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Heavy Airplay, December 7, 2016
STEVE LINNEGAR - Karate Moves: the Mystical World of Karate (GNP Crescendo)
CHOOK RACE - Around the House (Trouble In Mind)
ANGEL OLSEN - My Woman (Jagjaguwar)
ALLAH-LAHS - Calico Review (Mexican Summer)
VIA LACTEA - Via Lactea (Wah Wah)
ANNE GILLIS - Archives Box 1983-2005 (Art Into Life)
COOL GHOULS - Animal Races (Empty Cellar)
NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS - Skeleton Tree (Bad Seed Ltd.)
VARIOUS - Michigan Brand Nuggets (Belvedere)
JUDY HENSKE & JERRY YESTER - Farewell To Alderbaran (Omnivore Recordings)
THE SPECIAL PILLOW - At the Earth's Core (Zokfko)
GUY KLUCEVSEK - Teetering on the Verge of Normalcy (Starkland)
DEX ROMWEBER - Carrboro (Bloodshot)
THEE OH SEES - A Weird Exits (Castle Face)
THE WAD - Ron Is Wrong (Wad Music Inc.)
THE SCENICS - In the Summer: Studio Recordings 1977-78 (Dreamtower)
MIKE REP AND THE QUOTAS - Hellbender (HoZac)
VARIOUS - Radionics Radio: An Album of Musical Radionic Thought Frequencies (Sub Rosa)
HELEN MONEY - Become Zero (Thrill Jockey)
BONEHEAD - You (Miss 45)
THE FRIGHTNRS - Nothing More To Say (Daptone)
FORMA - Physicalist (Kranky)
OPPOSITE SEX - Hamlet (Mic / Dull Tools)
ELZA SOARES - The Woman At the End of the World (Mais Um Discos)
THE WIPERS - Wipers Rarities (Bang!)
MORGAN DELT - Phase Zero (Sub Pop)
SOUTHERN CULTURE ON THE SKIDS - The Electric Pinecones (Kudzu)
EXECUTIVE SLACKS - Seams Ruff: Unreleased Recordings 1980-81 (Dark Entries)
BLACK PANTIES - Dead and Gone (Lumpy)
LOUIE LOUIE - Out In the Streets (Hidden Volume)
JACK ROSE - Jack Rose (Three Lobed)
APACHE - Alcatraz (King Rocker)
DENNIS OPPENHEIM - Theme For a Major Hit (Slowscan)
ALTO! - LP3 (Trouble In Mind)
UP-TIGHT - Up-Tight (Desastre)
PAT THOMAS - Coming Home (Strut)

