WFMU Recent Airplay list December 5, 2013
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Heavy Airplay, December 5, 2013
CARL ORFF & GUNILD KEETMAN - Music For Children (Trunk)
DEVO - Hardcore (Superior Viaduct)
VARIOUS - Tres Chic! More French Girl Singers of the 1960's (Ace International)
GNOD/WHITE HILLS - Gnod Drop Out With White Hills II (Rocket Recordings)
HONEY LTD. - The Complete LHI Recordings (Light In the Attic)
GILLES PETERSON - Black Jazz Radio (Black Jazz)
VARIOUS - A Road Leading Home: Somgs By Dan Penn (Ace)
ASMUS TIETCHENS - Spat-Europa (Bureau B)
BIG STAR - Nothing Can Hurt Me: Original Soundtrack (Omnivore Recordings)
FREE FALL - Power & Volume (Nuclear Blast)
THE SLEEPERS - Seventh World (Superior Viaduct)
NILSSON - The RCA Albums Collection (Sony / Legacy)
CRAIG LEON - Nommos (Superior Viaduct)
SOUNDTRACK - El Topo (Real Gone Music)
EX-CULT - Mister Fantasy (Goner)
SHOCKED MINDS - Shocked Minds (HoZac)
HUMAN EXPRESSION - Love At a Psychedelic Velocity (Mississippi / Moi J'Connais)
DESTRY HAMPTON & THE WOLVES FROM HELL - Angel of Madness (Superior Viaduct)
ALBERT AYLER - Live on the Riviera (Syndicore/BMI)
THE FUTURIANS - Power Reactor ( PseudoArcana)
ANDREW LILES - Murderers, Maniacs, Madmen & Monsters (Merzbild)
BODY 11 - Youth (Medical)
HENRY FLYNT - Graduation (Superior Viaduct)
UNCHAINED - The Happy Stirrup (New Images)
EDDIE HAZEL - Game, Dames and Guitar Thangs (Real Gone Music)
PAUL BLEY TRIO - Closer (ESP Disk)
VARIOUS - Esperanza De Oto (Hakanairo)

Medium Airplay
VARIOUS - Big Ol' Bag O' Boogaloo Vol. 4 (Tuff City)
THE MALLARD - Finding Meaning In Deference (Castle Face)
SKULLFLOWER - Kino I: Birthdeath (Dirter)
VARIOUS ARTISTS - After Dark 2 (Italians Do It Better)
UNBECOMING - Cooked On Twizzlers (Palmeadow)
MICK COLLINS & DANNY KROHA - Winter Blues and Greens (Norton)
AFFLICTED MAN - I'm Off Me 'Ead (Permanent)
CARLTON MELTON - Four Eyes (Blackest Rainbow)
AXIS:SOVA - Past The Edge/Grading on A Curve (Richie Records)
DIE GESUNDEN - Die Gesunden (Medical)
FOOD PYRAMID - Ecstasy & Refreshment (Holy Cow)
VARIOUS - Greek Rhapsody: Instrumental Music From Greece 1905-1956 (Dust To Digital)
UNKIND - Pelon Juuret (Relapse)
BLOODSHOT BILL - The Lonesome Road (Norton)
RANK/XEROX - Rank/Xerox (Blast First Petite)
IN-SECT - I Can See My Love (Ugly Pop)
JULIAN COPE - Revolutionary Suicide (Head Heritage)
VARIOUS - The Wire Tapper 32 (Wire )
NEIGHBOURS - Prime Numbers (Get Hip)
SONNY GEE - Tidal Wave (Norton)
VARIOUS - El Paso Rock Vol. 8: El Vampiro (Norton )
GAY WITCH ABORTION - Opportunistic Smokescreen Behavior (Learning Curve )
A PASSING FANCY - I'm Losing Tonight (Ugly Pop)
JUSSI LEHTISALO - The Solo Works (Ektro)
THE VARIATIONS - A Woman's Blues (Funky Delicacies)
HAUST - No (Fysisk Format)
ALVIN CURRAN - Shofar Rags (Tzadik)
MODERAT - II (Monkeytown)
DARK - Dark Around The Edges (Machu Picchu)
THE AXEMEN - Sac Tap Nut Jam (Spacecase)
MARY JANE HOOPER - I've Got What You Need (Funky Delicacies)
FERAL OHMS - Living Junkyard/The Glow (Valley King/Secret Serpents)
DOUG CARN - Adams Apple (Black Jazz)
VARIOUS - Mystic Sounds From Afrika: Lost Field Recordings 1960-1973 (Lost In Space)
PEST - The Crowning Horror (Agonia)
LACE CURTAIN - Falling/Running EP (Mexican Summer)
MEDICO DOKTOR VIBES - Liter Thru Dorker Vibes (Companion)
URODI POD VODOI / MARS 69 - Split LP (Retrothrasher)
SHOES - Black Vinyl Shoes (Black Vinyl )
LORD DYING - Summon the Faithless (Relapse)
ATA EBTEKAR - Dear Iran, Miniature Engines Throb in Time for Your Beating Heart (Merzbild)
VARIOUS - Cheap Beer (Replay)
CALVIN KEYS - Proceed With Caution! (Black Jazz)
DEAD AIR - S/t (Load)
PIERRE HENRY - prismes (Creel Pone)
WEEKEND - Jinx (Slumberland)
MANDOLIN ORANGE - This Side of Jordan (Yep Roc)
POD BLOTZ - Volcano (Nihilist)
U-GOD - The Keynote Speaker (Soul Temple)
MICHAEL BEACH - Golden Theft (Twin Lakes)
JUNKPILE JIMMY - Avin I & IV (Cartel Ilustre)

