
JACOB KIRKEGAARD - Conversion (Touch)
ALL WHITE JURY - Trials And Errors (No Label)
GUN OUTFIT - Hard Coming Down (PPM)
THE NARC TWINS - The Narc Twins 1989-1991 (No Label)
SNOOP LION - Reincarnated (RCA/Vice/Mad Decent/Berhane Sound System)
JIMMY LAVALLE & MARK KOZELEK - Perils From The Sea (Caldo Verde)
EVOL - Proper Headshrinker (Editions Mego)
ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE & THE MELTING PARAISO UFO - Cemetary Orbital Drive To 2199 (MVD Audio)
ANTON BATAGOV - Passionate Desire To Be An Angel (Long Arms)
THE MARBLE VANITY - The Marble Vanity (Slow Fizz )
STEVE LACY & JOE MCPHEE - The Rest (Roaratorio)
PAPERCUTS - Mockingbird (Antenna Farm)
NUMINOUS EYE - Clockwork Moon (MVD Audio)
NUNN / CROSSMAN / MCGEE - Plastic Critters (Edgetone)
THE WINGDALE COMMUNITY SINGERS - Night, Sleep , Death (Blue Chopsticks)
FORWARD - War Nuke and Death Sentence (H:G Fact/Prank)
TEN FOOT POLECATS - Undertow (Hillgrass Bluebilly)
DANIEL HIGGS - The Godward Way (Latitudes)
AIRS - Adore (No Label)
CHAOS MAJIK - Telestic Madness : Majikal Musick (Prison Tatt)
MY EDUCATION - A Drink For All My Friends (Haute Magie)
RP BOO - Legacy (Planet Mu)
JAWBREAKER - Bivouac (Blackball Records)
FACTORIA - White Nights (Hunt The Hunters)
STIRRUP - Sewn (482 Music)
SOLAR BEARS - Supermigration (Planet Mu)
COPYWRITE - God Save The King (Man Bites Dog)
ENGLISH SINGLES - Ordinary Girls (Slumberland)
TD SKATCHIT AND COMPANY - Ear of the Storm (Edgetone)
BLACKOUT BEACH - Blues Trip (Soft Abuse)
MERZBOW - Takahe Collage (Handmade Birds)
CO LA - Soft Power Memento (Nna Tapes)
TOMHET - Caliginous (Prison Tatt)
ALEKSANDER KULISIEWICZ - Songs From The Depths Of Hell (Folkways)

7" Singles List
JULIANNA BARWICK - Pacing (Suicide Squeeze)
KIDS ON A CRIME SPREE - Creep the Creeps (Slumberland)
ENGLISH SINGLES - Ordinary Girls (Slumberland)
THE SENSATIONAL SECOND COUSINS - Until You're Satisfied (Kuriosa)

OBITS - Refund (La Castanya)
EASTLINK - Wild Dog (Aarght)
CHINIAS - 23 Denero (Munster)
LAME DRIVERS - Flexibook EP (Lame)

RPM List
VARIOUS - Music For Dancefloors: The KPM Music Library (Strut)
VARIOUS - Fac. Dance 02: Factory Records 12 (Strut)
VARIOUS - The Conny Plank reWork Sessions (Gronland)
MU-ZIQ - Xtep (Planet Mu)
SYCLOPS - A Blink of an Eye (Running Back)
DJ SKULL VOMIT - Antigoon Remixes (Grindcore Karaoke)

HENRY PLOTNICK - Fields (Holy Mountain)
ZEITGEBER - Zeitgeber (Stroboscopic Artefacts)
JERI-JERI/MARK ERNESTUS - Ndagga Versions (Ndagga)

Jazz List
SEXMOB - Cinema, Circus & spaghetti: Sexmob Plays Fellini: The Music of Nino Rota (Royal Potato Family)
ROLAND P. YOUNG - Mystiphonic (EM)
BLACK HOST - Live in the Sugar Candle Mines (Northern-Spy)
STEVE LACY & JOE McPHEE - The Rest (Roaratorio)

