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Heavy Airplay, October 23, 2014
THE 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS - Live Evolution Lost (Charly)
VARIOUS - 1970's Algerian Folk and Pop (Sublime Frequencies)
CHAPA MAMBA - Chapa Mamba (Transfusao Noise)
VARIOUS - Dirty Boogie: The Fortune Records Story (One Day)
THE MUFFS - Whoop Dee Doo (Burger)
THE ABOVE - Waterbury Street (Teen Sound)
YOUNG JESSIE - Don't Happen No More (Jazzman)
NOURA MINT SEYMALI - Tzenni (Glitter Beat)
DANIEL BACHMAN - Orange County Serenade (Bathetic)
APACHE DROPOUT - Heavy Window (Magnetic South)
DEVIN FLYNN - Lightshow Music for Joshua White & Gary Panter (Arbitrary Signs)
DJ FEMALE CONVICT SCORPION - How Metal Is Time Travel? (No Label)
THE SKYGREEN LEOPARDS - Family Crimes (Woodsist)
WHITE FENCE - For The Recently Found Innocent (Drag City)
DEGREASER - Rougher Squalor (Ever/Never)
JAD FAIR & DANIELSON - Solid Gold Heart (Sounds Familyre)
KEMIALLISET YSTAVAT - Alas Rattoisaa Virtaa (Dekorder)
SKULLFLOWER - Kino IV: Black Sun Rising (Shock/Dirter)
THE MARTINETS - Rock And Roll Will Probably Never Die (MuSick)
RAKTA - Rakta (540)
RASHAD BECKER - Traditional Music of Notional Species Vol. 1 (Pan)
FOSSIL AEROSOL MINING PROJECT - 17 Years In Ektachrome (Hand-Held)
DAVID KILGOUR AND THE HEAVY 8'S - End Times Undone (Merge)
CECIL TAYLOR - The Complete Collection 1956-1962: Nine Original Albums (Enlightenment)
VARIOUS - Wire Tapper 35 (The Wire)
DON HARPER - Cold Worlds (Dual Planet)
VARIOUS - Local Customs: Cavern Sound (Numero)
STONE BREATH - Children of Hum (Hand/Eye)
MAGMA - Zuhn Wohl Unsai - Live 1974 (Mig)
PIP PROUD - A Fraying Space (EM)
VARIOUS - Eccentric Soul: Capitol City Soul (Numero)
MADLIB - Rock Konducta Pt 1 & 2 (Rappcats / Madlib Invazion)
SOUNDTRACK - Andrei Tarkovsky's The Mirror & Stalker (Superior Viaduct)
ERIC RANDOM & THE BEDLAMITES - 'Time-Splice' (Klang)
ERIC SIDAY - The Ultra Sonic Perception (Dual Planet)
SPIDER BAGS - Frozen Letter (Merge)
LAY LLAMAS - Ostro (Rocket)
VARIOUS - Purple Snow: Forecasting the Minneapolis Sound (Numero)
THE RESIDENTS - Residue of the Residents (Superior Viaduct)
THE MOLES - Flashbacks and Dream Sequences: The Story of the Moles (Fire)
MIKE REP AND FRIENDS - Darby Creek Drifter (540)
JARSE - Det Gar Runt Igen (Fonal)
GIRMA YIFRASHEWA - Love & Peace (Unseen Worlds)
VARIOUS - Domestic Heroes United Vol. 2 (No Label)
EDVARD GRAHAM LEWIS - All Over (Editions Mego)

