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Heavy Airplay, February 23, 2014
THE AR-KAICS - Untitled (Windian)
THE SEEDS - Singles As & Bs 1965-1970 (Big Beat)
FRANCIS BEBEY - Psychedelic Sanza: 1982-1984 (Born Bad)
THE BUDOS BAND - Burnt Offering (Daptone)
PURLING HISS - Weirdon (Drag City)
OUTRAGEOUS CHERRY - The Digital Age (Burger)
CHRIS FORSYTH & THE SOLAR MOTEL BAND - Intensity Ghost (No Quarter)
FLESH LIGHTS - Free Yourself (12XU)
DION MCGREGOR - Dreaming Like Mad (Torpor Vigil)
THE BLIND SHAKE - Breakfast of Failures (Goner)
PRINCE RUPERT'S DROPS - Climbing Light (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond)
COZY - Button By Button (HoZac)
FOREVER PAVOT - Rhapsode (Born Bad)
STEVE GUNN - Way Out Weather (Paradise of Bachelors)
USELESS EATERS - Bleeding Moon (Castle Face)
HELDON - Allez-Teia (Superior Viaduct)
PSYCHOTIC TURNBUCKLES - Destroy Dull City (Citadel)
EBERHARD SCHOENER - Bali-Agung (Mig Music)
THE YOLKS - Kings of Awesome! (Randy)
ZOLA JESUS - Taiga (Mute)
KEVIN MORBY - Still Life With Rejects From the Land of Misfitoys (Woodsist)
TWERPS - Underlay (Merge)
EXCEPTER - Familiar (Blast First Petite)
BOBBI BOYLE - A Day In the Life of Bobbi Boyle and the Trio (Mpls ltd)
EMMA TRICCA - Relic (Finders Keepers)
CLAUDE LOMBARD - Claude Lombard (Mpls ltd)
THE GREEN PAJAMAS - Happy Halloween! (Green Monkey)
FELIX KUBIN MIT MITCH & MITCH - Bakterien & Batterien (Gagarin)
VARIOUS - Beat Mit Tempo 1 (Bear Family)
APHEX TWIN - Syro (Warp)
MECCA NORMAL - Empathy For the Evil (M'lady's)
TOMORROW'S TULIPS - When (Burger Records)
MIDNIGHT - No Mercy For Mayhem (Hells Headbangers)
VARIOUS - Eccentric Soul: The Way Out Label (Numero)
ONE OF YOU - One of You (Scarab / Little Axe)
RYLEY WALKER - All Kinds of You (Tompinks Square)
JOAN SHELLEY - Electric Ursa (No Quarter)
VICTOR BRADY - Brown Rain (Synton Archive Productions)
BRIGITTE FONTAINE - Brigitte Fontaine (Superior Viaduct)
AGNES OBEL - Aventine (Play It Again Sam)
CREATION REBEL / NEW AGE STEPPERS - Threat To Creation (Anthology)
VARIOUS - Swamp Pop By the Bayou (Ace)
DJ KEIJI HAINO - Experimental Mixture / In the World (Youth Inc.)
THE OUBLIETTES - Li'l One Arm (Masters of Paradise)
SKULLFLOWER - Draconis (Cold Spring)
VARIOUS - Transports En Commun: Sur Les Rails (Dokidoki Editions)
ACHIM REICHEL - Die Grune Reise / Ehrolung (Melting Pot)
IKO '83 - Iko '83 (Medical Records)
PEAKING LIGHTS - Cosmic Logic (Domino Record Co)
HANK WOOD & THE HAMMERHEADS - Stay Home (Toxic State)
RAZEN - Remote Hologram (Kraak)
BROTHER JT - Lo Bias Hi Noise (Summersteps)

