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Brian Turner, Music Director:

Heavy Airplay, February 5, 2014
LA LA BROOKS - All Or Nothing (Norton)
LEE RANALDO AND THE DUST - Last Night On Earth (Matador)
VARIOUS - Paink: French Punk Anthems 1977-1982 (Born Bad)
DAVID GREENBERGER & SHAKING RAY LEVIS - Tramps That Go Think In the Night (Pel Pel)
WILLIAM ONYEABOR - Who Is William Onyeabor? (Luaka Bop)
WILLIAM WINANT - Five American Percussion Pieces (Poon Village)
VARIOUS - Tragic Songs From the Grassy Knoll: JFK 50th Anniversary Collection (Norton)
BAD SPORTS - Bras (Dirtnap)
BOB DYLAN - Another Self Portrait: Bootleg Series Vol. 10 (Legacy)
VARIOUS - Mutazione: Italian Electronic & New Wave Underground 1980-1988 (Strut)
VARIOUS - Fug Gum Volume 2 (No Label)
THE DIRTBOMBS - Ooey Gooey Chewy Ka-Blooey (In the Red)
VARIOUS - Under The Southern Moonlight: The Kiwi Rock Scene 1970-1975 (EMI)
ARTHUR RUSSELL - Another Thought (Multiverse)
SANDRA PHILLIPS - Too Many People In One Bed (Alive)
SATANIC ROCKERS - Fu Kung (Albert's Basement/Black Petal/Sunshine and Grease)
LIQUOR STORE - In the Garden (Almost Ready)
SUZUKI JUNZO - Sings II (Nod And Smile)
NEO BOYS - Sooner of Later (K)
SEX TIDE - Flash Fuck (A Wicked Company)
BOBAK, JONS, MALONE - Motherlight (Prog Temple)
STRAPPING FIELDHANDS - Sitting On Her Whiskers (Richie)
RIP RIG & PANIC - God (Cherry Red)
FUZZ - Fuzz (In the Red)
FANTASTIC PALACE - Early Recordings / Hello the Mellow Man (Audio Dregs / Social Music Club)
TULLY - Loving Is Hard (Chapter Music)
ABELARDO CARBONO - El Maravilloso Mundo de Abelardo Carbono (Vampisoul)
TIM HECKER - Virgins (Kranky)
ROKY ERICKSON - The Evil One (Light In the Attic)
SOUNDTRACK - Twin Peaks: Season Two Music and More (Absurda)
THE NUMBERS BAND - Jimmy Bell's Still In Town (Exit Stencil)
SALTY DOG - Salty Dog (Strawberry Rain)
VARIOUS - Silver Roads: Australian Country-Rock & Singer-Songwriters Of The 70's (Festival)
FRESH SNOW - I (Reel Cod)
ROY HARPER - Man & Myth (Bella Union)
GNAW - Horrible Chamber (Seventh Rule)
HOUSEWIVES - Second 7 (Anti Fade)
HARSH TOKE - Harsh Toke (Tee Pee)