Light Airplay

VARIOUS - Let Me Play This For You: Rare Cajun Recordings (Tompkins Square)
NOAH CRESHEVSKY - The Four Seasons (Tzadik)
BLACK ELK MEDICINE BAND - Santa Ana (Valley King/Secret Serpents)
QUESTION MARK & THE MYSTERIANS - Doncha Want My Love (Night Train)
MANATEEES - Destruktor (Tic Tac Totally)
MIKA VANIO - Kilo (Blast First Petite)
ARTHUR BIG BOY CRUDUP - Sunny Road (Delmark)
303 COMMITTEE - Nine Angles (Inam)
US CHRISTMAS - Run Thick in the Night (Neurot Recordings)
SINGLE - Pianistico (Elefant)
COMPLETE FAILURE - The Art of Aggravated Assault (No Label)
IKONIKA - Aerotropolis (Hyperdub)
TRUMPETS AND DRUMS - Live in Ljubljana (Clean Feed)
MARK DRESSER QUINTET - Nourishments (Clean Feed)
LELO NAZARIO - Discurso Aos Objetos/Balada Unidimensional (Creel Pone)
VOLTO! - Incitare (Fantasy)
JOSEF OTTO MUNDIGL - Elektronische Musik (Creel Pone)
VARIOUS - We (Don't Regret the Error): Therese 2013 Premium (No Label)
FLYING FORTRESS - Wine and Speed (Uncle)
BAD VISION - 112/Visions (Bad Vision)
CLARK-BOLAND SEXTET - Marcel Marceau Presents Swing Im Bahnhof (Schema)
SOUNDTRACK - The Devil's Business (Death Waltz Recording Co.)
BILLY JOE SHAVER - The Complete Columbia Recordings (Real Gone Music )
DRUG CHURCH - Paul Walker (No Sleep)
VARIOUS - Pipe and Drum Music of Bolivia (PseudoArcana)
NONHORSE / SUN COLOR - Split Cassette (No Label)
DR. FLEISCHBRITTEL - The 7th Symphonie of the Seven Swevens (The Tapeworm)
BEN SYVERSEN - Cracked Vessel (No Label)
JIM JONES REVUE - The Savage Heart (Punk Rock Blues)
WHORE PAINT - S/t (Load)
FLOORPLAN - Paradise (M-Plant)
BLACKHOUSE - Holy War (Eternity)
JOE MCPHEE - Sonic Elements (Clean Feed)
MUNDO ANIMAL / DARK SPRING / BLACK THREAD - Primavera (Tumeric Magnitudes)
DIRTMUSIC - Troubles (Glitterbeat)
THE FUNS - The Funs (No Label)
TOM WHITE - Voice Studies (My Dance The Skull)
COULTRAIN - Jungle Mumbo Jumbo (Plug Research)