Medium Airplay
FLYING LOTUS - You're Dead! (Warp)
SOUNDTRACK - This Ain't No Mouse Music (Arhoolie)
ALICE GERRARD - Follow the Music (Tompkins Square)
MICK STEVENS - Going Home (Branco)
THE ETTES - Cry On My Shoulder (Windian)
NUDE BEACH - 77 (Don Giovanni Records)
LAETITIA SADIER - Something Shines (Drag City)
SOUNDTRACK - Morning of the Earth (Anthology)
PSYCHIC MAPS - 1st (Second) Lo Fi Record (Powertool)
KOSMISCHER LAUFER - The Secret Cosmic Music of the East German Olympic Program 1972-83 (Unknown Capability Recordings)
VARIOUS - Tenporary: Selections From Dunedin's Pop Underground 2011-2014 (Fishrider / Ba Da Bing)
FLOWERS - Flowers (Fortuna POP)
BONNIE PRINCE BILLY - Singers Grade A Sea of Tongues (Drag City)
VARIOUS - The Dream (The Wire)
MIKE REP AND THE QUOTAS - Mama was a Schitzo Daddy was a Vegetable Man (HoZac)
BLANCHE BLANCHE BLANCHE - Heart and Soul (Feeding Tube)
JACOB FRED JAZZ ODYSSEY - Worker (The Royal Potato Family)
ELECTRIC WIZARD - Time To Die (Spinefarm)
THE STAPLE SINGERS - Swing Low (Mississippi / Yeti)
BALMORHEA - Balmorhea (Western Vinyl)
SLANT 6 - Soda Pop Ripoff (Dischord)
CHA CHA GUITRI - French Synth Wave: St Etienne 1981 (Born Bad)
REV. LOUIS OVERSTREET - Black But Proud (Mississippi / Little Axe)
CARSICK CARS - Carsick Cars (Maybe Mars)
SU WAI - Gita Pon Yeik (Mississippi / Little Axe)
VARIOUS - Corn Dodgers & Hoss Hair Pullers (Dust To Digital)
BATWAN - Ich Sehe Dich Wenn Du Schlafst (No Label)
LAZLOW PIGEON - Dotard's Gulch (Meathearth Enterprises)
ELECTRIK WURMS - Musik, Die Schwer Zu Twerk (Warner Bros.)
PRINCE - Art Official Age (Warner Brothers/NPG)
KILLER BEES - Buzz'n the Town (Windian)
MITSU HARADA - Codomo News (Branco)
AVEC LE SOILEIL SORTANT DE SA BOUCHE - Zubberdust! (Constellation)
INSTITUTE - Giddy Boys (Katorga Works)
SIN34 - Do You Feel Safe? (Sinister Torch)
FREDERICO AUBELE - Granhotelbuenosaires (Nacional)
OWL GLITTERS - Alchemical Tones (HCB)
LLOYD COLE - Standards (Omnivore Recordings)
THE DEEP FREEZE MICE - The Gates of Lunch (Cordelia Records)
COMET GAIN - Paperback Ghosts (Fortuna POP)
VARIOUS - The Music City Sessions Volume 1: Richmond Experience (Omnivore Recordings)
GLUE - Enemy (Katorga Works/Video Disease)
MAGGIE BJORKLUND - Shaken (Bloodshot)
YXIMALLOO - Hagakure (No Label)
GODFLESH - A World Lit Only By Fire (Avalanche)
JONE TAKAMAKI TRIO - Universal Mind (Arclife)
DARIUS JONES - The Oversoul Manual (AUM Fidelity
CARIBOU - Our Love (Merge)
MORODER - Living Impurity (Self Released)
THE TOURE-RAICHEL COLLECTIVE - The Paris Session (Cumbancha)
