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Heavy Airplay, October 22, 2015
THE CLASSICAL - Diptych (Time Sensitive Materials)
MILES DAVIS - At Newport 1955-1975 (Legacy)
MEG BAIRD - Don't Weigh Down The Light (Drag City)
VARIOUS - Des Jeunes Gens Modernes Vol. 2 (Born Bad)
VARIOUS - Here Today! The Songs of Brian Wilson (Ace)
MARTIN REV - Clouds Of Glory (Permanent)
VARIOUS - Critical Mass: Splinters From the Worldwide New Wave, Post-Punk, and Industrial Underground 1978-198 (Touch Sensitive / Cherrystones)
VARIOUS - Last of the Garage Punk Unknowns Vol. 3 & 4 (Crypt)
BROKEN TALENT - Rules No One (Florida's Dead)
ROBIN CRUTCHFIELD - Into the Dark Wood (Nigh Eve)
VARIOUS - Sounds of The Universe: Art + Sound (Soul Jazz)
SLY AND THE FAMILY STONE - Live at the Fillmore Reast, October 4th and 5th, 1968 (Legacy / Epic)
MASAYA KATO - Trace of Voices (Time Released Sound)
HARDY KUKUK - Atemnot (Wah Wah)
VARIOUS - Soul City Philadelphia (Fantastic Voyage)
DAIKYOFUROSHIKI - Yuu (Wild Flesh Productions)
VARIOUS - Another Dark Age (Another Dark Age)
JULIA VORONTSOVA - Over (Julia Vorontsova)
FOGG - High Testament (Tee Pee)
GOSSAMER - Automaton (Innovative Leisure)
LAURICE - Best of Laurice Vol. 2 (Mighty Mouth Music)
LISA CAMERON & ERNESTO DIAZ-INFANTE - Sol Et Terra (Kendra Steiner Editions)
THE COCOON - While the Recording Engineer Sleeps (Staubgold)
VARIOUS - Groove With a Feeling: Sounds of Memphis Boogie, Soul, and Funk 1975-1985 (BGP / Ace)
SUN COLOR - Paralle Tracks (S.C.A.P.)
LONNA KELLEY - Take Me Home Spiderman (No Label)
LST - Th Duo (Another Dark Age)
WEATHER WARLOCK - Sunset Waits For No Man (Rhinestone)
JON GIBSON - Visitations (Superior Viaduct)

