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Heavy Airplay, March 11, 2016
SAM SPENCE - Sam Spence Sounds (Finders Keepers)
LADDIO BOLOCKO - Live and Unreleased 1997-2000 (No Quarter)
AMANAZ - Africa (Now-Again)
SPACEHEADS - A Short Ride on the Arrow of Time (Electric Brass)
HIIRAGI FUKUDA - Seacide (Trouble In Mind)
LAU NAU - Hem. Nagonstans (Fonal)
DYLAN GOLDEN AYCOCK - Rise & Shine (Scissor Tail)
MARIAH - Utakata No Hibi (Palto Flats)
TASHI DORJI - Appa (Bathetic)
JUDY DYBLE - Anthology: Part One (Earth)
ANTHONY PASQUAROSA - Morning Meditations (Vin Du Select Qualitit)
MAURICE LOUCA - Salute the Parrot (Nawa Recordings)
VARIOUS - Pop Ambient 2016 (Kompakt)
SCIENTIST - Introducing Scientist (The Best Dub Album in the World) (Superior Viaduct)
M. ZALLA (PIERO UMILIANI) - Problemi D'Oggi (Black Sweat)
VARIOUS - Pod Tune: Whale Human Music (Pod Labs)
THE GIRLS - Punk-Dada Pulchritude (Feeding Tube)
SHANA FALANA - Set Your Lightning Fire Free (Team Love)
ABBA GARGANDO - Abba Gargando (Sahel Sounds)
SPRAY PAINT - Dopers (Monofonus Press)
ONO - Spooks (Moniker)
VARIOUS - Senegal 70 (Analog Africa)
L VOAG - The Way Out (Superior Viaduct)
THE PASSIONS - Michael & Miranda (Cherry Red)
EASSIDE PERCUSSION - 1010101010 (Tres)
QA'A - Sang (Magia Roja)
JACK COSTANZO - Mr. Bongo (Jazzman)
LINK WRAY - 3-Track Shack (Ace)
FAMILY FODDER - Sunday Girls (Staubgold)
ALAN LICHT - Currents (Vin Du Select Qualitit)
SALLY CREWE - Later Than You Think (8-Track Mind)
SAVOY MOTEL - Hot One (Official Memorabilia)
VARIOUS - Gold Star Rockers: Eddie Cochran & Friends (Fantastic Voyage)
THE SCIENTISTS - Blood Red River (Numero Group)
VARIOUS - Excavated Shellac: Reeds (Dust To Digital)
MANATEEES - Croc N My Pocket (12XU)
ILITCH - Periodik Mindtrouble (Superior Viaduct)
LUCID SINS - Occultation (Totem Cat)
TY SEGALL - Ty-Rex (Goner)
MARK MCGUIRE - Beyond Belief (Dead Oceans)
VARIOUS - Joe Bussard Presents The Year of Jubilo: 78 RPM Recordings From the Civil War (Dust To Digital)
OLIMPIA SPLENDID - Olimpia Splendid (Fonal)
VARIOUS - Uchronia: Field Recordings From Alternate Realities (Sahel Sounds)
MC PELIGRO - Mata de Vaina (Discos Mas )
NATE WOOLEY - Quintet (Dance To) The Early Music (Clean Feed)

