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Heavy Airplay, April 15, 2015
VARIOUS - Back From the Grave 9 (Crypt)
VARIOUS - Black Fire! New Spirits! Radical and Revolutionary Jazz in the USA 1957-82 (Soul Jazz)
ULTIMATE PAINTING - Ultimate Paintings (Trouble In Mind)
WILLIAM ONYEABOR - William Onyeabor 9CD Box (Luaka Bop)
FAUST - Just Us (Bureau B)
DANIELA CASA - Sovrapposizione Di Immagini (Finders Keepers)
VARIOUS - Science Fiction Park Bundesrepublik: German Home Recording Tape Music of the 1980's (Cache Cache / Finders Keepers)
OMAR KHORSHID AND HIS GROUP - Live in Australia 1981 (Sublime Frequencies)
GULAAB - Ritt Durch Den Hades (Merlin's Nose)
NOVELLER - Fantastic Planet (Fire)
X - Spurts: the 1977 Recordings (Ugly Pop)
ROBERT WYATT - Different Every Time (Domino)
SOLARIS - The Waves of the Evernow (Numero)
VARIOUS - Brazilian Nugggets: Back From the Jungle Vol. 3 (Groovie)
FA BONX - 49 Stick (What's Your Rupture?)
NATHAN BOWLES - Nansemond (Paradise of Bachelors)
INUTILI - Unforgettable, Lost and Unreleased (Aagoo)
VARIOUS - Souvenirs of the Soul Clap Vol. 1 (Norton)
VARIOUS - Serious Rockers: An Unblinking Ear Mix-Tape (Unblinking Ear)
ST-37 - I'm Not Good (Cleopatra)
SPACE - Magic Fly (Nang)
VERCKYS ET L'ORCHESTRA VEVE - Congolese Funk, Afrobeat & Psychedelic Rumba 1969-78 (Analog Africa)
VARIOUS - Lagos Disco Inferno Vol. 2 (Voodoo Funk)
MITTAGSPAUSE - Mittagspause (Cien Fuegos)
VARIOUS - Funk, Soul, and Afro Rarities: An Introduction To Ata Records (Here and Now Recordings)
VARIOUS - Parchman Farm: Photographs and Field Recordings 1947-59 (Dust To Digital)
RAKTA - 7 (540)
BILL FRISELL - Guitar In the Space Age! (Okeh)
BAD AXE - Coachman (Permanent)
VARIOUS - Hommage a Nashui: Atlantic Jazz 60th Anniv. Collection (Atlantic)
DIPLO - Florida (10th Anniversary Edition) (Big Dada)
ACID BABY JESUS - Selected Recordings (Slovenly)
VARIOUS - Dublab & the Goethe-Institut Present Krautrock Classics: A Tribute To German Cosmic Music (Toro / Bedrock LA / Dublab)
GHEDALIA TAZARTES - Hysterie Off Music (Holidays)
VARIOUS - Lead Kindly Light (Dust To Digital)
SEVERED HEADS - City Slab Horror (Medical Records)
ANNEA LOCKWOOD - Ground of Being (Recital Seven)
ADRIAN REW - Slot Machine Music (Hanson)
LUBOMYR MELNYK - Evertina (Erased Tapes)
3EESE - This Spooky Shit (Vanity Feed)
VARIOUS - Ketters Van Het Vlaamse Platteland: Hamonte 1979-83 (Mauerstadtmusik)
THE SLUGFUCKERS - Three Feet Behind Glass / Instant Classic (Insolito)
VARIOUS - Folk Music of the Sahel Vol. 1: Niger (Sublime Frequencies)
DREAMSALON - Soft Stab (Dragnet / Sweet Rot)
JANE WEAVER - The Silver Globe (Finders Keepers)
JOHN COLTRANE - Offering: Live at Temple University (Universal / Impulse)
ARIEL PINK - Pom Pom (4AD)
VARIOUS - International Vicious Society Vol. 2 (University of Vice)
JACQUES HIGELIN & BRIGITTE FONTAINE - Chansons D'Avant le Deluge (Jacques Canetti Disques)
SIMON FISHER TURNER - Carvaggio 1610 (El / Cherry Red)
RUN THE JEWELS - 2 (Mass Appeal)
STEN HANSON - My Last Works (Fylkingen)
CAPTAIN BEEFHEART - Sun Zoom Spark: 1970-1972 Box (Rhino / Reprise)
SPRAY PAINT - Clean Blood, Regular Acid (Monofonus Press)
PELICAN - Iceland's Prog-Pop Pioneers: The Anthology (RPM)
VARIOUS - Ten Cities (Soundway)
REALLY RED - Teaching You the Fear (Alternative Tentacles)
SSEEPAGE - Depelted Sseepage (Coaxt)
VARIOUS - Le Pop 8: Les Chansons de la Nouvelle Scene Francaise (Groove Attack)
BCBG - Noces d'Argent (Glenlivet-A-Gogh)
INVISIBLE HANDS - Teslam (Abduction)
VARIOUS - 90 Degrees of Shade (Soul Jazz)
VARIOUS - Disco: A Fine Selection of Independent Disco, Modern Soul & Boogie 1978-82 (Soul Jazz)
BALEINE 3000 - Tour Manager (Sonig)
THE INTENDED - Hugenot (All Gone)
YANNIS KYRIAKIDES / ANDY MOOR - A Life Is a Billion Heartbeats (Unsounds)
ANDY STOTT - Faith In Strangers (Modern Love)