Medium Airplay
NEBLUNG PRICE - Jewels of the Jetpack Malice (No Label)
THE ELECTRIC PEANUT BUTTER CO. - Trans-Atlantic Psych Classics Vol. 2 (Ubiquity)
VARIOUS - Goush Bedey: Funk, Psychedelia And Pop From The Iranian Pre-Revolution Generation (Pharaway Sounds)
THE BLACKBYRDS - Walking In Rhythm: The Essential Selection 1973-1980 (Decision)
GOOCH PALMS - Novo's (Anti Fade)
VARIOUS - Chapter Music 20 Big Ones 1992-2012 (Chapter Music)
FIRE EXIT - Time Wall (Last Laugh)
ARP - More (Smalltown Supersound)
COSMONAUTS - Persona Non Grata (Burger)
BLACK FLAG - The Unheard 1983 Demos (No Label)
STRAWBERRY SWITCHBLADE - The Platinum Collection (Warner Music UK)
SOUNDTRACK - Eraserhead (Absurda)
RJD2 - More Is Than Isn't (RJ's Electrical Connections)
THE TUNES - Love Uncool (Cheap Rewards)
SUN RA AND HIS ARKESTRA - Lost Arkestra Vol. 1 (Art Yard)
PIKELET - Calluses (Chapter Music)
VARIOUS - It's Bigger Than Both of Us: NZ Singles 1979-82 (Huh / FM)
ALVARIUS B - Fuck You and the Horse You Rode In On (Abduction)
THE BODY - Christs, Redeemers (Thrill Jockey)
CAROL KLEYN - Return of the Silkie (Drag City)
THE SEMI-COLON - In Ndia Egbuo Ndia (Afro Jigda) (Comb & Razor)
RICHARD FRANCIS & BRUCE RUSSELL - Garage Music (Alone At Last)
OOZING WOUND - Retrash (Thrill Jockey)
DVA - Hu (Indies)
CIAN NUGENT & THE COSMOS - Born With the Caul (No Quarter)
CCR HEADCLEANER - Lace the Earth 2103 With Arms Wide Open (Pizza Burglar)
STRAIGHTJACKET NATION - Nationalism (Iron Lung)
GINO AND THE GOONS - Oh Yeah (Pelican Pow Wow)
FACTORY FLOOR - Factory Floor (DFA)
MENTAL POWERS - Pro Bono (Badminton Bandit)
VARIOUS - Kill Yourself Dancing: The Story Of Sunset Records Inc. Chicago 1985-89 (Still Music)
VARIOUS - The Blorp Esette Gazette Volume One (LAFMS)
ROB JO STAR BAND - Le Demon Du Rythme b/w La Cigale (Born Bad)
THE CANNANES - Howling At All Hours (Chapter Music)
GENE RUSSELL - New Direction (Black Jazz)
HOWE GELB - The Coincidentalist (New West)
OBNOX - Three Times Dope EP (Southpaw)
SATAN PANONSKI - Hard Blood Shock (S-S)
AMANAR / CELESTINO - Split 7 (Sahel Sounds)
BOTTOMLESS PIT - Shade Perennial (Comedy Minus One)
JAMES PLOTKIN & PAAL NILSSEN-LOVE - Death Rattle (Rune Grammofon)
NUBS - Job b/w Little Billy's Burning (Last Laugh)
ROBERT MCDOUGALL - Unfinished Studies (Angklung Editions)
GOLDFRAPP - Tales of Us (Mute)
CASS MCCOMBS - Big Wheel and Others (Domino)
FEDERICO AUBELE - 5 (13 Records)
RICHARD LOCKWOOD - In The Doorway Of The Dawn (Chapter Music)
KITCHEN'S FLOOR - Regrets (R.I.P. Society)
VARIOUS - 20 Solid Krypton Hits (Onset/Offset)
THE KETAMINES - You Can't Serve Two Masters (Southpaw)
ROLAND HAYNES - 2nd Wave (Black Jazz)
FADENSONNEN - PD4 (Fadensonnen)
YOU - Laserscape (Bureau B)
MANUAL SCAN - All Night Scan (Cheap Rewards)
AAVIKKO - Planet Fun-Fun (MFP International)
BATILLUS - Furnace (Seventh Rule)
OLD MATE - I Think Of You b/w Throwin' Down (Major Crimes)
WOLF MOON - Wolf Moon (Alive Naturalsound)
MOLE HOUSE - Be Around (All Gone)
THE NEW SOUND OF NUMBERS - Invisible Magnetic (Cloud Recordings)
MY CAT IS AN ALIEN WITH NELS CLINE - The Ocean Above Your Heads (Starlight Furniture Co.)
BUNNY LEE - Dub Will Change Your Mind (MCPS)
THE LEFTOVERS - The Fucken Leftovers Hate You (Dropkick)
THE SPEAKERS - En El Maravilloso Mundo De Ingeson (Shadoks Music)
KUNIHARU AKIYAMA - Tape Works Of Kuniharu Akiyama 1 (Edition Omega Point)