CHARLIE HADEN / JIM HALL - s/t (Blue Note)
THE AISLERS SET - How I Learned to Write Backwards (Suicide Squeeze)
ASTRAL SOCIAL CLUB - Fountain Transmitter Medications (VHF )
VARIOUS - Voodoo Party Vol. 2 (University of Vice)
VARIOUS - Master Mix: Red Hot + Arthur Russell (Yep Roc)
EAST RIVER PIPE - The Gasoline Age (Merge)
MANATEES - sit n spinq (Pelican Pow Wow)
SOUNDTRACK - Street Trash (Lunaris)
THE GATE - Stench (Heat Retention)
B-LINES - Tell Me / You Are Here (Kingfisher Bluez)
THE DROUGHTS - To Fall Under The Shade (Clovertrack)
THE KLITZ - Sounds of Memphis '78 (Spacecase)
EYELIDS - 854 (Jealous Butcher)
WAX WITCHES - Center Of Your Universe (Burger)
ORANGE GOBLIN - Back from the Abyss (Candlelight)
ARITOMO - La Flor De Mi Tulpa (Hakanairo)
MUSK - Musk (Holy Mountain)
GAMES - Little Elise (HoZac)
VARIOUS - It Takes Two: Dynamic Duos of the Rock & Roll Era (Fantastic Voyage)
FARRAO KAKSPAINEN NARTTU - Siwan Kassit (Karkia Mistika)
VEILED - Veiled (White Denim)
JULIUS HEMPHILL - Raw Materials and Residuals (Black Saint)
'ALLO DARLIN - We Come From the Same Place (Fortuna POP)
NULL AND VOID - Happiness and Contempt (Medical Records)
STEVE BACZKOWSKI / BILL NACE - I Can Repay You (Open Mouth)
VARIOUS - Deus Ex Machina (Born Bad)
KAT EDMONSON - The Big Picture (Masterworks)
ROLADEX - Glass Statuette (Medical Records)
KONSTRUKT & JOE MCPHEE - Babylon (Roaratorio)
PAUL WHITE - Shaker Notes (R & S)
STEVE ARRINGTON - Way Out (Tummy Touch)
IPPS - Everything Is Real (Superdreamer)
THE SKULL - For Those Which Are Asleep (Tee Pee)
BATMAN & GARAGEKID - I Am a Monkey (Bachelor of Bachelors)
IVY - Ivy (Katorga Works)
M.E.S.H. - Scythians (Pan)
THOLLEM + CHASE - Dub Narcotic Session (New Atlantis)
BLOWN OUT - Drifting Way Out Between Suns (Riot Season)
ICP ORCHESTRA - East of the Sun (ICP)
HAMMERHEAD - Memory Hole (Learning Curve / Amphetamine Reptile)
BLACK BOMBAIM - Far Out (Lovers & Lollypops / Cardinal Fuzz)
EXTNDDNTWRK - Just Tracks (Fourth Dimension)
DADS - Invisible Blame (Wharf Cat)
BUD POWELL - Live at the Blue Not Cafe, Paris 1961 (ESP-Disk)
EARTHLING SOCIETY - England Have My Bones (Riot Season)
THE VASELINES - V For Vaselines (Rosary Music)
UNIFORM - Our Blood / Of Sound Mind and Body (Beggars Tomb)
TASHI WADA - Duets (Saltern)
HUDSON MOHAWKE - Chimes (Warp)
WEED HOUNDS - Weed Hounds (Katorga Works)
THE BAMA LAMAS - Going Up? (Self Released)
AFRICAINE 808 - Lagos, New York (Golf Channel)
DOCTOPUS - Wobbegong (No Label)
VARIOUS - Goner Fest II (Goner)
T.I.T.S - I Told You I Was Sick (Polly Maggoo)