Medium Airplay
THE 8TH LIKELY FACES - Sparkling Eyes (Branco Label)
THE WRITHING SQUARES - Gemini Blues (No Label)
BANG ON A CAN ALL-STARS - Field Recordings (Cantaloupe)
BYRON LEE & THE DRAGONAIRES - Uptown Top Ranking (VP Music Group)
BREN'T LEWIIS ENSEMBLE - The 13th Century German Poet (and Who Can Forget Him) (BUFMS)
VARIOUS - Out of Many, One Music! Songs That Shaped Jamaica (Fantastic Voyage)
VARIOUS - Men of Dharamsala (Yarlung)
THE AMAZING SPACE FROGS - Dirty Habits (Paramecium)
CRYSTAL SYPHON - Elephant Ball (Roaratorio)
VARIOUS - Dead Hell In A Bucket (Forward Fast)
BLACK PANTIES - Everyone (Lumpy)
VCSR - Tape #Q (Permanent)
U/V LIGHT - Cenotaph (Medical)
KIZZY HALL - A Touch of Kizz In the Night (No Label)
FAMLENDE FORSOK - Washing China (Prisma)
CATH & PHIL TYLER - The Song-Crowned King (Ferric Mordant)
BLANK REALM - Illegals In Heaven (Fire)
JOHN CHANTLER - Still Light, Outside (John Chantler)
BIRD RADIO - Oh, Happy England (SFE)
THE PACIFICS - Say You Love Me (Mistkafer)
ECSTATIC VISION - Sonic Praise (Relapse)
ANENZEPHALIA - Instrumentalities: Singles Collection 1991-2008 (Tesco USA)
PSYCHIC BAOS - Society's Lien on Peace of Mind (Magnetic South)
DAVE PHILLIPS & HIROSHI HASEGAWA - Insect Apocalypse (Monotype)
VARIOUS - The Wizards of Oz: Compiled and Mixed by The Amorphous Androgynous (Warner Music Australia)
FLORENT GHYS - Television (Cantaloupe)
CHARLIES - Jail Sessions (Normal)
GHOSTFACE KILLAH / ADRIAN YOUNGE - Twelve Reasons to Die II (Linear Labs)
JAILL - Brain Cream (Burger)
RYDBERG - Rydberg (Monotype)
AQUARIAN BLOOD - Savage Mind (Goner)
ANOUSHKA SHANKAR - Home (Deutsche Grammophon)
GOLDEN PELICANS - Oldest Ride Longest Line (Total Punk)
ZU - Cortar Todo (Ipecac)
VARIOUS - Jonathan Toubin's New York Night Train: Souvenirs of the Soul Clap Vol. 4 (Norton)
THE NOTS - Virgin Mary (Goner)
GWYDION - The Fairie Shaman (Granadilla Music)
NEIL YOUNG & PROMISE OF THE REAL - The Monsanto Years (Reprise)
TARTU POPI JA ROKI INSTITUUT - Madise Margikagu (Forwards)
ORNERYS - Wanna Get Dead (Ornerys)
CREEPING PINK - Mirror Woods (Castle Face)
HOODOO BLUES & ROOTS MAGIC - Hoodoo Blues & Roots Magic (Clean Feed)
SUSAN ALLEN - Postcard From Heaven (New World)
DAVE DOUGLAS - Hiigh Risk (Greenleaf)
MELVINS - The Bulls & The Bees + Electroretard (Ipecac)
JENNY HVAL - Apocalypse, Girl (Sacred Bones)
VARIOUS - Twisted Tales From Vinyl Wastelands Vol. 15: Fist City Trailer Park (Trailer Park)
HALF JAPANESE - Volume 2: 1987-1989 (Fire)
THE ACHTUNGS - Welcome To Hell (Going Underground)
LOS MIRNULS - Smic (No Label)
MAJUTSU NO NIWA - The Night Before (Pataphysique / Captain Trip)
FIFTEEN YEARS OLD - Abecedario (Buh)
EARTH JERKS - File #06 (Computer Tapes)
HALF HUMAN - Leave Behind (No Label)
MIDDLE AMERICA - Every Night (Fashionable Idiots)
SAND IN THE FACE - Music Made To Riot: New Jersey Hardcore 1982-1983 (Mad at the World)
ROSCOE MITCHELL QUARTET - Celebrating Fred Anderson (Nessa)
GOLD STAR - Dark Days (Starfish)
MIRT - Mud Dirt & Hiss (Cat Sun)
MONK PARKER - How The Spark Loves The Tinder (Bronze Rat)
TOM DIABO - Dark Star (Body Double)
MARC ALMOND - The Velvet Trail (Cherry Red)
THE HEMINGERS - What's a Heminger? (Magnetic South)
THE ROLLING STONES - From the Vault: Live Marquee Club 1971 (Eagle Vision / Universal)
SICK THOUGHTS - Stabbed in the Back (Episode)
PART TIME - Virgo's Maze (Burger)
NOSAJ THING - Fated (Innovative Leisure)
VARIOUS - All (Dial)

