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Heavy Airplay, June 29th, 2018
YO LA TENGO - There's A Riot Going On (Matador)
THE LIMINANAS - Shadow People (Because Music)
SHANNON & THE CLAMS - Onion (Easy Eye Sound)
U.S. GIRLS - A Poem Unlimited (4AD)
DAVY GRAHAM - Large As Life And Twice As Natural (Bread & Wine)
VARIOUS - Fool's Paradise Favorites (Jazzman)
HABIBI - Cardamom Garden (Modern Sky USA)
THE CHOIR - Artifact: The Unreleased Album (Omnivore)
EMERSON KITAMURA - The Countryside Is Great (EM)
MORENA Y CLARA - No Llores Mas (Pharaway Sounds)
DEAD MEADOW - The Nothing They Need (Xemu)
AMEEL BRECHT - Polygraph Heartbeat (Kraak)
BELLE AND SEBASTIAN - How To Survive Our Human Problems (Matador)
TRACEY THORN - Record (Merge)
SAMARA LUBELSKI & BILL NACE - untitled collab (Open Mouth)
ERIC CHENAUX - Slowly Paradise (Constellation)
BILL FRISELL - