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Heavy Airplay, March 29, 2017
VARIOUS - I'm a Freak Baby: British Heavy Psych and Hard Rock Underground 1968-1972 (Grapefruit)
AHOE-AHOEA - True Love Never Dies (Bunker Pop)
VARIOUS - Punk 45: Les Punks: The French Connection (Soul Jazz)
VARIOUS - New Orleans Funk Volume 4 (Soul Jazz)
NRBQ - High Noon - A 50 Year Retro (Omnivore Recordings)
DANNY & THE DARLEANS - Bug Out (In the Red)
VARIOUS - An Anthology of Turkish Experimental Music (Sub Rosa)
MEREDITH MONK - On Behalf Of Nature (ECM)
SIMON JOYNER & DAVID NANCE - Goat's Head Soup (No Label)
PINK FLOYD - Cre/Ation- The Early Years 1967-1972 (Pink Frost)
SHIRLEY COLLINS - Lodestar (Domino)
TYVEK - Origin (In the Red)
THEE OH SEES - An Odd Entrances (Castle Face)
THE LIMINANAS - Malamore (HoZac)
VARIOUS - The Original Sound of Mali (Mr. Bongo)
VARIOUS - Rhythm on the Radio: Oval Records Singles 1974-1987 (Ace)
LENA PLATONOS - Sun Masks (Dark Entries)
NOVELLER - A Pink Sunset For No One (Fire)
ANGEL - 2017 (Faro)
IGGY POP - Post Pop Depression Live at the Royal Albert Hall (Universal)
VARIOUS - Boppin' by the Bayou- Drive Ins & Baby Dolls (Ace)
COLIN NEWMAN - Not To (Sentient Sonics)
GOOD THROB - Scum (La Vida Es En Mus)
THE INTENDED - Time Will Tell (In the Red)
PALE LIPS - Wanna Be Bad (Horsehead)
VICTOR HERRERO - Astrolabio (Feeding Tube)
SYLVIE VARTAN - En En Americain (Ace)
PEDRO SANTOS - Krishnanda (Mr. Bongo)
VARIOUS - Shape Platform 2016: Sound, Heterogeneous Art and Performance In Europe (The Wire/Shape Platform)
RICHARD H. KIRK - #7489 (Mute)
GEORGIA - All Kind Music (Palto Flats)
M. ZALLA - Mondo Inquieto (Black Sweat)
JACUZZI BOYS - Ping Pong (Mag Mag)
ISASA - Los Dias (La Castanya)
ROB NOYES - The Feudal Spirit (Poon Village)
WILLIE LANE - A Pine Tree Shilling's Worth (Cord-Art)
OBADIKAH - s/t (Honest Jon's)
BLACK SABBATH - Paranoid: Super Deluxe (Warner Brothers)
LINDA JONES - Precious: The Anthology 1963-72 (Kent Soul)
A TRIBE CALLED QUEST - We Got It From Here...Thank You 4 Your Service (Epic)
VARIOUS - The Roots of Funk: 1947-1962 (Fremeaux & Associes)
ALAIN PETERS - Rest La Maloya (Bongo Joe / Sofa)
BOCAL 5 - Musique Electronique (Dark Entries)
VARIOUS - Surinam Funk Force (Rush Hour)
ROB & STEFAN - Manic Guitar Sessions (Albert's Basement)
GILLIAN WELCH - Boots No. 1- The Official Revival Bootleg (Acony)
LIA PAMINA - Love Is Enough (Elefant)
79.5 - Terrorize My Heart (Big Crown)
DIE FORM - Zoo (Dark Entries)
MOSE ALLISON - I'm Not Talkin' (BGP / Ace)
IMMERSION - Analogue Creatures Living On An Island (Swim~)
EYELIDS - Slow it Goes/No Jigsaw (Jealous Butcher)
ERIC ARN - Orphic Resonance (Feeding Tube)
THE TERMINALS - Uncoffined (HoZac)
XYLOURIS WHITE - Black Peak (Bella Union)
ANDREW PEKLER - Tristes Tropiques (Faitiche)
IDEA FIRE COMPANY - The Synthetic Elements (Crisis of Taste )
JAMIRE WILLIAMS - Effectual (Leaving)
LEIF ELGGREN - Das Baank (Rekem)
PEZBAND - Women & Politics (Frodis)