Medium Airplay
BLOODSHOT BILL - Shook Shake (Norton)
THE PAPERHEAD - Africa Avenue (Trouble In Mind)
ABELARDO BARROSO - Cha Cha Cha (World Circuit)
EXHAUSTION - Biker (Aarght)
VARIOUS - Poco Loco in the Coco (University of Vice)
VARIOUS - Noise of Cologne 2 (Stadt Koln)
SAMBA TOURE - Gandadiko (Glitterbeat)
JON HASSELL / BRIAN ENO - Fourth World Vol. 1: Possible Musics (Glitterbeat)
NON TOXIQUE LOST - Terre et Argent (Reduktive Musiken)
DUDUVUDU - The Gospel According to Dudu Pukwana (Edgetone)
THE TRIPWIRES - Get Young (Folc)
RED ASPHALT - Red Asphalt (Synthetic Shadows)
VARIOUS - Hyperdub 10.4 (Hyperdub)
BRIZBOMB - 1401 / 0909 (Fabrica)
YA HO WA 13 - Ya Ho Wa 13 Presents Savage Sons of Ya Ho Wa (Drag City)
BULBOUS CREATION - Bulbous Creation (Numero)
IMPALERS - Psychedelic Snutskallar (540)
RICHARD DAWSON - Nothing Important (Weird World)
VARIOUS - Ajujatronik: Elf Jecke Jehre Elektronik (No Label)
THE NEW BASEMENT TAPES - Lost On the River (Harvest)
KANIA TIEFFER - Ma Reum (L'Aree Des Bon Bons)
THE NEVERMORES - Lock Your Doors (Magnetic South)
UULAN MARKHOR - Spiral Horns, Black Onions, et. al (Soft Abuse)
BIG LAZY - Don't Cross Myrtle (Tasankee)
THE REBEL - Krot (Monofonus Press)
VARIOUS - Quadrature Du Carre (SDZ)
THE ABANDOS - Stiff (Abandos Music)
WEYES BLOOD - The Innocents (Mexican Summer)
JIM DENLEY & COR FUHLER - Truancy (Splitrec)
VARIOUS - The Travelling Archive: Folk Music From Bengal (Sublime Frequencies)
VARIOUS - Northwest Country Juke Box 1960's: Wiley Sound Studios, Tacoma, WA (Dog Recordings)
KARCZYK - Dieser Automat Gibt Kein Wechselgeld (No Label)
UNIVERSAL TOGETHERNESS BAND - Universal Togetherness Band (Numero)
AKOS ROZMANN - Tolv Stationer (Twelve Stations) (Ideologic Organ / Editions Mego)
DINAH WASHINGTON - Original Queen of Soul (Fantastic Voyage)
DAVID SHEA - Rituals (Room40)
BAGARRE GENERALE - Bagarre Generale (Radar Swarm)
MOUSE ON MARS - 21 Again (Monkeytown)
EDGAR BROUGHTON BAND - Edgar Broughton Band (EMI/Harvest)
DON MURO - Souffrances Et Extases Du Jeune Amour (Flannelgraph)
BROTZMANN / EDWARDS / NOBLE - Soul Food Available (Clean Feed)
SUZUKI JUNZO - 7 (Nod And Smile)
VARIOUS - Spirit of Malombo: Malombo Jazz Makers, Jabula, and Jazz Afrika 1966-84 (Strut)
BRENT FARISS - Folk Song for 27 Oboes (Kendra Steiner Editions)
SAPAT - A Posthuman Guide to the Advent Calendar Origins of the Peep Show (Sophomore Lounge)
VARIOUS - Novaya Scene: Underground From Ukraine (What's So Funny About)
DEAF WISH - St. Vincent's (Sub Pop)