Light Airplay
C. MCALISTER - Impressive Cheese b/w Yanni's Horn (Unread / Spew Geyser)
GUITAR RED - Hard Times (Funky Delicacies)
DARKSIDE - Psychic (Matador)
PLEASURE - Glide: The Essential Selection 1975-1982 (Decision)
AUSMUTEANTS - 100 Ausmuteants Fans Can't Be Wrong ... 100,000,000 Bon Jovi Fans Can (Anti Fade)
TROPICAL POPSICLE - Ghost Beacons b/w Skulls In The Stars (Volar)
WILLIE NELSON - To All the Girls... (Legacy)
VARIOUS - The Ecstasy Of Gold: 22 Killer Bullets From The Spaghetti West Vol. 2 (Semi-Automatic)
ARVE HENRIKSEN - Places of Worship (Rune Grammofon)
TERRY MANNING AND THE WILD ONES - Border Town Rock N' Roll 1963 - El Paso Rock Volume 7 (Norton)
NAGUAL - Nagual (Ergot)
DIEGO GARCIA - Paradise (Concord)
THE WARLOCKS - Skull Woship (Cargo/Zap Banana)
THE FIELD - Cupid's Head (Kompakt)
BIRD RADIO - The Boy and the Audience (Strike Force Entertainment)
ALVIN LUCIER - Orchestra Works (New World)
NEIL MICHAEL HAGERTY & THE HOWLING HEX - The Hildreth Tapes (Golden Lab )
ALPAY - Yekte (Pharaway Sounds)
VARIOUS - Taste Of East (Transetnika)
WILLIE RODRIGUEZ - At The Happenin' (Andale)
THE POETS OF RHYTHM - Anthology 1992-2003 (Daptone)
THE FUZZ - The Fuzz (Munster)
BOMBAY DUB ORCHESTRA - Tales From the Grand Bazaar (Six Degrees)
BARRY ANDREWSIN DISKO - Kuka Siella? (Fonal)
TEENAGER - Singles Don't Sell (Southpaw)
JOHN DAVIS - Spare Parts (Shrimper)
FAMILY CURSE - Julia Armant (Drawing Room)
ICE BALLOONS - Ice Balloons (IB Records)
CULTS - Static (Columbia )
BARBEZ - Bella Ciao (Tzadik)
BURKHARD STANGL - Unfinished. For William Turner, painter. (Touch)
KK NULL - Vulcanoid (Love Earth Music)
THE CLITS - Excuse Me 7 (Anti Fade)
VAASKA - Skizophenia! (540 Records)
VILETONES - Auschwitz (Distortions)
+DOG+ - A Separate Secret World (Love Earth Music)
HIGH HORSE - High Horse (Glory Hole)
EDEN & JOHN'S EAST RIVER STRING BAND - Take a Look at That Baby (No Label)
VATICAN SHADOW - Remember Your Black Day (Hospital Productions)
GERMAN ARMY - Endless Phonics (Monofonus Press)
ATRIARCH - Forever The End (Seventh Rule)
EVAN PARKER & JOE MCPHEE - What / If / They Both Could Fly (Rune Grammofon)
GULAGGH - Vortuka (Crucial Blast)
QUARTETO OLINDA - Quarteto Olinda (Funcultura)
ICHI NI SAN SHI - Slow Truth (Super Secret)
ONE MAN BANNISTER - Evolver (Powertool)
JAMES FERRARO - NYC, Hell 3:00 AM (No Label)
VOMIT LAUNCH - Shocking Early Works Vol. 1 (BUFMS)
CHIHUAHUA ALL STARS - Latin Cuban Session (Tuff City)
GARY SMITH / SILVIA KASTEL / NINNI MORGIA - Brand II (L'esprit de L'escalier)

7" Singles List
STRAPPING FIELDHANDS - Sitting In Her Whiskers (Richie)
HOUSEWIVES - 2nd 7" (Antifade)
FIRE EXIT - Time Wall (Last Laugh)
BLACK FLAG - The Unheard 1983 Demos (No Label)
GINO AND THE GOONS - Oh Yeah (Pelican Pow Wow)
STRAIGHTJACKET NATION - Nationalism (Iron Lung)
ROB JO STAR BAND - Le Demon Du Rhythme (Born Bad)
AMANAR/CELESTINO - Split 7" (Sahel Sounds)
OBNOX - Three Times Dope (Southpaw)
NUBS - Job (Last Laugh)

RPM List
VARIOUS - Mutazione: Italian Electronic and New Wave Underground 1980-88 (Strut)
FACTORY FLOOR - Factory Floor (DFA)
DARKSIDE - Darkside (Matador)
PSAPP - What Makes Us Glow (The State 51 Conspiracy)
VARIOUS - L.I.E.S. Presents Music for Shut-Ins (LIES)
VARIOUS - Livity Sound (Livity Sound)
MACHINEDRUM - Vapor City (Ninja Tune)
POEMSS - Poemss (Planet Mu)
PATRICK COWLEY - School Daze (Dark Entries)
BANGERS AND ASH - Split 12" (Best Available Technology)