Light Airplay
CLOCKED OUT - Clocked Out (At War With False Noise)
TIM BERNE'S SNAKEOIL - You've Been Watching me (ECM)
THIS WILL DESTROY YOU - Live in Reykjavik, Iceland (Magic Bullet)
TERMINAL LOVERS - Flight Out (Biological)
THE ANGLING LOSER - Author of the Twilight (Time Released Sound)
FRANTZ LORIOT - Reflections on an Introspective Path (Neither Nor)
GIFT FIG - Stellenbosch (Kendra Steiner Editions)
TOTAL IMPROVISATION TROOP - Man of War (Atrito-Afeito)
SOUNDTRACK - Different Drum (Gulcher)
SEWERS - Weight (Homeless)
CZARFACE - Every Hero Needs a Villain (Brick)
THE CATS - Grave Desecrator + 4 (Forward Fast)
THE PENETRATORS - She's The Kinda Girl (Slovenly)
EL HIJO DE LA AURORA - The Enigma of Evil (Monotauro)
FLESH WOUNDS - In the Mouth (Snot Releases)
GOBLIN REBIRTH - Goblin Rebirth (Relapse)
STARK EFFECT - Mic In Track (Comfort Stand)
SOUNDTRACK - The Ipcress File (Decca)
CHARLES ALBRIGHT - Short Skirt (Sacramento)
SCREATURE - Four Columns (S-S Records)
J.W. JONES / FLOYD BUSSEY - Georgia Fife and Drum: George Mitchell Collection Vol. 34 (Fat Possum)
ALPARCHIE - Spacepunk Vol. 2 (Zaxxon)
TRACEY TRANCE - Keep It Up (All Gone)
MAMITORI ULITHI EMPRESS YOMNAGUNI SAN - 25/12/2013 Live LP (Bruit Direct Disques)
VEXX - Give and Take (Katorga Works)
ANNE F JACQUES - Sable Ou Sel (Atrito-Afeito)
SNOW GHOSTS - A Wrecking (Houndstooth)
PASCAL NIGGENKEMPER - Look With Thine Ears (Clean Feed)
ALTAMONT - The Monkees Uncle (Valley King)
SUN BATHER - Zzzz (Hjernespind)
OF EARTH AND SUN - Uncoiled (Malignant)
THE VOMIT ARSONIST - Only Red (Malignant)
HENRY KAISER / DAMON SMITH - Relations (Balance Point Acoustics)
AKTOR - Paranoia (HR / Ektro)
BUGUINHA DUB - Vitrola Abubada (LCL)
WHOTE - Moons (VII Sounds)
FAT - Citron (Cat Dog Mouse)
SELF DEFENSE FAMILY - Heaven Is Earth (Deathwish)
THE SEDIMENT CLUB - Psychosymplistic, Psychosymplatic Here! (Wharf Cat)
STYGIAN STRIDE - Stygian Stride (Thrill Jockey)
HO99O9 - Horrors of 1999 (Family)
STRIE - Ohtul (Time Rleased Sound)
RICHARD BERESIS - China I (No Label)
LITTLE PRINCESS ORCHESTRA - Looking For the Bright Coloured Bird (Not The Sixties)
CHROME CRANKS - 20th Anniversary Edition (HoZac)
CONFORCE - Machine Conspiracy (Delsin)
GIORGIO MURDERER - Lazer Lord (Goner)
MACULA DOG - Everything (Haord)
STATE CHAMPION - Fantasy Error (Sophomore Lounge)
WARHEAD - Warhead (540/Bloodsucker)
YES I'M LEAVING - Slow Release (Homeless)
HALGRATH - The Whole Path of War And Acceptance (Tesco)
EQUILIBRIUM - Liquid Light (Songlines)
VARIOUS - Snarl 4: Skaert Ludar Hljoma (Eroanumusik)
RICHARD MOULT & DAVID COLOHAN - Hexameron (Time Released Sound)
JANDEK - St. Louis Friday (Corwood)
MDOU MOCTAR - Anar (Sahel Sounds)
FRAK - Hello Nova (Ormolycka)
ULRICH KRIEGER - Winters In the Abyss (Pogus)
THE WORK - Anxious (About Meaning) (Megaphone/Knock Em' Dead)
HARTLEY C. WHITE - I Sing De Music Who-Pa-Zoo-Tic (Whopazootic)
SABLED SUN - Signals I-III (Tesco USA)
REFUSED - Freedom (Epitaph)
WHITE REAPER - White Reaper Does It Again (Polyvinyl)
BALLISTER - The Ballister Monologues (Astral Spirits / Monofonus Press)
MICHAEL GORDON - Dystopia (Cantaloupe)

