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Heavy Airplay, October 2 2014
ADAM BOHMAN - Music And Words 2 (Paradigm)
THE STAPLE SINGERS - Uncloudy Day (Mississippi)
DR. SAMUEL J. HOFFMAN - First Electronic Chillout Music (Black Sweat)
VARIOUS - Calypso: Musical Poetry In The Caribbean 1955-69 (Soul Jazz)
CLONE - Son Of Octabred (Dead-Cert)
TOTAL CONTROL - Typical System (Iron Lung)
FELIX KUBIN - Zemsta Plutona (Omni)
VARIOUS - Tropical Disco Hustle (Cultures of Soul)
DANIELE BALDELLI - Back To My Funky Side (Cinedelic)
OOIOO - Gamel (Thrill Jockey)
A SUNNY DAY IN GLASGOW - Sea When Absent (Lefse)
HARRY DEAN STANTON - Partly Fiction (Omnivore)
BEN VAUGHN - Texas Road Trip (Munster)
VARIOUS - Psychedelic States: Maryland in the 60's (Gear Fab)
THE A-BONES - Ears Wide Shut (Norton)
OBN IIIS - Third Time To Harm (Tic Tac Totally)
SLIM SMITH - Keep The Light Shining (Kingston Sounds)
MERIDIAN BROTHERS - Salvadora Robot (Soundway)
CABARET VOLTAIRE - #7885 Electropunk To Technopop (Mute)
DAVID CHESWORTH - The Unattended Serge 1978 / Five Evolutionary Things 1979 (Planam)
DIE WELTTRAUMFORSCHER - Herzschlag Erde / Verdunkelt die Sinne (Alga Marghen)
DADDY LONG LEGS - Blood From A Stone (Norton)
COOLIES - Punk Is Bread (Epic Sweep)
SICK THOUGHTS - You Just Lie (Zaxxon)
OMID WALIZADEH - Modern Persian Speech Sounds (Bta'arof)
SIR RICHARD BISHOP - Solo Acoustic Volume Eight (VDSQ)
ACID CALL - Clap Ya Feet / Puerta 7 (Hueso)
GENE CLARK - Two Sides To Every Story (High Moon)
WATERY LOVE - Sick People (In the Red)

Medium Airplay
PSYCOTIC PINEAPPLE - I Want Her So Bad (Pynotic Prods.)
KASAI ALLSTARS - Beware The Fetish (Crammed Discs)
HOLLY HUNT - Prometheus (Other Electricities / Sonic Titan)
MARISA ANDERSON - The Golden Hour (Important)
HALF CHURCH - 1980-1986 (Captured Tracks)
COURTNEY BARNETT - The Double EP: A Sea of Split Peas (Mom + Pop)
CARSICK CARS - You Can Listen You Can Talk (Maybe Mars)
AARON SHEPPARD - Solo Acoustic Voluime Nine (VDSQ)
MASTODON - Once More 'Round the Sun (Reprise)
THE SOUL BROS. INC. - The Story of The Soul Bros. Inc. 1968-1974 (Tramp)
WILLIAM BASINSKI - Melancholia (Temporary Residence Ltd.)
BAD FAMILY - Bad Family (Unwound)
THE CATS - Relax On Everyone (No Label)
MADALYN MERKEY - Valley Girl (New Images)
SHONEN KNIFE - Overdrive (Good Charamel)
DEATH VESSEL - Island Intervals (Sub Pop)
ORANGE JUICE - You Can't Hide Your Love (Domino)
ATOM TM - Radetzsky Loops Vol. 1 (Hueso)
ELIANE RADIGUE - Feedback Works 1969-1970 (Alga Marghen)
MARY MONDAY & THE BITCHES - I Gave My Punk Jacket To Rickie b/w Popgun (HoZac)
BORIS - Noise (Sargent House)
OFFICER - Dead Unique (Blackest Ever Black)
LOS DISCOS DURO - Te Lo Creo (Disco Mas)
VIOLENT SQUID - Day Wants Empty (No Label)
TOM KOVACEVIC - Universe Thin As Skin (Immune)
ANGLES 9 - Injuries (Clean Feed)
KING BUZZO - This Machine Kills Artists (Ipecac)
VENETIAN SNARES - My Love Is A Bulldozer (Planet Mu)
JG THIRLWELL - The Blue Eyes (Ectopic)
THE MAN - Carousel of Sound (HoZac)
JOAN BIBILONI - El Sur (Music From Memory)
THE PHEROMOANS - Hearts of Gold (Upset! The Rhythm)
OY - No Problem Saloon (Crammed Discs)
FREEDOM FAMILY - P.T.O. (Voodoo Funk / Academy)
KURWS - Wszystko Co Stale Rozplywa Sie W Powietrzu (Gusstaff)
BEN FROST - Aurora (Mute)
TICO AND THE TRIUMPHS - Here Comes the Garbage Man (Norton)
MARTYN - The Air Between Words (Ninja Tune)
IN SCHOOL - Praxis of Hate EP (Kill Test)
SUMERIAN FLEET - Just Pressure (Dark Entries)
ANGUS MACLISE - New York Electronic, 1965 (Sub Rosa)
FUCKED UP - Glass Boys (Matador)