Medium Airplay
GARETH DICKSON - Nicked Drake - Wraiths (Scissor Tail)
JACQUES LEJEUNE - Early Works 1969-1970 (Robot)
VARIOUS - Half a Cow: Doing It For the Kids Since 1990 (Half a Cow)
JACQUES LE COQUE - Tip of My Tongue (Windian)
VARIOUS - Musique Sans Paroles (Stern's Africa)
4TH COMING - Strange Things 1970-1974 (Now-Again)
HINDS - The Very Best of Hinds So Far (Mom + Pop)
ANNA VON HAUSWOLFF - The Miraculous (Pomperipossa/Other Music)
BING AND RUTH - City Lake (RVNG Int'l)
FOOD - This is Not a Miracle (ECM)
DAVID PEEL & DEATH - King of Punk (HoZac)
VAPOR GOURDS - Incision Objects (Fogged)
INGRID PLUM - Plangent (Plum)
ASH RA TEMPEL - Ash Ra Tempel (Spalax)
JILL CISLAGHI - Friends of Mine (Yoga)
BRIAN HARNETTY - Rawhead & Bloodybones (Dust To Digital)
BEAT HAPPENING - Look Around (K/Domino)
GNOOMES - Ngan! (Rocket Recordings)
SILK SAW - Imaginary Landscapes (Kota)
JOHN BARRY - Soundtracks and Singles 1963-1966 (Fantastic Voyage)
NAWA - Ancient Sufi Invocations & Forgotten Songs from Aleppo (Lost Origin Productions)
BRINSTAAR - Infotswetock (Kota)
SALAD BOYS - Metalmania (Trouble In Mind)
QASIM NAQVI - Preamble (NNA )
KODE 9 - Nothing (Hyperdub)
CHOOK RACE - About Time (No Label)
ORCHESTRE DU JARDIN DE GUINEE - Sous la Direction de Onivogul Balla (Stern's Africa)
ARCA - Mutant (Mute)
DAVED HILD / ROGER MILLER - Farmers (Feeding Tube)
STEPHEN HAYNES - Pomegranate (New Atlantis)
BOSQ - Celestial Strut (Ubiquity)
SILVA / ZETTERBERG / LINDWALL - If Nothing Else (Clean Feed)
ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER - Garden Of Delete (Warp)
GEORGE LEWIS - The George Lewis Solo Trombone Record (Sackville)
DAVE RAWLINGS MACHINE - Nashville Obsolete (Acony)
WIMPS - Suitcase (Kill Rock Stars)
SHIT AND SHINE - Everybody's a Fuckin Expert (Editions Mego)
VARIOUS - Cinecocktail Vol. 1 (Beat )
MIGUEL ALVARINO - Participation (Hot Releases )
GAME THEORY - Real Nighttime (Omnivore Recordings)
AARON DILLOWAY - Psychic Driving Tapes (The Trilogy Tapes)
HECTOR GUERRA - What Up? (Discos Mas )
CELLULITE - Dust Wave (Black Gladiator / Slovenly )
KEN MOORE & STUART ROZENZWEIG - Tape Recordings 1976-1981 (Vinyl On Demand)
ALICE'S ORB - Even the Grass Is Full of Acid (Strangely Brown)
DEAD MOON - Black September (Voodoo Doughnut)
LARY 7 - The End of An Era (Fylkingen)
DAN MELCHIOR - For Leth (Vin Du Select Qualitit)
THE DREAM SYNDICATE - Weathered and Torn (Bang)
DAVID S. WARE / APOGEE - Birth of a Being (AUM Fidelity)
UNLOVED - Guilty of Love (Unloved)
PRINCE FAR I - Psalms For I (Deeper Knowledge)
PEDESTRIAN DEPOSIT - Eleventh Hour (Gilgongo)
VARIOUS - AOR Global Sounds 1977-1982 (Favorite)
NEIL YOUNG AND BLUENOTE CAFE - Bluenote Cafe (Reprise)
JOHN WESLEY COLEMAN III - Greatest Hits (Supersecret)
JOE MCPHEE - Zurich (Astral Spirits/Monofonus Press)
DIBSON T. HOFFWEILER - When I Went West (Scissor Tail)
GARDEN OF WORM - Garden of Worm (Shadow Kingdom)
THE HUSSY - Appleseeds (Volar)
THE OVERNIGHT LOWS - Cones and Rods (Blahll)
BIZINGAS - Eggs Up High (NCM East)
U.F. OJALA - Olento (Joteskii Groteskii)
MELKBELLY - Bathroom (Auto)
JAAP BLONK / SANDY EWEN / DAMON SMITH / CHRIS COGBURN - North of Blanco (Balance Point Acoustics)
STEVE FLATO - Exhaust System (Kendra Steiner Editions)
MAMA - Speed Trap (HoZac)
CHICOS DE NAZCA - Fire Ride (HoZac)