Medium Airplay
THE MUZZLERS - Wash Your Hands (No Label)
CONCERN - Truth and Distance (Digitalis)
VARIOUS - The Ecstasy of Gold: 31 Killer Bullets From the Spaghetti West Vol. 5 (Semi-Automatic)
INRYO-FUEN - Early Works 1980-82 (EM)
NOXAGT - Collection 1 (Drid Machine)
JOBRIATH - As the River Flows (Eschatone)
ENSEMBLE ECONOMIQUE - (no thing-ness) (Dekorder)
LESLIE WINER - Witch (Superior Viaduct)
NOLLS - Losing Game - Here Before (Lot)
EDVARD GRAHAM LEWIS - All Under (Editions Mego)
THE BOMBAY ROYALE - The Island of Dr. Electro (Hope Street)
THE REAL KIDS - Shake...outta control (Ace of Hearts)
THE PINK TILES - Introducing The Pink Tiles (Cobra Snake Necktie / Love & Theft)
THE CLIENTELE/BIRDIE - On A Summer Trial - Spiral Staircase (Hangover Lounge)
SHABAZZ PALACES - Lese Majesty (Sub Pop)
LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS - Gnats in the Pisser - Ghoul Breath (Total Punk)
THEE MVPS - Oh Sally b/w Amok Time (Slovenly)
OBNOX - The Juke That Sat By The Door (Chunklet Industries)
WOODS - Tambourine Light - Tomorrow's Only Yesterday (Captured Tracks)
GIORGIO MURDERER - Primitive World (Goner)
SONNY SIMMONS - Learning, Knowledge, Wisdom, & Brilliance (Improvising Beings)
NOEL AKCHOTE - Gesualdo Madrigals For Five Guitars (Blue Chopsticks)
KAROLINE LEBLANC / PAULO J FERREIRA LOPES - Hypnagogic Cartography (Atrito-Afeito)
CHUCK PROPHET - Night Surfer (Yep Roc)
BOOTLEGS - Bootlegs (Minotauro)
ZAMMUTO - Anchor (Temporary Residence)
PAUL COLLINS - Feel the Noise (Alive Naturalsound)
KONRAD - Evil (Ethereal Sequence)
VARIOUS - Trapped: 16 R&B and Early Soul Stompers (Pancho)
COCKTAILS - Friday (Grazer)
MICHAEL YONKERS - Michael Yonkers (Galactic Zoo / Drag City)
PATTEN - Estoile Naiant (Warp)
MATTEAH BAIM - Falling Theater (Kobalt / Dream Drive)
GARY THE SQUIRREL - Two Sides of the Squirrel EP (The Best Show on WFMU)
DUB THOMPSON - 9 Songs (Dead Oceans)
CHRISTOPHER DENNY - If The Roses Don't Kill Us (Partisan)
DAVID ROSENBOOM - Zones of Influence (Pogus)
VARIOUS - PDX Pop Now! 2014 (Sky Onion)
MESTRE CUPIJó - Siriá (Analog Africa)
ALBERT AYLER TRIO - Spiritual Unity (ESP-Disk)
CHINBAT BAASANKHUU - The Art of the Mongolian Yataga (Arc)
LAWNMOWER - Lawnmower II (Clean Feed)
REVOLUTIONARIES - Musical Dub Attack (Deeper Knowledge)
PAUL MESSIS - Nightmares b/w Penny Arcade (13 O'Clock)
ANNA CALVI - Strange Weather (Domino)
A THOUSAND TINY FINGERS - Psychedelic Steppenwolves: The Spoken Word of Dave Rubin (Hands On)
JACASZEK & KWARTLUDIUM - Catalogue Des Arbres (Touch)
VARIOUS - Acoustic Division Sampler (Hi-Definition)
SLEEPYHEAD - Wild Sometimes (Carrot Top)
OGRE - The Last Neanderthal (Minotauro)
SUSPIRIANS - Suspirians (Super Secret)
PAUL FLAHERTY & CHRIS CORSANO - Low Cost Space Flights (Feeding Tube)
EDIP AKBAYRAM - Edip Akbayram (Pharaway Sounds)
NICOLE MITCHELL'S SONIC PROJECTIONS - The Secret Escapades of Velvet Anderson (Rogue Art)
EXCEPTER - The Stand (Dekorder)
WILLIS EARL BEAL - Experiments in Time (No Label)
THE GOTOBEDS - New York's Alright (If You Like Sex & Phones) 7 (Mind Cure)
MARK KOZELEK - Live At Biko (Caldo Verde)
VARIOUS - Soul on the Real Side #1 (Outta Sight)
LIFE STINKS - Portraits - Sweep It Under The Rug (Total Punk)
HELM - The Hollow Organ (Pan)
VARIOUS - Inside Out Music: Musics in the Margin Volume 3 (Sub Rosa)
NED DOHENY - Seperate Oceans (Numero)
BLACKHOUSE - Rhythm Boxing 2 (Ladd-Frith)
FLESH PANTHERS - Flesh Panthers (Tall Pat)
MAMIE MINCH - Razorburn Blues (No Label)
POW! - One Eyed Scorpion (Grazer)
THE NEW MENDICANTS - Into The Lime (Ashmont)
THE I WANT YOU - Ah Really (No Label)
GOG - S/T (King Of The Monsters)
VARIOUS - Drid Machine (Drid Machine)