THE DENTISTS - Strawberries Are Growing In My Garden (Trouble In Mind)
LINDA SHARROCK / ITARI OKU / MARIO RECHTERN / MAKOTO SATO / ERIC ZINMAN / YORAM ROSILIO - No Is No (Don't Fuck Around With Your Women) (Improvising Beings)
CHEYENNE 40 - Cheyenne 40 (Et Mon Cul C'est Du Tofu / Tandori)
OGOYA NENGO AND THE DODO WOMEN'S GROUP - Rang'Ala: New Recordings From Siaya County, Kenya (Honest Jons)
BARNT - Magazine 13 (Magazine)
THEOPHILUS LONDON - Vibes! (Warner Brothers)
GLITTER - Self Titled Mini LP (Pee Blood)
THE ULSERS - Remember Them (Custom/Wallaby Beat)
TEKLIFE - Next Life (Hyperdub)
KRZYSZTOF KOMEDA - Rare Jazz and Film Music Vol. 1 (Adventure In Sound)
BIG STAR - Live in Memphis (Omnivore Recordings)
DIE WELTTRAUMFORSCHER - Die Singende Sterlaterne / Folklore des Waltalis (Planam)
PRINCE & 3RDEYEGIRL - Plectrumelectrum (Warner Brothers)
FRED FRITH AND JOHN BUTCHER - The Natural Order (Northern Spy)
VARIOUS - Swedish Energies 2014: Volume 3 (Ideal)
MATTHEW MULLANE - Hut Variations (Vin Du Select Qualitit)
LOS STRAITJACKETS - Deke Dickerson Sings the Great Instrumental Hits (Yep Roc)
DOOMSDAY STUDENT - A Walk Through Hysteria Park (Three.One.G)
SCIFLYER - They Only Believe In the Moon (Tone Vendor)
BEAU WANZER - Beau Wanzer (No Label)
SH DZUMABAEV & FAMILY / ALEXANDRA POTCVERSHUY - Secret Museum of Kind Men Vol. 4 (Casual Acid Tea)
MUNK - Chanson 3000 (Gomma)
DORIAN PIMPERNEL - Allombon (Born Bad)
TY SEGALL - Singles 2 (Drag City)
SLEAFORD MODS - Tied Up In Nottz (Little Teddy)
LORD RAJA - A Constant Moth (Ghostly International)
BONOBO - The North Borders Tour (Ninja Tune)
RADIAN VERSUS HOWE GELB - Radian Versus Howe Gelb (Trost)
GUERILLA TOSS - 367 Equilizer (Feeding Tube)
FOFOULAH - Fofoulah (Glitter Beat)
HARTLEY C. WHITE - This Is Not What You Expect (OSR)
SUN PAPA & FAN CLUB ORCHESTRA - An Insane Portrait (OST) (Sonig)
SIZE QUEEN / JANE LA ONDA - Split LP (Feeding Tube)
JOHN SCHOOLEY - The Man Who Rode the Mule Around the World (Voodoo Rhythm)
MACHINEDRUM - Vapor City Archives (Ninja Tune)
VARIOUS - A Distant Invitation: Street & Ceremonia Recordings from Burma, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia (Sublime Frequencies)
SLIM TWIG - A Hound at the Hem (DFA)
FALTY DL - - (Ninja Tune)
BRAEN RASKOVICH - Abnormal Sensations (Cacophonic / Finders Keepers)
TREPANATION - Bitte Hintyen Bezahlen (New Amerika)
PHOAMING EDISON - Delusion 6 (No Label)
MANDRILL - Composite Truth / Just Outside of Town (Soul Brother)
LABRYYYNTH - Labryyynth (Burger)