7" Singles List
THE WRITHING SQUARES - Gemini Blues (No Label)
BLACK PANTIES - Everyone (Lumpy)
THE AMAZING SPACE FROGS - Dirty Habits (Paramecium)
AQUARIAN BLOOD - Savage Mind (Goner)
THE NOTS - Virgin Mary (Goner)
PSYCHIC BAOS - Society's Lien On Peace of Mind (Magnetic South)
THE PACIFICS - Say You Love Me (Mistkafer)
AUSMUTEANTS / HOUSEWIVES - Split 7" (Total Punk)
ORNERYS - Wanna Get Dead (Ornerys)

RPM List
VARIOUS - Sounds of the Universe: Art + Sound (Soul Jazz)
VARIOUS - Another Dark Age (Another Dark Age)
RYDBERG - Rydberg (Monotype)
CONFORCE - Machine Conspiracy (Delsin)
HAUNTOLOGISTS - s/t (No Label)
VARIOUS - Mu20 (Planet Mu)
MATRIXXMAN - Homesick (Ghostly International)
AFX - Orphaned Deejay Selek 2006-2008 (Warp)
JAGA JAZZIST - Starfire (Ninja Tune)

Jazz List
MILES DAVIS - At Newport 1955-1975 (Legacy)
LISA CAMERON & ERNESTO DIAZ-INFANTE - So Et Terra (Kendra Steiner Editions)
DAVE DOUGLAS - High Risk (Greenleaf)
ROSCOE MITCHELL QUARTET - Celebrating Fred Anderson (Nessa)
TIM BERNE'S SNAKEOIL - You've Been Watching Me (ECM)
PASCAL NIGGENKEMPER - Look With Thine Eyes (Clean Feed)
EVAN PARKER / JOE MORRIS / NATE WOOLEY - Ninth Square (Clean Feed)
BALLISTER - The Ballister Monologues (Astral Spirits?
THE THING - Shake (Trost/The Thing)
NAT BIRCHALL - Invocations (Jazzman)

World List
VARIOUS - Des Jeunes Gens Modernes Vol. 2 (Born Bad)
VARIOUS - Out of Many, One Music! Songs That Shaped Jamaica (Fantastic Voyage)
VARIOUS - Men of Dharamsala (Yarlung)
MDOU MOCTAR - Anar (Sahel Sounds)
VARIOUS - Bali 1928 Vol. 3: Lotring and the Sources of Gamelan Tradition (World Arbiter)
VARIOUS - Rastafari: The Dreads Enter Babylon 1955-83 (Soul Jazz)
SK KAKRABA - Yonye (Travel and See)
MBONGWANA STAR - From Kinshasa (Nonesuch/World Circuit)

Loud List
FOGG - High Testament (Tee Pee)
BLACK PANTIES - Everyone (Lumpy)
ECSTATIC VISION - Sonic Praise (Relapse)
DAVE PHILLIPS & HIROSHI HASEGAWA - Insect Apocalypse (Monotype)
ORNERYS - Wanna Get Dead (Ornerys)
MELVINS - The Bulls & The Bees + Electroretard (Ipecac)
MAJUTSU NO NIWA - The Night Before (Pataphysique/Captain Trip)
MIDDLE AMERICA - Every Night (Fashionable Idiots)
SAND IN THE FACE - Music Made To Riot: New Jersey Hardcore 1982-83 (Mad at the World)

Hip-Hop List
GHOSTFACE KILLAH / ADRIAN YOUNGE - Twelve Reasons To Die (Linear Labs)
CZARFACE - Every Hero Needs a Villain (Brick)
KNXWLEDGE - Hud Dreems (Stones Throw)
L'ORANGE & KOOL KEITH - Time? Astonishing! (Mello Music Group)
DAM-FUNK - Invite the Light (Stones Throw)
SEMI HENDRIX - Breakfast at Banksy's (Mello Music Group)
SYMPATHETIC DETONATIONS - Diss 1 (Amoebic Industries)
HAIL MARY MALLON - Bestiary (Rhymesayers)
MARKIS PRECISE - The Feeling of Flying (Ineffeble)
BLACKALICIOUS - Imani Vol 1 (Black Mines)