Medium Airplay
DE LA SOUL - and the Anonymous Nobody (Kobalt)
NATHAN BOWLES - Whole & Cloven (Paradise of Bachelors)
THE WEAD - By the Whey (Black Gladiator / Slovenly)
RAVI SHANKAR - In Hollywood, 1971 (Northern Spy)
FRANCOISE HARDY - Mon Amie La Rose (Future Days)
SENYAWA AND ARRINGTON DE DIONSYO - Senyawa and Arrington De Dionyso (No Label)
MATTHEW P. HOPKINS - Blue-Lit Half Breath (Penultimate Press)
MIA LOUCKS - Sister Honey Demos (Gilgongo)
TWITCH - Dark Years (Supreme Echo)
NOTS - Cosmetic (Goner)
RANDOMER - Randomer (L.I.E.S.)
MADELEINE PEYROUX - Secular Hymns (Impulse!/Verve)
RADIOMOBEL - Tramsebox (Papaaver)
JON CAMP - Stifled Hair Trigger (No Label)
ZOMBA PRISON PROJECT - I Will Not Stop Singing (Six Degrees)
SOFT GANG - Soft Gang (Sophomore Lounge)
KYO - Aktuel Musik (Posh Isolation)
STEVE RODEN / IN BE TWEEN NOISE - Every Color Moving (1988-2003) (Sonoris)
THE BEACH BOYS - Becoming the Beach Boys: Complete Hite & Dorinda Morgan Sessions (Omnivore Recordings)
THOR AND FRIENDS - Thor and Friends (LM Dupli-Cation)
MAURIZIO BIANCHI & RYAN MARTIN - As Strong As Death Is (Backwards)
THE GOLDEN GRASS - Coming Back Again (Listenable)
VARIOUS - Inversions (Inversions Music)
VENUS AND THE MOON - Brother, Son (Mother May)
SHANGO DANCE BAND - Shango Dance Band (Comb & Razor Sound)
BITCHIN' BAJAS AND BONNIE PRINCE BILLY - Epic Jammers and Fortunate Little Ditties (Drag City)
VARIOUS - Classical Gassers (Ace)
JACKIE MCDOWELL - New Blood Medicine (Wild Silence)
THE GO-DEVILS - Super Stuff (Majestic Sound)
KELLEY STOLTZ - The Scuzzy Inputs of...Willie Weird (No Label)
VARIOUS - Continental Drift (Slumberland / Fortuna Pop)
GRAVEOLA - Camaleao Borboleta (Mais Um Discos)
VARIOUS - Britxotica Goes East! Persian Pop and Casbah Jazz from the Wild British Isles (Trunk)
DEAD C - Trouble (Ba Da Bing!)
PARTY LIGHTS - He's Gonna Hurt You (Hidden Volume)
VARIOUS - Songs To Fill the Air: Avant Ghetto 2016 Premium (No Label)
KATIE DAY - Flood Network (Joy Void)
MARGO PRICE - Midwest Farmers's Daughter (Third Man)
MEET YOUR DEATH - Meet Your Death (12XU)
WREKMEISTER HARMONIES - Light Falls (Thrill Jockey)
NAGAMATZU - Above This Noise (Dark Entries)
RIK AND THE PIGS - Life's a Bust (Feel It)
JAYE BARTELL - Light Enough (Sinderlyn)
M.B. (MAURIZIO BIANCHI) - Persecutionem (Rotorelief)
EL PERRO DEL MAR - KoKoro (The Control Group)
GRUMBLING FUR - Furfour (Thrill Jockey)
VIRGINIA WING - Forward Constant Motion (Fire)
THE VULTURES - At Home (La Vida Es Lin Mus)
MISTRESS MARY - Housewife (Companion)
HEROES OF TOOLIK - Like Night (Heroes of Toolik)
JEFF MCDONALD - Jeff McDonald (Bang!)
GATE & CONTROL UNIT - Gate & Control Unit (8MM)
THALIA ZEDEK BAND - Eve (Thrill Jockey)
ALVARO - Mums Milk Not Powder (Feeding Tube)