Medium Airplay
JUVIE - You Ain't Gonna Rock And Roll No More (Surfin' Ki)
YAIR YONA - Sword (No Label)
GAVIN BRYARS - The Fifth Century (ECM)
JOHN LENNON/YOKO ONO - Unfinished Music No.2: Life With the Lions (Secretly Canadian)
DAVID FIRST - Same Animal, Different Cages Vol 2 (Fabrica)
VIV AND THE SECT - This Will Pass (Get Hip)
THE SEAMS - Meet the Seams (Hand Drawn Dracula)
DOS SANTOS ANTI-BEAT ORQUESTA - Fonografic (Electric Cowbell)
CORPORATE PARK & BEAU WANZER - CP / BW (Long Island Electrical Systems)
TV GIRL - French Exit (No Label)
PERSONAL & THE PIZZAS - s/t (Slovenly)
THE FLESHTONES - The Band Drinks For Free (Yep Roc)
HALF JAPANESE - Hear the Lions Roar (Fire)
JAMES CHANCE & THE CONTORTIONS - The Flesh is Weak (True Groove)
TOR LUNDVALL - Nature Laughs as Time Slips By (Dais)
OGRE YOU ASSHOLE - Everythign Something Nothing (P-Vine)
BARIS MANCO - Estağfurullah... Ne Haddimize ! (Pharaway Sounds)
TYCHO - Epoch (Ghostly International)
BUCK OWENS AND THE BUCKAROOS - The Complete Capitol Singles: 1957-1966 (Omnivore Recordings)
SNICKERS - On the Hi Fi Vol. 2 (Stimulus Progression)
ROBERT MILLIS - The Lonesome High (Abduction)
BROWN ANGEL - Shutout (Sleeping Giant Glossolalia)
VARIOUS - Text-Sound Compositions 10 (Fykingen)
THE LOWEST FORM - Personal Space (Iron Lung)
PLATES OF CAKE - Becoming Double (No Label)
LANTERN - Black Highways and Green Garden Roads (Sophomore Lounge/Mean Streets)
WICKED WITCH - Under Your Spell 12 (EM)
PLASTIC HOOLIGANS - Plastic Hooligans (Chocolate Monk)
TUNS - Tuns (Royal Mountain)
THYMOLPHTHALEIN - Mad Among the Mad (Immediata)
VARIOUS - Record Club Volume One (Mr. Bongo)
SOUNDTRACK - Lazarus (Columbia)
FIRST BASE - Together Again (La-Ti-Da)
TI L'AFRIQUE / JOSEPH LOUISE - Split 7 (Les Disques Bongo Joe / Folkwelt)
THE MELTAWAYS - Friends First (What's For Breakfast)
HAPPY PLAZA - Happy Plaza (No Label)
LLL人 - Gjērhan (Otoroku)
LEONARD COHEN - You Want it Darker (Columbia)
GERMAN ARMY/ OLD KOMM - Disquiet (Discrepant)
HOLLYWOOD KILLERS - Goodbye Suicide/The Tramp (Mighty Mouth Music)
MDOU MOCTAR - Adounia Ayassohen (Otoroku)
SAND - His First Steps (Rotorelief)
FOSSIL AEROSOL MINING PROJECT - Revisionist History (Helen Scarsdale Agency)
JONATHAN RICHMAN & TOMMY LARKINS - That's All We Need At Our Party/Sad Trumpets of Afternoon (Blue Arrow Records)
FROG - Frog 2 (Rotorelief)
HOWE GELB - Future Standards (Fire)
MARKET EAST - Orange & Me (La-Ti-Da)
MICHAEL ZERANG & SPIRES THAT IN THE SUNSET RISE - Illinois Glossolalia (Feeding Tube)
VARIOUS - This Is Kologo Power!- A Bolgatanga Ghana Compilation (Makkum)
VARIOUS - Chartbusters USA: Special Country Edition (Ace)
DEUTSCHE ASHRAM - Deeper and Deeper (Wormer Bros)
ULTIMATE PAINTING - Dust On My Eyes (Trouble In Mind)
MIRROR - Universal Dismay (Erste Theke Tontrager)
THE COSMIC RANGE - New Latitudes (Idee Fixe)
SATAN - Satan (Monster Melodies)
PAUL COLLINS & THE BEAT - One Night (Frodis)
QUIN GALAVIS - My Life in Steel and Concrete (Super Secret)
SUN RA & HIS MYTH-SCIENCE ARKESTRA - The Lady With the Golden Stockings (Modern Harmonic)
JACK RIVERA - You Got To Lose Me (Brooklyn Ave)
GEN KEN MONTGOMERY - Kosmiczny Pomiar 68-523 (Ricochet Dream)
VARIOUS - Super Duper Love: Mainstream Hits & Rarities 1973-76 (Kent Soul)
FRANCISCO MEIRINO - Surrender, Render, End (Helen Scarsdale Agency)
JACK LEE - Bigger Than Life (Alive)
THE K FELLOWSHIP (KATE BUSH) - Before the Dawn (Fish People)
ALVIN LUCIER - Two Circles (Mode)
BRAIN TENTACLES - s/t (Relapse)
VARIOUS - Thank You, San Francisco (Smart Guy)
WOODBOOT - Krang Gang (Neck Chop)
ZAIMPH - Between the Infinite and the Finite (YEW)
VIDEO NASTIES - s/t (Feeding Tube)
ANTONIO CARLOS & JOCAFI - Mudei De Ideia (Mr. Bongo)
EVAN PARKER / DAUNIK LAZRO / JOE MCPHEE - Seven Pieces Live at Willisau 1995 (Trem Azul)
TENNISCOATS - Music Exists (Majikick)
HORSEPOWER PRODUCTIONS - Crooks, Crime & Corruption (Tempa)
KAYNAK PIPERS BAND - To Chicago and Beyond (Electric Cowbell)
BARRY KNOEDL - Baby Don't Give Up (Frodis)
GIRAFFE - Juni (Meakusma)
W-2 - Timely Invention Conquers (Renfusa)
BERNHARD SCHREINER - Some Personal Appearances (Small World)
ANGELA SAWYER - On the Pedestrian Side (Weird Ear)
TARQUIN MANEK - Tarquin Magnet (Blackest Ever Black)
KEIKO SHICHIJO - Komitas Vardapet- Six Dances (Makkum)
DEVENDRA BANHART - Ape in Pink Marble (Nonesuch)
VARIOUS - Cheep Gospel 45s Vol. 2 (No Label)
NATALIA M. KING - Bluezzin T'Il Dawn (Challenge)
THE FADEAWAYS/MUCK AND THE MIRES - Creature Double Feature (Dirty Water)
ETANT DONNES - Re-Up (Munster)
TOM RECCHION - Oaxaca Dawn/Bamboo (Elevator Bath)
HEMAN EBERITZSCH - He 3 Project: Chapter Two (Family Groove)
ACRID LACTATIONS & GWILLY EDMONDEZ - You Have Not Learned To Play & Mock in the Psychic System (Chocolate Monk)
I KNOW I'M AN ALIEN - We Are the Master Magicians From Jupiter (No Label)
THE ACE - I Dream Love (Crocodile)

