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Heavy Airplay, May 19, 2017
THE FEELIES - In Between (Bar None)
AMELIA CUNI / WERNER DURAND - Diasporagas (Edition Telemark)
UNIFORM - Wake In Fright (Sacred Bones)
VARIOUS - (The Microcosm): Visionary Music of Continental Europe 1970-1986 (Light In the Attic)
DESMADRADOS SOLDADOS DE VENTURA - The Grand Celestial Purge (Golden Lab)
MAGAS - Explanatory Denial (Midwich)
SLOPPY HEADS - Useless Smile (Shrimper)
TY SEGALL - Ty Segall (Drag City)
VARIOUS - Puissance 13 + 2 (Lion Productions)
UJ3RK5 - Live From the Commodore Ballroom (Primary Information)
VARIOUS - Brown Acid: The Third Trip (Riding Easy)
WELLS FARGO - Watch Out! (Now-Again)
GIULA ALESSANDRONI AKA KEMA - Alle Sorgenti Delle Civilta (Finders Keepers)
MARK DAGLEY - Collected Works 1978-2016 (Feeding Tube)
BOBBY BROWN - Prayers of a One Man Band (Del Rio)
WYLDLIFE - Out On Your Block (Wicked Cool)
ACID ARAB - Musique de France (Crammed Disc)
JULIE BYRNE - Not Even Happiness (Ba Da Bing!)
ANNE GILLIS - Rementact (Rangehen)
HAND HABITS - Wildly Idle (Humble Before the Void) (Woodsist)
VIVA SHERRY - Obtento Music (Mottomotto)
AWA POULO - Poulo Warali (Awesome Tapes From Africa)
NV - Binasu (Dick Move)
NOT WAVING - Populist (Ecstatic)
RAMUNTCHO MATTA - Ecoute (Cryonic Inc)
SACRED PAWS - Strike A Match (Rock Action)
VARIOUS - Office Supplies: An Unblinking Ear Mixtape (Unblinking Ear)

