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Heavy Airplay, December 22, 2017
HERMANN NITSCH - Orgelkonzert Jesuitenkirche 20.11.2013 (Trost)
VARIOUS - Milk Of the Tree: An Anthology of Female Folk and Singer Songwriters 1966-73 (Grapefruit)
VARIOUS - C88 (Cherry Red)
VARIOUS - Soul of A Nation: Afro-Centric Visions In the Age of Black Power (Soul Jazz)
CORNELIUS - Mellow Waves (Rostrum)
VARIOUS - Follow the Sun (Kemado)
KELLEY STOLTZ - Que Aura (Castle Face)
VARIOUS - Noise Reduction System: Formative European Electronica 1974-1984 (Cherry Red)
SPARKS - Hippopotamus (BMG)
LOS TONES - What Happened (Off the Hip)
FRANKIE ROSE - Cage Tropical (Slumberland)
A GIANT DOG - Toy (Merge)
THE SHIFTERS - A Believer (Market Square)
JUDY HENSKE - The Elektra Albums (Ace)
VARIOUS - Entertaining the Invalid: Synthetic Post Punk (Hot Air)
F INGERS - Awkwardly Blissing Out (Blackest Ever Black)
VARIOUS - Invenciones: La Otra Vanguardia Musical En Latinoamerica 1976-1988 (Munster)
STAG - Midtown Sizzler (No Label)
VARIOUS - Night Comes Down: 60's British Mod, R&B, Freakbeat & Swinging London Nuggets (RPM)
BARRY ADAMSON - Love Sick Dick (Central Control)
TERRY - Remember (Upset the Rhythm)
VAGUE - Tempdays (Siluh)
THE BEGINNER'S MYND - Don't Lose Your Mind (13 O'Clock)
PLAX - Clean Feeling (Super Secret)
C-SCHULZ - Fruhe Jahre (Unseen Worlds)
REAL NUMBERS - Frank Infatuation (Market Square)
TIN FOIL - Tin Foil (Almost Ready)
MHYSA - Fantasii (Halcyon Veil)
THOMAS LEER - 1979 (Dark Entries)
ARITOMO - El Ala De Mi Homunculo (Hakanairo)
WORKHORSE - No Sun (Tenth Court)
RICH LA BONTE - Mayan Canals (Dark Entries)
SHANDA & THE HOWLERS - Trouble (Rum Bar)
WILSON PICKETT - Sings Bobby Womack (Ace)
CAVERN OF ANTI-MATTER - Blood Drums (Duophonic)
THE REBEL - Poems With Water Trilogy (Monofonus Press)
THE JAZZ BUTCHER - The Wasted Years (Fire)
THE FALL - New Facts Emerge (Cherry Red)
THE STEVENS - Good (Chapter Music)
SIDA - Sida (Population / Le Turc Mecanique / Et Mon Cul C'est Du Tofu?)
OUMOU SANGARE - Mogoya (No Format)
RICK DEITRICK - River Sun River Moon (Tompkins Square)
DEERHOOF - Mountain Moves (Joyful Noise)