Light Airplay
COSO - EP 2 (No Label)
IVAN NAVARRO - Decomposition (Hueso)
ADVANCE BASE - The World Is In a Bad Fix Everywhere (Caldo Verde)
JANDEK - Ghost Passing (Corwood Industries)
PETE UM - Giraffe (Grist)
BREAK ARTS / NECKING - Split 12 (No Label)
KANDODO - Kandodo (Thrill Jockey)
DUTCH MASTERS - All In The Wires (Spacecase)
LOS HACHEROS - Pilon (Chulo)
FRIENDS OF CESAR ROMERO - The Hold (Snappy Little Numbers)
WILLIE NELSON - Band of Brothers (Legacy)
RUSSELL HOKE - Haunted Brain (Unheard-Of Records)
DARKSTAR - 01484 (Warp)
SUPERSTAR CHAZAM - Organ Gifts (Bad Floppy Datas)
PETER EVANS + RALEIGH DAILEY - Measure From Zero (Llama)
REDREDRED - Pattern Completion (Dark Entries)
CRETIN STOMPERS - Looking Forward To Being Attacked (HoZac)
ORLOP - Air Defence Basement (Lost Tundra)
THE ANTLERS - Familiars (Anti-)
LORD TANG - EP1 (Gigante Sound)
BLACK BANANAS - Electric Brick-Wall (Drag City)
QUANTIC - Magnetica (Tru Thoughts)
TRAXMAN - Da Mind of Traxman Vol. 2 (Planet Mu)
MATT WESTON - Kidnapping Denials (7272 Music)
MULTIPLE MAN - Guilt Culture (Detonic)
ROBIN WILLIAMSON - Best Of Robin Williamson (Mystree)
DREAMSALON - Thirteen Nights (Captcha)
INTOLERANT - Snow Stained With the Blood of Traitors (Prison Tatt)
GARY BURTON - Seven Songs For Quartet And Chamber Orchestra (ECM)
COUSINS - The Halls of Wickwire (Ba Da Bing!)
DESMADRADOS SOLDADOS DE VENTURA - Dieter Dierks Jerks (Golden Lab)
THE SELLWOODS - Palm Reader (No Label)
MIROSLAV VITOUS - Miroslav Vitous Group (ECM)
TAZOS - Frota Frota (No Label)
CLEARED - Drown (Immune)
ZAIMPH & YEK KOO - L'interieur De La Vue (Obsolete Units)
TONY MOLINA - Dissed and Dismissed (Slumberland)
MICHAEL LYNCH - She's On Her Way (Market Square)
AKATOMBO - False Positives (Hand-Held)
ANDY PYNE - Naming Nothing (Foolproof Projects)
REV. NORRIS TURNER - The Orginal Golden Stars of Greenwood, SC (Gospel Friend)
JOHNNY BURNETTE - You Gotta Get Ready (Norton)
DONOVAN BLANC - Donovan Blanc (Captured Tracks )
BOB MOULD - Beauty & Ruin (Merge)
NONES - Midwestern Family Values (HoZac)
NORYMBERGA - Norymberga (BDTA)
ERGO PHIZMIZ - Two Quartets (Discrepant)
MACHINEFABRIEK - 15/15 (Worm )
GERMAN ARMY - T'rung (Lighten Up Sounds)
SUN RA - Prophetika Memoiral Souvenir (Kicks Books)
PONG - Gone (Saustex)
ITARU OKI - Chorui Zukan (Improvising Beings)
KOO KOO KANGA ROO - Whoopty Whoop (Asian Man / Fun Fun)
IDLE MINDS / AIDS - Split 7 (Unwound)
THE DOUBLECLICKS - Chainmail and Cello (No Label)