Medium Airplay
VARIOUS - No Payments Rejected (Long Island Electrical Systems)
JOE JONES - A Garden Party (Edition Telemark)
AUSTRA - Future Politics (Domino)
THE WAD - Benny's Business (Lumpy)
NINA RYSER - I Hope All Your Dreams Come True (Feeding Tube)
EARTHEN SEA - An Act of Love (Kranky)
LAWRENCE CRANE - Craniostomy 1981-1987 Volume One (BUFMS)
MAMADOU KELLY - Politiki (Clermont Music)
SUN RA - Singles: the Definitive 45's Collection 1952-1991 (Strut)
JANITOR SCUM - Janitor Scum (Lumpy)
JACQUES BRODIER - Xhos De Villemahu (Penultimate Press)
MOON POOL AND DEAD BAND - Humanizer (Midwich)
THE MNMS - Melts In Your Ears 1980-1981 (Burger)
ANDRES LANDERO - Yo Amaneci (Vampisoul)
CHARLES AMIRKHANIAN - Lexical Music (Other Minds)
VARIOUS - Macondo Revisitado: The Roots of Subtropical Music / Uruguay 1975-1979 (Vampisoul)
RON GALLO - Heavy Meta (New West)
SLEAFORD MODS - T.C.R. (Rough Trade)
PIERRE & BASTIEN - Musique Grecque (SDZ)
MICK HARVEY - Intoxicated Women (Mute)
LECHEROUS GAZE - One Fifteen (Tee Pee)
MIDNITE SNAXXX - Chew On This! (Pelican Pow Wow)
TIM MAIA - Tim Maia (Vinilisssimo)
ZEENA PARKINS - Three Harps, Tuning Forks & Electronics (Goodchild Music)
DOI INTHANON - Essential: Classic Isan Pops from the 70's-80's (EM)
BB EYE - Texas Chainsaw Mascara (Fish )
JOAN SHELLEY - Cost of the Cold (No Quarter)
TERRY - 8 Girls (Upset the Rhythm)
VARIOUS - Tanbou Toujou Lou: Meringue, Kompa Kreyol, Electric Folklore, Vodou Jazz from Haiti 1960-61 (Ostinato)
DELIA DERBYSHIRE APPRECIATION SOCIETY - Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society (Six Degrees)
MOONLANDINGZ - Black Hanz (Transgressive)
GROUP AFOUS D'AFOUS - Tarhanine Tegla (Sahel Sounds)
AMADOU BINTA KONTE & TIDIANE THIAM - Waande Kadde (Sahel Sounds)
THE MEN - Devil Music (We Are The Men)
THE NEON JUDGEMENT - Cockerill-Sombre (Dark Entries)
BRIAN ENO - Reflection (Warp / Opal)
MONEY CHICHA - Echo En Mexico (Vampisoul)
SLEATER-KINNEY - Live in Paris (Sub Pop)
PATSY'S RATS - Rock N' Roll Friend (La-Ti-Da)
THE FALL - Room To Live (Superior Viaduct)
FAT WORM OF ERROR - Nzznzzzznnznznnnn (Feeding Tube)
JUNGLE FIRE - Jambu (Nacional)
THE VIPER - Art For Pain's Sake (BUFMS)
KUNIYA - Yapria (No Label)
TIMMY'S ORGANISM - Lick Up Your Town (Total Punk)
MANATEEES - Superman Dam Fool (Blak Skul)
MORRICONE YOUTH - Mad Max (Country Club)
FABIANO DO NASCIMENTO - Tempo Dos Mestres (Now Again)
ALBERT DEMUTH - Haircare For Assholes (No Label)
BONOBO - Migration (Ninja Tune)
DRE HOCEVAR - Transcendental Within the Sphere of Indivisible Remainder (Clean Feed)
BASH & POP - Anything Could Happen (Fat Possum)
DOCTOR NOD - Doctor Nod (No Label)
SURFER BLOOD - Snowdonia (Joyful Noise)
OLD FIRE - Songs From the Haunted South (K Scope)
WALTER SALAS-HUMARA - Explodes and Disappears (Sonic Pyramid)
SAM COOMES - Bugger Me (No Quarter)

Light Airplay
ALASH - Live at Cafe Oto (Otoroku)
VARIOUS - Do Not Erase: Cassette Archives From the Orgone Archive, Pittsburgh 13, Penna. (Zap)
O VEUX - Live and Unreleased 1981-1982 (Onderstroom)
$ALAMI J.R. - A Man Who Can't Write Songs EP (Feeding Tube)
MEV - Symphony No. 105 (Otoroku)
CAKES DA KILLA - Hedonism (Ruffians)
LYSOL - Wired (Total Punk)
SOUNDTRACK - The Last Wave (Roundtable)
GAIKA - Spaghetto (Warp)
ORCHESTRAMAXFIELDPARRISH - Instant Light (Faith Strange Recordings)
PRINCE FAR I - Cry Tuff: Dub Encounter Chapter 3 (No Label)
VARIOUS - Killed By Death #7 (Big Money / Redrum)
DENIZ TEK & JAMES WILLIAMSON - Acoustic KO (Leopard Lady)
AGE COIN - Performance (Posh Isolation)
A-TRAK - In the Loop: A Decade of Remixes (Fools Gold)
RICHARD BERESIS - China 3 (No Label)
GREG KELLEY / BILL NACE - Live at Disjecta (Open Mouth)
STILLICHIMYA - Bangkok Nights (EM)
DAVID EARL BUDDIN - The City of God (Dick Move)
TO LIVE AND SHAVE IN LA - Absence Blots Us Out (Blossoming Noise)
BARKER TRIO - Live in Stuttgart (Necio)
VARIOUS - Zam Zam Monstre Compilation (Zamzam)
CONCEALED BLADE - Concealed Blade (Beach Impediment)
POISON RITES - Poison Rites (Splattered )
HAXXAN - Loch Ness Rising (Hells Headbangers)
VOLTI - This Is What Happened (Innova)
RAIME - Our Version of Their Versions (Reel Torque)
ERIK GRISWOLD - Ecstatic Descent (Cold Blue Music)
P.O.S. - Chill, Dummy (Doomtree)
EVE RISSER - Les Deux Versants Se Regardent (Trem Azul)
PHIL HEWITT QUINTET - Jawbones (Now-Again)
VOLUMES - Volumes (No Label)
DAVID WEISS & PORT OF DEPARTURE - Wake Up Call (Ropeadope)
BAD STREET USA - Freebirds Greatest (American Dream Tapes)
DER MEDITERANDE UTTERN - Var Ar Vart Kol? (Mediterande)
QUAYDE LA HUE - Quayde La Hue (Adult Fantasy)
ALN - Something In the Water (Sacred Phrases)
WARTHOG - Culture? (Beach Impediment)
UNION ANALOGTRONICS X BLUE - Cheetah In the City (Fat Beats)
DIE ANTWOORD - Mount Ninji and Da Nice Time Kid (Zef)