Light Airplay
CASS MCCOMBS - A Folk Set Apart: Rarities, B-Sides, Space Junk etc. (Domino)
TAPES AMATEURS - Sons Liquides (Plastica Marella)
SHANA HALLIGAN - Back To Me (Plug Research)
VANITY OF THE TONGUE - Reality Fantasies (Crisis of Taste)
FLORA QUARTET - Muzikka Organikka (Gusstaff)
YOUTH CODE - Anagnorisis (Dais)
CAPRA INFORMIS - Womb of the Wild (Rocket Recordings)
PRISON MOAN - 7 (Neg Jazz)
R. STEVIE MOORE & BOYSAGE - Split 7 (Bleeding Gold)
HEATERS - Holy Water Pool (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond)
THE WRONG SOCIETY - She Destroyed Me (Market Square)
PRIMITIVE PARTS - Parts Primitive (Trouble In Mind)
GRIMES - Art Angels (4AD)
THE SUBTRACTIONS - It's Exposed (HoZac)
CORSAIR - Ghosts of Proxima Centauri (Shadow Kingdom)
PAGAN ALTAR - Lords of Hypocrisy (Shadow Kingdom)
BUTTERSCOTT - The Slick Overproduced Commercial Pop Thing (Ka-Bling)
JOHN BLEVINS - Matterhorn (pfMentum)
BUD PETAL - Fabric Cordial (Hospital Hill)
MERZBOW & OREN AMBARCHI - Cat's Squirrel (Hospital Hill)
PHILIP JECK - Cardinal (Touch)
MYSTIC INANE - Deep Creep (Neg Jazz)
TRISTAN PERICH - Parallels (Physical Editions)
SOUNDTRACK - Spectre (Universal Classics / Decca)
VALERIE KUEHNE & THE WASPS NESTS - The Apocalypse As Witnessed By A Slice of American Cheese (Gold Bolus)
RICHARD MOULT - Aonaran (Wild Silence)
LOS ESKELETOS - El Planeta de Los Eskeletos (Monsterphonic)
JONAS GRUSKA - Vzduchotechnika (LOM)
DEAFHEAVEN - New Bermuda (Anti-)
CIRCUS DEVILS - Stomping Grounds (Happy Jack)
ROGER LION - Roger Lion (Team Love)
SOUNDTRACK - Rock the Kasbah (Varese Sarabande)
WOLF EYES - Enemy Ladder (Third Man)
PHILLIP SCHULZE - Ambassador Duos (Apparent Extent)
FATE VS FREE WILLY - New Dead End (If Society)
TRANS FX - Into the Blu (Perennial)
PAUL DRESHER - Liquid and Stellar Music / This Same Temple (No Label)
JAMES FERRARO - Skid Row (Break World)
LAZLOW PIGEON - Manural Horde (No Label)
NOXIOUS FUMES - Commencement Bay (Noxious Fumes)
SURVIVAL UNIT III - Straylight (Live at Jazzhouse Copenhagen) (Astral Spirits / Monofonus Press)
ALFRED 23 HARTH / JOHN BELL - Camellia (Kendra Steiner Editions)
HYBEGNU - The Jack Is Off (Dog and Panda)
WEBB WILDER - Mississippi Moderne (Landslide)

7" Singles List
SAVOY MOTEL - Hot One (Official Memorabilia)
MC PELIGRO - Mata de Vaina (Discos Mas)
JACQUES LE COQUE - Tip of My Tongue (Windian)
HECTOR GUERRA - What Up? (Discos Mas)
DEAD MOON - Black September (Voodoo Doughnut)
THE HUSSY - Appleseeds (Volar)
MAMA - Speed Trap (HoZac)
MELKBELLY - Bathroom (Auto)

RPM List
SAM SPENCE - Sam Spence Sounds (Finders Keepers)
VARIOUS - Pop Ambient 2016 (Kompakt)
MC PELIGRO - Mata de Vaina (Discos Mas)
FOOD - This Is Not a Miracle (ECM)
BRINSTAAR - Infotswetock (Kota)
KODE 9 - Nothing (Hyperdub)
ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER - Garden of Delete (Warp)
MIGUEL ALVARINO - Participation (Hot Releases)
SHANA HALLIGAN - Back To Me (Plug Research)

Jazz List
EASSIDE PERCUSSION - 10101010 (Tres)
JACK COSTANZO - Mr. Bongo (Jazzman)
NATE WOOLEY - Quintet (Dance To) the Early Music (Clean Feed)
FOOD - This Is Not a Miracle (ECM)
STEPHEN HAYNES - Pomegranate (New Atlantis)
SILVA / ZETTERBERG / LINDWELL - If Nothing Else (Clean Feed)
GEORGE LEWIS - The George Lewis Solo Trombone Record (Sackville)
DAVID S. WARE/APOGEE - Birth of a Being (AUM Fidelity)
JOE McPHEE - Zurich (Astral Spirits/Monofonus Press)

World List
AMANAZ - Africa (Now-Again)
MARIAH - Utaka No Hibi (Palto Flats)
MAURICE LOUCA - Salute the Parrot (Nawa)
SCIENTIST - Introducing Scientist (The Best Dub Album In the World) (Superior Viaduct)
ABBA GARGANDO - Abba Gargando (Sahel Sounds)
VARIOUS - Excavated Shellac: Reeds (Dust-To-Digital)
VARIOUS - Senegal 70 (Analog Africa)
VARIOUS - Uchronia: Field Recordings From Alternate Realities (Sahel Sounds)
MC PELIGRO - Mata de Vaina (Discos Mas)
VARIOUS - Musique Sans Paroles (Stern's Africa)