Light Airplay
TRAVELER - Travelers (Maybe Mars)
THE SHILOHS - The Shilohs (Light Organ)
TWIN PEAKS - Wild Onion (Grand Jury)
LITTLE HOWLIN' WOLF - Main Fireworks Man (Szachy)
CRAFT SPELLS - Nausea (Captured Tracks)
FUTURE DEATH - Special Victim (Bloodmoss)
NUDE BEACH - Nude Beach (Mandible)
GERRITT WITTMER - Making Real (Misanthropic Agenda)
PAUL CHAIN - Alkahest (Minotauro)
MARTYRDOD - Elddop (Southern Lord)
NILS LOFGREN - Face The Music (Concord)
DAMA/LIBRA - Claw (Northern Spy)
THE WALKABOUTS - Devil's Road (Glitterhouse)
ANDREW LEWIS - Au-Delà (Empreintes Digitales)
ALBERTO MATONDO - Albert Matondo Is: Pitshu 2 (Total Running Time)
ZEITKRATZER - Metal Machine Music: First Full Instrumental Version (Asphodel)
NEIL - Hole In My Shoe (WEA)
J. SPACEMAN & KID MILLIONS - New York - London (Northern-Spy)
DARTO - Hex (Mother Image)
ALTURAZ - Wikkid (Soulthief)
JAR MOFF - Financial Glam (Pan)
SAVAGE AMUSED - Savage Amused (Mind Cure)
POLLOT - Pollot (Fonal)
TELETOPA - Tokyo 1972 (Splitrec)
DUCK FIGHT GOOSE - History - Ghost Is Online (Maybe Mars)
THOLLEM/ROBAIR - Trio Music Minus One (for Dennis Palmer) (Setola Di Maiale)
CHVAD SB - of Things Outside the Skin (Silber / Facility)
SOUNDTRACK - Finding Fela (Knitting Factory)
KARL HECTOR AND THE MALCOUNS - Unstraight Ahead (Now-Again)
BANG! BROS. - 12/12/12 12 (Feeding Tube)
WARGTHRON - Demo I (Tapeworship)
SEESAW WELL - tracks (No Label)
OBN III'S - Live in San Francisco (Castle Face)
FRANCISCO MEIRINO - Notebook (Techniques of Self-Destruction) (Misanthropic Agenda)
DAVE LIEBMAN/STEVE DALACHINSKY - The Fallout of Dreams (Rogue Art)
SONNY VINCENT - Cyanide Consomme (Big Neck)
CUNTZ - Here Come The Real Boys...Live in the USA (Chunklet)
SUN CITY BOYS - Soilent Gringa: A Tribute to the Sun City Girls (No Label)
NIGHT VAPOR - Diamond Ring - Yankee Rose (Mind Cure)
VACATION - Vacation (Let's Pretend / Mandible)
REPLICA - Beast EP (Prank)
RANCID VAT - We're Still Better Than You (Brilliancy Prize)
MUJAHIDEEN - Dead Language (Heart & Crossbone)
THE WET - Let's Get Wet - Bad Habit - Miss You (Tall Pat)
PUFF - Puff (Slovenly)
JIM LAUDERDALE - I'm A Song (Sky Crunch)
ABDELHAI BENNANI / ITARU OKI / ALAN SILVA / MAKOTO SATO - New Today, New Everyday (Improvising Beings)
JANDEK - Houston Saturday 2011 (Corwood Industries)
VARIOUS - Rautalankaa-Jees! Vol. 3 (Jep)
DAVID MICHAEL - The Slaughter House (Gruenrekorder)
CASTANETS - Decimation Blues (Asthmatic Kitty)
BRIAN RURYK - Country Style Guitar and Blues (Eye of the Phallus)
EKIN FIL - Ekin Fil (Students Of Decay)
STEVE LEHMAN OCTET - Mise en Abime (Pi)
THE LONGSHOTS - The Longshots (Mock)
THE ACHTUNGS - Full of Hate (Going Underground)
RATOS DE PORAO - Seculo Sinistro (Alternative Tentacles)
JUNGLE - Jungle (XL)
AUSTIN BUCKETT - Grain Loops (Room40)
ALFRED 23 HARTH - China Collection (Kendra Steiner Editions)
THE NVS - Trust Fun Suicide EP (Big Neck)
TUMI MOGOROSI - Project Elo (Jazzman)
CHRISTIAN WOLFF - Pianist: Pieces (Sub Rosa)
L.A. LAW - II (Zap Cassettes)
LETICIA RODRIGUEZ GARZA - Saguita al Bate EP (No Label)
FILIPE FELIZARDO - Volume II: Sede e Morte Guitar Variations for the Thirsty and the Dead (three:four)
DIE ANTWOORD - Donker Mag (Zef)
MELAZA - Melaza (Chulo)
AQUARIAN BLOOD - Aquarian Blood (Zap Cassettes)
LASSE MARHAUG & FRANCISCO MEIRINO - Lamotrigine - Flupentixol (Misanthropic Agenda)
STEFAN JAWORZYN - The Annihilating Light (Kye)
THE ROCK *A* TEENS - A Major Motion Picture (Chunklet)
75 DOLLAR BILL - Olives in the Ears (No Label)
THE GREEN SEED - Drapetomania (Communicating Vessels)
X-RAYS! - Jameson Shot - Drinking For My Baby - Retaliate Now! (Big Neck)
JEFF SHURDUT, GENE JANAS, MARC EDWARDS - Bound and Gagged (Improvising Beings)
JASON ROEBKE OCTET - High Red Center (Delmark)
G. RIZO - Autonomy (Hezekina Pollutina)
LONESOME SHACK - More Primitive (Alive Naturalsound)
BILLY JOE SHAVER - Long In The Tooth (Lightning Rod)
EEL - Endless Fucker (Mind Cure/Konton Crasher)
OTHER MATTER - Other Matter (Improvising Beings)
SHOW OF BEDLAM - Roont (Choking Hazard)