7" Singles List
THE WAD - Benny's Business (Lumpy)
BB EYE - Texas Chainsaw Mascara (Fish)
JOAN SHELLEY - Cost of the Cold (No Quarter)
TERRY - 8 Girls (Upset the Rhythm)
GROUP AFOUS D'AFOUS - Tahranine Tegla (Sahel Sounds)
PATSY'S RATS - Rock N Roll Friend (La-Ti-Da)
KUNIYA - Yapria (No Label)
TIMMY'S ORGANISM - Lick Up Your Town (Total Punk)
$ALAMI JR. - A Man Who Can't Write Songs (Feeding Tube)

RPM List
MAGAS - Explanatory Denial (Midwich)
NOT WAVING - Populist (Ecstatic)
VARIOUS - No Payments Rejected (Long Island Electrical Systems)
BONOBO - Migration (Ninja Tune)
RAIME - Our Version of Their Versions (Reel Torque)

ELON KATZ - The Human Pet (Diagonal)
GAS - Nakopop (Kompakt)
ACTRESS - AZD (Ninja Tune)
N1L - Ikea Zen (UIQ)

World List
ACID ARAB - Musique de France (Crammed Disc)
AWA POULO - Poulo Warali (Awesome Tapes From Africa)
MAMADOU KELLY - Politiki (Clermont Music)
ANDRES LANDERO - Yo Amaneci (Vampisoul)
VARIOUS - Macondo Revisitado: The Roots of Subtropical Music: Uruguay 1975-1979 (Vampisoul)
TIM MAIA - Tim Maia (Vinilisssimo)
DOI INTHANON - Essential: Classic Isan Pops from the 70's-80's (EM)
VARIOUS - Tanbou Toujou Lou: Meringue, Kompa Kreyol, Electric Folklore, Voudou Jazz From Haiti 1960-61 (Ostinato)
GROUP AFOUS D'AFOUS - Tarhine Tegla (Sahel Sounds)

Jazz List
SUN RA - Singles: The Definitive 45s Collection (Strut)
DRE HOCEVAR - Transcedental Within the Sphere of Indivisible Remainder (Clean Feed)
BARKER TRIO - Live in Stuttgart (Necio)
PHIL HEWITT QUINTET - Jawbones (Now-Again)

ALEX MINCEK - Torrent (Sound American)
LLOYD McNEILL QUINTET - Washington Suite (Soul Jazz)

Loud List
UNIFORM - Wake In Fright (Sacred Bones)
DESMADRADOS SOLDADOS DE VENTURA - The Grand Celestial Purge (Golden Lab)
LECHEROUS GAZE - One Fifteen (Tee Pee)
FAT WORM OF ERROR - Nzznzzznnznznnnn (Feeding Tube)
QUAYDE LA HUE - Quayde La Hue (Adult Fantasy)
WARTHOG - Culture? (Beach Impediment)

JUTE GYTE - The Sparrow (Blue Tapes/X-Ray)
ECSTATIC VISION - Raw Rock Fury (Relapse)
FORGJORD - Uhripuu (Werewolf)
FEEDTIME - Gas (In the Red)