S.O.S. - Looking For the Next One (Cuneiform)
LARRY NOZERO - Time (180-Proof)
MIKE PRIDE - Birthing Days (AUM Fidelity)
DOUG CARN - Adams Apple (Black Jazz)
THAT'S WHY - The Best of (Jazzman)

World List
VARIOUS - Live From Festival Au Desert, Timbuktu (Clermont)
JOAO GILBERTO - The Hits of Joao Gilberto (El)
C.S. CREW - Funky Pack (Cultures of Soul)
VARIOUS - Sedayeh Del (Pharaway Sounds)
KOLIDA - Winter Songs and Music from the Carpathians (Brama)
EBO TAYLOR - Ebo Taylor (Mr. Bongo)
VARIOUS - Harafin So: Bollywood Inspired Film Music from Hausa Nigeria (Sahelsounds)
DIEUF - DIEUL DE THIES - Aw Sa Yone Vol. 1 (Teranga Beat)
VARIOUS - Greek Rhapsody: Instrumental Music From Greece 1905-1956 (Dust To Digital)
HAILY MERGIA & HIS CLASSICAL INSTRUMENT - Shemonmuanay (Awesome Tapes From Africa)

Loud List
COUGH/WINDHAND - Reflection of the Negative (Relapse)
AGARTTHA - A Water Which Does Not Wet Hands (King of the Monsters)
DETHSCALATOR - Racial Golf Course No Bitches (Riot Season)
HEY COLOSSUS - Cuckoo Live Life Like Cuckoo (MIE)
BATILLUS - Concrete Sustain (Vendetta)
THE SLEAZE - Tecktonik Girlz (Total Punk)
LORD DYING - Summon the Faithless (Relapse)
SKULLFLOWER - Kino I: Birthdeath (Dirter)
FREE FALL - Power & Volume (Nuclear Blast)
HAUST - No (Fusisk Format)

Hip-Hop List

ILLOGIC & BLOCKHEAD - Capture the Sun (Man Bites Dog)
THE CHILD OF LOV - The Child of Lov (Double Six)
TU-KI - Pre:Seed (No Label)
VARIOUS - Daora: Underground Sounds of Urban Brasil (Mais Um Discos)
SERENGETI - Kenny Dennis LP (Anticon)
K OS - Black on Blonde (Crown Loyalist/Nettwerk)
CX KIDTRONIK - Krak Attack 2 (No Label)
A TRIBE CALLED RED - Nation II Nation (PB)
RUN THE JEWELS - s/t (Fool's Gold)
DEAN BLUNT - The Redeemer (Os:So)

Cassette List
POD BLOTZ - Timeless (Dungeon Taxis)
GEM JONES - Gem Jones (CGI)
MEDVED - Archives I (Preved Tapes)
DR. FLEISCHBRITTEL - The 7th Symphonie of the Seven Swevens (The Tapeworm)
THE FUNS - The Funs (No Label)
NONHORSE/SUN COLOR - Split Cassette (No Label)
METALUX - Paw the Elated Ruin (Obsolete Units)
MUNDO ANIMAL/DARK SPRIG/BLACK THREAD - Primavera (Tumeric Magnitudes)
DYLAN NYOUKIS - Voice Studies (My Dance the Skull)
DECIMUS - Glass Tetany (NNA Tapes)


Wednesday, August 14th, 7pm - 8pm
Distort Jersey City with Deed Runlea
This week we are pleased to be joined by New York punk freaks Deformity. Deformity plays a wild mess of psychedelic raw punk, vomiting their wall noise on any social degenerate willing to listen. A pretty cool sound for a 3 piece whose members all recently graduated high school. They have an EP on La Vida Es Un Mus and Always Restrictions, and their singer/guitarist writes a cult famous zine Accept The Darkness and has a regular column in Maximum Rocknroll. 2013 here they come.

Wednesday, August 14th, 9pm - Midnight
The Evan "Funk" Davies Show
This Seattle trio, which includes former members of The Intelligence, Meth Teeth and Butts, has been compared to the likes of Redd Kross and the Dickies. Their debut full-length, Repeat (End Of Time), packs 12 songs into its 24-minute running time -- songs described as "snotty," "raucous," "propulsive," and "inspired." Tune in to their live set on Wednesday night, August 14 and choose your own adjective! You can also see them live at Cake Shop on Monday, August 12!