Light Airplay
RANDOMER - Residents (L.I.E.S. Records)
FURCHICK - Suck (Fag Ash)
PETER BROTZMANN / SONNY SHARROCK - Whatthefuckdoyouwant (Trost)
GRANT SMITH - Exploding Diseases (Tape Drift)
LUCINDA WILLIAMS - Where the Spirit Meets the Bone (Highway 20)
KHOST - Copper Lock Hell (Cold Spring)
DINNER - Oui (Captured Tracks)
KODE9 & THE SPACEAPE - Killing Season (Hyperdub)
SLOATH - Deep Mountain (Riot Season)
VARIOUS - No Seattle: Forgotten Sounds of the Northwest Grunge Era 1986-97 (Soul Jazz)
THE TWO THINGS IN ONE - Together Forever: The Music City Sessions (Omnivore Recordings)
KAWABATA MAKOTO - Guitar Ensemble (No Label)
JUNGLE FIRE - Tropicoso (Nacional)
KING CHAMPION SOUNDS - Songs for the Golden Hour (Louder Than War)
LA PESTE - Better Off Dead (Black )
YORK FACTORY COMPLAINT - Lost in the Spectacle (Accidental Guest)
POISON GIRLS - Hex (Water Wing)
ACID BABY JESUS - Vegetable (Slovenly)
THE AUSTERITY PROGRAM - Beyond Calculation (Controlled Burn)
ORANGE JUICE - Texas Fever (Domino)
SOUNDTRACK - Chrystal Voyager (Kemado)
VARIOUS - Metals Stones Elements: Martha 2014 Premium (No Label)
DARKSTAR - Timeaway (Warp)
HARLAN T. BOBO - too much love (Goner)
ZEITKRATZER / WHITEHOUSE - Whitehouse (Zeitkratzer)
DJ AFRIKA BAMBAATAA - Zulu Rainin' Hell Mix by Jimmy Jim (Boo-Hooray)
CAPTAIN PLANET - Esperanto Slang (Bastard Jazz)
PHILIP SELWAY - Weatherhouse (Bella Union)
CHICKEN SNAKE - Unholy Rollers (Beast)
NOVOLINE - A.C.E. Slots (Das Anderselbst)
STEVIE NICKS - 24 Karat Gold: Songs From the Vault (Reprise)
ANAAL NATHARAKH - Desideratum (Metal Blade)
KUKEN - Black Rose (Bachelor)
HANDS UP WHO WANTS TO DIE - Untitled (Learning Curve)
IL GRANDE SILENZIO - Dry Lake (Meeuw Muzak)
ARRINGTON DE DIONYSO - Lovers and Dragons (No Label)
100% BLACK - Lodged (Owl Records)
THE SHARPEES - Take Me to Your Leader (Vapac Music)
OCTAGRAPE - Emotional Oil (Sounds Familyre)
DILLARD CHANDLER - The End of An Old Song (Folkways)
DOOM - Corrupt Fucking System (Dogma Destroyer)
AHNA - Empire (Choking Hazard Records)
YOUTH CODE - An Overture (Dais)
OZAMA - Fortaleza De Sangre (Morroso Metal Grotesco)
AARON DILLOWAY - Boggs Vol. Two (Hanson)
SATURN'S RIVAL - Saturn's Rival (pfMentum)
HAIKAI NO KU - Ultra High Dimensionality (Box)
SLUTS - 12 (Jeth-Row / Race / Spread Um)
THE CUBBY PREACHERS - CPV (Cubby Control Records)
SINDRE BJERGA - Future Jazz Loops (Fabrica)
BUZZCOCKS - The Way (PledgeMusic)
VARIOUS - Pulsating Strings: A Collection of Psychedelic Asian Guitar (Sanity Muffin)
MINOR THREAT - First Demo Tape (Dischord)
THE RHYTHM ODYSSEY & DOCTOR DUNKS - Broken Drums (Golf Channel)
MR. MITCH - Parallel Memories (Planet Mu)
VOICES FROM THE LAKE - Velo Di Maya EP (The Bunker New York)
SPIDER MAN - Spider Man (No Label)
FORM A LOG - For The Record (Bathetic)
AUSMUTEANTS - Order of Operation (Goner)
HARD SKIN - We Are The Wankers (1234 Go)
VARIOUS - The Rise & Fall of Paramount Volume Two (1928 - 1932) (Third Man)
SBTRKT - Wonder Where We Land (Young Turks)
THE GRAVE WALKS - Teresa, I Love You (Windian)
ICE AGE - Plowing Into the Field of Love (Matador)
THE SELWOODS - Extended Play (Smash)
SABU TOYOZUMI - Kosai Yujyo (Improvising Beings)
SONIC SUICIDE SQUAD - Record Zero (No Label)
ROLLERSKATE SKINNY - Shoulder Voices (Medical Records)
SOULSIDE - Trigger (Dischord)
BROKEN ARM - Life Is Short (Gringo / Art For Blind)
PIGEON RELIGION - Wam Insides (Gilgongo)
LEE GAMBLE - Dutch Tvashar Plumes (Pan)
THE DEAD MILKMEN - Pretty Music For Pretty People (Quid Ergo)
FLYING PIZZA - Herra Immuuni (Killer / Karkoa Mistika)
NATE HALL - Electric Vacuum Roar (HCB)
OOZING WOUND - Earth Suck (Thrill Jockey)
THE KIDNAPPERS - Pills / Diamonds (Secret Mission)
DEREK ROGERS / SINDRE BJERGA - Split Cassette (Obsolete Units)
GREEN MANSIONS - Green Mansions (No Label)
WHAM-O - Confused Over Explosions/Implosions (Union Pole)
SLENDER - Slender (Toxic State)
CIRCUIT BREAKER - Circuit Breaker (Tombed Visions)
KEVIN DRUMM - Trouble (Editions Mego)
POWER MYSTERY - Young Flower (No Label)
LAUNDROMAT - God Bless The Laundromat and All Who Wash Within It (Unread )
CLAY WILSON - E4 (The Bunker New York)
MARTIN CARR - The Breaks (Tapete)
PERSON OF INTEREST - Untitled (Russian Torrent Versions)
KRAUS - Interior Castle (Moniker)
PARASHI - Tovarich (Fabrica)
ALIEN PARKINSONS PROJECT - Meditation Music For Your Imaginary Enemies (Sadoamascus)
STEVE TRAIN AND HIS BAD HABITS - Steve Train and His Bad Habits (Off Label)
AG DAVIS - Audio Works (Obsolete Units)
ABSOLUTELY FREE - Absolutely Free (Lefse)
BOB BUCKO JR. - Crank Spirit (5CM)
VARIOUS - Tradisyon Ka Gwo Ka: Music of Guadeloupe, West Indies (Soul Jazz)
WILLIE WEST - Lost Soul (Timmion)
VARIOUS - Jahtarian Dubbers Vol. 4 (Jahtari)