Light Airplay
SEAN MCCABE - It's Time (Z Records)
18+ - Trust (Houndstooth)
EIKO ISHIBASHI - Car and Freezer (Drag City)
VISION HEAT - Sickness To Insanity: Electronic Horror Scores 1982-88 (No Label)
WHITE PAGES - Bam Bam EP (Cant Stand Ya!)
GHOSTFACE KILLAH - 36 Seasons (Salvation / Tommy Boy)
NIELS LHYNE LOKKEGAARD - Sound X Sound: Music For 8 Recorders (Hiatus)
THE SEVENS COLLECTIVE - A Too Much Divided Heart (Beta-Lactam Ring)
GLENN JONES - Changing Ships On a Falling Tide (Vin Du Select Qualitit)
FRANCOIS TUSQUES & DON CHERRY - La Maison Fille (Cacaphonic)
VARIOUS - Music From the Mountain Provinces (Numerophon)
NOXAGT - Brutage (Drid Machine)
THE KNIFE - Shaken Up Versions (Mute)
NEIL DIAMOND - Melody Road (Capitol)
SYLVIAN LEROUX ET L'ECOLE FULA FLUTE - Les Enfants de Tyabala (Mulatta)
SUN RA & HIS ASTRO-INFINITY ARKESTRA - Sign Of the Myth (Roaratorio)
KIT CONVICT & THEE TERRIBLE TWO - Watch Your Skull (Off the Hip)
THE SAFFRON SECT - All Lead Back To You (13 O'Clock)
JAMES FELLA - Weak Left Input (Gilgongo)
THE MONTGOMERY EXPRESS - The Montgomery Movement (Folkways)
KENNY BARRON / DAVE HOLLAND - The Art of Conversation (Blue Note)
LA SUCURSAL DE LA COLOMBIA - Cumbia a Domicilio (Intolerancia)
TERROR AMOR - Terror Amor (Burger)
AN ALBATROSS - An Albatross Family Album (Eyeball)
SECRET PYRAMID - The Silent March / Movements of Night (Students Of Decay)
DEEP LISTENING BAND - Dunrobin Sonic Gems (Deep Listening Institute)
BEEF JERK - Schooners (No Label)
CJ RAMONE - Last Chance To Dance (Fat Wreck Chords)
THE ACHTUNGS - Full of Hate (Total Punk)
SCHOOL DAMAGE - Sick of You (Detonic)
L.E.G. - EP (Angstrom)
ALIENBOY - Nightcap City EP (Lo Bit Landscapes)
PIANO MOVERS - Girlfriend's Lover (Fruits & Flowers)
JOOKLO & METABOLISMUS - Perception of the Illusion of the Opposition of Contraries (Troglosound)
MIRBEAU - White Blues (ESR)
ERGO PHIZMIZ - Two Quartets (Discrepant)
SILK RHODES - Silk Rhodes (Stones Throw)
BATIDA - Dois (Soundway)
SICK TO THE BACK TEETH - Music For Doomsday Shelters (No Label)
LOS AGUAS AGUAS - Two Three Karate Moves (No Label)
ASUNA - 100 Keyboards (Meeuw Muzak)
+DOG+ - The Family Music Book Vol. 2 (Love Earth Music)
FRODE HALTLI - Vagabonde Blu (Hubro)
ERIK HOVE CHAMBER ENSEMBLE - Saturated Colour (Canada Council For the Arts)
HENRY PLOTNICK - Qualia (Blue Tapes)
LUCKY AND THE COURGES - Lucky and the Courges (Harisska)
SETE STAR SEPT - All Is Wrong (Severna Park)
EEL / PISSBATH - Split 7 (Mind Cure)
DIESEL DUDES - The Hercules Initiative (Detonic)
WORLD/INFERNO FRIENDSHIP SOCIETY - This Packed Funeral (Alternative Tentacles)
KID MILLIONS & JIM SAUTER - Fountain (Family Vineyard)
KK NULL - Cryptozoon Stereo Condensed Mix (Aagoo)
HALF HIGH - Calling Nina (Eiderdown)
SGR^CAV - Moved By Magnets (The Tapeworm)
LINUS PAULING QUARTET - C is for Cthulu (No Label)
FLAKE MUSIC - Flake Music (Sub Pop)
NAIM AMOR - Hear the Walls (Fort Lowell)
VARIOUS - Al Maghrib Archives Vol. 1 (Harisska)
TOM WHITE - Corrugated (Imminent Frequencies)
WU TANG CLAN - A Better Tomorrow (Asylum / Warner Brothers)
R. STEVIE MOORE - Ariel Pink's Picks Vol. 1 (Personal Injury)
STARK FOLK BAND - Modern Times (Toxic Beauty)
OLD MATE - It Is What It Is (SDZ)
WEST HILL BLAST QUARTET - Blast #2 (Foolproof Projects)
SEWERS - Chain of Command (Tenth Court)
ODLIO ES - Intimate (Tanzprocesz)