Medium Airplay
RANDY NEWMAN - Dark Matter (Nonesuch)
LICHEN GUMBO - Boilin' (Aquirre)
ANTON KUBIKOV - Whatness (Kompakt)
BOB SEGERS SYSTEM - 2 + 2 = ? (Third Man)
THE RADIOPHONIC WORKSHOP - Burials In Several Earths (Room 13)
SINGERS AND PLAYERS - Revenge of the Underdog (On-U Sound)
THE CARTER FAMILY - The Best of (American Epic)
BYRON WESTBROOK - Body Consonance (Hands In the Dark)
HACO - Qoosui (Room 40)
SHIMMER - Shimmer (Drop Medium)
LIBRARY OF SANDS - Library of Sands (Wild Sages)
POLONIO - Piezas Ineditas 1976-1984 (Geometrik / Vinilisssimo)
TASHAKI MIYAKI - The Dream (Metropolis)
CARLTON MELTON - Hidden Lights (Agitated)
THE CONTAINERS - Self-Contained (Manufactured Recordings)
CODEK - Dance Machine (Dark Entries)
NAOMI PUNK - Yellow (Captured Tracks)
KILL ALTERS - No Self Helps (Hausu Mountain)
THE COATHANGERS - Parasite (Suicide Squeeze)
VARIOUS - Boombox 2: Early Independent Hip Hop, Electro, and Disco Rap 1979-83 (Soul Jazz)
VARIOUS - Mainstream Modern Soul Vol. 2: 1969-76 (Kent Soul)
VARIOUS - Tenth Court Sampler June 2017 (Tenth Court)
ENDON - Through the Mirror (Daymare Recordings)
DOWNTOWN BOYS - Cost of Living (Sub Pop)
VENICE DAWN - Adrian Younge Presents Something About April (Wax Poetics)
SHELLEY SHORT - Pacific City (Mississippi / Flippin Yeah)
SHILPA RAY - Door Girl (Northern Spy)
DIVUS - Divus (No Label)
NAHID AKHTAR - I Am Black Beauty (Finders Keepers)
ERASMO CARLOS - Carlos, Erasmo.... (Light In the Attic)
VARIOUS - Tropic Drums of Deutschland: Compiled by Jan Schulte (Music For Dreams)
HEAVY METAL - Smash Criticism Smash Optimism Smash Arachnophobia (Static Shock)
MANAS - III (Feeding Tube)
STEPHEN VITIELLO - Afterglow (Or Abendrot) (Champion Version)
BRIANA MARELA - Call It Love (Jagjaguwar)
SWARM OF BEES - Sinatra EP (Fiasco)
A TRIBE CALLED RED - We Are the Halluci Nation (Radicalized)
LUKE AND WENDY - Tony Conrad (Meeuw Muzak)
BLANK SPELL - Miasma (World Gone Mad)
MARTIN REV - Demolition 9 (Atlas Realisations)
GIL SCOTT-HERON - The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (BGP/Ace)
ROB MAZUREK & EMMETT KELLY - Alien Flower Sutra (International Anthem)
JEFF PARKER - The New Breed (International Anthem)
THE FRESH & ONLYS - Wolf Lie Down (Sinderlyn)
FRA LIPPO LIPPI - In Silence (Onderstroom)
WOOLEN MEN - Lucky Box (No Label)
3 TEENS KILL 4 - No Motive (Dark Entries)
XL KINGS - Coney Island (Rundle)
TROUBLE - Snake Eyes (Sacred Bones)
NITON - Niton (Pulver Und Asche)
WIDOWSPEAK - Expect the Best (Captured Tracks)
VARIOUS - Delirious Music For Delirious People (No Part of It)
ABDULLAH IBRAHIM - Ancient Africa (Sackville)
THE BUTTERTONES - Gravedigging (Innovative Leisure)
DOUG SEIDEL - Two Dimensional Version of a Four Dimensional Glance (No Label)