Light Airplay
DAS TORPEDOES - The Madness Inspiration (Unread)
VARIOUS - Without Borders: On Behalf of Refugees (Turn Me On, Dead Man)
GARDEN MEDIUM - s/t (Chiastic Society)
DONOVAN QUINN - Dad Was Buried In His Leather Jacket (Soft Abuse)
GRAHAM LAMBKIN - Live at Cafe Oto (Cafe Oto)
KATLA - Embryo (Svart)
KESTRELS - s/t (Sonic Unyon)
PAGANS - Hopped Up/Nowhere Girl (Get Hip)
PERUJAZZ (QUARTETTO PERU JAZZ) - s/t  (Munster/Vampi Soul)
PAINT FUMES - If It Ain't Paint Fumes It Ain't Worth a Huff (Get Hip)
J. GALLEGO - Wash OST (Iron Lung)
ARTHUR DOYLE - First House (Amish)
SOUL SCRATCH - Pushing Fire (Colemine)
SHABAKA AND THE ANCESTORS - Wisdom of Elders (Brownswood Recordings)
RABIH ABOU-KHALIL - Roots & Sprouts (Enja)
VARIOUS - Lucky Dip: Selction from First 10 Years of Blang (Blang!)
LORD TANG - Butterflies (Meakusma)
SMERSH - Selected Deep House Anthems (Dark Entries)
TOM CARTER AND LOREN CONNORS - Tom Carter and Loren Connors (Family Vineyard)
HOT DATE - Dehumanize (No Label)
WESTERN EYES - s/t (Trace Elements)
ACRYLICS - s/t (Neck Chop)
THE NEW TROCADEROS - Thrills & Chills (Ghost Highway)
WELCOME - Sirs (Dragnet)
BARGHEST/ THOU - I Hate Thou b/w Eyehatethou (Elder Magick)
AUSTIN JOHNSON - I Gotta Girl (Waaghals)
BIRDS OF PARADISE - Beehive State (Hidden Volume)
SOFT HAIR - s/t (Weird World)
GENE HOWARD - Love Is A Drag (Modern Harmonic)
CORY HANSON - The Unborn Capitalist From Limbo (Drag City)
VARIOUS - The Life & Songs of Emmylou Harris (Rounder)
KITTEN SPARKLES - The Fantastic World of (777 Was 666)
QUENTIN TOLIMIERI - Piano (pfMentum)
JOSIENNE CLARKE & BEN WALKER - Overnight (Rough Trade)
MALL WALK - Funny Papers (Mt St Mtn)
POREST - The Parallel Broadcast/Radio Between the Lines (Porestsound)
BLANK RANGE - Visa Bent (Sturdy Girls)
GROUP TITAN - Anatolian Break Dance (Pharaway Sounds)
MATT KREFTING - Danger (Chocolate Monk)
AARON LEE - Silver Tears (New West)
BLUE ASH - Abracadabra/Hippy Hippy Shake (Get Hip)
GOLDEN HYAENA - Valse de Kronink (Golden Soundsheets)
ERIK NERVOUS - Teen Distortion Junk Art Music (Neck Chop)
CONVEYOR - Ready Not Ready (Gold Robot)
BALCANES - Carne Nueva (Humo)
MYSTERIES OF LOVE - Wasted Love (Albert's Basement/Black Petal/Sunshine and Grease)
THE STARLIGHTS' SOUND - Out Over Nothing (Planet Seven)
WEIRD AL QAIDA - Plastic Family (No Label)
TAY SEAN - Leavings (Homeskillet)
FLUSNOIX - Two (Sweet Wreath)
AMPS FOR CHRIST - Evil Normal (Kitty Play)
KAZ MIRBLOUK - Through the Glass (Lolipop!)
LEATHER TOWEL - Dreams Cops (Fucked Up In Time) (Antifade)
MURRAY CY - Conformist (Long Island Electrical Systems)
ATOM MOUTH GIMLIES - Music On Quills (Gafoni / Jumatsuga / Urealis-Tuotanto)
BORBETOMAGUS - The Eastcote Studio Sessions (Dancing Wayang)
BROMP TREB - Chips (Yeay! Tapes)
TURQOUIZ NOIZ - Sweat Lodge (Related)
VINCAS - Deep in the Well (Learning Curve)
SAVAGE BELIEFS - Big Big Sky (Alona's Dream)
LITTLE BIG MAN/ THE OTHERMEN - 7 & 7 Is #3 zine (Hidden Volume)
KING DUDE & DRAB MAJESTY - Who Taught You How to Love (Dais)
THE CAPSOULS - Your Sweet Inspiration/What You Wanted (Obeah)
DEVONWHO - Luz (Leaving)
JON GIBSON - Relative Calm (New World)
WARIK - Warik's Tape (no label (Shine On)
BURNSEER - s/t (Green Monkey)
MATTHIEU GARROUSTE - Art Distraction (Tanzprocesz)
FINAL BOSS - Ura Nage (Sleeping Giant Glossolalia)
SCRAMBLED - Scrambled Live (Albert's Basement)
AK MUSICK - s/t (Mental Experience)
GLOAM - Hex of Nine Heads (Caligari Records)
BODY/HEAD - No Waves (Matador)
TRUE NEUTRAL CREW - #monsanto (Deathbomb Arc)
T-TOPS - Face of Depression (No Label)
SUSURRUS STATION - Antinomie (Aio Soundings)
CHRIST - Tower (L'Oeil Du Tigre)
MAX NAGL ENSEMBLE - Live at Porgy & Bess Vienna Vol. 2 (Rude Noises)
I.P.A. - I Just Did Say Something (Cuneiform)
HEATH GREEN AND THE MAKESHIFTER - Heath Green and the Makeshifter (Alive)
WILLIAM D. DRAKE - Yew's Paw (Onomatopoeia)
FRASER & DEBOLT - Flight of the Light Air Force (Roaratorio)
X-RAY CAT TRIO - Out For Blood (Ginhouse)
SUN RA & HIS ARKESTRA - Rocket Number Nine (Modern Harmolodic)
FADENSONNEN - Gutter Wanderer (Fadensonnen)
THE TOMS - The Toms (Burger)
KENT TANKRED - Organ 1 (Chocolate Monk)
STEFAN CHRISTENSEN - Cryptic Slang (Loki)
PUFF PIECES - Bland in D.C. (Lovitt)
FOSSILS - Camelot Towers (Kendra Steiner Editions)
AFROSONICS - People Meet Your People (No Label)
ZOHO - Charleroi (Tanzprocesz)
PEOPLES TEMPLE - Fuck Peoples Temple and the Degeneration of American Society and the Status Quo (No Label)
GRASSLUNG/ PELERINE - Power Visions (Phaserprone)
LOUIE LUDWIG - I Got Nothin To Say (ZZI)
EXILES FROM CLOWNVILLE - Oh Well/Contradiction Dance (Soft Abuse)
PROTRUDERS - Untuckedinnantucket (Kiss the Void)
COLIN ANDREW SHEFFIELD & JAMES ECK RIPPIE - Essential Anatomies (Elevator Bath)
JOSHUA BURKETT - Owlleavesrustling (No Label)
VASECTOMY PARTY/SU SOUS TOULOUSE EN ROUGE - split (Forever Escaping Boredom)
BETA BOYS - After Dark (Neck Chop)
ENBULULUGUGAL - Another Fucking Pointless Enbululugugal Compilation (Enbululugugal Kreationz)
TENTACLES OF GOD - Tentacles of God (Kitty Play)
HEROES OF TOOLIK - Aquarium School (Heroes of Toolik)