7" Singles List
THE ETTES - Crying On My Shoulder (Windian)
MICK STEVENS - Going Home (Branco)
BLANCHE BLANCHE BLANCHE - Heart and Soul (Feeding Tube)
INSTITUTE - Giddy Boys (Katorga Works)
REV. LOUIS OVERSTREET - Black But Proud (Mississippi/Little Axe)
GLUE - Enemy (Katorga Works/Video Disease)
THE KLITZ - Sounds of Memphis '78 (Spacecase)
VARIOUS - Deus Ex Machina (Born Bad)

FARRAO KAKSPAINEN NARTTU - Siwan Kassit (Karkia Mistika)

RPM List
FELIX KUBIN MIT MITCH & MITCH - Bakterien & Batterien (Gagarin)
APHEX TWIN - Syro (Warp)
AFRICAINE 808 - Lagos, New York (Golf Channel)
RANDOMER - Residents (L.I.E.S.)
KODE9 & SPACEAPE - The Killing Season (Hyperdub)
VARIOUS - Jahtarian Dubbers Vol. 4 (Jahtari)

ANDY STOTT - Faith In Strangers (Modern Love)
VARIOUS - Hyperdub 10.4 (Hyperdub)
BONOBO - The North Borders Tour (Ninjatune)

Jazz List
BOBBI BOYLE - A Day In the Life of Bobbi Boyle & the Trio (Mpls Ltd)
JACOB FRED JAZZ ODDYSEY - Worker (Royal Potato Family)
JONE TAKAMAKI TRIO - Universal Mind (Arclife)
DARIUS JONES - The Oversoul Manual (AUM Fidelity)
JULIUS HEMPHILL - Raw Materials and Residuals (Black Saint)
KONSTRUKT & JOE MCPHEE - Babylon (Roaratorio)
ICP ORCHESTRA - East of the Sun (ICP)
BUD POWELL - Live at the Blue Note Cafe, Paris 1961 (ESP-Disk)
PETER BROTZMANN/SONNY SHARROCK - Whatthefuckdoyouwant (Trost)