7" Singles List
COOLIES - Punk Is Bread (Epic Sweep)
ACID CALL - Clap Ya Feet / Puerta (Huerto)
WATERY LOVE - Sick People (In the Red)
PSYCOTIC PINEAPPLE - I Want Her So Bad (Pynotic Prods)
SICK THOUGHTS - You Just Lie (Zaxxon)
MARY MONDAY & THE BITCHES - I Gave My Punk Jacket To Ricky (HoZac)
LOS DISCOS DURO - Te Lo Creo (Disco Mas)
IN SCHOOL - Praxis of Hate (Kill Test)

RPM List
CLONE - Son of Octabred (Dead-Cert)
FELIX KUBIN - Zemsta Plutona (Omni)
VARIOUS - Tropical Disco Hustle (Cultures of Soul)
MERIDIAN BROTHERS - Salvadora Robot (Soundway)
OMID WALIZADEH - Modern Persian Speech Sounds (Bta'arof)
ATOM TM - Radetzsky Loops Vol. 1 (Hueso)
VENETIAN SNARES - My Love Is a Bulldozer (Planet Mu)
JOAN BIBILONI - El Sur (Music From Memory)
TRAXMAN - Da Mind of Traxman Vol. 2 (Planet Mu)
MOIRE - Shelter (Ninja Tune)

Jazz List
ANGLES 9 - Injuries (Clean Feed)
PETER EVANS + RALEIGH DAILEY - Measure From Zero (Llama)
VARIOUS - Spiritual Jazz 5 (Jazzman)
LAWNMOWER - II (Clean Feed)
SKADEDYR - Kongekrabbe (Hubro)
CECIL TAYLOR - Complete Collection 1956-1962 (Enlightnment)
HERE & HERE & HERE & HERE - s/t (pfMentum)

Loud List
HOLLY HUNT - Prometheus (Other Electricities/Sonic Titan)
SICK THOUGHTS - You Just Lie (Zaxxon)
MASTODON - Once More 'Round the Sun (Reprise)
FUCKED UP - Glass Boys (Matador)
MIDNIGHT - No Mercy For Mayhem (Hells Headbangers)
MUSIC BLUES - Things Haven't Gone Well (Thrill Jockey)
PIG HEART TRANSPLANT - For Mass Consumption (Iron Lung)
DOOM - Corrupt Fucking System (Dogma Destroyer)
HANK WOOD & THE HAMMERHEADS - Stay Home (Toxic State)
YOB - Clearing the Path to Ascend (Neurot Recordings)

World List
VARIOUS - Calypso: Musical Poetry In the Caribbean 1955-69 (Soul Jazz)
VARIOUS - Tropical Disco Hustle (Cultures of Soul)
SLIM SMITH - Keep teh Light Shining (Kingston Sounds)
MERIDIAN BROTHERS - Salvadora Robot (Soundway)
KASAI ALLSTARS - Beware the Fetish (Crammed Discs)
LOS DISCOS DURO - Te Lo Creo (Disco Mas)
FREEDOM FAMILY - P.T.O. (Voodoo Funk/Academy)
LOS HACHEROS - Pilon (Chulo)
SENYAWA - Acaraki (Dual Plover)

Hip-Hop List
HOMEBOY SANDMAN - Hallways (Stones Throw)
DILATED PEOPLES - Directors Of Photography (Rhymesayers)
BIG FREEDIA - Just Be Free (RMM Media)
SHABAZZ PALACES - Lese Majesty (Sub Pop)
MADLIB - Rock COnducta Pt 1 & 2 (Rappcats/Madlib Invazion)
RATKING - So It Goes (HXC)
SLIMKID3 & DJ NU-MARK - s/t (Delicious Vinyl)
SIMS - Field Notes (Doomtree)
BUSDRIVER - Perfect Hair (Big Dada)