BROTZMANN / PARKER / DRAKE - Song Sentimentale (Otoroku)
ASIQ NARGILE - Yurt Yeri (Otoroku)
TOM BROSSEAU - North Dakota Impressions (Crossbill)
VARIOUS - SSS Vol. 1: Dive Bomb Guitar Shred (Jam Club)
CRAIG BELL - AKA Darwin Layne (Ever/Never)
TOUGHSKINS - Rumble Stilts Skin (My Mind's Eye)
MAXINE FUNKE - Lace (Time-Lag)
VANITY - Don't Be Shy (Katorga Works)
ZYX - Trust No Woman (Dark Entries)
RADIO WONDERLAND - Seize the Means (Clang!)
SUN RA AND HIS MYTH SCIENCE SOLAR ARKESTRA - Nidhamu + Dark Myth Equarion Visitation (Art Yard)
HURRY UP - Hurry Up (Army of Bad Luck)
COMPASS - Mexican Instiute of Sound & Toy Selectah Present: Compass (Six Degrees)
YPY - Zurhyrethm (EM)
CARATE URIO ORCHESTRA - Ljubljana (Trem Azul)
THE JEANIES - Amilee (HoZac)
SCIENCE FICTION - Secret Agent Man (Stimulus Progression)
KOMPJOTR EPLEKTRIKA - Polysphaerion (Eplektrik Audio)
DALTHOM - Frame Slip (Feeding Tube)
THE HECKS - The Hecks (Trouble In Mind)
MODULAR STRING TRIO - Ants, Bees, and Butterflies (Trem Azul)
THE GOSPEL TRUTH - Jealous Fires (12XU)
CHARLIE 'UNGRY - Who Is My Killer (HoZac)
ERIK M - First Recordings: A Selection (L'art de la Fuite)
THE PETARDS - The Petards (No Label)
THE UNDERGROUND - Psychedelic Visions (Wah Wah)
THE FALLEN LEAVES - Punk Rock for Gentlemen (Parliament)
SNEAKS - Gymnastics (Merge)
JAMES ARTHUR'S MANHUNT - Digital Clubbing (12XU)
TRI ANGULAR BENT - Tri Angular Bent (Tri Angular Bent)
RYLEY WALKER - Golden Sings That Have Been Sung (Dead Oceans)
EYES OF LOVE - Love Possession (Wharf Cat)
VARIOUS - Soul For Dancers 2: Out on the Floor Firecrackers (Fantastic Voyage)
JURIS SIMANOVICS - Ka Samierinaties Ar Savu Nenozimibu (No Label)
BRISTOL - Bristol (Kwaidan)
EL-G - Mauve Zone (Nashazphone)
CHARALAMBIDES - Glowing Raw (Drawing Room)
SCROLL DOWNERS - Hot Winter (Ehse)
IANNIS XENAKIS - La Legende d'Eer (Karlrecords)
VELVET CRUSH - Pre-Teen Symphonies (Omnivore Recordings)
CHRIS WEISMAN - The Holy Life That's Coming (NNA)
TRUST PUNKS - Double Bind (Wharf Cat)
HEART BEACH - Counting (Rough Skies)
LIQUID LIQUID - Liquid Liquid (Superior Viaduct)
REDD KROSS / SIDE EYES - Songs That Chargo Taught Us (In the Red)
BOB BROWN - Willoughby's Lament (Tompkins Square)
MJ GUIDER - Precious Systems (Kranky)
CROWN COURT - Capital Offence (Katorga Works)
PBK & WOLF EYES - Rabid (Sonoris)
OMNI - Deluxe (Trouble In Mind)
PILL - Convenience (Mexican Summer)
MARSHMALLOW OVERCOAT - 26 Ghosts: The Best of 1986-2005 (Dionysus)
TOBACCO - Sweatbox Dynasty (Ghostly International)
THE BLEU FOREST - The Bleu Forest (Gear Fab)
THE MONOCHROME SET - Cosmonaut (Tapete)
RADAR EYES - Radiant Remains (Under Road)
MARIELLE V JAKOBSONS - Star Core (Thrill Jockey)
KLEISTWAHR - Over Your Heads Forever (Fourth Dimension)
SKARE - Grader (Reverse Alignment)