Al Margolis
Sunday, August 18th, 9pm - Midnight
World of Echo with Dave Mandl
On Sunday, August 18, Dave Mandl welcomes musician, label-head, and experimental-music pioneer Al Margolis to FMU for their annual summer broadcast. Al runs the excellent avant-garde label Pogus Productions, performs live as "If, Bwana," and has been a key figure in the worldwide experimental music network for years.

Kid Millions from Oneida
Monday, August 19th, 9pm - Midnight
Airborne Event with Dan Bodah
Kid Millions published a piece recently in n+1 magazine gathering his thoughts on becoming a musician, the downtown NYC music scene of the late 1990s, touring with Oneida, and more. Now he's working on expanding the piece into a book. On August 19th Kid will sit down with Dan to spin some recordings of pre-Oneida bands and chat.

Tuesday, August 20th, Midnight - 3am
Nat Roe
Compactor is a complex interconnected set of mostly obsolete equipment that is manipulated by its worker under company orders. The detritus of Industrial, Noise, Glitch, and other sonics are crushed into something else.

Mad Nanna
Tuesday, August 20th, 3pm - 6pm
on Brian Turner's show

Strung-out, electric downer drift in the form of Mad Nanna, winging their way from Melbourne, Australia for a US tour and a live session on Brian's show today. Once aptly described as "battered folk", this combo should tickle the brainlobes of avowed fans of such loose thinkers as the Dead C, Shadow Ring, Jandek, and the Godz. They've generally resided in the lo-to-no-fi realm on various releases on labels like Unwucht, Soft Abuse, and Wormwood Grasshopper; a rare opportunity to hear them in a bareboned live studio setting this afternoon on WFMU.

Joe Frank - In the Dark: "Sales"
Wednesday, August 21st, 3pm - 6pm
Irwin's show
Installments of Joe Frank's radio series IN THE DARK air each Wednesday at 4pm (Eastern) on Irwin's program. The episode entitled "Sales" airs Weds. August 21st at 4pm (Eastern). Joe chronicles the story of a frustrated music store salesman in New York who develops a telephone romance with a music store owner in St. Louis.

Bill Kirchen
Saturday, August 24th, 11am - 1pm
on Michael Shelley's show

Michael welcomes “Titan of the Telecaster” Bill Kirchen back to the show. In town for a August 30th gig at Joe's Pub, Bill will discuss his long career which started with Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen and includes guitar work with Nick Lowe, Emmylou Harris, Doug Sahm, Elvis Costello and many more.

Monday, August 26th, 3am - 6am
on amEdeo's show

The superb French synth duo Opale (Sophia Hamadi & Rocío Ortiz) stop by to perform a live set on amEdeo's show. Opale's first full length album "L'Incandescent" is a compelling journey through haunting and beautiful electronic landscapes that has garnered much praise from musical communities around the world. They can be seen touring the American east coast from August 19th through September 2nd (more info here).

Joe Frank - In the Dark: "That Night"
Wednesday, August 28th, 3pm - 6pm
Irwin's show
Installments of Joe Frank's radio series IN THE DARK air each Wednesday at 4pm (Eastern) on Irwin's program. The episode entitled "That Night" airs Weds. August 28th at 4pm (Eastern). Though a series of unconnected vignettes, and in sometimes violent fashion, Joe explores the thin line between order and chaos.

Hot August Dance Party!
Wednesday, August 28th, 9pm - Midnight
The Evan "Funk" Davies Show
It's the last Wednesday before Labor Day, so hurry and get those dancing shoes on before the unofficial end of summer! It's the fifth edition of the Evan "Funk" Davies Disco Dance Party and once again EFD will be spinning some classic jams of the mid-70s and early '80s, along with some lesser-known nuggets. It's the kind of show that makes you say "I haven't heard this in 30 years" and "why haven't I heard this before?!", so if you love the nightlife you'll tune in! The best disco in town will be on WFMU Wednesday night, August 28, between 9pm and midnight.