NIGHT BEATS - Sonic Bloom (Reverberation Appreciation Society)
THE ODYSSEY CULT - Volume One (Silver Current)
PIKACYU MAKOTO - Galaxilympics (Upset the Rhythm)
RADIAC - Radiac (Radiac)
CAROLINE SAYS - 50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong (Western Vinyl)
GERARDO IACOUCCI - Le Avventure (Finders Keepers)
OBNOX - Murder Radio (Ever/Never)
VARIOUS - Seafaring Strangers: Private Yacht (Numero)
JAMES BLOOD ULMER WITH THE THING - Baby Talk (Trost / The Thing Records)
ART TRIP & THE STATIC SOUND - Oxymoron EP (Fiasco)
ENHET FOR FRI MUSIK - Inom Dig, Inom Mig (Aguirre)
VARIOUS - Charles Duvelle, Hisham Mayet: The Photographs Of Charles Duvelle (Sublime Frequencies)
TINNAROSE - My Pleasure Has Returned (Nine Mile)
MICK ROSSI - 160 (Innova)
MEMPHIS JUG BAND - The Best of (American)
THE PARELS - Mineral Kingdom (Lal Lal Lal / Ikuissus)
WOLF EYES - Strange Days (Lower Floor Music)
VARIOUS - Stealing the Devil's Tunes: Sinners Crossroads 2017 Premium (No Label)
VARIOUS - Berlin Atonal: Force Majeure (Berlin Atonal/Wire)
URARV - Aurum (Svart)
PUBLIC ENEMY - Nothing Is Quick In the Desert (Public Enemy)
THE TOMB WEAVERS - (Why Are You) Shaking (13 O' Clock)
THE ONE WAY STREET - We All Love Peanut Butter (B-W)
LISA LEBLANC - Why You Wanna Leave Runaway Queen? (Bonsound)
BABA MARAIRE - Wona Baba Mamaire (Hearth)
ROBERT CROUCH - Sublunar (Touch)
CHRISTIAN MIRANDE - Trying To Remember A House (Glistening Examples)
DZELTENIE PASTNIEKI - Lentu Gabalini (Dark Entries)
MIKE COOPER - Reluctant Swimmer (Discrepant)
TRUPA TRUPA - Jolly New Songs (Ici, D'ailleurs / Blue Tapes / X-Ray)
BROOKLYN RAGA MASSIVE - Terry Riley In C (Northern Spy)
LOVE OF THE FARTHEST - Providing Water and Drought (Utech)
VARIOUS - Ethiopian Urban and Tribal Music (Sub Rosa)
INSTITUTE - Subordination (Sacred Bones)
VARIOUS - Mamey Colorado: 1952-1962 Spanish Harlem Dancefloor Fillers - More Afro-Cuban Roots of Boogaloo (Grosso)
ARTHUR VINT & ASSOCIATES - Death Rides a Horse (Ropeadope)
RUBBER MATE - Cha Boi (Total Punk)
THE MONKS - Hamburg Recordings 1967 (Third Man)
FOLLAKZOID FEATURING J. SPACEMAN - London Sessions (Sacred Bones)
TOMBS - The Grand Annihilation (Metal Blade)
IRON AND WINE - Beast Epic (Sub Pop)
BORIS - Dear (Sargeant House)
ROSS GOLDSTEIN - Inverted Jenny (Northern Spy)
MAGGI PAYNE - Crystal (Aguirre)
INUTILI - Defects (Aagoo)
BILL CONVERSE - The Shape of Things To Come (Dark Entries)
TONY ALLEN - The Source (Blue Note)
WEASEL WALTER - A Pound of Flesh (Weasel Walter)
VARIOUS - MM 76: Amusical Music Athetrical Theater (MM)
KUHN FU - Kuhnspiracy (Unit)
SLUGABED - Inherit the Earth (Anticon)
VARIOUS - KSE 11th Anniversary Album (Kendra Steiner Editions)
SPACEHEADS - A New World In Our Hearts (Electric Brass)
NOTS - Cruel Friend (Goner)