Light Airplay
HENRY KAISER / ALAN LICHT - Skip To the Solo (Public Eyesore)
HANS ESSEL - Saitensack (Edition Telemark)
RUZ - Burying Stuff (Lumpy)
VARIOUS - Come Back Strong: Hotlanta Soul 4 (Kent Soul)
MOTION GRAPHICS - Motion Graphics (Domino)
DIE KRUPPS - Stahlwerk Requiem (Bureau B)
WILLIE BOBO - Dig My Feeling (Nacional)
KYLE FORESTER - Kyle Forester (Flying Moonlight)
CHERNOBOG / ENBULULUGUGAL - Nuclear Nun Twat (Enbilulugugal)
NEGATIVE ONE - 7 (100% Breakfast / Feeding Tube)
CHROMATICS - Girls (Italians Do It Better)
MACULA DOG - Why Do You Look Like Your Dog? (Wharf Cat)
JIM KWESKIN & GEOFF MULDAUR - Penny's Farm (Kingswood)
LEE SCRATCH PERRY - Must Be Free (Megawave)
AUTOMATISME - Momentform Accumulations (Constellation)
STONE BREATH - Cryptids (Hand/Eye)
FRANCISCO LOPEZ - Untitled #295 (God)
WILLIAM D. DRAKE - Revere Reach (Onomatopoeia)
PETRA HADEN & JAMES WILLIAMSON - Blues Jumped the Rabbit (Leopard Lady)
ELLIOTT SHARP / SCOTT FIELDS - Akra - Kampoj (New Atlantis)
MEASLY - Buildermash (Grapefruit)
MAGIC TRICK - Other Man's Blues (Empty Cellar)
VARIOUS - Cheap Gospel 45's Vol. 3 (No Label)
STEFAN CHRISTENSEN - American Pastoral Again (Ever/Never)
VARIOUS - BIS 001-020 (RVNG / Beats In Space)
ASHLEY SHADOW - Ashley Shadow (Felte)
BLOOD QUARTET - Deep Red (Feeding Tube)
MARS - Archives Vol. 2: 11000 Volts of Tunnel (Feeding Tube)
THE FURR - Human Too (No Label)
ZENIAL - Minotaur (Zoharum)
CENTRE NEGATIVE - Emotion Is Cringey (Ever/Never)
POW WOWS - Hey Doctor (Hidden Volume)
BUILDERS - Beaten Hearts (Grapefruit)
SAND - Desert Navigation (Rotorelief)
KATIE VON SCHLEICHER - Bleaksploitation (Ba Da Bing!)
ROY NATHANSON - Nearness and You (Trem Azul)
JAMIE WARD - Cloudhead (No Label)
6.9 HZ - Broken State (Daddy Tank)
BOBBY KAPP / MATTHEW SHIPP - Cactus (Northern Spy)
STEVE LEHMAN & SELEBEYONE - Steve Lehman & Selebeyone (Pi Recordings)
GENE & EDDIE - True Enough: with Sir Joe at Ru-Jac (Re Jac / Omnivore)
DER STAB - Tracers (Negative Jazz / Elective Affinities)
OWINY SIGOMA BAND - Owiny Sigoma Band (Brownswood Recordings)
THE KLITZ - Live at the Well (Spacecase)
WORSHIPPER - Shadow Hymns (Tee Pee)
HEARTS AND MINDS - Hearts and Minds (Astral Spirits)
FLUSNOIX - Flusnoix (Sweet Wreath)
GONJASUFI - Callus (Warp)
VARIOUS - Mutants of the Monster: A Tribute To Black Oak Arkansas (Saustex)
XELA RAID - Orange Violet (Partycul System)
RATTLE - Rattle (Upset the Rhythm!)
ALI BELETIC - Legends of These Lands Left To Live (Lightning)
KAZ MIRBLOUK - Imitate, Intimidate (No Label)
CASS MCCOMBS - Mangy Love (Anti-)
JAKE TOBIN - Sorta Upset (Haord)
PICCADILLY CIRCUS - Till I Get To the Top (B-W)
VARIOUS - DJ Kicks: Dam-Funk (Studio K7)
PROCEDURE CLUB - Pinky Swear (No Label)