The Lost Patrol
Thursday, August 29th, 3am - 6am
on Dark Night of the Soul with Julie

Masters of late night dream music The Lost Patrol return to WFMU. Combining elements of shoegaze, dream pop even surf and exotica, the trio provides a soundtrack for a late night drive on a deserted road or company for an endless night's sulk. Mollie Israel's angelic voice leads you through those endless roads and tumultuous emotional journeys.

Ian McLagan
Saturday, August 31st, 11am - 1pm
on Michael Shelley's show

Michael chats with Ian McLagan, legendary keyboard player for The Faces & The Small faces who lives in Austin Texas these days and is busier then ever fronting his own band, painting, writing books and playing on sessions.

Experimental Cassette Culture with Ryan Martin (Dais Records)
Tuesday, September 3rd, 3pm - 6pm
Brian Turner's show
Our fourth annual visit from the caretaker of Brooklyn's Dais Records and Robert & Leopold tape label; Ryan Martin brings along another assortment of amazing experimental cassettes past and present to the program today. As usual, we'll be documenting visuals of the artifacts on the live playlist page.

Joe Frank - In the Dark: "Third World Country"
Wednesday, September 4th, 3pm - 6pm
Irwin's show
Installments of Joe Frank's radio series IN THE DARK air each Wednesday at 4pm (Eastern) on Irwin's program. The episode entitled "Third World Country " airs Weds. September 4th at 4pm (Eastern). Wherever he goes, Joe is confronted by squalor, misery, and human suffering, and he reacts with brutal candor. This episode is not for the sensitive at heart.

Margaret Ross of the Cookies
Saturday, September 7th, 11am - 1pm
on Michael Shelley's show

Michael Shelley welcomes Margaret Ross of the Cookies who had two top twenty hits "Don't Say Nothing Bad (About My Baby)" and "Chains" (which was covered by The Beatles), and who as background singers contributed to scores of well known hits like Neil Sedaka's "Breaking Up is Hard to Do" and Little Eva's "The Loco-Motion." She'll be in town for THE GIRL GROUP SOUND SPECTACULAR at BB Kings September 8th featuring original Members of the Cookies, the Toys, the Exciters, Reparata and the Delrons, the Jaynetts, the Raindrops & more, including Baby Washington and Maxine Brown!

The Chapin Sisters
Monday, September 9th, 9pm - Midnight
Airborne Event with Dan Bodah
Tune in when musical sisters Lily and Abigail Chapin, daughters of the musical Chapin family, visit Airborne Event. On their latest record, A Date With The Everly Brothers, they transpose the boys' harmonies across time and gender. They've also been touring as part of the band She & Him. They'll come to WFMU armed with guitar and banjo to share their music on September 9th.

The Wrong Words
Wednesday, September 11th, 9pm - Midnight
The Evan "Funk" Davies Show
The Wrong Words return to WFMU to celebrate the release of their brand-new album, Everything Is Free (Trouble In Mind)! The 2011 debut from this Bay-area band was in Evan's Top 5 of 2011, and their melding of bands like Shoes, XTC and the Raspberries landed them on other Best-Of lists at WFMU and beyond. Their very first show on their fall tour is at WFMU, so the least you could do is listen. You won't regret it. Tune in at 9pm on Wednesday night, September 11.

La La Brooks AND Robbie Fulks
Saturday, September 14th, 11am - 1pm
Michael Shelley's show
Michael welcomes La La Brooks who as a member of The Crystals was the lead vocalist on "Then He Kissed Me" and "Da Doo Ron Ron". Her new album is due out any minute! Michael also welcomes back triple threat (amazing writer, singer, guitar player) Robbie Fulks! Robbie is on tour and in town for a Mercury Lounge gig on Sept 18.

Richard Youngs
Monday, September 16th, 9pm - Midnight
Airborne Event with Dan Bodah
Richard Youngs' new record of folk songs, Summer Through My Mind, finds him deconstructing Americana, hinting at sea shanties, and resurrecting the ghosts of incredible string bands past. Richard's always surprising and adventurous. He visits Airborne Event for a live set on August 16th during a rare US tour.

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