World List
EBERHARD SCHOENER - Bali-Ahung (Mig Music)
VICTOR BRADY - Brown Rain (Synton Archive Productions)
CREATION REBEL/NEW AGE STEPPERS - Threat To Creation (Anthology)
SU WEI - Gita Pon Yeik (Mississippi/Little Axe)
TOURE-RAICHEL COLLECTIVE - Paris Session (Cumbancha)
VARIOUS - Pulsating Strings: A Collection of Psychedelic Asian Guitar (Sanity Muffin)
YASMINE HAMDAN - Ya Nass (Crammed Disc)
VARIOUS - The Travelling Archive: Folk Music From Bengal (Sublime Frequencies)
VARIOUS - Peru Bravo: Funk, Soul & Psych From Peru's Radical Decade (Strut)
WILLIAM ONYEABOR - s/t 9CD box (Luaka Bop)

Loud List
MIDNIGHT - No Mercy For Mayhem (Hells Headbangers)
SKULLFLOWER - Draconis (Cold Spring)
HANK WOOD & THE HAMMERHEADS - Stay Home (Toxic State)
ELECTRIC WIZARD - Time To Die (Spinefarm)
SIN34 - Do You Feel Safe? (Sinister Torch)
GLUE - Enemy (Katorga Works)
GODFLESH - A World Lit Only By Fire (Avalanche)
ORANGE GOBLIN - Back From the Abyss (Candlelight)
BLOWN OUT - Drifting Way Out Between Suns (Riot Season)
HAMMERHEAD - Memory Hole (Learning Curve/Amphetamine Reptile)

Hip-Hop List
FLYING LOTUS - You're Dead (Warp)
DJ AFRIKA BAMBAATAA - Zulu Rainin' Hell Mix (Boo-Hooray)

VARIOUS - Duppy Gun Productions Vol. 1: Multiply (Duppy Gun)
RUN THE JEWELS - 2 (Mass Appeal)
GHOSTFACE KILLAH - 36 Seasons (Salvation/Tommy Boy)
SERENGETI - Kenny Dennis III (Joyful Noise)
FLIP - Without Warning (feat. Elzhi & Phat Kat) (Ill Adrenaline Records)
SISTER FA -La Sister Fa (Sarabah)
DJ ROB A - Put To Paper (feat. Masta Ace) (Rugged Soul Records)
SIDEWALK CHALK - Luggage (feat. Sam Trump) (Ropeadope)

Cassette List
SINDRE BJERGA - Jazz Loops (Fabrica)
SPIDER MAN - Spider Man (No Label)
VARIOUS - Pulsating Strings: A Collection of Psychedelic Asian Guitar (Sanity Muffin)
OZAMA - Fortaleza de Sangre (Morroso Metal Grotesco)
DEREK ROGERS/SINDRE BJERGA - Split Tape (Obsolete Units)
BOB BUCKO JR. - Crank Spirit (5CM)
LAUNDROMAT - God Bless the Laundromat and All Who Wash Within In (Unread)
KRAUS - Interior Castle (Monicker)
AG DAVIS - Audio Works (Obsolete Units)
SLENDER - Slender (Toxic State)


All hail the power of radio! WFMU's 2015 fundraising Marathon is coming your way, March 8-22! Get ready for stunts, prizes, hilarious and awkward DJ blather, and of course, our shiny new batch of swag! Hit this page for more information, this page to make a pledge, and drop this guy a line if you'd like to volunteer during the Marathon.


Elna Baker PLUS Mesiko
Monday, February 23rd, 9pm - Midnight
The Goddamn Dave Hill Show
Dave's guests tonight will be comedian/storyteller/writer Elna Baker and musical guest Mesiko.