RICHARD BERESIS - China 5 (No Label)
VARIOUS - Loma: A Soul Music Affair - Vol. 3: Sad, Sad Feeling (Light in the Attic / Future Days)
THE HERMS - Welcome All Tourists (Narnack)
CONAN NEUTRON & THE SECRET FRIENDS - The Art of Murder (Seismic Wave)
REASON - The Age of Reason (Gear Fab)
MEAT MARKET - Dig Deep (Recess)
CHRON GOBLIN - Backwater (Ripple Music)
DAN TALBOT - Reinventing the Tire (Haord)
ACTUARY / DEATHSTENCH - Split LP (King Of The Monsters)
MIYA MASAOKA - Triangle of Resistance (Innova Recordings)
CHANDELI'ERS - Breaker (Dead Broke)
CALATO - Swong (PSH Ediziones)
ALEXANDER HAWKINS / EVAN PARKER - Leaps In Leicester (Trem Azul)
INSECT FACTORY - Work (Insectfields)
WALL - Cuban Cigars (Wharf Cat)
BRIAN RURYK - Actual Size...Degress Again (Kendra Steiner Editions)
WILLEM - Tarzan Ist Wieder Da (Ariola)
PUFF - Living In the Partyzone (Slovenly)
SOFT CANDY - Bixarre Luv Pyramids (HoZac)
ATMOSPHERE - Fishing Blues (Rhymesayers)
X RAY CAT TRIO - Bloody Deeds (Ginhouse)
PETER AARON / BRIAN CHASE DUO - Purges (Public Eyesore)
CURRENT 93 - When the May Rain Comes (Rotorelief)
RANCH GHOST - Lookin (Rough Beast)
VARIOUS - Permanent Vacation 4 (Permanent Vacation)
SKOZEY FETISCH - Evidence (Skozey Fetisch)
YUMI KAGURA - Yumi Kagura (EM)
BEEF JERK - Tragic (Trouble In Mind)
WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS - Let Me Hang You (Ernest Jenning Record Co.)
BLOOD RHYTHMS - Assembly (No Part of It / RRR)
PURE DISGUST - Pure Disgust (Katorga Works)
KING CRIMSON - On Broadway November 20-25, 1995 (DGM)
ANLA COURTIS - El Raspiarero (Obsolete Units)
LEONARD / DAY / JERMAN - Isinglass (Eh?)
CHAPELS - Night Thoughts (Obsolete Units)
DAKIM - Ddust Regos (Leaving)
AMK - Bungalow (Obsolete Units)
SOLOMUN - Selected Remixes 2009-20015 (Dynamic Music)
TAMI NELSON - Don't Be Afraid (Outside Music)
EERIE - Eerie (Tee Pee)
CLOSET MIX - 01 EP (Anyway)
FRIED EGG - Delirium (Negative Jazz)
SUN OF THE SEVENT SISTERS - Sun of the Seventh Sister (Breakdance the Dawn)
LIMBS BIN - Bliss Tech (Follow Me Into the Laser Eye)
RATS ON RAFTS / DE KIFT - Rats on Rafts / De Kift (Fire)
DAN PLONSEY - Music of El Cerrito Vol. 7: Hockey Season (No Label)
KIND - Rocket Science (Ripple Music)
LOS LICHIS - Cheap Funeral Music (Loki)
FOURTH PRIZE - Weather Upstairs (Justice My Eye / Elevated Loin)
GALACTO FIDELITY UNIT - Galacto Fidelity Unit (Loki)
MOUNT TROUT - Tarn (Rough Skies)
DALE WATSON AND HIS LONESTARS - Live at the Big T Roadhouse (Red House)
COTTAGING - Head Hunter (Wharf Cat)
AJNA - Inevitable Mortality (Reverse Alignment)
MATTY HARRIS - Double Septet (pfMentum)
OFF WORLD - 1 (Constellation)
RYOKO AKAMA - Hand To Oto (Crustaces)
THE RETARDED RATS - Screams From the 10th Planet (Killjoy)