Cassette List
FLESH WOUNDS - In the Mouth (Snot Releases)
FRAK - Hello Nova (Ormolycka)
MDOU MOCTAR - Anar (Sahel Sounds)
BALLISTER - The Ballister Monologues (Astral Spirts/Monofonus Press)
DUSTY RHODES - Hard Times (Loki)
ISS - ISS (Loki)
COLOSSAL YES - Surrounded By Progress (Ba Da Bing!)
LARAAJI - All In One Peace (Leaving)
THE SCRAPES - The Songs of Baron Samedi (Soft Abuse)


All B-Sides All Night Long
Thursday, October 22nd, 9pm - Midnight
Music To Spazz By with Dave the Spazz
It's WFMU's Singles Going Steady Week and once again Dave the Spazz flips out and ONLY spins B-sides of 45s all night long!

Jeff Stevenson, author of "Fortney Road"
Friday, October 23rd, 6am - 9am
Micah's show
Fortney Road is a disturbing account of calculated mental, physical, and sexual abuse in an evangelical Christian cult. Drawing on seven years of research including interviews with seventeen survivors, it tells the story of the rise and fall of the Church of the Risen Christ, its sadistic leader the Reverend Larry Hill, and its outreach tool The All Saved Freak Band, one of the earliest religious rock groups borne out of the Jesus Movement. Unfolding against the backdrop of the 1960s and early '70s, Fortney Road is also the story of one brilliant musician who fell victim to a charismatic, cruel zealot. While other cult leaders such as David Koresh and Jim Jones have become infamous, Larry Hill and his followers on Fortney Road have flown largely under the radar-until now.

Singles Going Roundtable
Friday, October 23rd, 9pm - Midnight
Daniel Blumin's show
It's singles night! DJ's Martha, Jack Mello, Thomas Storck (Dangerous for the Brain), Sue P. (Solid Gold Hell), and Jeff M (Noise and Syrup) join Daniel to regale you with 45's and tales aplenty! Tune in!

Holly Golightly and The Broke-Offs
Saturday, October 24th, 3pm - 6pm
Todd-o-phonic Todd
Holly Golightly and The Broke-Offs join forces with Todd-O-Phonic Todd. Holly is riding high with her excellent LP on Damaged Goods, "Slowtown Now!" This radio show will begin her takeover of the Metropolitan area which will also include stops at 10th Ave. Burrito in Belmar, as well as The Mercury Lounge and Knitting Factory.

Singles Going Steady Special with Stan R. Krause of Catamount Records, plus a LIVE set from Richard Lloyd!
Saturday, October 24th, 9pm - Midnight
Prove It All Night! with Pat Byrne
Stan R. Krause started his own independent record label right here in Jersey City in 1964 called Catamount. Many of his 45's became rare collectibles for fans of RnB, soul, vocal groups, and even garage. He recorded dozens of artists across the 60's and 70's and even still works with groups in his Jersey City store front today, Stan's Square Records. He's lived quite a life, and this interview will capture the Catamount story and then some as Stan brings along some of his original stock 45's from the label as well as some of his favorites from growing up. After the interview, hear a live set of music from Richard Lloyd and his Quartet. Richard Lloyd has once again left his pioneering group Television, to focus on his solo work. He stops by Studio B with his Quartet to let loose on an amazing live set as the band gears up for some upcoming NYC dates. Don't miss it!

Terry and Louie
Sunday, October 25th, 6am - 9am
Burn It Down! with Nate K
Joining forces musically for the first time since the tragic demise of the beloved power pop band the Exploding Hearts, Terry Six ( Nice Boys) and King Louie Bankston (Missing Monuments, Loose Diamonds, Persuaders, Royal Pendletons, all-around man about town) have released a pair of exquisitely sweet singles under the name Terry & Louie on Six's newly launched Tuff Break label. Equal parts starry-eyed, heart-on-the-sleeve pop and gutter-glam grit, the band's music is everything you've come to expect from these rock 'n' roll lifers. They're in town October 23 to October 25 for the epic Tuff Weekend celebration (performing at Palisades on 10/23) and they will be making their WFMU debut on BURN IT DOWN! Sunday, October 25. And if we're lucky, maybe they'll join in with a few favorites of their own for Singles Going Steady! This is not to be missed!