Cassette List
ZAIMPH & YEK KOO - L'interieur De La Vue (Obsolete Units)
OREN AMBARCHI - Amulet (Tapeworm)
SPIDER MAN - s/t (No Label)
AG DAVIS - Audio Works (Obsolete Units)
SLENDER - Slender (Toxic State)
GOOD THROB - Live on WFMU (Muscle Horse)
KRAUS - Interior Castle (Moniker)
TASHI DORJI & FRANK MEADOWS - Number Six Is Sacred (Cabin Floor Esoterica)
VARIOUS - Pulsating Strings: A Collection of Psychedelic Asian Guitar (Sanity Muffin)


Elect Erode
Friday, October 3rd, 9am - Noon
Imaginary Radio with Chris M.
Psychedelic Techno wizards from the future stop by for a rare live in-studio set. Legends of the European fringe techno scene for almost a decade, this marks their first North American appearance!

Moppa Elliott
Friday, October 3rd, 3pm - 6pm
Miniature Minotaurs with Kurt Gottschalk
Moppa Elliott is the bassist and leader of one of New York City's hottest jazz bands, Mostly Other People Do the Killing. The group gained notice in 2007 with its first record, not just for the hot, contemporary take on hard bop but for the cover, which lifted the design of a 1960 Art Blakey record. Since then they have continued to "borrow" covers of great jazz albums for their releases. The logical extension of that is to borrow the music, which MOPDtK does on the new, note-for-note remake of Miles Davis's Kind of Blue. Moppa will stop by Miniature Minotaurs on Friday, October 3, from 3-6 pm to guest DJ and talk about replication and tribute in music.

Tiny Ruins
Saturday, October 4th, 6am - 9am
Shrunken Planet with Jeffrey Davison
New Zealander Hollie Fullbrook began performing solo as Tiny Ruins but soon found herself leading a trio with Cass Basil and Alexander Freer, and they began releasing albums beginning in 2011. Her songs, which may give the appearance of poetry written in moments of inspiration, are actually carefully crafted and highly polished jewels of great beauty, easily putting her in the first rank of songwriters working today. The band stopped by the WFMU studios recently at the tail end of a tour. Hollie joins Sharon Van Etten on tour for most of October.

Debby Schwartz
Sunday, October 5th, 5pm - 7pm
on Gaylord Fields's show

This Hoboken-based singer-songwriter has participated in a wide array of musical styles throughout her decades as a performing and recording artist, starting as the lead vox of the all-female Aquanettas in the late Eighties. But she's also a giving sort: When she's not exploring and sharing her own musical landscape, as found on her recently issued solo album, A Garden of My Own, she can be found backing artists including the progressive folk of P.G. Six and fellow acoustic goddess Ember Schrag. For this live session, there just might be a violin and/or a hurdy-gurdy giving her plangent voice and nimble guitar picking a suitable musical bed. Call her folkish, call her folky — but do know that Debby Schwartz is just plain good folks.

The Figgs
Tuesday, October 7th, Noon - 3pm
on Three Chord Monte with Joe Belock

Twenty-five years, 10 or so albums, one car commercial - The Figgs are simply one of the best bands in America. Coming together in upstate New York in the late 1980s, the band has covered so much territory - power pop, garage, any other kind of rock and roll you can think of - that they are hard to pigeonhole. You can always count on great songs, amazing hooks and high energy.

Mayhem In The PM: The Mayhemming
Wednesday, October 8th, 9pm - Midnight
The Evan "Funk" Davies Show
Scads of great power-pop, punk, post-punk and new wave records came out from 1978 through 1982, and EFD will be playing some of his favorites on tonight's show! Some of them are probably YOUR favorites too; others will become new faves instantly. It's always one of the most anticipated shows of the year, so make sure you don't miss it! Tune in to WFMU Wednesday October 8th at 9pm.