7" singles List
BONEHEAD - You (Miss 45)
LOUIE LOUIE - Out In the Streets (Hidden Volume)
THE WEAD - By the Whey (Black Gladiator/Slovenly)
THE WAD - Ron Is Wrong (Wad Music Inc.)
PARTY LIGHTS - He's Gonna Hurt You (Hidden Volume)
THE VULTURES - At Home (La Vida Es En Mus)
THE JEANIES - Amilee (HoZac)
CHARLIE 'UNGRY - Who Is My Killer (HoZac)
SCIENCE FICTION - Secret Agent Man (Stimulus Progression)
EYES OF LOVE - Love Possession (Wharf Cat)

RPM List
FORMA - Physicalist (Kranky)
RANDOMER - Randomer (L.I.E.S.)
TOBACCO - Sweatbox Dynasty (Ghostly International)
AUTOMATISME - Mementform Accumulations (Constellation)
6.9 HZ - Broken State (Daddy Tank)
SARATHY KORWAR - Day To Day (Ninja Tune)
VARIOUS - DJ Kicks: Dam Funk (Studio K7)
KASSEM MOUSSE - Disclosure (Honest Jons)

Jazz List
SUN RA & HIS MYTH SCIENCE SOLAR ARKESTRA - Nidhamu + Dark Myth Equarion Visitatin (Art Yard)
CARATE URIO ORCHESTRA - Ljubljana (Trem Azul)
ELLIOTT SHARP / SCOTT FIELDS - Akra-Kampoh (New Atlantis)
ROY NATHANSON - Nearness and You (Trem Azul)
BOBBY KAPP/MATTHEW SHIPP - Cactus (Northern Spy)
STEVE LEHMAN & SELEBEYONE - s/t (Pi Recordings)
BROTZMANN/PARKER/DRAKE - Song Sentimentale (Otororoku)
MATTY HARRIS - Double Septet (pfMentum)
DAVID S. WARE & MATTHEW SHIPP - Live at Sant' Anna Arresi (AUM Fidelity)
GORDOA / McNAB / MYBURGH - Passive Trabsport (Shame File)

Loud List
BLACK PANTIES - Dead and Gone (Lumpy)
TWITCH - Dark YEars (Supreme Echo)
TOUGHSKINS - Rumble Stilts Skin (My Mind's Eye)
VANITY - Don't Be Shy (Katorga Works)
CROWN COURT - Capital Offence (Katorga Works)
PBK & WOLF EYES - Rabid (Sonoris)
KLEISTWAHR - Over Your Heads Forever (Fourth Dimension)
CHERNOBOG / ENBULULUGUGAL - Nuclean Nun Twat (Enbululugugal)
WORSHIPPER - Shadow Hymns (Tee Pee)
M.B. (MAURIZIO BIANCHI) - Persecutionem (Rotorelief)

World List
ELZA SOARES - The Woman At the End of the World (Mais Um Discos)
PAT THOMAS - Coming Home (Strut)
RAVI SHANKAR - In Hollywood, 1971 (Northern Spy)
FRANCOISE HARDY - Mon Amie La Rose (Future Days)
ZOMBA PRISON PROJECT - I Will Not Stop Singing (Six Degrees)
SHANGO DANCE BAND - s/t (Comb & Razor Sound)
VARIOUS - Britxotica Goes East! Persian Pop and Casbah Jazz From the Wild British Isles (Trunk)
OWINY SIGOMA BAND - s/t (Brownswood Recordings)
ASIQ NARGILE - Yurt Yeri (Otoroku)

Hip-Hop List
DE LA SOUL - and the Anonymous Nobody (Kobalt)
VARIOUS - DJ Kicks: Dam Funk (Studio K7)
ATMOSPHERE - Fishing Blues (Rhymesayers)
VARIOUS - Turntables On the Hudson Vol. 10 (Wonderwheel)
MNDSGN - Body Wash (Stones Throw)
SIMS - More Than Ever (Doomtree)
WAX TAILOR - By Any Beats Necessary (Lab'Oratoire)
DJ WOODY - The Point of Contact (Woodwurk)
WHEELCHAIR SPORTS CAMP - No Big Deal (Strange Famous)
A TRIBE CALLED QUEST - We Got It From Here...Thank You 4 the Service (Epic)

Cassette List
LOS LICHIS - Funeral Music (Loki)
GALACTO FIDELITY UNIT - Galacto Fidelity Unity (Loki)
RYOKO AKAMA - Hand To Oto (Crustaces)
AMK - Bungalow (Obsolete Units)
DAKIM - Ddust Regos (Leaving)
CHAPELS - Night Thoughts (Obsolete Units)
LEONARD/DAY/JERMAN - Isinglass (Eh?)
DEATH GRIPS - Live From Death Valley (Deathbomb Arc)
SUBMISSIONS - Submissions (Skrot Up)
STUART CHALMERS - In the Heart of Wilderness (Was Ist Das?)

The Blind Shake
Monday, December 12th, Noon - 3pm
on Three Chord Monte with Joe Belock

This high-energy Minneapolis trio has been deconstructing garage rock and punk and revving it up and spitting it back out as their own, original twisted sci-fi sound. Their latest collection of big, blunt riffs is "celebrate Your Worth" on Goner records, and the band makes its fourth (!) appearance on the Three Chord Monte show hot on the heels of playing WFMU's Monty Hall on Friday Dec. 9.