Light Airplay
ABANDONED FOOTWEAR - 108 Trees (Isounderscore)
EAMON FOGARTY - Progressive Bedroom (Joyful Noise)
HENRY OWINGS - Micro-Impressions Vol. 1 (Chunklet Industries)
DJ OLIVE / JEAN-PAUL DESSY / DAVID NUNEZ / MUSIQUES NOUVELLES - Scories / Live at Les Transnumeriques (Sub Rosa)
DOUBLE NAUGHT SPY CAR - Moof (11 Foot Pole)
DANIEL LENTZ - River of 1,000 Streams (Cold Blue Music)
RYAN HUBER - Kholstomer (Inam)
THE NEW EXISTENTIALS - Elton John (Spacecase)
ANDY HUMAN & THE REPTOIDS - Refrigerator (Total Punk)
NO BALLS - Second To Win First To Lose (Killed By An Axe)
GHIKAS & WALSHE - Good Teeth (Migro)
MATERIAL GIRLS - MG Vs. IQ (Chunklet Industries)
BARKER / DUNMALL / DAHL - Luddite (New Atlantis)
VARIOUS - Show Me the Way Back Home: Small Change 2017 Premium (No Label)
PORTER RICKS - Anguilla Electrica (Tresor)
MIKAEL TARIVERDIEV - Olga Sergeevna: Original Score and Improvisations (Earth)
CROWW - Prosthetics (The Death of Rave)
20 GUILDERS - 20 Guilders (Nod And Smile)
STATIC EYES - The Thaw (Kitschy Manitou)
VARIOUS - 1984: Freedom Is Jazz: D:O 2017 Premium (No Label)
GAUTE GRANLI - Animalskt (Unhinged)
VARIOUS - Cruise Control (Italians Do It Better)
GUANTANAMO BAYWATCH - Desert Center (Suicide Squeeze)
ZULI - Numbers (UIQ)
JUSTIN WALTER - Unseen Forces (Kranky)
SEXTILE - Albeit Living (Felte)
THE DEAD MAURIACS - Beaute de Mirages (Discrepant)
MOTORHEAD - Under Cover (Motor)
HOTHEAD - Snake Song (Richie)
JOHN CAGE / DAVID TUDOR - Variations IV Volume II (Modern Harmonic)
SILVERHEAD - Silverhead (Vinilisssimo)
NEGATIVE RESPONSE - Olbique Angles (Medical Records)
MARKER - Marker (Medical Records)
VARIOUS - From Cover to Cover--Live! Vol. 1: 100% Whatever with Mary Wing (No Label)
VAUXHALL PLEASURE GARDENS - Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens (434 Creative Sources)
YASUMUNE MORISHIGE / REIZEN - Music for Piano (No Label)
THE NARC TWINS - Do Your Lemon In (Alphabanana)
RUT - Attraction (Digital Regress)
ALGIERS - Blood (Geographic North)
GOLDEN ORIOLE - Golden Oriole (Drid Machine)
HIRO KONE - Love Is the Capital (Geographic North)
DANNY DAZE & SHOKH / PATRICE BAUMEL - Speicher 98 (Kompakt)
VARIOUS - Lost Souls Volume 5: Garage, Psychedelic & Rock Oddities from Arkansas and Beyond 1966-1972 (Psych of the South)
PSYCHIC TV - Pagan Day (Sacred Bones / Dais)
NEW ROUTINES EVERY DAY - You Never Know What Is Enough / Unless You Know What Is More Than Enough (Pulver & Asche)
SUBURBAN PROTOTYPE - Ostracized In Queue (Cryptic Seal)
ESMARK - Mara I (Bureau B)
LARKIN GRIMM - Chasing and Illusion (Northern Spy)
SOME BIZARRE - Don't Be Afraid (Dark Entries)
ESSAIE PAS - Demain Est Une Autre Nuit (DFA)
CONDUIT - (Ohmslice) (Imaginator)
TRAUMA HARNESS - Halloween Songs Volume One (Lumpy)
CLARENCE ASHLEY - Live and In Person, Greenwich Village 1983 (Jalopy)
KRISTIAN POULSEN - The Shape of Time (No Label)
TOTENSONNEN - Winter Solstice (Fadensonnen)
PLAN 23 - Intuition and Consequences (Plan 23)
ARON D'ALESIO - Aron D'Alesio (Paper Bag)