The Kate Bush Reunion Special with special guest Zohra Atash
Thursday, October 9th, 3am - 6am
Dark Night of the Soul with Julie
At the great expense of time, blood and money,international fans flocked to the first Kate Bush concerts in 35 years. Zohra (Azar Swan, Religious to Damn) and Julie are two of those crazy people. It'll be a belated Katemas as Zohra and Julie compare KT notes and play songs from Kate's long but relatively unproductive career. Warning:may contain non-Kate content.

Torturing Twitter with Adachi Tomomi
Friday, October 10th, 3pm - 6pm
Miniature Minotaurs with Kurt Gottschalk
"Torturing Twitter" is an interactive performance by Berlin-based Japanese performer/composer/sound poet Tomomi Adachi. Singing and reciting a realtime stream of Twitter hashtags and search words Adachi will do a "destructive reading" live on the air on Miniature Minotaurs, 3-6 pm on Friday, October 10. The Twitter timeline becomes a realtime text generator and live score for the performance. Listeners will be invited to attempt to shape the performance by tweeting using a hashtag that will be announced during the show.

You can hear a past Torturing Twitter performance here.

Special new episode of A Rough Mix with Steinski
Friday, October 10th, 3pm - 4:15pm
A Rough Mix with Steinski (on Give the Drummer Radio stream)
Audio maestro Steinski is back with an all-new sonic concoction. Titled "Accidents, Mistakes and Emergencies," this uncensored thrill ride weaves together news coverage, actualities and original source audio of calamitous and disturbing events to create a tense, absurd, shocking—emotional—journey. Good times!

Dennis McNally's author of “On Highway 61: Music, Race and the Evolution of Cultural Freedom”
Saturday, October 11th, 11am - 1pm
on Michael Shelley's show

Michael welcomes Dennis McNally's author of “On Highway 61: Music, Race and the Evolution of Cultural Freedom.”

The Gizmos
Tuesday, October 14th, 3pm - 6pm
on Brian Turner's show

When you drop the phrase proto-punk, Bloomington, Indiana's Gizmos are synonymous with The Electric Eels, Styrenes and Rocket From the Tombs in terms of Midwest-bred, Creem-magazing-reading, Stooge-oid worshipping innovation. Now, the original 1976 Gizmos are coming to the East Coast following their return to the Midwest in June and an upcoming appearance at Gonerfest in Memphis. Founders Ken Highland and Eddie Flowers will bring the Gizmos experience to Union Pool in Brooklyn on October 11 and Boston on October 12, and laying it down at WFMU on the 14th for Brian's show. As an added bonus, Flowers (who's also been active in chronicling great underground rock through the years via his Slippytown site, Gulcher Record label, writing, and his L.A. band Crawlspace) is gonna reprise his WIUS Bloomington radio show "Divine Decadence" with Ken and transport everybody back to 1974 with some obscuro heavy jams!

Joe Frank - Work in Progress: "Pretender"
Wednesday, October 15th, 3pm - 6pm
Irwin Chusid
One-hour radio dramas by Joe Frank air alternate Wednesdays at 4pm (Eastern) on Irwin's program. On Weds. October 15th we'll air "Pretender," from Joe's WORK IN PROGRESS series. Joe chronicles a series of affairs he had with teachers at a prestigious New York private school. Each incident was a snapshot in frustration. Joe interweaves these personal fiascos with the quixotic saga of The Duke of Monmouth, who in 1685 attempted to overthrow his uncle, King James II, by leading a ragtag army of farmers and laborers in rebellion against the crown.

AM Gold Throwdown, with special guest Clay Pigeon!
Wednesday, October 15th, 9pm - Midnight
The Evan "Funk" Davies Show
The Great Power Pop Throwdown between EFD and Clay Pigeon is still being talked about (and listened to) around the world. Now these two titans of the turntables meet again in an exciting rematch, albeit with more soothing music. And if you think that this show is only going to include Top 40 hits, think again! AM Gold is a state of mind, man, not a chart position. Tune in Wednesday October 16th at 9pm to hear whose gold is greater!

The Muffs
Saturday, October 18th, 11am - 1pm
on Michael Shelley's show

Michael Shelley welcomes The Muffs back to the show for a set of live music and a chat about their terrific new album “Whoop Dee Doo” and their tour that brings them to Brooklyn’s Bell House and Asbury Park’s Asbury Lanes.