Joe Frank - "Karma 6"
Wednesday, December 14th, 3pm - 6pm
Irwin Chusid
One-hour dramas by Joe Frank air tri-weekly on Wednesdays at 4pm (Eastern) on Irwin's program. On Weds. December 14th, we'll present "Karma 6" from Joe's "The Other Side" series. Joe's ex-girlfriend Kate, in Rome on an acting assignment and feeling despondent, phones Joe and they reconcile. Joe recalls his beautiful mother’s flirtatiousness with strange men when Joe was a young boy. His friend Larry reminisces about a summer fling that left him scarred, and Kristine remembers the boy who walked her to school every day and how she almost lost him to a more popular classmate. Buddhist teacher Jack Kornfield offers observations.

2016, you cruel year (part 2)
Sunday, December 18th, 2pm - 6pm
Underwater Theme Park with Meghan (on Give the Drummer Radio stream)
2016 has been a cruel year. Starting with the end of December with the death of Lemmy, we should have seen that the year was not going to be a promising one. We are going to celebrate the lives of the people who have left us this past year and honor the ones that have been forgotten. Join Meghan and her end of the year friends with a 4 hour long toast to those that are gone, but never forgotten.

A Christmas Miracle
Thursday, December 22nd, Noon - 3pm
Imaginary Radio with Chris M.
The annual Imaginary Radio Christmas show with lots of Christmas music! Your family may not love you but for three hours you can remember when they used to pretend that they did! Have that holiday feeling!

Joe Carducci
Wednesday, December 28th, 6am - 9am
The John Allen Show
Joe Carducci returns to The John Allen Show; this time we'll do a show around Psychozoic Hymnal topkick rock and rollers (with the odd amendment or two) from Joe's first book, 'Rock and the Pop Narcotic'.

Count It Down! with Nate K: A Burn It Down! Best of 2016 Special
Sunday, January 1st, 2017, 6am - 9am
Burn It Down! with Nate K.
There's no getting around it, 2016, for a number of reasons, was a terrible, terrible year. But as of this airing, it will be GONE! Good riddance, and let the real countdown commence. Nurse your New Year's Day hangover as Nate K. kicks off 2017 with a look back at his favorite LPs, singles, and reissues of the past 365 days. Who will snag that number one spot? Tune in and find out on January 1, 2017.

Eastern Bloc postpunk sounds with guest DJ Kevin Failure
Tuesday, January 17th, 2017, 3pm - 6pm
Brian Turner's show
Kevin Failure of Pink Reason returns to the show after a long spell, armed with another couple of crates of new wave, post-punk and experimental records from communist Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union. We'll be posting the sleeve art on the playlist page as well; if you caught Kevin's appearance on the program years ago you know you're going to be hearing some brain-melting stuff so follow along and don't miss!


Want to see all the past events? Go here.

43 Montgomery Street, Jersey City

Fri 12/9 The Blind Shake / Battery Electric / Cicada Radio (8:30pm, $8-10)
Sat 12/10 Prove It All Night! With Pat Byrne (9:00pm, $5)
Fri 12/16 Jon Langford & Walter Salas-Humara's Bumper Holiday Sing-Song (8:30pm $15)
Fri 1/6  Wax Darts / Citizen Blast Kane (9:00pm, $10)
Sun 1/8 Glen Jones and X-Ray Burns IBJ Holiday Party (12-3pm, $5 at door)
Sat 1/28  Son Little (9:00pm, $12-14)
Mon 2/6  Allison Crutchfield and the Fizz / Radiator Hospital / Pinkwash (8:30pm, $12)
Tue 2/7  Black Marble / You (9:00pm, $12)
Sat 2/11 Benefit for Jack Silbert w/Karyn Kuhl Band, Speed the Plough, the Vines of Hoboken, Matt Davis (8:00pm, $10)
Fri/Sat 2/16-17  Screaming Females (9:00pm, $15)
Tue 4/11  Xiu Xiu (9:00pm, $13-15)

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