7" Singles List
GOOD THROB - Scum (La Vida Es En Mus)
79.5 - Terrorize My Heart (Big Crown)
EYELIDS - Slow It Goes (Jealous Butcher)
FIRST BASE - Together Again (La-Ti-Da)
TI L'AFRIQUE / JOSEPH LOUISE - Split 7" (Bongo Joe/Folkwelt)
THE MELTAWAYS - Friends First (What's For Breakfast)
SNICKERS - On the Hi Fi Vol. 2 (Stimulus Progression)
HOLLYWOOD KILLERS - Goodbye Suicide (Mighty Mouth Music)
ULTIMATE PAINTING - Dust On My Eyes (Trouble In Mind)
MIRROR - Universal Dismay (Erste Theke Trontrager)

RPM List
M. ZALLA - Mondo Inquieto (Black Sweat)
VARIOUS - Surinam Funk Force (Rush Hour)
JAMIRE WILLIAMS - Effectual (Leaving)
HORSEPOWER PRODUCTIONS - Crooks, Crime & Corruption (Tempa)
MURRAY CY - Conformist (L.I.E.S.)
LUSINE - Sensorimotor (Ghostly International)
RAIME - Our Versions of Their Versions (Reel Torque)
DEMDIKE STARE - Wonderland (Modern Love)
SPECTRE - Ruff Kutz (Pan)
NOT WAVING - Populist (Ecstatic)

Jazz List
MEREDITH MONK - On Behalf of Nature (ECM)
MOSE ALLISON - I'm Not Talkin' (BGP/Ace)
SUN RA & HIS MYTH-SCIENCE ARKESTRA - The Lady With the Golden Stockings (Modern Harmonic)
EVAN PARKER / DAUNIK LAZRO / JOE McPHEE - Seven Pieces Live at Willisau 1995 (Trem Azul)
W-2 - Timely Invention Conquers (Renfusa)
ARTHUR DOYLE - First House (Amish)
QUENTIN TOLIMIERI - Piano (pfMentum)