Jazz List
SUN RA AND HIS ARKESTRA - Lost Arkestra Vol. 1 (Art Yard)
ROLAND HAYNES - 2nd Wave (Black Jazz)
VARIOUS - Mobilisation Generale: Protest & Spirit Jazz From France 1970-76 (Born Bad)
HARMUT GEERKEN'S ROCK AND FREE JAZZ GROUP KABUL - Live at the Goethe Institute 1976 (Holidays)
ROLAND YOUNG - Hearsay I-Land (Palto Flats)
CLAUDIA QUINTET - September (Cuneiform)
WILLIAM PARKER - Wood Flute Songs (AUM Fidelity)

Loud List
VARIOUS - Paink: French Punk Anthems 1977-1982 (Born Bad)
GNAW - Horrible Chamber (Seventh Rule)
HARSH TOKE - Harsh Toke (Tee Pee)
BATILLUS - Furnace (Seventh Rule)
VAASKA - Skizophrenia (540)
SATYRICON - s/t (Roadrunner)
GLOW GOD - House of Distractions (Dust House/Play Pinball)
CARCASS - Surgical Steel (Nuclear Blast)
HOAX - Hoax (No Label)

World List
WILLIAM ONYEABOR - Who Is William Onyeabor? (Luaka Bop)
ABELARDO CARBONO - El Maravilloso Mundo de Abelardo Carbono (Vampisoul)
VARIOUS - Goush Bedey (Pharaway Sounds)
AMANAR/CELESTINO - Split 7" (Sahel Sounds)
BUNNY LEE - Dub Will Change Your Mind (MCPS)
THE SPEAKERS - En El Maravilloso Mundo De Ingeson (Shadoks)
VARIOUS - The Ecstasy of Gold: 22 Killer Bullets From the Spaghetti West Vol. 2 (Semi-Automatic)
ALPAY - Yekte (Pharaway Sounds)
VARIOUS - Angola Soundtrack 2: Hypnosis, Distortions & Other Sonic Innovations (Analog Africa)
AL BILALI SOUDAN - Al Bilali Soudan (Clermont)

Hip-Hop List
RJD2 - More Is Than Isn't (RJ's Electrical Connections)
DJ RASHAD - Double Cup (Hyperdub)
LOUIS LOGIC - Look On the Blight Side (Fake Four)
DAM FUNK/SNOOPZILLA - 7 Days of Funk (Stones Throw)
SAGE FRANCIS - Sick To D(eat)h (Strange Famous)
VARIOUS - Zen: Ninja Tune/Big Dada Sampler 2013 (Ninja Tune/Big Dada)
DEATH GRIPS - No Love Deep Web (Third Worlds)
DLS VS SP - Repent Replenish Repeat (Strange Famous)
KWES - Ilp (Warp)

Cassette List
TULUUM SHIMMERING - s/t (Red Bird Messenger)
SILENT LAND TIME MACHINE - I Am No Longer Alone With Myself and Can Only Artifically Recall the Scary and Beautiful Feeling of Solituide (Holodeck)
SEAN NICHOLAS SAVAGE - Trippple Midnight Karma (Arbutus)
SUR - s/t (Sleeping Giant Glossolalia)
HOSSFLESH - Evil Takes Many Forms (Unread)
LE FRUIT VERT - Passiflore (Los Discos Enfantasmes)
WOOLEN MEN - Tour Tape #3 (No Label)
DOODLE BUGS - Tokes Valley (Doin' It Right/Snow Clone)
TOMMY JAY & FRIENDS - Live at the Barns (Doin' It Right/Snow Clone)


Cousin Cole
Thursday, February 6th, Midnight - 3am
Nickel and Dime Radio with $mall ¢hange
Cousin Cole has been producing a heap quality tracks and edits in a myriad of styles, blending funk, bmore, new wave, electro, soul, rock, dancehall and tropical vibes, and has played alongside some of the biggest DJs out there. Looking forward to having this NYC pro come down and his do his thing...

Simon Raymonde (bassist of Cocteau Twins and Snowbird)
Thursday, February 6th, 6am - 9am
Underwater Theme Park with Meghan
Simon Raymonde stopped by the WFMU studios and sat down with Meghan to discuss all things Cocteau Twins, This Mortal Coil, 4AD, his record label Bella Union and his new project Snowbird (which came out January 27th). The interview will be aired in full with music from the 4AD label.