Hip-Hop List
CAKES DA KILLA - Hedonism (Ruffians)
A-TRAK - In the Loop: A Decade of Remixes (Fools Gold)
P.O.S. - Chill, Dummy (Doomtree)
MAZTA I - 9 (No Label)
HOMEBOY SANDMAN - Veins (Stones Throw/Fat Beats)
ONRA - Chinoiseries 3 (All City)

BLOCKHEAD - Uncle Tony's Coloring Book (Young Heavy Souls)
THUNDERCAT - Drunk (Brainfeeder)
KENDRICK LAMAR - Damn (Interscope)
BROTHER ALI - All the Beauty In This Whole Life (Rhymesayers)

Cassette List
VARIOUS - Do Not Erase: Cassette Archives from the Orgone Archive (Zap)
VARIOUS - Zam Zam Monstre Compilation (Zam Zam)
BAD STREET USA - Freebird's Greatest (American Dream Tapes)
DER MEDITERANDE UTTERN - Var Ar Vart Kol? (Mediterande)
QUAYDE LA HUE - Quayde La Hue (Adult Fantasy)
ALN - Something In the Water (Sacred Phrases)

OLSON/BILLINGTON - Compound Sessions (Robert & Leopold)
VOM - Initiation (At War WIth False Noise)
DENNIS YOUNG - 12/31/1982 (Stimulus Progression)

Steve Keene
Saturday, May 20th, 11am - 1pm
on Michael Shelley's show

Michael chats with Brooklyn based Steve Keene, who for many years has been selling his paintings at WFMU Record Fairs for under $5, and has been called "The World's Most Prolific Painter." They'll discuss why & how Steve does what he does and the details behind his show at New York's Marlborough Gallery, whcih opens May 25th.

Five bands! So What, Holly Macve, RMBLR, Bash & Pop, and Bob Mann and Rolling Thunder
Saturday, May 20th, 3pm - 6pm
Todd-o-phonic Todd's show
The Big Combo Series mounts a comeback as three bands appear on the Todd-O-Phonic Todd Show:

So What are a brand spanking new glam and high energy power pop band from the Bay Area. Their first full-length on Just Add Water is an explosion of hooks and melodies. Heavily influenced by The Equals, it is fitting that they are Equals' vocalist Derv Gordon's backing band for his shows at Monty Hall on Friday 5/19 and Baby's All Right Saturday 5/20. They will also be doing their own set each night.

In their four star review of her eponymous debut, Record Collector says Holly Macve is like "an ethereal offspring of Nick Cave blessed with the stark musical backdrop of Johnny Cash's American series, 21 year-old Macve turns country music on its head." Check out her new album on Becca Union and see her perform at Rough Trade on May 17th.

RMBLR is the rambunctious brain-child of former Dino's Boys frontman Chase Tail. Beer soaked and gin fueled rock'n'roll is what you would expect and what you get and you'll be damn happy about that. These good ole Southern Boys have a sizzling 7" EP on Fat Possum and will be playing with So What, Daddy Long Legs and Derv Gordon at Baby's All Right on Saturday 5/20.

"Anything Could Happen," the recent album by Bash & Pop is one of 2017's best albums and rivals front man Tommy Stinson's work with The Replacements. Look forward to hearing songs from this great release performed live and perhaps some stories of rock'n'roll debauchery. Bash & Pop perform at The Bell House on May 18th.

Rising from the ashes of Hector's Pets comes one of the rowdiest bands on the Brooklyn scene. Bob Mann and Rolling Thunder's debut cassette, "Champagne Taste On A Beer Budget" displays these righteous dudes in all their rock'n'roll glory. Find out for yourself at Union Pool later the very same evening when the boys play The Real Cool Time Festival.

Cool Ghouls
Monday, May 22nd, Noon - 3pm
on Three Chord Monte with Joe Belock

The San Francisco quartet responsible for one of 2016's best albums, the scary-good "Animal Races" brings its jangling guitars and great songs to WFMU.