7" Singles List
NOLLS - Losing Game (Lot)
THE CLIENTELE / BIRDIE - Split 7" (Hangover Lounge)
GIORGIO MURDERER - Primitive World (Goner)
LUMPY & THE DUMPERS - Gnats in the Pisser (Total Punk)
COCKTAILS - Friday (Grazer)
THEE MVPs - Oh Sally (Slovenly)
WOODS - Tambourine Night (Captured Tracks)
GARY THE SQUIRREL - Two Sides of the Squirrel EP (Best Show on WFMU)
PAUL MESSIS - Nightmares (13 O'Clock)
THE GOTOBEDS - New York's Alright (If You Like Sex & Phones) (Mind Cure)

RPM List
DJ FEMALE CONVICT SCORPION - How Metal Is Time Travel? (No Label)
DON HARPER - Cold Worlds (Dual Planet)
VARIOUS - Domestic Heroes Vol. 2 (No Label)
PATTEN - Estoile Naiant (Warp)
APHEX TWIN - Syro (Warp)
KODE9 & THE SPACEAPE - Killing Season (Hyperdub)
RANDOMER - Residents (L.I.E.S.)
AFRICAINE 808 - Lagos, New York (Golf Channel)

Loud List
DEGREASER - Rougher Squalor (Ever/Never)
SKULLFLOWER - Kino IV: Black Sun Rising (Shock/Dirter)
RAKTA - Rakta (540)
NOXAGT - Collection 1 (Drid Machine)
OGRE - The Last Neanderthal (Minotauro)
GOG - s/t (King of the Monsters)
PAUL CHAIN - Alkahest (Minotauro)
MARTYRDOD - Elddop (Southern Lord)
ALTRUAZ - Wikkid (Soulthief)