Emma Tricca
Tuesday, February 24th, 9pm - Midnight
on Irene Trudel's show

With an early push from the likes of John Renbourne and Odetta, Emma Tricca dove deeply into the pool of 70s folkies from Italy and England, where she was born and grew up. Tricca's pretty, unadorned music shows a reaction to all her travels and family life with scientists and artists. Emma Tricca's latest album is "Relic," and she drops by WFMU to play some of her beautiful tunes.

Joe Frank - "The Road to Calvary"
Wednesday, February 25th, 3pm - 6pm
Irwin Chusid
One-hour dramas by Joe Frank air alternate Wednesdays at 4pm (Eastern) on Irwin's program. The episode "The Road to Calvary," from Joe's Somewhere Out There series, airs Weds. February 25th. Joe works at a slaughterhouse and a nuclear power plant before becoming the subject of a bizarre federal drug study. Hopes for a spiritual breakthrough with an Indian in the desert end in failure. Joe tells the story of Jesus’s spiritual struggle on the road to Calvary.

Brann Dailor - Part TWO!
Thursday, February 26th, Noon - 3pm
Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine
Mastodon's amazing drummer was Diane's first guest of 2015, and his playlist got heavily edited. Diane welcomes him back to have another day of PEER PRESSURE, so we'll get another show full of selections from him! Brann will be live and listeners will be able to ask questions via our live interactive playlist!

Joan Shelley
Saturday, February 28th, 6am - 9am
Shrunken Planet with Jeffrey Davison
Kentucky singer-songwriter Joan Shelley was in New York recently to do a show before heading out for a tour in Ireland and the UK. Her most recent album, “Electric Ursa” (No Quarter) finds her once again surrounded by the group of musicians she feels most comfortable with, and with stunning results. As fine a record as was issued in 2014, each of the seven songs refers in some way to a journey, and some are reminiscent of the “leave-taking” songs of the British Isles. With her deeply emotional but restrained manner of singing, she calls to mind earlier styles from the Southern Mountains and their antecedents in England, Scotland and Ireland. She was joined on guitar and vocals by Nathan Salsburg, as well as Glen Dentinger on vocals.

Jack Sills of Light In The Attic Records PLUS Nick Waterhouse
Saturday, February 28th, 3pm - 6pm
Todd-o-phonic Todd's show
Jack Sills of Light In The Attic Records stops by The Todd-O-Phonic Todd show to discuss and play highlights from their upcoming Thin Lizzy reissues: "Thin Lizzy", "Vagabonds Of The Western World" and "Shades Of A Blue Orphanage". He will also discuss the future plans of this great reissue label and spin some other cool sides.

Todd-O-Phonic Todd ALSO welcomes soul singer extraordinaire Nick Waterhouse to his action-packed show. Nick is putting on his judges robes later that evening for The Soul Clap competition at Brooklyn Bowl. Prior to that appearance enjoy listening to selections from Nick's great catalog on Innovative Leisure, amazing 45's from his fantastic collection and the usual witty banter between Todd and his guests.

Jake Fogelnest, Christi Chiello, Julio Torres, and music from Sunshine & the Rain
Saturday, February 28th, 9pm - Midnight
Prove it All Night with Pat Byrne
Pat kicks off his third live variety show from Monty Hall with a visit from Jake Fogelnest, stand up comedy from Julio Torres and Christi Chiello, and music from Sunshine & the Rain. Also, starting and ending the night will be a DJ set from Primitive Sound System!

Tim Wyskida
Thursday, March 5th, Noon - 3pm
Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine
Drummer for Blind Idiot God and Khanate, Tim will play some advance tracks of the upcoming Blind Idiot God release-"Before Ever After" their first in over 20 years! BIG will be performing on Saturday March 7th at Paper Box -17 Meadow St, Brooklyn, New York 11206, along with Gnaw, Rhyton and Oneirogen. Listeners can ask Tim questions via the live interactive playlist, as he will be live at 1pm.