John Massari (Killer Klowns From Outer Space)
Tuesday, May 23rd, 7pm - 8pm
on Morricone Island with Devon E. Levins

John Massari joins Devon to discuss his 35-plus year soundtrack career with early opportunities to orchestrate and compose for episodes of "Little House on the Prairie" and "Hart to Hart" which lead to the Hanna-Barbera "Johnny Quest" 80's re-boot and cult classics such as the Lorenzo Lamas' "Snake Eater" franchise, Puppermaster 5, Mike Jittlov's "The Wizard of Speed and Time" and, of course, the Chiodo Brothers' "Killer Klowns From Outer Space," for which the long-awaited sequel has recently been announced (sort of). Mentored by Jerry Fielding, David Rose and Mark Snow and studying with the legendary David Raskin and Leonard Stein, John has composed for over 100 film and TV productions.

Nikitov, PLUS an interview with Phillip Johnston of The Microscopic Septet
Tuesday, May 23rd, 9pm - Midnight
Irene Trudel's show
Keeping Yiddish music alive and vibrant is very important to Nikitov's lead singer Niki Jacobs. Over the course of fifteen years, four albums and an EP, Jacobs' Netherlands-based ensemble has been keeping the Yiddish tradition of music alive. Nikitov is touring the US with a new album, "Mameloshn" and they play live on WFMU.

Then, notable as an ensemble that defies categories, The Microscopic Septet describe themselves as a wickedly clever, raucously fun jazz band. The Micros have a long, tale-filled library of tunes dating to the 1980's, almost innumerable performances and a number of great albums, most recently on the Cuneiform label. One of the two bandleaders, Soprano Saxophonist Phillip Johnston, chats about the Microscopic Septet and their new album, "Been Up So Long It Looks Like Down to Me."

Tom Wilson's Music Factory #17 - The Beacon Street Union
Wednesday, May 24th, 3pm - 6pm
Irwin Chusid
In 1967 and '68 the charismatic record producer Tom Wilson hosted a free-form radio program called "The Music Factory," sponsored by MGM-Verve Records. The series has been gone from radio ever since, but Irwin is airing episodes on alternate Wednesdays at 4pm (Eastern). On the marquee for our May 24th episode is the Boston-based psychedelic outfit the Beacon Street Union. Wilson welcomes to the Factory … no one from the band. Instead, he talks with their producer, Wes Farrell, about the studio techniques used to record the first BSU album. Along the way, Wilson spins tunes by the Cowsills, Jim & Jean, Ultimate Spinach and Every Mother's Son. Elsewhere in the show, Wilson and Pauline Rivelli, editor of Jazz & Pop magazine, discuss the 1967 jazz & pop winners of the publication's annual "Jay" Awards.

DJ Jedi and Prince Klassen
Thursday, May 25th, Midnight - 3am
Nickel and Dime Radio with $mall ¢hange
DJ Jedi is a another longtime NYC selector that's way overdue to guest on Nickel and Dime Radio. from early Konkrete Jungle days to his longtime Sunday night residency at Fat Buddha in east village, he's always bring it.

Originally from San Antonio, Prince Klassen is a resident of NYC's The Rub, host of his own Wild Combination radio show on The Lot Radio, former marketing director for New York's cultural landmark Turntable Lab.

These two excellent club DJs keeping you moving in the wee hours on WFMU.

Put The Needle On "Hip-Hop" Creator: LoveBug Starski
Friday, May 26th, 7pm - 8pm
Put The Needle On The Record with Billy Jam
Among hip-hop's first generation of core contributors, genre pioneers who helped shape the Bronx born urban culture from its 1970's beginnings, LoveBug Starski was a central figure. The MC's name is not only synonymous with the influential South Bronx club Disco Fever (that recently celebrated its 40th anniversary) and its spinoff label Fever Records (as well as Epic for whom he later recorded), but this hip-hop MC's legacy includes being credited with creating the very term "hip-hop." Now living in Las Vegas where he DJs but seldom does interviews these days, the Bronx hip-hop pioneer born Kevin Smith phones into WFMU to talk hip-hop history with Billy Jam.