Tim Pakledinaz
Thursday, February 6th, Noon - 3pm
Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine
This week on PEER PRESSURE Diane's guest is Detroit musician Tim "Pack" Pakledinaz - best known for forming and playing guitar in Angry Red Planet and the Salt Miners. We'll catch up with him and talk about his musical experiences, where he is now, and of course, be treated to his most excellent playlist! Listeners will be able to ask him questions via our interactive playlist on!

Put The Needle On The Three Guest DJs Part 1 with DJs ADA, Free Agent, and LazyBoy
Friday, February 7th, 7pm - 8pm
Put The Needle On The Record with Billy Jam
Starting this week and recurring once a month Billy Jam will invite guest DJs/producers from across the country to produce special 20 minute hip-hop mixes exclusively for his weekly "Put The Needle On The Record" program. Entitled "Put The Needle On The Three Guest DJs" the premiere edition of this new feature will include guest DJs Free Agent from Upstate New York, DJ ADA from Vallejo CA, and DJ LazyBoy from Santa Rosa, CA.

Cibo Matto
Monday, February 10th, 9am - Noon
on Liz Berg's show

NYC legends Cibo Matto have officially reunited and will swing by the WFMU studio for a short live set of fabulous and fun electronic pop! Tune in to hear hits from their new release "Hotel Valentine" and bring your sweetie to their record release party at Le Poisson Rouge on Feb. 14th.

Bill Carney's Jug Addicts
Monday, February 10th, Noon - 3pm
on Irene Trudel's show

Jug band music is alive and well in Bill Carney's Jug Addicts. Carney was a founding member of Les Sans Culottes, and now he leads this joyously raucous ensemble focusing on an old timey, tin pan alley, early jazz and blues repertoire. The Jug Addicts have a new album, "Let There Be Jug" and they play some tunes live on Irene's show.

Chris Kluwe
Monday, February 10th, 6pm - 7pm
on Sportsy Talk with Bronwyn C.& Jim

NFL punter Chris Kluwe, author of the new book "Beautifully Unique Sparkleponies" and defender of same-sex marriage, will be the very special guest on Sportsy Talk this Monday. Join Bronwyn C. and Jim the Poet—The Most Trusted Team in Sports Talk Radio Today—as they ask Kluwe about World of Warcraft, Ayn Rand, and whether exercising his free-speech rights got him fired from the Vikings.

Ergo Phizmiz Shoots Peas
Monday, February 10th, 7pm - 8pm
on Do or DIY with People Like Us

Ergo Phizmiz takes us on a magical mystery tour into the workings of the world of his Wild West dream odyssey "PEASHOOT", which opens in August 2014 at Tête à Tête: The Opera Festival, London. Expect an artist's notebook falling to pieces, 1920s English versions of Cowboy tunes, a yodelling extravaganza, Jodorowsky waltzing with Morricone, thunder, lightning, rain and Marlene Dietrich.

Tuesday, February 11th, 7pm - 8pm
on Distort Jersey City with Reed Dunlea

Tune in this week for a live set and interview from Nancy, a criminally underrated garage band from Brooklyn. Nancy is a rock and roll fairy tale of two young boys who met at summer camp in the Midwest, who both had mothers named Nancy, and ended up in Brooklyn sharing a basement, a band, and a dream! Classic Ramones worship two piece with dueling nasal vocals, in the vein of contemporary heroes The Spits, Nobunny, and King Tuff. Make sure you check this session out so you can say you remember them from way back when.

Joe Frank - Somewhere Out There: "Bible Salesman"
Wednesday, February 12th, 3pm - 6pm
Irwin Chusid
One-hour radio dramas by Joe Frank air every other Wednesday at 4pm (Eastern) on Irwin's program. On Weds. February 12th we'll air "Bible Salesman," from Joe's SOMEWHERE OUT THERE series. Joe travels door-to-door peddling defective Bibles to support his mother in a nursing home. He recalls his mother's anti-religious fervor and his father's failed suicide attempt. Along the way, Joe sells drugs to help nuns in Montana save their convent from bankruptcy. Then he searches for peace through the catacombs of Rome and the shipyards of Rio, before finding success as an actor playing Jesus.

Valentine's Day Special
Friday, February 14th, 3pm - 6pm
Miniature Minotaurs with Kurt Gottschalk
"All my fond love thus do I blow to heaven - 'tis gone," cried Othello when he learned of Desdemona's betrayal. "Arise, black vengeance, from the hollow hell. Yield up, O love, thy crown and hearted throne To tyrannous hate!" It's with such sentiments that Miniature Minotaurs shall celebrate the Feast of St. Valentine. Three hours of songs about that truest showing of all acts of love, the taking of another's life. O, blood, blood, blood.