7" Singles List
FA BONX - 49 Stick (What's Yr Rupture?)
RAKTA - 7 (540)
BAD AXE - Coachman (Permanent)
BCBG - Noces d'Argent (Glenlivet-A-Gogh)
VARIOUS - Quadrature du Carre (SDZ)
THE ABANDOS - Stiff (Abandos Music)
KANIA TIEFFER - Ma Reum (L'Aree Des Bon Bons)
DEAF WISH - St. Vincent's (Sub Pop)
THE ULSERS - Remember Them (Custom/Wallaby Beat)

RPM List
SPACE - Magic Fly (Nang)
VARIOUS - 10 Cities (Soundway)
VARIOUS - Disco: A Fine Selection of Independent Disco, Modern Soul & Boogie 1978-82 (Soul Jazz)
ANDY STOTT - Faith In Strangers (Modern Love)
VARIOUS - Hyperdub 10.4 (Hyperdub)
BARNT - Magazine 13 (Magazine)
TEKLIFE - Next Life (Hyperdub)
BEAU WANZER - s/t (No Label)
BONOBO - The North Borders Tour (Big Dada)

Jazz List
VARIOUS - Black Fire! New Spirits! Radical and Revolutionary Jazz in theUSA 1957-82 (Soul Jazz)
VARIOUS - Hommage A Nashui (Atlantic)
JOHN COLTRANE - Offering: Live at Temple University (Universal/Impulse)
DUDUVUDU - The Gospel According To Dudu Pukwana (Edgetone)
BROTZMANN/EDWARDS/NOBLE - Soul Food Available (Clean Feed)
FRANCOIS TUSQUES & DON CHERRY - La Maison Fille (Cacaphonic)
SUN RA & HIS ASTRO-INFINITY ARKESTRA - Sign of the Myth (Roaratorio)
WEST HILL BLAST QUARTET - Blast #2 (Foolproof Projects)

Loud List
X - Spurts: the 1977 Recordings (Ugly Pop)
SOLARIS - The Waves of the Evernow (Numero)
REALLY RED - Teaching You the Fear (Alternative Tentacles)
SSEEPAGE - Depelted Sseepage (Coaxt)
IMPALERS - Psychedelic Snutskallar (540)
BAGARRE GENERALE - Bagarre Generale (Radar Swarm)
GLITTER - s/t (Pee Blood)
DOOMSDAY STUDENT - A Walk Through Hysteria Park (Three.One.G)
TRTRKMMR - Avec La Louillure Nous Entrons (Iron Lung)

World List
WILLIAM ONYEABOR - William Onyeabor 9CD Box (Luaka Bop)
OMAR KHORSHID - Live in Australia 1981 (Sublime Frequencies)
VARIOUS - Brazilian Nuggets: Back From the Jungle Vol. 3 (Groovie)
VERCKYS ET L'ORCHESTRA VEVE - Congolese Funk, Afrobeat & Psychedelic Rumba 1969-78 (Analog Africa)
VARIOUS - Lagos Disco Inferno Vol. 2 (Voodoo Funk)
VARIOUS - Folk Music of the Sahel Vol. 1: Niger (Sublime Frequencies)
JACQUES HIGELIN & BRIGITTE FONTAINE - Chansons D'Avant le Deluge (Jacques Canetti Disques)
VARIOUS - 90 Degrees of Shade (Soul Jazz)

Hip-Hop List
DIPLO - Florida (10th Anniversay Edition) (Big Dada)
RUN THE JEWELS  - 2 (Mass Appeal)
GHOSTFACE KILLAH - 36 Seasons (Salvation/Tommy Boy)
FLIP - Without Warning (feat. Elzhi & Phat Kat) (Adrenaline)
WHEELGRABBERS - Hard out Here for a Gimp (Dryer Plug)
JR & PH7 X - Meadowview Morning (feat. Bueno & Sean LaMarr) (Below System)
BIG D-Z & EXTO - Drowning of Thirst (No label)
A.N.D. - Keep On  (Hella)
JOEY BADA$$ - B4.Da.$$ (Cinematic/Pro Era)
VARIOUS - Dance Mania: Ghetto Madness (Strut)

Cassette List
JOOKLO & METABOLISMUS - Perception of the Illusion of the Opposition of Contraries (Troglosound)
HALF HIGH - Calling Nina (Eiderdown)
SGR^CAV - Moved By Magnets (The Tapeworm)
HENRY PLOTNICK - Qualia (Blue Tapes)
TOM WHITE - Corrugated (Imminent Frequencies)
CHOP SHOP - Grey Area (Banned Production)
ICEPICK - Hexane (Astral Spirits)
NOLLS - V (Nykylevyt)
COPLEY MEDAL - Sabbath (Robert and Leopold)
MILK DICK - Milk Dick (Infinity Cat)


Wednesday, April 15th, 8pm - 9pm
Infinite Distortion
The one and only Protomartyr of Detroit, Michigan, sing us songs of isolation, drink, and hardship with their eerily tight, total spectral control of what anthropologists of the future will call "rock music." An absolute delight, this excellent group is playing new songs off their yet untitled and yet unscheduled next record- alongside a favorite from their first LP. A smoker of a set. Not to be missed.

NY Hardcore Spotlight
Thursday, April 16th, Noon - 3pm
Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine
Special guest hosts Ralphie G (The Mob NYC) and Josh Waste (Urban Waste) will be picking the tunes, paying homage to old and new NY Hardcore bands and celebrating their upcoming performance at BOWERY ELECTRIC. The Mob and Urban Waste will be opening for Agnostic Front for their record release party, Friday April 24th. The show is already sold out, so check out the host of bands that laid the foundation, and others that still play today during this program! Ralph and Josh start spinning at 1pm.