Most Recent Singles Going Steadily Backwards Through Time
Sunday, October 25th, 5pm - 7pm
Gaylord Fields's show
For Singles Going Steady Week, this program’s host will air, in strict reverse chronological order and without any omissions, every 45 he has recently purchased, starting with the most recent and working back in time until he runs out of radio show. Unless your host goes on a very heavy singles-buying spree before this airdate, listeners can expect to hear, among a diversity of styles, jazz groovers, R&B stompers, harmonizing girl groups, a Beatles soundalike, and a singing cat!

Raga Rock Special
Monday, October 26th, 9am - Noon
Surface Noise with Joe McGasko
In the mid-to-late 60s, Indian classical music began to have an audible influence on the pop and rock musicians of the day. Turning on to the sounds of the sitar and tabla while adopting melodic modes uncommon to Western music, these musicians created an interesting hybrid sometimes referred to as "raga rock." Today's special will survey this genre, including several famous examples, some more obscure ones, and also some contemporary material to show that Indian modes continue to fascinate Western rock musicians even now.

Sweet Talk
Monday, October 26th, Noon - 3pm
on Three Chord Monte with Joe Belock

Sweet Talk have just released their second LP, "Double Perfect," which finds the Austin quartet avoiding the sophomore slump as they continue to perfect their mix of the best elements of classic rock and Texas punk.

Big Blood
Monday, October 26th, 3:01pm - 6pm
Scott Williams's show
It's the long-awaited WFMU live radio debut of Big Blood! For nearly a decade, this phantom combo from Portland ME has been tingling our senses with their haunted folk-psych, an approach both grimy and gorgeous, and some of the most inspired cover versions since the Sun City Girls. This Summer, Big Blood performed a captivating live set in our Monty Hall; Scott will be airing that set Monday October 26th at 4pm.

Halloween Soundtrack (Belated) Singles Going Steady
Tuesday, October 27th, 7pm - 8pm
Morricone Island with Devon E. Levins
A couple days late (or a couple days early depending on how you view it), DJ Devon E. Levins will spin some of his favorite horror and monster soundtrack 45's this Tuesday in anticipation of All Hallows' Eve. Devon had his hands full during Singles Going Steady week interviewing horror maestro Fabio Frizzi but wants to make it up to you the listener with an hour of some of the spookiest 7 inches around...

Mac's 20th Anniversary on WFMU
Tuesday, October 27th, 8pm - 9pm
The Antique Phonograph Music Program with MAC
In 1995, MAC started presenting disc and cylinder records LIVE on WFMU. Still THE ONLY SHOW IN THE WORLD playing period records on antique machines. Now join MAC with co-host Mike The Barber with guests, live music, performances and of course, GRAMOPHONES. It's a celebration of 20 years CRANKING IT UP on WFMU​, live in our own Monty Hall, Tuesday October 27th from 7-10pm, with a live broadcast from 8-9pm. ​

Wednesday, October 28th, Midnight - 3am
on Wm. Berger presents My Castle of Quiet

Mortífera's most-rare visit to NYC (two shows @ Lucky 13 Saloon, Oct. 23 & 24) will also include a live radio performance on WFMU's My Castle of Quiet, to air Tuesday night / Weds. morning Oct. 27-28, 12 a.m. Mortífera, founded in France in 2001, is credited as one of the first purveyors / creators of the "depressive" black metal sound, and has released four full-lengths, as well as several split releases. Guiding force Noktu Geiismort has also been a member of legendary French black-metal hordes Celestia, Ghaast, Genocide Kommando and Mütiilation. Join us for a haunted walk through Père Lachaise, screams included.

Joe Frank - "Dear Annie"
Wednesday, October 28th, 3pm - 6pm
Irwin Chusid
One-hour dramas by Joe Frank air alternate Wednesdays at 4pm (Eastern) on Irwin's program. An episode entitled "Dear Annie," from Joe's Work in Progress series, airs Weds. October 28th. Joe recounts the joy and despair of his relationship with a much younger woman. He knows their breakup is inevitable, and so does she, but they're both waiting for the decisive moment.