Meet the Gaylords, with Gaylord Rice Young
Sunday, October 19th, 5pm - 7pm
Gaylord Fields's show
Join program host Mr. Gaylord Fields and his guest, Ms. Gaylord Rice Young, an actress, improv performer, and voiceover artist, as they discuss the unique perks and pitfalls of carrying a given name that has gone from prestigious to pejorative in just a few generations. Interspersed with a carefully curated selection of Gaylord-centric music, spirited discourse will center around such likely topics as childhood (and adulthood) teasing, the films Meet the Parents/Meet the Fockers, and the plethora of Indian restaurants that also bear this name. Apologies will be welcome from any listeners who have ever said to anyone else, "There's this dude/chick whose name is actually Gaylord!"

Even Twice
Sunday, October 19th, 9pm - Midnight
World of Echo with Dave Mandl
On Sunday, October 19, on World of Echo w/Dave Mandl, Dave's guests will be the punk/prog/metal duo Even Twice. The Brooklyn-based bass-and-drums pair will be performing a set of their blistering eight-alarm music live in Studio B, and playing some songs from their new self-titled CD, starting at 9:30 p.m.

Little Band of Sailors
Monday, October 20th, 3:01pm - 6pm
on Scott Williams's show

Streaming video (and audio) of a live performance by NYC glam-folk-metal performance group Little Band of Sailors. LBOS is the musical outlet for sculptor/filmmaker/performance artist Rachel Mason. Expect theatrics in an Alice Cooper vein, unusual instrumentation, unbridled gymnastics, and some haunted caterwauling. (Added bonus: c'mon out to the taping of this event in our Monty Hall space on Monday 10/13 at 8pm! Free.)

Lloyd Cole
Wednesday, October 22nd, 9pm - Midnight
on The Evan "Funk" Davies Show

30 years to the month after the release of Rattlesnakes English-by-way-of-Western-Massachusetts singer/songwriter Lloyd Cole stops by WFMU to play some songs, talk about his latest album, and even take part in Singles Going Steady Week! That new album, Standards (Omnivore), comes out in the USA this month; it is, as Lloyd himself says, "a rock record" made up of 10 original tunes and one cover. Lloyd Cole will appear on WFMU at 9pm on Wednesday night, Oct. 22, just ahead of his solo acoustic performance at City Winery in NYC on Thursday, Oct. 23. Be sure to tune in!

Pat Dinizio
Thursday, October 23rd, Noon - 3pm
Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine
Vocalist for NJ's own Smithereens, has a very distinctive voice that has set the band apart. We will talk to him about past and current Smithereens dealings, just prior to their appearance that following Saturday at the Chiller Expo in Parsippany NJ. He will be live, and listeners can post questions to the interactive playlist board.

All B-Sides All Night Long
Thursday, October 23rd, 9pm - Midnight
Music To Spazz By with Dave the Spazz
In celebration of WFMU's annual Singles Going Steady Week, Dave the Spazz flips out and only plays B-sides all night long! Expect killer oddball and rockin' sides that historically DJs were expected NOT to plug.

Singles Going Steady
Friday, October 24th, 9am - Noon
Imaginary Radio with Chris M.
Chris M. has got all kinds of 7" records and he's gonna play them! You won't believe the crazy things you'll hear on this show. It's going to be 7" records, 45s, tiny 33s, the variety of small records will be limitless! Will Chris M. survive? Even he doesn't know! Check it out!

Singles Going Steady: Punk & New Wave Special
Friday, October 24th, 3pm - 6pm
Miniature Minotaurs with Kurt Gottschalk
They said it couldn't be done. Or at least they said Kurt couldn't do it without messing it up. And indeed he hasn't done it yet. Tune in to Miniature Minotaurs on from 3 to 6 pm on Friday, Oct. 24 to see if Kurt can hold true to his word and play three hours of vintage anti-hippie vinyl.

Deke Dickerson
Saturday, October 25th, 11am - 1pm
on Michael Shelley's show

Michael Shelley chats with noted author, mind blowing guitarist, crack song writer, road warrior and member of show business Deke Dickerson about his career and new collaborative album "Los Straitjackets: Deke Dickerson Sings The Instrumental Hits" (released October 7) and tour (which brings the super group to Brooklyn's Bell House 10/31).