Sondra Sun-Odeon
Saturday, February 15th, 6am - 9am
Shrunken Planet with Jeffrey Davison
Sondra Sun-Odeon, who in 2012 released her solo debut "Aetherea", is also a member of the psych band Silver Summit. Even though accompanied by a band on her album, it is gentler and folkier than the Silver Summit output, but shares much of the same dreamy quality. Quiet and introspective, Sun-Odeon recently moved from Brooklyn to Los Angeles, and I was lucky to catch her for an interview and live session, just her and guitar.

TSP in India Part 1: Field Recordings and new music from Rajasthan
Saturday, February 15th, 6pm - 9pm
Transpacific Sound Paradise with Rob Weisberg
Tune in to hear some of the music and sounds the trusty TSP mobile recording unit captured on Rob's recent trip to Rajasthan in northwest India: from traditional Thar desert sounds to a wedding brass parade, spring festival music and lots more. Plus a sampling of CDs from Rajasthan Rob picked up in his travels. This is the first of several shows tied to TSP's visit to India - more to come after the Marathon.

Bill Kouligas
Sunday, February 16th, 8pm - 10pm
Daniel Blumin's show
PAN, a Berlin-based record label founded by musician and visual artist Bill Kouligas, has put out a steady stream of übergreat titles since its inception in 2008. The label has a wide-angle aesthetic with a roster that includes some of today's finest practitioners of electronic, experimental, and dance music. PAN has been a home to Sensate Focus, Heatsick, Rashad Becker, and Ghédalia Tezartès to name but a few favorites. Tune in as Bill swings by on his first visit to WFMU to chat about the label, play some upcoming releases and guest DJ up a slew of favorites of Arcadic proportions!

Julianna Barwick
Monday, February 17th, 9am - Noon
on Liz Berg's show

Experience the gorgeous, ethereal, and otherworldly sounds of Julianna Barwick! Her 2013 album, "Nepenthe," made it to Liz's top picks of the year list, and for good reason. Glacially beautiful vocal and instrumental loops build and swirl, goosebumps rise, and suddenly you find yourself reflecting in the church of an alternate universe. Don't miss Julianna's February 12th show at an actual church, Our Lady of Lebanon in Brooklyn.

Dom La Nena
Monday, February 17th, Noon - 3pm
on Irene Trudel's show

Brazilian Born cellist and singer Dom La Nena creates stunningly intricate, beautifully minimalistic songs, providing her own accompaniment with the aid of some well chosen loop pedals. That independent spirit has helped Dom create a career and two albums, world-traveling to find the experiences she needed to create her music. In advance of a gig at Joe's Pub on February 26th, Dom La Nena plays live for Irene's show.

Jeff Olson
Thursday, February 20th, Noon - 3pm
Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine
Jeff "Oly" Olson, first drummer for Trouble as well as being a founding member of Retro Grave, keyboardist for Victor Griffin's In~Graved, proprietor of Upland Recording, and drummer for The Skull will guest on the PEER PRESSURE segment of Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine. Jeff is launching his own beer in the weeks to come, so besides having a killer song list, listeners will be able to inquire about ALL that he is up to. He'll be live, so questions for Jeff can be posted on the interactive playlist!

Richard Baskin
Saturday, February 22nd, 11am - 1pm
Michael Shelley's show
Michael chats with singer, songwriter, film director and music producer Richard Baskin about his work as Music Supervisor on the soundtrack to Robert Altman's seminal 1975 film "Nashville."

WFMU broadcasting live from Beerland in Austin, Texas
Saturday, March 15th, 2pm - 7pm
Live Broadcasts and Special Events
WFMU returns once again to Austin, Texas during the annual SXSW Festival for a daytime party at Beerland! on Saturday, March 15th at 2pm Eastern (1pm Central for those in town) with a dynamite nonstop afternoon of beer-and-BBQ fueled rock! On tap: Protomartyr, Buck Biloxi and The F***s, Spray Paint, Obnox, Guerilla Toss, and Pampers! Liz Berg and Brian Turner will be hosting the broadcast live from the club, which is at 711 Red River in central Austin. It's not an official SXSW event, so no badges, but the best part is that it's FREE to the public, so those in town for the festival should get there early, or tune in to WFMU.

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