Wednesday, October 28th, 9pm - Midnight
The Evan "Funk" Davies Show
These San Francisco neo-glam rockers stop by WFMU to drop a set of punky power-pop on your heads that's more power than pop. If you enjoy the Heartbreakers, Time Flys, Bare Wires/Warm Soda, Starz, and the like then you'll quickly become a fan of Dancer. They'll be playing at Palisades in Brooklyn on Friday Oct 23 with Terry & Louie (ex-Exploding Hearts), Daddy Long Legs, and Fletcher C. Johnson (part of Tuff Weekend). Go see that show, and then tune in to WFMU on Wednesday the 28th to hear Dancer again!

Halloween 4D
Thursday, October 29th, 9am - Noon
Imaginary Radio with Chris M.
The annual Halloween spooktacular is back in all its pumpkin circumstance! And this time it's in all four dimensions! Sounds to scare to, music to murder by! Ahhhhh!

Halloween Spazztacular!
Thursday, October 29th, 9pm - Midnight
Music To Spazz By with Dave the Spazz
Werewolves, mummies, monkeys, zombies and more monkeys conspire to make this year's Music To Spook By Hauntfest the scariest and stupidest one ever!

Ichiban Halloween Special
Saturday, October 31st, 6pm - Midnight
Debbie Does WFMU with Debbie D. (on Rock & Soul Ichiban stream)
Join WFMU's Rock 'n' Soul Ichiban webstream on Sat, Oct 31st for your trick or treating soundtrack! Tune in for spooky sets from The Real Nitty Gritty, What's Happening?!?!, Fringe Factory, Whig Out, Crayons To Perfume, Debbie D, Weird-O-Matic Wax, Live from The Admiral with Dr. Filth + MORE. 6 pm until who knows! If you dare!

John Early, Mary Houlihan, live music from The Brimstones and MORE! Live From "Haunty Hall"
Saturday, October 31st, 9pm - Midnight
Prove It All Night! with Pat Byrne
Join Pat and the gang for the kind of nightmare one can only expect to see on Halloween night! Comedy from John Early, most recently seen in Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, Mary Houlihan of Cartoon Monsoon and Live 'n' Good, live music from The Brimstones, and a plethora of surprise guests! You can watch live video of the show over at from 9:30 - 11:30. The video will appear on the WFMU phone apps, the WFMU homepage and Pat's playlist page. Or, you can come to "Haunty Hall" and see the show in person and buy some very reasonably priced popcorn! You can't escape! You WON'T escape! (This one's haunted, brah!)

Sunshine & the Rain
Sunday, November 1st, 5pm - 7pm
on Gaylord Fields's show

This duo of Jersey City–based singer-bassist Ashley Anderson Morey and guitarist Justin Angelo Morey are former members of Hudson County’s finest freakbeat band, the late and lamented Black Hollies. And though the husband-and-wife pair still have a ’60s-grounded ear for melody, their music is as much Psychocandy sheet-of-noise as Spectorian wall-of-sound. With several live appearances on WFMU already under their belt, Sunshine & the Rain have plans to release an upcoming single on the Ernest Jenning Record Co. label to follow their winning track, “C’mon and Take a Ride,” which debuted on the compilation cassette Serious Rockers: An Unblinking Ear Mixtape.

Josh Rosenthal, author of "The Record Store of the Mind"
Monday, November 2nd, 9am - Noon
Surface Noise with Joe McGasko
Over the years, Tompkins Square Records has resurrected great American folk, gospel, and American Primitive guitar sounds, as well as presenting new releases by the likes of Ryley Walker, James Blackshaw, and Michael Chapman. This year, Tompkins Square celebrates its 10th anniversary, and label head Josh Rosenthal has commemorated this milestone by penning a book that shines the spotlight on some of his favorite neglected artists. We'll talk with Josh about the book and play some songs by some of the artists from the book. Tune in and be enlightened!