7" Singles List
DESTRY HAMPTON & THE WOLVES FROM HELL - Angel of Madness (Superior Viaduct)
AXIS:SOVA - Past the Edge/Grading On a Curve (Richie)
FERAL OHMS - Living Junkyard/The Glow (Valley King/Secret Serpents)
MANATEES - Destruktor (Tic Tac Totally)

HOUSEWIVES - Second 7" (Anti Fade)
THE GOTOBEDS - Ipso Factor (Mind Cure)
NOTS - Dust Red (Goner)
LA LA BROOKS / THE PIGGIES - Split 7" (Norton)
ROCO JET - Oracle (Folk Tale)
BLOW MIND - We Won't Go Back To the Past (Sonotec)

RPM List
VARIOUS - After Dark 2 (Italians Do It Better)
MIKA VAINIO - Kilo (Blast First Petite)
FLOORPLAN - Paradise (M-Plant)
JESSY LANZA - Pull My Hair Back (Hyperdub)
VARIOUS - Mutazione: Italian Electronic and New Wave Underground 1980-99 (Strut)
FOURTET - Beautiful Rewind (Text)
DARKSIDE - Psychic (Matador)
SHIFTED - Under a Single Banner (Bed of Nails)
VARIOUS - Kill Yourself Dancing: The Story of Sunset Records (Still Music)

Jazz List
GILLES PETERSON - Black Jazz Radio (Black Jazz)
ALBERT AYLER - Live On the Riviera (Syndicore)
PAUL BLEY TRIO - Closer (ESP Disk)

DOUG CARN - Adams Apple (Black Jazz)
TRUMPETS AND DRUMS - Live in Ljubljana (Clean Feed)
MARK DRESSER QUINTET - Nourishments (Clean Feed)
WILLIAM PARKER - Wood Fluet Songs (AUM Fidelity)
HERBIE HANCOCK - The Complete Columbia Album Collection 1972-88 (Legacy)
DAWN OF MIDI - Dysnomia (Thirsty Ear)
VARIOUS - Mobilisation Generale: Protest & Spirit Jazz From France 1970-76 (Born Bad)

World List
VARIOUS - Tres Chic! More French Girl Singers of the 1960's (Ace International)
VARIOUS - Esperanza de Oto (Hakanairo)
VARIOUS - Greek Rhapsody: Instrumental Music From Greece 1905-1956 (Dust To Digital)
VARIOUS - Mystic Sounds From Afrika: Lost Field Recordings 1960-73 (Lost In Space)
VARIOUS - Pipe and Drum Music of Bolivia (Pseudo Arcana)
ABELARDO CARBONO - El Maravilloso Mundo (Vampisoul)
TERAKAFT - Kel Tamasheq (World Village)
VARIOUS - Choubi Choubi Vol 2: Folk and Pop Sounds From Iraq (Sublime Frequencies)
WILLIAM ONYEABOR - Who Is William Onyeabor? (Luaka Bop)

Loud List
FREE FALL - Power & Volume (Nuclear Blast)
SKULLFLOWER - Kino I: Birthdeath (Dirter)
GAY WITCH ABORTION - Opportunistic Smokescreen Behavior (Learning Curve)
HAUST - No (Fysisk Format)
PEST - The Crowning Horror (Agonia)
LORD DYING - Summon the Faithless (Relapse)
WHORE PAINT - s/t (Load)
GNAW - Horrible Chamber (Seventh Rule)
NOOTHGRUSH/COFFINS - Split (Southern Lord)