Dan Selzer of Acute Records
Sunday, October 26th, 6am - 9am
Burn It Down! with Nate K
To help work our way through three hours of nothing but seven-inch singles, Burn It Down! with Nate K welcomes Acute Records founder and newly minted recording artist Dan Selzer to the program. Since launching Acute in 2002, Dan has been rediscovering and reissuing various underground, post-punk, D.I.Y., and experimental treasures, including the Lines, Theoretical Girls, Ike Yard, the Trypes, and Happy Refugees, among others. In 2014, Selzer released his first album of his own music, under the name New York Endless, with Strategies, via the Golf Channel imprint. We asked Dan to join us and he said he was easy, he was cheap, and he would come and do it.

Ultimate Painting
Wednesday, October 29th, 9pm - Midnight
on The Evan "Funk" Davies Show

Ultimate Painting is a new band started by James Hoare of Veronica Falls and Jack Cooper of Mazes. After their bands toured together the two began exchanging demos and getting together for casual jam sessions. That led to some dates opening for Parquet Courts followed by a single release in August and a full-length album, due out at the end of the month on the Trouble In Mind label. The songs have a quiet guitar-driven feel reminiscent of the Velvet Underground or later-period Wire. They're playing at Cake Shop on Saturday afternoon, Oct. 25; if you miss that show you can catch them live on WFMU at 9pm on Wednesday, Oct. 29.

Mischief Night Halloween Spooktacular!
Thursday, October 30th, 9pm - Midnight
Music To Spazz By with Dave the Spazz
Join Dave the Spazz and Bingo the Chimp for scary songs all night long!

Halloween III
Friday, October 31st, 9am - Noon
Imaginary Radio with Chris M.
For the third year running it's the Halloween special! Three hours of spooky songs; a real horror show! It's famous!

Miniature Minotaurs Halloween Special
Friday, October 31st, 3pm - 6pm
Miniature Minotaurs with Kurt Gottschalk
What's scarier than classical and classic rock?

Alex Chilton biographer Holly George-Warren
Saturday, November 1st, 11am - 1pm
on Michael Shelley's show

Michael Shelley welcomes author Holly George-Warren for a discussion of her recent book “A Man Called Destruction: The Life and Music of Alex Chilton, From Box Tops to Big Star to Backdoor Man.”

UPCOMING EVENTS AT WFMU/MONTY HALL (43 Montgomery Street, Jersey City)

Ken and Andy return to the stage for a live taping of the first Seven Second Delay Almost Amateur Hour on Friday, Oct 10th (8pm) in Monty Hall (43 Montgomery St, Jersey City). Tickets will be $5 at the door. We're looking for performers - bands, singers, jugglers, comedians, to each perform for exactly two minutes and 35 seconds. Contact Ken if you're interested in performing.

Pat Byrne
presents music, comedy, and more with his variety show Prove It All Night on Saturday, Oct 11th at Monty Hall (43 Montgomery St, Jersey City). Featuring music from Wreckless Eric, plus comedy from Adam Newman, Jo Firestone, Nate Fernald, and Emmy Blotnick. Doors open at 9:30pm, tickets $5 at the door.

Honk NYC! and Rob Weisberg of Transpacific Sound Paradise present a night of brass band insanity at Monty Hall on Oct 16th! Performers include PaKaVa It, Radio Kaizman, Chaotic Noise Marching Corps, and Environmental Encroachment. Tickets available here ($10). Monty Hall is located at 43 Montgomery St, Jersey City.

The Velvet Underground's Nico is brought back to life by Tammy Faye Starlite, who will perform live at Monty Hall on Friday, Oct 17th! A recent New York Times review of Tammy's performance calls it "howlingly funny." WFMU's own Chris T. will interview "Nico" and plenty of songs shall be sung during this outrageous theatrical event. Tickets $10.

Dan Bodah of Airborne Event presents a night of music at Monty Hall featuring Tom Carter (Charalambides) / Pat Murano (No Neck Blues Band), P.G. Six, and Hallock Hill on Sunday, Nov 2nd. The show starts at 7pm, and tickets are $12.


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