CIVIL ENGINEER - Ides (No Label)
ADAMENNON - Le Nove Ombre del Caos (Boring Machines)
WALL - Untitled (Wharf Cat)
CRISTIAN NALDI - Rurale (No Label)
GEL-SOL - Horse Head Bookends (Verses)
EXIT HIPPIES - Dance Maniac (SPHC)
GREY HOUSE - New Beats the House (Dark Entries)
ANTHONY PATERAS & ERKKI VELTHEIM - The Slow Creep of Convenience (Immediata)
SKINNY GIRL DIET - Skinny Girl Diet (Skinny Girl Diet)
JIM JONES & THE RIGHTEOUS MIND - Super Natural (Hound Gawd)
MICHAEL GIACCHINO - War For the Planet of the Apes (Sony Classical)
SIAMGDA - Re-Born (Ant-Zen)
POWER - Serpent City (Third Man)
MORRICONE YOUTH - Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans (Country Club)
THE DOOMED BIRD OF PROVIDENCE - Burrowed Into the Soft Sky (Front & Follow)
SECURITY - Arid Land (Hungry Eye)
MOON DIAGRAMS - Lifetime Of Love (Geographic North)
GOATWHORE - Vengeful Ascension (Metal Blade)
SISSY SPACEK - Lead Their Exit (Helicopter)
TONY BUCK - Unearth (Room 40)
+DOG+ - Diogenes (Love Earth Music)
YARN/WIRE - Currents 4 (Yarn/Wire)
THE WATERBOYS - Out of All This Blue (BMG )
PRIVATE ANARCHY - Private Anarchy (Round Bale)
FOOD AND MONEY - 1979-1982 (Alona's Dream)
MICHAEL BEACH - Gravity / Repulsion (Spectacular Commodity)
CAUCASOID - Isn't She Cute? (My Mind's Eye)
RACE CAR - B.Y.O.G.K. (Neck Chop)
GIBBOUS - Mortal Crust (Lumpy)
GATES - Viscera (Utech)
THE PEEP TEMPLE - Joy (Wing Sing)
TAKUYA KURODA - Zigzagger (Concord)
GLOWPEOPLE - Things (Cosmic Primitive)
CHRIS ABRAHAMS / ANTHONY PATERAS - Music In Eight Octaves (Immediata)
ODD NOSDAM - Lif (Bunco)
LE TON MITE - Passe Compose Futur Conditionnel (Crammed Discs)
DALE CROVER - The Fickle Finger of Fate (Joyful Noise)
BONESHAKER - Thinking Out Loud (Trost)
RICHARD BRAUTIGAN - Listening To Richard Brautigan (Revirescam)
VARIOUS - Psychotropes (NY ID)
MALA LECHE - Lado Demo (Lumpy)
QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE - Villains (Matador)
PETER DIZOZZA - Songs of the Golf Wars (Olive Juice Music)
XYLITOL - 7 (25 Diamonds)
JOHN GIORNO BAND - I'm Rock Hard (Giorno Poetry Systems)
DYING FETUS - Wrong One to Fuck With (Relapse)
R. STEVIE MOORE - Teenage Spectacular (Cordelia)
SMALL WORLD EXPERIENCE - Soft Knocks (Tenth Court)
REVERORUM IB MALACHT - Ter Agios Numini (The Ajna Offensive)
DEAD CROSS - Dead Cross (Ipecac / Three.One.G)
MUSA DWARF - Musa Dwarf (Lal Lal Lal)
STEEL MAMMOTH - Atomic Oblivion (Full Contact)
LEE DRESSER & THE KRAZY KATS - Wiggly Little Mam (Hilltop)
ZACH PHILLIPS - How To Slip Away (No Label)
ETERNAL BLACK - Bleed the Days (Obsidian Sky)
GRIEVES - Running Wild (Rhymesayers)
GREGG ALLMAN - Southern Blood (Rounder)
ANDREW SCOTT QUARTET - The Brightest Minute (Cellar Live)
OVERISHINS - Overishins (No Label)
DURAN DURAN DURAN - Duran (Power Vacuum)
CODY CHESNUTT - My Love Divine Degree (Handwritten)
DANIEL LEVIN - Living (Smeraldina-Rima)
MATT HUNTER - New Rotations (Darla)
TROPICAL TRASH - A Dent In the Forever Can (Loki)
JOHN MENOUD AND BENOIT MOREAU - Giallo Oscuro Vol. 2 (Bongo Joe)