Loud List
VARIOUS - I'm A Freak Baby: British Heavy Psych and Hard Rock Underground 1968-1972 (Grapefruit)
VARIOUS - Punk 45: Les Punks: The French Connection (Soul Jazz)
GOOD THROB - Scum (La Vida Es En Mus)
BLACK SABBATH - Paranoid: Super Deluxe (Rhino/Warner Brothers)
BROWN ANGEL - Shutout (Sleeping Giant Glossolalia)
THE LOWEST FORM - Personal Space (Iron Lung)
BRAIN TENTACLES - s/t (Relapse)
MIRROR - Universal Dismay (Erste Theke Tontrager)
BARGHEST / THOU - Split 7" (Elder Magick)
BORBETOMAGUS - The Eastcote Studio Sessions (Dancing Wayang)

World List
VARIOUS - The Original Sound of Mali (Mr. Bongo)
PEDRO SANTOS - Krishnanda (Mr. Bongo)
OBADIKAH - s/t (Honest Jons)
VARIOUS - Surinam Funk Force (Rush Hour)
BARIS MANCO - Estagrurullah...Ne Haddimize (Pharaway Sounds)
TI L'AFRIQUE / JOSEPH LOUISE - Split 7" (Bongo Joe/Folkwelt)
MDOU MOCTAR - Adounia Ayassohen (Otoroku)
VARIOUS - This Is Kologo Power! A Bolgatanga Ghana Compilation (Makkum)
RABIH ABOU-KHALIL - Roots & Sprouts (Enja)

Hip-Hop List
A TRIBE CALLED QUEST - We Got It From Here...Thank You 4 Your Service (Epic)
TAY SEAN - Leavings (Homeskillet)
TRUE NEUTRAL CREW - #monsanto (Deathbomb Arc)
KID KOALA - Music To Draw To: Satellite (Arts & Crafts)
A-TRAK - In the Loop: A Decade of Remixes (Fools Gold)
THUNDERCAT - Drunk (Brainfeeder)
P.O.S. - Chill, Dummy (Doomtree)
RUN THE JEWELS - RTJ3 (Run the Jewels Inc.)
WHY? - Moh Lhean (Joyful Noise)

Cassette List
W-2 - Timely Invention Conquers (Renfusa)
HOT DATE - Dehumanize (No Label)
BROMP TREB - Chips (Yeay! Tapes)
POREST - The Parallel Broadcast/Radio Between the Lines (Porestsound)
MATT KREFTING - Danger (Chocolate Monk)
THE TOMS - The Toms (Burger)
STEFAN CHRISTENSEN - Cryptic Slang (Loki)
MATTHIEU GARROSTE - Art Distraction (Tanzprocesz)
FINAL BOSS - Ura Nage (Sleeping Giant Glossolalia)
TRUE NEUTRAL CREW - #monsanto (Deathbomb Arc)

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Filmmaker Tyler Hubby
Thursday, March 30th, 3pm - 6pm
Strength Through Failure with Fabio
Filmmaker Tyler Hubby comes to WFMU's studio A for a discussion with Fabio on the premier of his new film documentary TONY CONRAD: COMPLETELY IN THE PRESENT. Tyler will discuss his film about Conrad, who was a pioneering musician of early Minimalism, a direct catalyst to the formation of The Velvet Underground, an experimental filmmaker, an educator, a performer, a public TV activist, an artist... the film premiers March 31st @ Anthology Film Archives in Manhattan.

Elvis Costello
Saturday, April 1st, 11am - 1pm
on Michael Shelley's show

Michael Shelley's welcomes Elvis Costello to the studio to chat about his recent autobiography “Unfaithful Ink & Disappearing Music,” his 30 studio albums and to play unplugged versions of some of his classic #1 hits.

Dave Davies PLUS Cut Worms
Saturday, April 1st, 3pm - 6pm
Todd-o-phonic Todd's show
Dave Davies, the legendary guitar player of The Kinks, joins Todd-O-Phonic Todd for a pint or two of Guiness and some no doubt insightful conversation. Dave's influence on genres ranging from garage rock to heavy metal is incalculable. He wrote and sang great songs with Kinks such as "Death Of A Clown" and "Love Me Till The Sun Shines" and has been a successful solo artist for many years. Dave's new album is entitled Open Road and he is touring in support of it. He will be performing at City Winery on April 12th.

Cut Worms released one of 2016's most indelible 45's, the pop masterpiece "Don't Want To Say Good-bye". Head honcho Max Clarke joins Todd-O-Phonic Todd to perform songs in advance of Cut Worms show at Monty Hall on Friday April 7th which also features Miriam and Nobody's Babies and Saint Pè.

Pakistani Singer Sanam Marvi's Stirring Sufi Songcraft
Saturday, April 1st, 6pm - 9pm
on Transpacific Sound Paradise with Rob Weisberg

Pakistani singer Sanam Marvi is bringing new light to a beloved South Asian repertoire of mystical Sufi poetry and qawwali music, as well as folk songs and more. She'll be in town to talk music and culture - and perform a bit too - at the Asia Society on Wednesday April 5th, and for a full-on concert at the BAM Opera House on Thursday April 6th. But first, Sanam Marvi and her ensemble join us on the WFMU airwaves!