The Mighty Manfred (of the Woggles) PLUS Tiger! Tiger! (Matt M. fills in for Todd-o-phonic Todd)
Saturday, May 27th, 3pm - 6pm
What's Happening?!?! with Matt M
While Todd-o-phonic Todd is soaking up the Jersey sun, Matt continues the cavalcade of stars! He welcomes The Mighty Manfred of the legendary Woggles for a chat about their upcoming local shows. Also on the show will be a live set from Atlanta garagers "Tiger! Tiger!" who will be playing at Gold Sounds in Brooklyn that night.

Fletcher C. Johnson
Monday, May 29th, Noon - 3pm
Three Chord Monte with Joe Belock
Hailing from Southern Vermont and now based in Brooklyn, Fletcher C. Johnson writes catchy guitar-pop. He was been a member of King Tuff, The Weight, and other bands before carving out his own career with three albums on Burger Records.

Mandy Hoffman (The Lovers / I Love Dick)
Tuesday, May 30th, 7pm - 8pm
on Morricone Island with Devon E. Levins

NYC-based multi-instrumentalist and composer Mandy Hoffman joins Devon in the studio to discuss and take a listen to her most recent scores for director Azazel Jacobs' "The Lovers" (starring Debra Winger and Tracy Letts) and Jill Soloway's Amazon series "I Love Dick" (starring Kevin Bacon and Kathryn Hahn). "The Lovers" soundtrack has been released by Milan Records.

Joe Frank - "Karma Memories"
Wednesday, May 31st, 3pm - 6pm
Irwin Chusid
One-hour dramas by Joe Frank air alternate Wednesday afternoons at 4pm (Eastern) on Irwin's program. On Weds. May 31st, we'll present "Karma Memories" from Joe's "The Other Side" series. Joe visits his mother and stepfather in Florida, where he observes how their marriage has spiraled into a Hellish cycle of hypercritical nagging and alcoholism. Larry offers quotations from literature that define his failed life. Debi is disappointed that a long phone conversation with Joe was left out of his program. Larry ponders his own obituary, and David provides a mocking eulogy.

Marshall Crenshaw
Saturday, June 3rd, 3pm - 6pm
on Todd-o-phonic Todd's show

Pop purveyor Marshall Crenshaw hangs out with Todd-O-Phonic Todd to play some of his favorite records and chat about his illustrious career as musician, DJ, and fan. This one is going to be a treat!


Want to see all the past events? Go here.

43 Montgomery Street, Jersey City

Fri 5/19  Derv Gordon (The Equals) / So What / Baby Shakes (9:00pm)
Wed 5/24 Skeptech: Tales From the Dark Side of Tech (6:30pm, $20)
Thu 6/8 Giuda / Wyldlife / Battery Electric (9:00pm $15)
Fri 6/9 Elvis Depressedly (8:30pm, $14-16)
Sun 6/18  Gates (8:00pm $12-14)
Fri 6/23 Shana Falana / The Sloppy Heads (9:00pm, $10)
Sun 6/25  Pronoun (8:00pm, $10-12)
Fri 7/7  Ducktails (9:00pm, $15)
Sat 7/8 Electric Six ($13-15)
Fri 7/14  Morricone Youth presents Mad Max Movie Night (8:00pm, $10)
Sat 7/22  Prove It All Night w/Pat Byrne (9:30pm, $5)
Thu 7/27  Night Birds / Western Addiction / Moral Panic (8:30pm, $10-12)
Fri 7/28  The Rubinoos (8:30pm, $15-20)
Sun 7/30  David Nance / The Mad Scene / Fully Glazed (8:00pm, $10)
Wed 8/2  Lee Bains III & the Glory Fires / Desir Decir (8:30pm, $10-12)
Fri 8/4  Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble (9:00pm, $13-15)
Wed 8/9 Jeff Rosenstock / Laura Stevenson (8:00pm, $15)

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