RPM List
VARIOUS - Noise Reduction System (Cherry Red)
ANTON KUBIKOV - Whatness (Kompakt)
THE RADIOPHONIC WORKSHOP - Burials In Several Earths (Room 13)
POLONIO - Piezas Indesitas 1976-1984 (Geometrik/Vinilissimo)
CODEK - Dance Machines (Dark Entries)
VARIOUS - Tropical Drums of Deutschland: Compiled By Jan Schulte (Music For Dreams)
BILL CONVERSE - The Shape of Things To Come (Dark Entries)
PORTER RICKS - Anguilla Electrica (Tresor)
ZULI - Numbers (UIQ)

Jazz List
VARIOUS - Soul of a Nation: Afro-Centric Visions In the Age of Black Power (Soul Jazz)
BYRON WESTBROOK - Body Consonance (Hands In the Dark)
ROB MAZUREK & EMMETT KELLY - Alien Flower Sutra (International Anthem)
ABDULLAH IBRAHIM - Ancient Africa (Sackville)
KUHN FU - Kuhnspiracy (Unit)
BARKER/DUNMALL/DAHL - Luddite (New Atlantis)
BONESHAKER - Thinking Out Loud (Trost)
GOSPEL OF MARS - s/t (Amish)

Loud List
ENDON - Through the Mirror (Daymare)
THE ODYSSEY CULT - Volume One (Silver Current)
WOLF EYES - Strange Days (Lower Floor Music)
RUBBER MATE - Cha Boi (Total Punk)
TOMBS - The Grand Annihilation (Metal Blade)
BORIS - Dear (Sargeant House)
WEASEL WALTER - A Pound of Flesh (Weasel Walter)
NO BALLS - Seconds To Win First To Lose (Killed By an Axe)
CROWWW - Prosthetics (The Death of Rave)
TOTENSONNEN - Winter Solstice (Totensonnen)

World List
VARIOUS - Invenciones: la Otra Vanguardia En Latinoamerica 1976-1988 (Munster)
ARITOMO - El Ala De Mi Homunculo (Hakanairo)
OUMOU SANGARE - Mogoya (No Format)
SINGERS AND PLAYERS - Revenge of the Underdog (On-U Sound)
NAHID AKHTAR - I Am Black Beauty (Finders Keepers)
ERASMO CARLOS - Carlos, Erasmo (Light in the Attic)
VARIOUS - Charles Duvelle, Hisham Mayet: The Photographs Of Charles Duvelle (Sublime Frequencies)
BABA MARAIRE - Wona Baba Mamaire (Hearth)
VARIOUS - Ethiopian Urban and Tribal Music (Sub Rosa)
TONY ALLEN - The Source (Blue Note)


"¿Dónde Está Santa Claus?”: A War on Xmas Report 
Saturday, December 23rd, Midnight - 3am 
Inflatable Squirrel Carcass with Rich Hazelton 
Join secular humanists, multiculturalists, the Cult of Reason, the Puritans, the Pilgrims, communists, the Illuminati, Krampus, Sol Invictus, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen (and of course Darwin) with a few nonsequiturs and whadda ya got? Why another exquisite corpse of course. Nine of WFMU’s crack team of investigative DJs report from the frontlines of the annual struggle of one Kris Kringle to maintain some dignity during an onslaught of vile reconfigurings of the meaning of this finest of shopping seasons. Can they make sense of what it’s all about? Can they make nonsense of what it’s all about? 

Cotton Candy 
Sunday, December 24th, 8pm - 10pm 
Gaylord Fields's show 
With apologies to Rod Stewart and his ilk, Teen-Beat Records principals (and wedded couple) Evelyn Hurley (Blast Off Country Style) and Mark Robinson (Unrest, Air Miami, among others) sing the real and true Great American Songbook. A typical Cotton Candy set list will likely consist of voice renditions ranging in duration from a few seconds to perhaps an entire minute — with said lineup likely comprising TV commercials, radio jingles, public-service announcements, station IDs, and all sorts of media flotsam and jetsam lovingly re-created exclusively by Mark and Evelyn's a cappella vocal stylings. 