Sunday, April 2nd, 5pm - 8pm
on Hello Children with Faye

NYC's #1 Arabic-language hardcore band brings you all-powerful punk from the silt-gilded pages of the Toxic State catalog. Haram rages against oppression, racism, & discrimination by wielding the spiky flail of punk. But Haram is way more than just a cultural artifact, they're a damn good band. A bit of influence from Euro hardcore + a big dose of NYC grit. Don't miss it, creeps.

Monday, April 3rd, Noon - 3pm
on Three Chord Monte with Joe Belock

These Minneapolis maniacs deliver maximum R&G (yes, rhythm and glam!) with a healthy dose of Mad magazine flexi influence. Check out their debut album, "You Ain't Gonna Rock And Roll No More."

Tuesday, April 4th, 3pm - 6pm
on Brian Turner's show

Uniform is the NYC duo of Michael Berdan and Ben Greenberg, whose latest release "Wake In Fright" raises their game as dealers of riff-mongering, relentless jackhammer destruction. Equal parts Big Black, Slayer, Young Gods, Killing Joke and more, the band appeared at Brian's Monty Hall showcase gig a couple years back with Obnox and The Wilful Boys, where witnesses watched them lay waste to the room with simple aggro vox, guitar, and programming. This new release on Sacred Bones is by far one of the most punishing records to come out of NYC in a while and we are excited to unleash them onto the airwaves today.

Stanley Kubrick's "Barry Lyndon" Live Score Producer Joseph Berger and Transcriber Frank Cogliano
Tuesday, April 4th, 7pm - 8pm
Morricone Island with Devon E. Levins
Producer Joseph Berger and transcriber Frank Cogliano join Devon to discuss their upcoming world premiere screening of Stanley Kubrick's " Barry Lyndon" with live score by a 50-piece chamber orchestra conducted by Ryan McAdams on Saturday, April 8th at Brooklyn's Kings Theatre in collaboration with Wordless Music and Warner Bros. Pictures. Much has been written about the cinematography and production design of "Barry Lyndon" but very little about its Oscar-winning soundtrack with Leonard Rosenman interpretations of Schubert, Handel, Bach and Mozart and traditional Irish folk songs recorded by The Chieftains. The orchestra will include piano trio, male vocalist, fife, drum corps and six-piece Irish folk band.

The Gershwin Brothers (Lane Steinberg & Dave Foster)
Tuesday, April 4th, 9pm - Midnight
Irene Trudel's show
As Lane Steinberg describes their fateful meeting, "Dave Foster and I first met in 2015 when we did the Beach Boys' 'Wild Honey' album with Murderers' Row, a musical collective we're a part of. We started bouncing around song ideas and found we had a good collaborative relationship. Our pal and colleague, Erica Smith, dubbed us the Gershwin Brothers and the name stuck. Steinberg has several underappreciated albums to his credit, the most recent being another pop gem, 8X8's "Infloresence." Foster is a longtime member of Bubble, and contributes sweet Beatlesque guitar riffs to many friends' collaborations. The Gershwin Brothers will be joined by members of Murderers' Row to premiere some of the songs that will be on an upcoming album.

Joe Frank - "Emptiness"
Wednesday, April 5th, 3pm - 6pm
Irwin Chusid
One-hour dramas by Joe Frank air alternate Wednesday afternoons at 4pm (Eastern) on Irwin's program. On Weds. April 5th, we'll present "Emptiness" from Joe's "The Other Side" series. In a phone conversation with Joe, Larry, whose acting career is foundering, dreams of escaping from New York to Los Angeles. He explains to Joe why he envies the comradeship of gay Broadway dancers he sees in line at a credit union. In another phone chat, Debi explains to Joe why she can't get comfortable with her boyfriend Malcolm, a talented musician who, despite financial setbacks, is always brimming with affection and optimism. Buddhist teacher Jack Kornfield explains his own troubled family background.

Louie Louie Palooza
Wednesday, April 5th, 7pm - 10pm
Bodega Pop Live with Gary Sullivan (on Give the Drummer Radio stream)
In advance of International Louie Louie Day, we honor the most recorded rock song of all time with three solid hours of covers from around the world.

Keith Colley
Saturday, April 8th, 11am - 1pm
on Michael Shelley's show

Michael chats with Keith Colley who spent the most of the 1960's in L.A. writing 700+ songs and garnering covers by Rick Nelson, Gary Lewis, Gene Vincent, Tom Jones, Skeeter Davis, The Newbeats, The Knickerbockers, Jackie DeShanon, The American Breed, The Browns, Gene McDaniels, Ray Baretto, Keely Smith, Pat Boone, Glen Campbell, Bobby Vee and Gary Puckett & the Union Gap just to name a few.

Mark Eitzel
Saturday, April 8th, 3pm - 6pm
on Todd-o-phonic Todd's show

Mark Eitzel hangs out with Todd-O-Phonic Todd. Mark is touring with Howe Gelb in support of his great new Merge album, "Hey Mr. Ferryman". The former frontman of American Music Club will play a few songs, shoot the breeze and discuss the time Todd and Scott McCaughey took him to see Johnny Z. and The Camaros at The Gold Dust Saloon.