Miracle Nutrition's March 20th Monty Hall Program (with video stream)
Thursday, April 16th, 7pm - 8pm
Miracle Nutrition with Hearty White (on WFMU stream & FM radio & Video)
Hearty White's Miracle Nutrition presents Hearty's March 20th live performance at Monty Hall, broadcast in audio as well as glorious HD video. In this thrilling episode, Hearty tells the tale of The Archbishop and the Chambermaid, a guided time-travel tour through the lives of scientists and poets of the 1790s and how they both mattered a lot and not at all. Video will air on the WFMU homepage, Hearty's playlist page and the WFMU apps.

Blevin Blectum
Friday, April 17th, Noon - 3pm
on Bryce's show

Blevin Blectum alights in Jersey City to mesmerize some electrons live on the air, scattering silvery slivers of sound directly into the radio flue. From here, she's off to France, Germany, and Poland for a string of shows, including a multichannel blowout for kids, with video artist Ryan Junell.

Dr. Demento speaks
Saturday, April 18th, 3am - 6am
Dance With Me, Stanley with DJ Stashu
On this episode Dr. Demento reminds us to stay de-mented. Listen in as he sings about shaving cream, talks about the tape stashes, and more! Don't know what this is about? Then tune in! There will also be plenty of dancing as per usual.

Live performance from The Cactus Blossoms
Saturday, April 18th, 11am - 1pm
on Michael Shelley's show

After having his mind blow seeing The Cactus Blossoms (Brothers Jack Torrey and Page Burkum) open for a recent Nick Lowe show Michael is please to welcome the duo to the show with their hypnotic harmonies and fantastic original songs.

Cambodian Rock with John Pirozzi & Nate Hun (Gary Sullivan fills in for Rob W.)
Saturday, April 18th, 6pm - 9pm
on Bodega Pop Live with Gary Sullivan

In advance of the New York opening of Don't Think I've Forgotten: Cambodia’s Lost Rock and Roll at Film Forum and the DTIF Tour 2015 concert at Monty Hall, DJ Gary will be joined by film director John Pirozzi and Khmer vinyl collector Nate Hun to talk about the history of Cambodian rock 'n' roll – a vibrant and rich movement cut short by the genocide following the Khmer Rouge takeover in 1975 – and to spin tracks from the upcoming, fully re-mastered soundtrack being released by Dust-to-Digital later this month. (Gary is filling in for Rob Weisberg.)

The Achtungs
Sunday, April 19th, 6am - 9am
Burn It Down! with Nate K
Graduates of the young, loud, and snotty school of punk rock, Finnish trio the Achtungs harken back to the genre's KBD/'77-'82 golden era.The band brought its buzz saw guitars and hooked-filled bad vibes to the U.S. for a month-long tour and stopped by Burn It Down! for a live set. Good times were had by all.

Ed Lucas
Monday, April 20th, 6pm - 7pm
Sportsy Talk with Bronwyn C.& Jim
This Monday, April 20, The Most Trusted Team in Sports Talk Radio Today™ welcome Emmy-winning broadcaster, sports columnist, and Jersey City native Ed Lucas to WFMU to discuss his new book, "Seeing Home." The first release from the Jeter Publishing imprint, "Seeing Home" tells Ed's incredible, inspiring story of overcoming his blindness to become a beloved baseball broadcaster. Joining Mr. Lucas in the studio will be his son and co-author, Christopher Lucas. We hope you'll join us, too.

The Fall special with Stephen Hanley, Brix Smith Start, and Marc Riley, plus Spectre Folk covers the Fall live in studio
Tuesday, April 21st, 3pm - 6pm
on Brian Turner's show

Today's entire three hours is dedicated to the exhuming of some stellar live tapes in Brian's collection from The Fall, mainly soundboard and FM broadcasts from mostly of the '78 to '96 era. As a bonus, three of the band's biggest instrumental anchors of that period, ex-guitarist Marc Riley (1978-83, and now a well-beloved BBC Radio6 DJ), post-Riley guitarist Brix Smith Start (1983-89) and ex-bassist Stephen Hanley (1979-98) speak to WFMU on life inside of and outside of the band; in fact Hanley has recently released a memoir called The Big Midweek. And as a double bonus, we get a live set in the WFMU studio of Fall covers courtesy of Spectre Folk (featuring members of Magik Markers, Sonic Youth, Pavement, and Tall Firs). Mark E. Smith's current lineup of The Fall releases an album, his 31st, on May 25th called Sub-Lingual Tablet.