The Weirdest Goddamn Christmas Show Ever 
Monday, December 25th, 3am - 6am 
Circle Time with Mark R. 
December 25th is Christmas, of course, but if you think we’re going to spend three hours drinking eggnog and listening to Nat King Cole, think again. Sure, we’ll have the occasional Christmas tune (Sonny Boy Willamson? Really?), but we’ll also hear from James Brown, Jimmy Reed, Vic Chestnut, and Johnny Ace. Oh, and did we mention? Santa Claus himself will be dropping by! Gather the children around the hearth at 3 am for an early Christmas morning extravaganza the whole family will enjoy! 

Todd-a-Phonic Todd guest hosts for Wake and Bake 
Monday, December 25th, 6am - 9am 
Wake with Clay Pigeon 

A Special Holiday Episode of Techtonic 
Monday, December 25th, 6pm - 7pm 
Techtonic with Mark Hurst 
Tune in for a Special Holiday Episode of Techtonic this Monday at 6pm. Mark will be playing tech-inspired holiday songs from the Free Music Archive. He'll also give his video game picks for the season. To cap it all off, Mark will read a short story written, in part, by a neural network. Tune in to Techtonic for some tech-infused holiday cheer. 

2nd Annual Star Wars Holiday Special with Dez 
Monday, December 25th, 9pm - Midnight 
The ShoutHouse with James Fernandez 
What are you doing Christmas night? Do ya like Star Wars? Dave Hill will be off sleighing it with his usual aplomb but Dez will be taking the wheel and celebrating A Galaxy Far, Far, Away. The phone lines will be open and Dez wants to talk Star Wars with you. Vintage audio clips, and Star Wars inspired jams are locked and loaded already, all he needs now are your calls. You're Dez's only hope. 

Joe Belock guest hosts for Wake and Bake 
Tuesday, December 26th, 6am - 9am 
Wake with Clay Pigeon 

Best In Soundtrack 2017 
Tuesday, December 26th, 7pm - 8pm 
Morricone Island with Devon E. Levins 
DJ Devon E. Levins spins some highlights from his favorite soundtrack releases of 2017. 

Matt Warwick guests hosts for Wake and Bake 
Wednesday, December 27th, 6am - 9am 
Wake with Clay Pigeon 

Joe Frank - "Fire and Ice" 
Wednesday, December 27th, 3pm - 6pm 
Irwin Chusid 
One-hour dramas by Joe Frank air alternate Wednesday afternoons at 4pm (Eastern) on Irwin's program. We'll present the episode "Fire and Ice," from Joe's The Other Side series. Debi and her boyfriend Malcolm draw the admiration of strangers in their beautiful designer bubble. Larry goes DWI and bumps a police car; later, he mulls his impulse to stop at liquor stores to fill a void in his life. Larry and Joe discuss trauma and long-term therapy. And after a painful break up, Kristine tells Joe why she needs to sneak into her ex-boyfriend’s apartment when he's not home. 

Paul Bearer (Sheer Terror, Joe Coffee) 
Thursday, December 28th, Noon - 3pm 
Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine 
Punk godfather Paul Bearer joins the Fun Machine for the full 3 hours on the 28th! Diane will sneakily make Paul talk about and play -his own music: Sheer Terror, Joe Coffee and other projects, and Paul is going to be helming the wheels of steel for a rock and punk party that will make you want to end 2017 right there. Smiles will abound! 

Count It Down! with Nate K: A Burn It Down! Best of 2017 Special 
Sunday, December 31st, 6am - 9am 
Burn It Down! with Nate K. 
Last year was terrible, this year, 2017, has been even worse. So let's kick it to the curb in style and let the countdown to better days commence! Pre-game it with Nate K. as he looks back at his favorite LPs, singles, and reissues of the past 365 days. Who will snag that number one spot? Tune in and find out on New Year's Eve morning, December 31, 2017. 