Hip Hop List
RJD2 - More Is Than Isn't (RJ's Electrical Connections)
JANELLE MONAE - The Electric Lady (Atlantic)
DJ RASHAD - Double Cup (Hyperdub)
SHAHEED & DJ SUPREME - Knowledge Rhythm & Understanding (Communicating Vessels)
LOUIS LOGIC - Look On the Blight Side (Fake Four)
DAEDELUS - Drown Out (Anticon)
VARIOUS - Grime 2.0 (Big Dada)
TU-KI - Pre:Seed (No Label)
JEL - Late Pass (Anticon)
KWES - Ilp (Warp)

Cassette List
NONHORSE/SUN COLOR - Split Cassette (No Label)
DR. FLEISCHBRITTEL - The 7th Symphony of the Seven Swevens (The Tapeworm)

THE FUNS - s/t (No Label)
NOXAGT - Checkpoint Charlie, Stavanger (Dridmachine)
MATTRESS - Fuck the Future (Field Hymns)
LE FRUIT VERT - Passiflore (Los Discos Enfantasmes)
SUDDEN INFANT - Inner Storm (Blossoming Noise)
MAG RESISTANCE - Voice Studies (My Dance the Skull)
DECIMUS - Glass Tetany (NNA Tapes)
RUSSIA TURNS RED - s/t (Old and Rotted Tapes)

WFMU's new Winter and Spring Schedule is now in effect and runs until June 2nd, 2014. The one exception is Tom Scharpling's Tuesday night slot, which Mr. Dave Hill takes over on January 7th. Some old shows have returned and some new people join our dysfunctional radio famille. Take a gander here as well, to see a long, ugly version that includes hosts' show descriptions.

Follow your materialistic instincts to the WFMU Store: new items just added! From our Biker and Turntable T-shirts to 45 adapters, LP slipmats, global domination bags, and postcard flexis, you're sure to find a great gift for that special freeform radio fan in your life! Orders placed by Dec 13th will arrive in time for Chrimbus.

Hearty thanks to all of the record dealers, volunteers, and eager shoppers who made WFMU's 2013 Record Fair a success! We also want to thank Shannon & the Clams, Liquor Store, Blowfly, Jeffrey Lewis & the Rain, and Al Gori and his Home-Spun Merry-Go-Round for entertaining the masses. Props to our own Mr. Record Fair, Chris M., for wrangling such a fun weekend. Dates for our 2014 Record Fair have not yet been set, but the event will be held sometime in the spring.

Upcoming Special Programs on WFMU
Last updated: December 5th at 9:59 AM

(Go here for upcoming fill-ins.)

Hugh Cornwell
Thursday, December 5th, Noon - 3pm
Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine
Hugh Cornwell will be on the phone live with Diane at 1pm this coming Thursday. He's on tour in the US in support of his Steve Albini-produced release: Totem and Taboo. If you get on the interactive playlist fast enough, Diane might ask Hugh one of your questions!! The ex-Stranglers frontmand will be at the Record Collector in Bordentown on the 6th, the Brighton Bar in Long Branch the 7th, or his NY City show at the Highline Ballroom on Sunday December 8th. Hugh has just added Ian Rubbish to the Highline Ballroom appearance.

Nick Lowe
Saturday, December 7th, 11am - 1pm
on Michael Shelley's show

Michael welcomes back Nick Lowe to about his new Christmas album "Holiday Street" and his 40+ year career!