Tuesday, April 21st, 9pm - Midnight
on Irene Trudel's show

Experimental folk trio Goddess writes, as they describe it, "...songs about the dark places in our heads and pasts, influenced by madrigals, Bartok, nursery rhymes, Amish culture, Sandy Denny, the Polanski movie Fearless Vampire Killers, shamanic trance music, a deer organ we found in the woods, church hymns, showtunes and krautrock." On their latest album, "Paradise," Fran, Tamalyn and Andy plerform on their usual blend of unconventional instruments, which include a homemade horsehair fiddle, toystore guitar and keyboard, dulcimer and tree branch. Goddess brings their darkly beautiful music to the WFMU studios.

Jon Langford PLUS Joe Frank - "Sleep"
Wednesday, April 22nd, 3pm - 6pm
Irwin Chusid
Noted painter and comic strip artist Jon Langford will be Irwin's guest on Weds. April 22 at 3pm. Langford, a UK native who has lived in Chicago since the early 1990s, has been lauded for his iconic portraits of country music legends and diabolic figures, which have graced galleries, album covers, books, and beer bottles. Those in the art world might not be aware that Langford has a musical side. He was a founding member of the Mekons, and has performed and recorded with the Waco Brothers, the Sadies, the Three Johns, the Old 97s, Sally Timms, Alejandro Escovedo, Rosie Flores, the Pine Valley Cosmonauts, and the Beatles. Langford will bring along his paint brush and his electric guitar, one of which will be used on the WFMU airwaves. On May 21, WFMU will screen the documentary, Monty Hall performance space.

One-hour dramas by Joe Frank air alternate Wednesdays at 4pm (Eastern) on Irwin's program. The episode "Sleep," from Joe's Work in Progress series, airs Weds. April 22nd. A child dressed for bed attends an adult party where he witnesses a murder. Joe confesses past sins and appeals to God for leniency. A man calls an escort service and describes his ideal woman, but is deeply disappointed with the escort who arrives, who is ugly, overweight and shallow. Still, he falls in love with her.

Marc Weiner talks about Puppets
Saturday, April 25th, 3am - 6am
Dance With Me, Stanley with DJ Stashu
Marc Weiner is a puppeteer known for his variety puppet show/game show called "Weinerville" that aired on Nickelodeon from 1993-1997. And if you don't know what the Weinerizer is... tune in and find out! There will also be plenty of dancing as per usual.

Mueran Humanos
Monday, April 27th, 3:01pm - 6pm
Scott Williams's show
This boy/girl duo from Argentina via Berlin manages to combine a dark synthwave heart with muy rockismo fuzz-bass and an effortless pop sensibility. Their return to WFMU for a visit to Scott's show promises to be very noiry, and very sexy.

Tuesday, April 28th, 9pm - Midnight
on Irene Trudel's show

As the debris from another year is cast aside, it signals the time for Shulcoth! --the mythic celebration of Citizen Kafka's life. Richie "Shulky" Shulberg passed in 2009 but lives afloat radio waves and MySpace rebroadcasts. The dearly departed one was responsible for some rather questionable but entertaining comedy on WBAI, was a fiddler in the equally questionable but entertaining Wretched Refuse String Band and a vast collector of obscure pieces of what one of the faithful calls "Shulbergalia." The usual cast of co-conspirators helps pay tribute to Citizen Kafka on Irene's show.

Chris O'Leary, author of "Rebel Rebel"
Wednesday, April 29th, 9pm - Midnight
on The Evan "Funk" Davies Show

In 2009 Chris O'Leary started a blog discussing every David Bowie song, in chronological order. The first post was about Bowie's first single: "Liza Jane," by Davie Jones and the King Bees, which was released in June of 1964. That's also the starting point for Rebel Rebel, O'Leary's new book that is essentially a full-length revision of the blog entries covering the period from that 1964 debut through the release of Station To Station. In addition to singles and album tracks the book includes live performances, session outtakes and unreleased demos -- who recorded them, who played on and produced them, and when they were played live or broadcast on TV or radio. O'Leary will join Evan "Funk" Davies in the WFMU studios on Wednesday April 29 to listen to and discuss some of the more obscure songs discussed in the book - and maybe a few of the songs we all know and love as well. This show will be a must for David Bowie fans; tune in to WFMU at 9pm on Wednesday, April 29!

Pramrod Sexena live from the WFMU Record Fair
Friday, May 1st, 3pm - 6pm
Miniature Minotaurs with Kurt Gottschalk
Audio sadism for early entry shoppers! The evil spawn of Mr. Dorgon and Jamie Saft, Pramrod Sexena will play live on Miniature Minotaurs, unleashing a thorough beat-down not seen since the heyday of Rowdy Roddy Piper. Crushing turntable diatribes will go up against 8-string fretless bass guitar and Gemini FlashFormers in evil distortion chambers straight from the dungeons of the underworld.