Matt Warwick guests hosts for Wake and Bake 
Monday, January 1st, 2018, 6am - 9am 
Wake with Clay Pigeon 

Brian McOmber 
Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018, 7pm - 8pm 
Morricone Island with Devon E. Levins 
Composer and drummer Brian McOmber discusses his latest soundtrack for director Trey Edward Shultz's psychological horror film "It Comes At Night" released on vinyl by Milan Records. Brian might be best known as the drummer for Dirty Projectors but he shifted to scoring for films, documentaries and shorts in 2013, including Shultz's 2015 debut film "Krisha" and Dustin Guy Defa's "Person To Person." 

Hinky Dinky Time 2nd Annual All Listener Request Program 
Friday, January 5th, 2018, 9am - Noon 
Hinky Dinky Time with Uncle Michael (on Give the Drummer Radio stream
Please join Uncle Michael for Hinky Dinky Time on WFMU's Give the Drummer Radio for the second annual, all listener requests program. You be the DJ! You pick the song! Uncle Michael will be selecting from your requests. Make your requests here! (requests made on or after January 4th take priority). 

Ronnie Hawkins 
Saturday, January 6th, 2018, 11am - 1pm 
Michael Shelley's show 
Michael chats with Ronnie Hawkins (aka "Mr. Dynamo," "Sir Ronnie," "Rompin' Ronnie," or "The Hawk") about his 60 years making great Rock And Roll! 

Everything and More: A Debsey Wykes Retrospective 
Sunday, January 7th, 2018, 8pm - 10pm 
Gaylord Fields's show 
The entirety of this two-hour show will be devoted to the thoughts and songs of one of Gaylord Fields's favorite musical artists, Ms. Deborah "Debsey" Wykes. This unique program will look back at the career of the London-born, Cambridge-raised singer, songwriter, and bassist — best known as a creator of the breathtakingly perfect postpunk pop of the all-female '80s trio Dolly Mixture. The show's musical selections will span four decades and bands that also include Captain Sensible, Coming Up Roses, Saint Etienne (with whom Debsey records and tours), and the resplendent adult pop of Birdie, her most recent group with musical and life partner Paul Kelly (ex–East Village). Interspersed among the shimmering songcraft will be a chat recently conducted with Debsey in London that will explore her life in music in her own words and memories. To quote a Dolly Mixture title, being able to produce this special program is a "dream come true." 

Brian Reitzell 
Tuesday, January 9th, 2018, 7pm - 8pm 
Morricone Island with Devon E. Levins 
Brian Reitzell discusses his recent soundtrack release for Starz TV series "American Gods" released on vinyl by Milan Records which features collaborations with Debbie Harry, Shirley Manson and Mark Lanegan. Brian drummed for Redd Kross and Air and has worked extensively with Sofia Coppola as composer and/or music supervisor on "The Virgin Suicides," "Lost In Translation," "Marie Antionette" and "The Bling Ring." He also composed for Mike Mills' "Thumbsucker" and "Beginners," Marc Forster's "Stranger Than Fiction," and the "Friday Night Lights" and "Hannibal" TV series. Brian's 2014 solo album "Auto Music" was comprised of conceptual and textural experiments created in preparation for scoring projects. 

The Louis Armstrong House Museum's Ricky Riccardi 
Saturday, January 13th, 2018, 11am - 1pm 
on Michael Shelley's show 

Michael welcomes Director of Research Collections of The Louis Armstrong House Museum to discuss the Corona, Queens landmark, to which Armstrong moved in 1943. The house remains virtually untouched from the day Armstrong died there in 1971. 

Delbert McClinton 
Saturday, January 27th, 2018, 11am - 1pm 
on Michael Shelley's show 

Michael welcomes Delbert McClinton to talk about his early years backing touring blues acts in the mob run bars around Fort Worth, Texas and cutting a series of 45s that are unique for their combination of Country, Blues and heavy doses of Beatles’ influence. 


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