Loud List
LADDIO BOLOCKO - Live and Unreleased 1997-2000 (No Quarter)
MANATEEES - Croc in My Pocket (12XU)
LUCID SINS - Occultation (Totem Cat)
AARON DILLOWAY - Psychic Driving Tapes (The Trilogy Tapes)
PEDESTRIAN DEPOSIT - Eleventh Hour (Gilgongo)
VANITY OF THE TONGUE - Real Fantasies (Crisis of Taste)
MERZBOW & OREN AMBARCHI - Cat's Squirrel (Hospital Hill)
MYSTIC INANE - Deep Creep (Neg Jazz)
WOLF EYES - Enemy Ladder (Third Man)
VARIOUS - Pekak! Indonesian Nouse 1995-2015 (End of the Alphabet)

Hip-Hop List
SAUL WILLIAMS - Martyr Loser King (Fader_
J DILLA - Dillatronic (Vintage Vibez)
MED BLUE / MADLIB - Bad Neighbor (Band Ya Head)
SEVEN DAVIS JR. - Universes (Ninja Tune)
ANDERSON .PAAK - Malibu (Obe)

GODS OF THE HOLOGRAM - Journey to the Dark Matter (Sessions at the PM)
K-DEF - The Way It Was / The Unpredictable Gemini (Redefinition/Fat Beats)
EATERS - Tuck Pendleton's Simian Samba (Black Lantern)
SAN QUINN - The Fillmore Lion (Legacy Mafia)
DJ MOSCHOPS - Educated Flesh Mix (No Label)

Cassette List
PAUL DRESHER - Liquid and Stellar Music / This Same Temple (No Label)
SURVIVAL UNIT III - Straylight (Live at Jazzhouse Copenhagen) (Astral Spirits / Monofonus Press)

SEWERS / RAT KING - Split Cassette (Virtual Cool)
PEANUT BUTTER WOLF & DAM-FUNK - Funkmosphere Presents 45 Minutes of Funk (No Label)
HARD BODIES - Hard Bodies (No Label)
THIS HEAT w/MARIO BOYER DIEKURROH/ALBERT MARCOEUR - Split Cassette (Tago Mago/Care in the Community)
STRING NOISE - The Book of Strange Positions (Northern-Spy)
EARLY SPRING - Silent Barn Live (No Label)
BRIAN RURYK / STEPHEN BOYLE - Split Cassette (No Label)

All hail the power of radio! WFMU’s 2016 fundraising Marathon is happening, March 6-20! On air stunts, prizes, hilarious and awkward DJ blather, and of course, our shiny new batch of swag! Hit this page for more information or to make an early pledge. Sincere thanks from the Music Department for all the labels who helped load up the prize vault with great stuff we will be giving away over these weeks. Please spread the word on your social media, it's a huge endeavor for keeping our lights on and the sounds eminating for the next year.

Pledge link:
Twitter: #wfmuthon

Yo La Tengo plays YOUR requests in exchange for pledges!
Saturday, March 12th, 3pm - 6pm
Todd-o-phonic Todd's show (on WFMU stream & FM radio & Video)
Once more with feeling! That's right, the day of the year that EVERYONE looks forward to is upon us yet again! Yo La Tengo perform for pledges! Pledge $100 or more during the show(or even better send those pledges/requests in advance) with a song request and the brilliant men and woman of Yo La Tengo will do their best to perform YOUR REQUEST! The more songs and pledges that come in the less Todd-O-Phonic Todd and Gaylord will talk! The band will be performing at The Landmark Loew's Theatre in Jersey City on Saturday April 9th.

WFMU's 2016 Marathon Finale with the Hoof & Mouth Sinfonia
Sunday, March 20th, 7pm - Midnight
on Marathon Finale
(on WFMU stream & FM radio & Video)
WFMU closes out our 2016 Marathon with the highly entertaining, and somewhat embarrassing spectacle of live band karaoke featuring the station's house band, the Hoof & Mouth Sinfonia, and your favorite DJs belting out their versions of the hits. It's an annual tradition and also the reason none of us can ever run for public office. Don't miss it!