Jazz List
CECIL TAYLOR - Complete Collection 1956-1962 (Enlightenment)
SONNY SIMMONS - Learning, Knowledge, Wisdom & Brilliance (Improvising Beings)
LAWNMOWER - Lawnmower II (Clean Feed)
PAUL FLAHERTY & CHRIS CORSANO - Low Cost Space Flights (Feeding Tube)
NICOLE MITCHELL'S SONIC PROJECTIONS - The Secret Escapades of Velvet Anderson (Rogue Art)
ABDELHAI BENNANI/ITARU OKI/ALAN SILVA/MAKOTO SATO - New Today, New Everyday (Improvising Beings)
STEVE LEHMAN OCTET - Mise em Abime (Pi)
ALFRED 23 HARTH - China Collection (Kendra Steiner Editions)
ICP ORCHESTRA - East of the Sun (ICP)

World List
VARIOUS - 1970's Algeria Folk and Pop (Sublime Frequencies)
CHAPA MAMBA - Chapa Mamba (Transfusao Noise)
NOURA MINT SEYMALI - Tzenni (Glitter Beat)
GIRMA YIFRASHEWA - Love & Peace (Unseen Worlds)
MESTRE CUPIJO - Siria (Analog Africa)
CHINBAT BAASANKUU - The Art of the Mongolian Yataga (Arc)
REVOLUTIONARIES - Musical Dub Attack (Deeper Knowledge)
EDIP AKBAYRAM - s/t (Pharaway Sounds)
ARITOMO - La Flor De Mi Tulpa (Hakanairo)

Hip-Hop List
MADLIB - Rock Conducta Pt 1 & 2 (Rappcats/Madlib Invazion)
SHABAZZ PALACES - Lese Majesty (Sub Pop)
DJ AFRIKA BAMBAATAA - Zulu Rainin' Hell Mix by Jimmy Jim (Boo-Hooray)
BUSDRIVER - Perfect Hair (Big Dada)
FLYING LOTUS - You're Dead (Warp)
BIG FREEDIA - Just Be Free (RMM Media)
SLIMKID3 & DJ NU-MARK - s/t (Delicious Vinyl)
SERENGETI - Kenny Dennis III (Joyful Noise)
HOMEBOY SANDMAN - Hallways (Stones Throw)
DILATED PEOPLES - Directors of Photography (Rhymesayers)

Cassette List
WARGTHRON - Tape I (Demo Worship)
SUN CITY BOYS - Soilent Gringa: A Tribute to the Sun City Girls (No Label)
75 DOLLAR BILL - Olives In the Ears (No Label)
AQUARIAN BLOOD - s/t (Zap Cassettes)
L.A. LAW - II (Zap Cassettes)
COUNTER INTUITS - Get On...'The Right Side of History' (Loki)
SIMON WHETHAM - From the Mouths of Clay (Helen Scarsdale Agency)
AXIS:SOVA - Worse Fools Cease to be a Shadow (Licking River)
XARKRINUR - Dark Rituals (Psalm 88)
KRAUS - Interior Castle (Moniker)


Bastard Noise
Wednesday, November 12th, 8pm - 9pm
Infinite Distortion
Bastard Noise's Eric Wood (Man Is The Bastard, Pillsbury Hardcore, Neanderthal) has spent decades perfecting his craft of total sonic dominance. He brings his unique brand of electronic music to WFMU's Infinite Distortion with new B.N. member Anthony Saunders (Dataclast, Existence in Decline). Desolate images of a burnt out world echo through an uncaring universe. Hear one of the premier modern doomsday prophets ply his cruel trade on ye olde WFMU this Wednesday night at 8pm on Infinite Distortion with Bosh!

Wednesday, November 12th, 9pm - Midnight
on The Evan "Funk" Davies Show

The Canadian rock band Sloan released their first record in 1992. 22 years later their lineup remains unchanged, and their albums remain brilliant. Their brand new album Commonwealth (Yep Roc) is their first since 2011 and is released as a double LP, with one side devoted to each of the four band members. Sloan is currently touring the northeast and mid-Atlantic states as well as Canada in support of this new album, and they're giving up a rare night off to come out and record a session at WFMU! Tune in to the Evan "Funk" Davies show Wednesday night Nov. 12 at 9pm for this special live set -- unless of course you're going to see them that night at the Bowery Ballroom! Check for additional live dates throughout November.