Put The Needle On The Leonard Cohen Record
Friday, May 1st, 7pm - 8pm
Put The Needle On The Record with Billy Jam
Conspiracy Of Beards - the unique 30 member male acapella choir from San Francisco who do interpretations of Leonard Cohen's music - will return to WFMU to join Billy Jam for a very special live in-studio performance on "Put The Needle On The Record" on WFMU Friday, May 1st 2015.

Todd-O-Phonic Todd's Show Of Shows live from The WFMU Record Fair: Bambi Kino, The Baseball Project, Miriam, and more!
Saturday, May 2nd, 3pm - 6pm
Todd-o-phonic Todd's show
Join Todd-O-Phonic Todd live from The Brooklyn Expo Center as he presents an all-star spectacular. Live performances from Bambi Kino and The Baseball Project plus appearances from celebrities such as Norton Recording Star Miriam, AP Mike, Ira Kaplan, Joe Belock and most likely many more! Thrills galore!

Amy Rigby
Saturday, May 9th, 11am - 1pm
on Michael Shelley's show

Michael chats with Amy Rigby about her return to life as a solo artist (after three collaborative albums with husband Wreckless Eric) and her first solo shows in almost a decade (every Thursday in May at HiFi Bar in NYC).

43 Montgomery Street, Jersey City

Friday 4/17
DJ Trouble presents a special screening of
My Secret World - The Story Of Sarah Records a film by Lucy Dawkins
My Secret World is the first feature length documentary to explore this legendary, influential and often misunderstood label.
Now the label founders, former Sarah band members, music critics and those that have been inspired by the label tell their story. 
Q&A to follow with Sarah Records co-founder Clare Wadd. Trailer.

Saturday, 4/18
WFMU and DJ Trouble present
To Create Something Beautiful: in the spirit of Sarah Records
The New Lines
Pale Lights
Ghost Gum
DJ Keith D'Arcy

Wednesday 4/22
Ex Hex /The Above

Tuesday, 4/28
Cambodian Rocks Concert with Chhom Nimol from Dengue Fever
Join WFMU for an evening of music covering the wide range of musical styles coming out of Cambodia in the 60s and 70s
before the Khmer Rouge came close to destroying all traces of modern Cambodia. On the bill: Dengue Fever's Chhom Nimol, singing a collection of Ros Serey Sothea's songs; Baksey Cham Krong, the first Cambodian guitar band; The Drakkar band, bringing their own mix of current western influences and hard rock, Cambodian style, and the songs of Sinn Sisamouth. Cambodian pop's most revered singer, sung by his grandson, Sinn Sethakol.

Thursday, 5/7
WFMU Movie Night presented by Miniature Minotaurs
Object Collection Live dubbed Movie Night
In 1992 a film called Under Si3ge came out. In 2015, Object Collection live-dubs it (featuring Smell-O-Vision!).
by Kara Feely and Travis Just
and a special DJ set by Clay Pigeon

Saturday 5/9
The Minus 5 / Steve Wynn & the Miracle 3

Monday 5/11
Jessica Pratt

Thursday 5/14
Mac McCaughan (Superchunk/Portastatic) + Rykey Walker + Flesh Wounds

Saturday 5/16
Obnox / Uniform / The Wilful Boys

Thursday 5/21
Revenge of the Mekons documentary

Wednesday 6/3
The Woogles / Wyldlife / Sunshine & the Rain

WFMU RECORD FAIR!  Fri-Sun May 1, 2, 3
New location at the Brooklyn Expo Center, 79 Franklin Street in Greenpoint
Friday 7-10pm (Early admission at 4), Saturday & Sunday 10-7

Live broadcasts:
Friday, May 1st

3-6pm [note that the Fair opens at 4pm]: Miniature Minotaurs with KurtLive broadcast from Fair with Pramrod Sexena! Audio sadism for early entry shoppers! The evil spawn of Mr. Dorgon and Jamie Saft, Pramrod Sexena will play live on Miniature Minotaurs, unleashing a thorough beat-down not seen since the heyday of Rowdy Roddy Piper. Crushing turntable diatribes will go up against 8-string fretless bass guitar and Gemini FlashFormers in evil distortion chambers straight from the dungeons of the underworld.


Saturday, May 2:
2:30pm: Live performance by Danny Kroha (of The Gories and Demolition Doll Rods)!

3pm-6pm: Todd-O-Phonic Todd!
Live Broadcast from Fair, with a live performance by Bambi Kino!


Sunday, May 3:
2pm: Live performance by Olivia Neutron John!


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