Charlie Waters Trio plus guests
Thursday, November 5th, 6am - 9am
The Long Rally with Scott McDowell
Chroma Colossus, the latest album from saxophonist and composer Charles Waters (Gold Sparkle Band, Acid Birds), is a love letter to New York City, a musical representation of the everyday struggle and joy of city life and the century-old New York jazz tradition. He'll bring his regular trio plus guests down to WFMU to play from his NYC songbook and celebrate the re-release of Chroma Colossus.

Tom Petty biographer Warren Zanes
Saturday, November 14th, 11am - 1pm
on Michael Shelley's show

Michael chats with Warren Zanes whose new book "Petty: The Biography" takes a deep and unflinching look at the life and work of the inscrutable Tom Petty.

Syl Johnson documentary-makers PLUS Alejandro Escovedo
Saturday, November 14th, 3pm - 6pm
Todd-o-phonic Todd
After almost 6 years of production, the feature-length documentary film, Syl Johnson: Any Way The Wind Blows, will be having its NYC premiere at DOC NYC film fest on Sunday, November 15th at 2pm at the SVA Theatre and Wednesday, November 18th at 3:00pm at the IFC Center.

To celebrate the release of the film director Rob Hatch-Miller and producers, Puloma Basu and Michael Slaboch will stop by WFMU to talk about the film (where the first filming was done in 2010 on DJ Trouble's show!) and play some records with Todd-O-Phonic Todd.

Also on the show, Alejandro Escovedo joins Todd-O-Phonic Todd to plays some songs, records and chat about his amazing career and baseball. Alejandro is a musical treasure, having performed in such acts as The Nuns, Rank & File, The True Believers and more before embarking on a highly impressive solo career. He is also a member of one of America's greatest musical families, with such relatives as the late percussionist Coke Escovedo and Sheila E.. Alejandro will be performing at Outpost in The Burbs in Montclair later that evening and doing 3 shows at City Winery in January.

Those Darlins
Saturday, November 21st, 3pm - 6pm
Todd-o-phonic Todd
Nashville's Those Darlins head east and rock the set of The Todd-O-Phonic Todd show! Find out why Paste Magazine had this to say about the tremendous trio: "Whether you thought they were a quirky-obnoxious novelty act or a gang of infinitely charming, boots-are-made-for-rockin’ Americana party girls, forget your initial impression of Those Darlins. Because, over the last few years, the band has become the spirit of rock ’n’ roll incarnate—a slightly older, wiser, modern-day Southern-garage version of The Runaways." Those Darlins are appearing at Terminal 5 on Wednesday Nov. 11th, opening for Shakey Graves.

Carter Thornton plus Tom Carter / Steve Gunn duo
Thursday, November 26th, 6am - 9am
Airborne Event
Start Thanksgiving the WFMU way. Carter Thornton (GNAW, Zashiki-Warashi, Pigeons, Enos Slaughter) brings a solo guitar set to WFMU. He's a relentless & restless innovator whose releases span the gamut from abstract classical guitar, experimental metal, field recordings, and destroyed songs. His new series of releases, Mapping the Ghost, begins this fall on Soft Abuse records.

Afterwards, guitar comrades Tom Carter & Steve Gunn will play in a duo. Tom Carter is a prolific musician who founded Charalambides in 1991 with Christina Carter. He's recently been focused on his bands with No Neck Blues Band co-founder Pat Murano as well as solo performances in collaboration with filmmakers. Tom's electric guitar work weaves melody into towering long-form drones, sculpting high-volume grit and charged silence together. His new LP is Long Time Underground (on Three Lobed).

Steve Gunn has numerous lauded solo, duo, and ensemble recordings. You can usually find him playing with his band, but he also finds time to serve as guitarist in Kurt Vile’s Violators or play duos like this with old friends. His playing shows the influence of Delta and Piedmont country blues, ecstatic jazz, and Gnawa and Carnatic music. His most recent record is the acclaimed Way Out Weather (on Paradise of Bachelors).

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43 Montgomery Street, Jersey City

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