SoKo & Amber Benson
Thursday, November 13th, 3am - 6am
Dark Night of the Soul with Julie
French actor/singer SoKo took time from her busy birthday schedule during CMJ to come play and eat gluten-free cupcakes in the WFMU studio. Recently known for her song "We Might Be Dead by Tomorrow" featured in the viral "First Kiss" video, SoKo has a long illustrious career in TV and film, adding music to her repertoire in 2007. After her first album, "I thought I was an Alien," full of soft haunting songs she's now going into a more new wave direction musically but keeping the sad soulfulness that has always permeated her music. Also featured in this show is a brief interview with actor/writer Amber Benson (Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV show & comic books, The Morganville Vampire web series, The Calliope-Reaper Jones novels) conducted in the chaos of the 2014 New York Comic-Con.

Producer Glyn Johns and Big Mama Thornton Biographer Michael Spörke
Saturday, November 15th, 11am - 1pm
on Michael Shelley's show

Michael Shelley welcomes legendary music producer Glyn Johns, who has just published a new book "Sound Man: A Life Recording Hits with The Rolling Stones, The Who, Led Zeppelin, The Eagles, Eric Clapton, The Faces . . ." and Michael also welcomes Michael Spörke author of "Big Mama Thornton: The Life and Music" to discuss the singer's struggles and successes in life and in the music business.

Rashad Becker & Eli Keszler
Sunday, November 16th, 7pm - 9pm
Daniel Blumin's show
Having worked at Basic Channel-founded Dubplates & Mastering for almost two decades, Rashad Becker has mastered hundreds of releases by the likes of Vladislav Delay, Pan Sonic, Ryoji Ikeda, and Plastikman. When his terrific debut LP, "Traditional Music of Notional Species Vol. 1" emerged in 2013, the world finally got a chance to catch a glimpse of Rashad's own sound world, in which alien transmissions from ailing communication devices of the future meet clusters of electronic tones from a mechanized rainforest. The live session will feature Rashad solo plus the debut of a duo with his touring partner, multi-instrumentalist Eli Keszler. Eli has a wild new LP out with Oren Ambarchi and has collaborated with Jandek, Joe McPhee, and David Grubbs to name a few. Eli's hypnotic session on WFMU a few years back was great, so tune in the day after the two perform at Issue Project Room in Brooklyn and be glad you did!

The Monsieurs plus The Love Me Nots
Monday, November 17th, Noon - 3pm
Three Chord Monte with Joe Belock
Three Chord Monte moves to Mondays, and for the first show get ready for a double blast of killer garage punk! First up is The Monsieurs. Andy MacBain from Boston hardcore legends Tunnel of Love leads this high-octane lo-fi power trio who just put out their self-titled debut LP on Black Gladiator. Then, roaring out of the Arizona desert is the fuzz and farfisa-driven sounds of the Love Me Nots, whose new album Sucker is rocketing up the Teenage Wasteland charts.

Thomas Carnacki
Wednesday, November 19th, Midnight - 3am
on Wm. Berger presents My Castle of Quiet

Thomas Carnacki's music covers unexpected ground, for what one might expect from a solo "noise" artist, i.e., less hard noise, more psych, more akin to something like Organum or NWW, more like our previous guests Hoor-paar-Kraat. Carnacki is part of a newer generation of more contemplative, less-harsh sound sculptors, with hovering drones, horizontal scapes, acid-tinged themes that emerge and then dissipate, and more "organic" sounds also touching down, then lifting off. With special guest player Jesse Quattro, this 100% live set should be a real treat for WFMU and My Castle of Quiet listeners!

Vasthi Bunyan
Saturday, November 22nd, 6am - 9am
Shrunken Planet with Jeffrey Davison
Vashti Bunyan's 1970 album, "Just Another Diamond Day", is considered one of the keystone recordings of that UK music scene, as its sound and backstory seem the very distillation of that time and place. Her rediscovery by a new generation of musicians led to her 2005 "Lookaftering" and now her brand new "Heartleap", which bookend her 1970 LP. Each of the records is connected by being at once a look back to another time, of being very much in the present, and also possessing an out-of-time quality, all of which continue to beguile listeners. In a recent phone conversation, she and I spoke at length about the time leading up to her debut album and also about the making of her two subsequent records.