John Ellison of The Soul Brothers Six
Saturday, March 7th, 3pm - 6pm
Todd-o-phonic Todd's show
John Ellison of The Soul Brothers Six chats about his career and his Dig Deeper show the following Saturday at Littlefield. The Soul Brothers Six are one of the greatest guitar driven soul bands of all-time, with roots firmly entrenched in gospel. Their best known song is "Some Kind Of Wonderful" (later a hit for Grand Funk) but their catalog is tremendous.

The WFMU Marathon Finale with the Hoof & Mouth Sinfonia
Sunday, March 22nd, 7pm - 12:30am
on Marathon Finale
(on WFMU stream & FM radio & Video)
WFMU finishes off our 2015 Marathon with a drunken live band karaoke party! Your favorite DJs take the stage and belt out their version of the hits, backed by the infamous Hoof & Mouth Sinfonia. Mistakes will be made! Don't miss out!

Gerry Roslie of The Sonics
Saturday, April 4th, 3pm - 6pm
Todd-o-phonic Todd's show
Todd-O-Phonic Todd is honored to host one of the greatest shouters in rock'n'roll history, none other than Gerry Roslie of The Sonics. In recent years The Sonics place in rock'n'roll and popular culture has only been elevated. The Sonics will be performing at Irving Plaza on April 8th and The Stone Pony on April 9th to support their new album, "This Is The Sonics," on Revox Records.

Pramrod Sexena live from the WFMU Record Fair
Friday, May 1st, 3pm - 6pm
Miniature Minotaurs with Kurt Gottschalk
Audio sadism for early entry shoppers! The evil spawn of Mr. Dorgon and Jamie Saft, Pramrod Sexena will play live on Miniature Minotaurs, unleashing a thorough beat-down not seen since the heyday of Rowdy Roddy Piper. Crushing turntable diatribes will go up against 8-string fretless bass guitar and Gemini FlashFormers in evil distortion chambers straight from the dungeons of the underworld.

43 Montgomery Street, Jersey City, NJ :

Saturday 2/28, 9pm, $5
Live from WFMU's Monty Hall Prove it all Night with your host Pat Byrne

Wednesday, 3/18, 6-7pm, $5
Seven Second Delay's Marathon show live

Friday, 3/20, 8-9pm $5
Join WFMU's Miracle Nutrition's Hearty White for an evening of story, song, inspiration and oddity.
Let Hearty be your docent in the Museum of Moral Uncertainty as he walks you through an exhibit he calls "The Archbishop is the Chambermaid".

Thursday, 4/2
WFMU Movie Night hosted by Rich Hazelton, 8-10pm, $10
Privilege is Peter Watkins’ 1967 film about power, celebrity, the corruption of church and state, and conformity. It is also a great rock ‘n’ roll film starring Paul Jones, who sang “Do Wah Diddy Diddy” with Manfred Mann, and
Jean Shrimpton, one of the first superstar models who helped introduce the miniskirt. Upon initial release, J. Arthur Rank, the national theatre circuit in England would not show the film due to its “immoral nature". This is WFMU and we really don’t give a crap about its “immoral nature.” A great rock ‘n’ roll film is a great rock ‘n’ roll film and we’re showing it!

Friday, 4/17, 8-10pm, $10
DJ Trouble presents a special screening of
My Secret World - The Story Of Sarah Records a film by Lucy Dawkins
My Secret World is the first feature length documentary to explore this legendary, influential and often misunderstood label. Now the label founders, former Sarah band members, music critics and those that have been
inspired by the label tell their story. 
Q&A to follow with Sarah Records co-founder Clare Wadd.

Saturday, 4/18, 8-11pm $10
WFMU and DJ Trouble present
To Create Something Beautiful: in the spirit of Sarah Records, live sets from
The New Lines
Pale Lights
Ghost Gum
DJ Keith D'Arcy

Wednesday, 4/22, 9pm
WFMU presents
Ex Hex
Live in Monty Hall with special guests The Above

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