Samantha Fish
Monday, April 10th, Noon - 3pm
on Three Chord Monte with Joe Belock

Jersey City meets Kansas City. This blues guitarist has made a name for herself shredding at blues festivals all over the world. Her next move was to go to Detroit and make a soul record with Bobby Harlow from The Go. Tune in to hear how it turned out!

Vinnie Favale on the 3rd Annual Asbury Park Music & Film Festival
Tuesday, April 11th, 7pm - 8pm
Morricone Island with Devon E. Levins
Vinnie Favale of the Asbury Park Music & Film Festival (and VP of CBS Late Night Programming) joins Devon in the studio to discuss the Festival's third year on April 20-23 in Asbury Park, NJ. The Festival kicks off in the Paramount Theater with an ultra rare performance by Daniel Johnston & Summer Moon (feat. members of The Strokes and Janes Addiction) after a screening of "The Devil & Daniel Johnston." Other highlights include a screening with Q&A and all-star jam of "Just Before The Dawn" (a documentary on the Upstage Club where Springsteen met future E Street Band members) and performances by Me First & The Gimmie Gimmies, Robert Randolph and Little Steven & The Disciples of Soul, amongst others. The finale includes a performance by the Preservation Hall Jazz Band at the Paramount Theater. Go to for the schedule and tickets.

Viking Moses and Hamish Hawk
Tuesday, April 11th, 9pm - Midnight
Irene Trudel's show
For many years Baltimore-based Viking Moses (aka Brendan Massei) has been releasing lyrical songs performed with gruffly delicate vocals, accompanied by various configurations of solo rhythmic electric guitar, simple piano or a full band. Viking Moses has also championed a number of Scottish musicians. Hamish Hawk is his latest find, and they've been touring the US together. Edingurgh-based Hawk's solo shows are described as "a colourful and confident display of wit, charm and sensitivity as a songwriter-- A natural storyteller. Schedules being what they are, a WFMU session didn't work out with the duo while they were in the NYC area, so they recorded a special set in Brendan's home studio. Viking Moses and Hamish Hawk "perform" for Irene's show tonight.

Wednesday, April 12th, Midnight - 3am
Wm. Berger presents My Castle of Quiet
Wm. Berger's My Castle of Quiet is excited to present NJ's IDES, a great hard-punk band making their second live visit to The Castle, this time debuting their new full length "Born To Run In Place."

Tom Wilson's Music Factory #14 - Ultimate Spinach
Wednesday, April 12th, 3pm - 6pm
Irwin Chusid
In 1967 and '68 the charismatic record producer Tom Wilson hosted a free-form radio program called "The Music Factory," sponsored by MGM-Verve Records. The series has been gone from radio ever since, but Irwin is airing episodes on alternate Wednesdays at 4pm (Eastern). On April 12th, we'll hear Ian Bruce-Douglas, leader of the baroque-psyche band Ultimate Spinach, and Alan Lorber, the band's producer. With titles like "Ballad of the Hip Death Goddess" and "Mind Flowers," Ultimate Spinach was one of the hippie-est bands ever. But Bruce-Douglas brought 11 years of classical training into the studio, and echoes of Bach, Mozart, and Gregorian chants reverberate thru the recordings. Bruce-Douglas and Lorber devote one section of the Music Factory to explaining the production process behind the song "Pamela," passage by passage. This program originally aired in early 1968. More information about Wilson can be found at

Trouble Boys PLUS Cheap Fur
Saturday, April 15th, 3pm - 6pm
Todd-o-phonic Todd's show
It's double trouble when two kick-ass rock'n'roll combos from Austin join forces with Todd-O-Phonic Todd. Trouble Boys bring their "street rock" to Montgomery Street! They are celebrating the release of their six song EP on Sweetheart Records. Cheap Fur's bad boy bovver boogie will be sure to delight rock'n'roll fans of all ages. Get loose with Trouble Boys and Cheap Fur (as well as Dirty Fences and Bob Mann & The Rolling Thunder) at Diviera Drive in Brooklyn later that evening!

Moral Panic
Monday, April 17th, Noon - 3pm
on Three Chord Monte with Joe Belock

No it's not a new show description for Three Chord Monte but a fantastic new punk rock band from Brooklyn, rising out of the still-smoldering cinders of the sorely missed Livids. Debut self-titled LP just released on Slovenly Records.

Tuesday, April 18th, Noon - 3pm
on Liz Berg's show

Heads-up to fans of Delta 5, the Bush Tetras, and disaffected lady vocals: Lithics are coming to town from Portland, Oregon. Angular, herky-jerky post-punk for you head-boppers, the band's album "Borrowed Floors" was one of Liz's faves from last year. Catch them live at Alphaville in Brooklyn on April 16th and don't miss their set on WFMU!