Jonathan Richman!
Saturday, November 22nd, 11am - 1pm
Michael Shelley's show
Michael Shelley welcomes one of the world’s greatest and most influential songwriters and performers to the show: Jonathan Richman!

Gary Troxel of The Fleetwoods
Monday, November 24th, 8pm - 9pm
Night People
Lead vocalist of The Fleetwoods, Gary Troxel checks in with Night People to discuss the early years of Rock and Roll and the stories behind hits like "Come Softly" and "Mr. Blue".

Dan Bodah fills in for Martha tonight with a live set from Rhyton
Friday, November 28th, 9pm - Midnight
Airborne Event with Dan Bodah
Rhyton brings together string multi-instrumentalist Dave Shuford (aka D. Charles Speer), bassist and organist Jimy SeiTang [pronounced Jimmy Say - Tang] (of Stygian Stride, formerly of Psychic Ills) and drummer Rob Smith (of Pigeons). Despite all of the members' other involvements, Rhyton is very much its own band. It's deeply psychedelic music with a focus on mixing ancient and futuristic elements. Rhyton pours fierce rock improvisation into Greek and Middle Eastern traditions, all funneled together through groove.

Peter Guralnick plus Michael Spörke
Saturday, November 29th, 11am - 1pm
on Michael Shelley's show

Michael Shelley chats with noted music journalist Peter Guralnick who this month begins releasing his back catalog as enhanced e-books with newly shot video interview segments, audio of his original interviews and new chapters. Michael also welcomes author of "Big Mama Thornton: The Life and Music" to discuss the singer's struggles and successes in life and in the music business.

Mitchell Kezin, director of “Jingle Bell Rocks”
Saturday, December 6th, 11am - 1pm
on Michael Shelley's show

Michael Shelley welcomes Mitchell Kezin director of “Jingle Bell Rocks” a new documentary about world of alternative Christmas music.

They Might Be Giants
Saturday, January 3rd, 2015, 11am - 1pm
on Michael Shelley's show

Michael Shelley welcomes John Flansburgh and John Linnell from Then Might Be Giants to the studio to play a few live songs and discuss their 30+ years of collaboration, their endless touring, their unusually devoted fans and their newly relaunched Dial A Song!


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WFMU Film Night:
Led Zeppelin Played Here 2014, d. Jeff Krulik 8:00 PM
Q&A with Jeff Krulik to follow

Andy and Ken Presenting Seven Second Delay Live!
8-10pm $5 suggested donation at door


X_X / Blues Control / Silk Purse
WFMU's Monty Hall, Sunday, December 7th
7pm (6 doors)$10
presented by Brian Turner's show

The return of Cleveland artpunk combo featuring John Morton (Electric Eels), Andrew Klimek (Red Dark Sweet), Craig Bell (Rocket From the Tombs, Mirrors, Gizmos) and Matthew Harris. Originally formed in 1978 with Morton, Klimek, Anton Fier (Feelies/Golden Palominos/Lounge Lizards) and Jim Ellis, X_X were originally meant to last six months as Morton was moving to NYC, but recently Ektro Records released the band's output as an LP (with liners by Jon Savage), and lo and behold they are back on stage.
Blues Control
Since 2006 the duo of Russ Waterhouse and Lea Cho have turned traditional psychedelia upside-down on his head with lo-tech (guitar, keyboards, FX, tapes) means to incorporate
a hazy but powerful common musical thread between Conrad Schnitzler's jabbering electronic workouts, the gauze of Locust Abortion Technician-era Butthole Surfers, and the more unicorn-saddling moments of Jan Hammer. Or perhaps, they are driving off in the car piloted by mid-period ZZ Top. Either way, they are great live and on their numerous releases for Siltbreeze, Holy Mountain, Woodsist, and Drag City (and others):

Silk Purse
New NYC noisy-free-rock combo featuring 2/3 of what used to be Sightings (Mark Morgan: guitar/vox, Richard Hoffman: bass, Justin Craun: electronics)

Pat Byrne presents Prove It All Night!
Guests TBA
9-11pm $5 suggested donation at the door



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