The Encounter: New Directions in Iranian and Syrian Pipes, Drums and Flutes
Saturday, December 7th, 6pm - 9pm
on Transpacific Sound Paradise with Rob Weisberg

The Encounter takes Silk Road traditions in new directions. The genre-bashing Iranian-Syrian trio blends modern and traditional styles, featuring the rarely heard bagpipes of Southern Iran plus percussion and Syrian wind instruments. The Encounter makes its New York debut tonight, Saturday December 7th at the Asia Society on Park Avenue (with a live video webcast too). And the adventurous trio performs at Alwan for the Arts downtown on Sunday evening. But you'll hear this exciting new collaboration first right here on WFMU.

Joe Frank - In the Dark: "Just a Closer Walk With Thee"
Wednesday, December 11th, 3pm - 6pm
Irwin's show
Installments of Joe Frank's radio series IN THE DARK air each Wednesday at 4pm (Eastern) on Irwin's program. The episode entitled "Just A Closer Walk With Thee" airs Weds. December 11th at 4pm (Eastern). Joe lists the things we lose in life, and laments that despite our efforts to better ourselves, everything leads to decay. On the bright side, Joe goes to a hospital to visit an elderly woman exhibiting signs of dementia, and talks to her about sex and death.

Saturday, December 14th, 6am - 9am
Shrunken Planet with Jeffrey Davison
January of this year saw the debut recording by Torres (Mackenzie Scott). The self-titled disc is good from beginning to end, and is as impressive a first album as you're likely to hear. Her approach to writing is that of the singer/songwriter, giving us songs of emotional honesty and depth, not rock bombast. Her voice matches her lyrics, making her a most compelling performer. Though customarily appearing in concert fronting a trio, Mackenzie agreed to do a more subdued solo set, just her and her electric guitar, for our Saturday morning listeners.

Joe Frank - In the Dark: "A Natural Disaster"
Wednesday, December 18th, 3pm - 6pm
Irwin's show
Installments of Joe Frank's radio series IN THE DARK air each Wednesday at 4pm (Eastern) on Irwin's program. The episode entitled "A Natural Disaster" airs Weds. December 18th at 4pm (Eastern). On this program about natural catastrophes, Joe recites a list of historic earthquakes and their death tolls. A man trapped in his house following an earthquake, calmly phones for help and describes the wonders of making love in the rubble. Joe seeks vengeance on nature by stabbing the earth with a knife and imprisoning air in a balloon and passing it through a filthy vacuum cleaner.

Spazz Xmas Fiasco: Holiday Hangover Edition!
Thursday, December 26th, 9pm - Midnight
Music To Spazz By with Dave the Spazz
Local rock 'n' roll superstars drop by to give the holidays one final musical kick in the Santa pants!

Lee Ranaldo and The Dust
Tuesday, January 7th, 2014, 3pm - 6pm
on Brian Turner's show

Sonic Youth guitarist/co-founder returns to Brian's show for a live session in amidst a busy year of world travels, and making his latest Matador Records release Last Night On Earth. Since last visit, Lee's live sets and recordings have definitely taken on a dynamic of a more developed band relationship; players Steve Shelley on drums, Tim Luntzel on bass, and second guitarist Alan Licht still explore expansive electric jams, but also have worked to frame Lee's songcraft and lyrical poeticism into even sharper realms. Lee and the Dust headline at the Bell House in Brooklyn January 11th, with Steve Gunn and Spectre Folk also on the bill.

Speed the Plough
Monday, January 13th, 2014, 9pm - Midnight
on Airborne Event with Dan Bodah

New Jersey's Speed the Plough are longtime musical accomplices of WFMU. They return to our studios for a live performance on Airborne Event on January 13th. Speed the Plough was born in the infamous 1980s haze of lush acoustic instrumentation and psychedelic tunes that also gave us the related groups The Feelies and The Trypes. In 2010, the band was revitalized with the addition of a second generation -- the kids of some original members joined, and the group reopened the music spigot and let the new songs pour out. Their recent collection "The Plough & The Stars" pairs a best-of CD from their first 4 records with vinyl split between new tunes and a 1993 WFMU session.

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