Joe Frank - Somewhere Out There: "Justine"
Wednesday, March 23rd, 3pm - 6pm
Irwin Chusid
One-hour dramas by Joe Frank air alternate Wednesdays at 4pm (Eastern) on Irwin's program. On Weds. March 23rd we'll air an episode entitled "Justine," from Joe's SOMEWHERE OUT THERE series. After going thru a devastating breakup, Joe begins stalking his ex-girlfriend late at night. Later a female friend explains to Joe why she's attracted to older men. Then, in a dream, Joe witnesses his own death and resurrection.

Saturday, March 26th, 3pm - 6pm
Todd-o-phonic Todd's show
The king of the New York streets, Dion, converses with Todd-O-Phonic Todd about Belmont Ave. in The Bronx, his great folk-rock era on Columbia Records and his brand new album, "New York City Is My Home". Be sure and catch Dion Saturday April 9th at The Kings Theatre where he will be performing along with the great Ronnie Spector.

Iancu Dumitrescu and Ana-Maria Avram
Tuesday, March 29th, 3pm - 6pm
on Brian Turner's show

Join Brian as he celebrates the first-ever New York visit of renowned experimental Romanian composers Iancu Dumitrescu and his wife Ana-Maria Avram, with a two hour special from 4-6pm. He'll be showcasing their amazing recordings through the years, and host an exclusive interview with them at WFMU's studios while in town to present their music at Columbia University's Miller Theater March 1-5. Pairing learned concepts of Phenomenology with Acousmatic-leaning composition, Dumitrescu led the charge in outlining a new objectivity over purely academic approach to the creation of music. He and Ana-Maria both share the philosophies of being Spectralist composers, utilizing sonographic and mathematic data visuals as decision-making elements in sound with acoustic, electronic, and tape sources; it's something touched on by the likes of Varese and Xenakis in the past, made prominent by the French, but never done as uniquely-stylized as with them. They've influenced many avant composers in recent decades, and even legions of Noise kids with their detailed attention to finely-crafted chaos. Tune in for heavy sounds and discussion on the essence of music with two major innovators.

Jimmy Curtiss
Saturday, April 2nd, 11am - 1pm
on Michael Shelley's show

Michael welcomes Jimmy Curtiss - whose long and prolific career started in the late 1950s with the doo-wop group The Emjays, includes stints writing commercial jingles (Yum Yum Bumble Bee, Bumble Bee Tuna...), three albums as a member of psychedelic-folk-rockers The Hobbits, the cult classic 1969 psych-pop solo lp "Life" and the truly amazing 1967 bubblegum cult classic "Psychedelic Situation."

Sid Griffin
Saturday, April 2nd, 3pm - 6pm
Todd-o-phonic Todd's show
Sid Griffin of The Long Ryders (and author of books on Dylan and Gram Parsons) joins Todd-O-Phonic Todd to discuss the epic 4 CD Long Ryders box set, "Final Wild Songs," released by Cherry Red. Find out if Sid is still looking for Lewis and Clark and hear all about The Long Ryders reunion.

Saturday, April 16th, 3pm - 6pm
Todd-o-phonic Todd's show
Tacocat performs their incredibly catchy pop on the Todd-O-Phonic Todd show. Hanging out with Tacocat and listening to Tacocat are remarkably similar experiences, like the best party you’ve ever been to, where, instead of jostling for social position, everyone just wants to eat candy and talk about Sassy Magazine, sci-fi, cultural dynamic shifts, and bad experiences with men. Be sure and check out Tacocat's wonderful new album "Lost Time" out April 1st on Hardly Art and catch them at The Mercury Lounge on April 12th and Palisades on April 13th.

Jason Brewer of The Explorers Club
Saturday, April 30th, 11am - 1pm
on Michael Shelley's show

Michael welcomes Jason Brewer of The Explorers Club back to the show to talk about the band’s brand new LP "Together" and to premiere a new #1 hit single!

43 Montgomery Street, Jersey City NJ

Fri 3/18: Hearty White of WFMU's "Miracle Nutrition" Show (8:00pm, $5)
Mon 3/28: Faust / Jowe Head & the Celestial Choir (8:00pm, $20-25, presented by Brian Turner's Show)
Sat 4/2: WFMU Movie Night w/Morricone Youth & "Battleship Potemkin" (1925) (8:00pm, $10)
Sat 4/16: The Waco Brothers / Glenn Morrow's Cry For HElp (8:30pm, $13-15)
Thu 5/5: Sheer Mag / Nude Beach / Lame Drivers (9:00pm, $10-12)
Fri 5/6: Burn Ruffians / On and On (9:00pm, $13-15)
Sun 5/8: Mirah / Jkerek Bischoff (8:30pm, $12)

Want to see all the past events? Go here.

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