Kevin Bergeron of Waxwork Records
Tuesday, April 18th, 7pm - 8pm
Morricone Island with Devon E. Levins
Waxwork Records' Kevin Bergeron (aka Kevin Dredge of New Orlean horror rockers She's Still Dead) joins Devon to discuss and listen to some of the NOLA-based classic and cult cinema, horror and sci-fi vinyl soundtrack label's catalog and upcoming releases. With co-owner Suzy Soto, Kevin has released an awe-inspiring number of records in the label's first four years, many on vinyl for the first time ever or from masters considered lost for decades, including "Phase IV," "Salem's Lot," "Rosemary's Baby," "Taxi Driver," "C.H.U.D.," "The Warriors," "Altered States," "The Howling," Popol Vuh's "Nosferatu" and namesake of the radio show's "The Thing." Announced upcoming 180g colored vinyl releases (with insane packaging) include Joe Loduca's "Evil Dead 2," Pino Dinaggio's "Don't Look Now" and Jennifer Kent's "The Babadook."

Steven McDonald of Redd Kross PLUS Louie Louie
Saturday, April 22nd, 3pm - 6pm
Todd-o-phonic Todd's show
Steven McDonald of Redd Kross joins the ever-growing Todd-O-Phonic Todd Cavalcade Of Stars! Todd and Steven will discuss the fascinating history of this amazing band. Steven will also spin a set of his favorite music. Redd Kross hits the road April 15th and will be appearing at Bowery Ballroom on May 4th. They will also be performing at Burger Boogaloo in Oakland on July 4th weekend.

Louie Louie is a band worthy of their name! These 4 Philly gals have just released their stunning debut album "Friend Of A Stranger" on Born Losers Records. Hear what all the fuss is about when they perform live on The Todd-O-Phonic Todd show.

Leo Bud Welch
Monday, April 24th, Noon - 3pm
on Three Chord Monte with Joe Belock

The world's foremost gospel blues lumberjack comes to WFMU to play music and discuss his incredible career as part of the legendary fat Possum/Big Legal Mess blues scene in Mississippi. Leo is the subject of a new documentary "Late Blossom Blues: The Journey of Leo Bud Welch" which will be screened in Asbury Park NJ on April 20.

The Mitchell Quartet
Tuesday, April 25th, 9pm - Midnight
on Irene Trudel's show

NYC-based guitarist, composer, singer Robert Mitchell has traveled the world with his melodic music and says he remains ready for more. Mitchell's playing has a cinematic feel, not surprising since he's worked a bit in film scoring, with generous doses of jazz-laiden acoustic improv. Joining Robert are members of e'fessioux, who performed their own great set on Irene's show in January. The Mitchell Quartet plays live on WFMU.

Atlantic Thrills PLUS Baby Shakes - Live at the WFMU Record Fair
Saturday, April 29th, 3pm - 6pm
Todd-o-phonic Todd's show
Atlantic Thrills and Baby Shakes rock The Brooklyn Expo Center live from The WFMU Record Fair. For those whose spouses won't let them attend record fairs, check out all the action on the radio. Rhode Island's high energy Atlantic Thrills are part of the Almost Ready anniversary shows happening Saturday and Sunday at Union Pool and Shea Stadium. Baby Shakes wonderful third album, Turn It Up, will be out this spring. Be sure and catch Baby Shakes at Monty Hall on Friday May 19th with Derv Gordon (of The Equals) and So What.

Tuesday, May 16th, 3pm - 6pm
Brian Turner's show
In what Brian hopes to be the kickoff of a series of live guests named after Russian dogs, today's program welcomes the trio known as Borzoi out of Austin, Texas. Kicking up a blitzkreig of noise combined with a more subtle leaning towards hooks, the band's fast and furious squall has made itself evident on 7" singles on Pau Wau and most recently 12XU Records.

Want to see all the past events? Go here.

43 Montgomery Street, Jersey City

Thu 3/30 Waxahatchee / Kevin Morby / Mary Lattimore (8:30pm, $20) SOLD OUT
Fri 3/31 Kevin Morby / Waxahatchee / Julie Byrne (8:30pm $20)
Thu 4/6 Kurt Baker Combo / Soraia (8:30pm, $10)
Fri 4/7 Miriam / Cut Worms / Saint Pe (8:30pm, $10-12)
Sat 4/8 Mark Eitzel / Howe Gelb (8:30pm, $15-20)
Tue 4/11  Xiu Xiu / The Use / Rachel Mason (9:00pm, $13-15)
Fri 4/14 Thank You Scientist / Bent Knee (8:30pm $15)
Sat 4/15 Sweet Spirit / Boytoy (9:00pm, $10)
Thu 4/20 Witch Taint: The Black Metal Dialogues Live (9:00pm, $10)
Sat 4/22-23 Balance and Composure / From Indian Lakes / Queen of Jeans (8:00pm, $17-20)
Mon 4/24  Acid Mothers Temple / Babylon (9:00pm, $13-15)
Fri 5/5 Super Snake (8:00pm, $10)
Thu 5/11 Savoy Motel (9:00pm $10-12)
Fri 5/12 Spoonful of Lovin'-Celebrating the Music of the Lovin Spoonful (8:30pm, $10)
Sat 5/13 The Everymen / No Ice / Rock N Roll Hi Fives (8:30pm, $10)
Fri 5/19  Derv Gordon (The Equals) / So What / Baby Shakes (9:00pm)
Thu 6/8 Giuda (9:00pm $15)
Sat 7/8 Electric Six ($13-15)

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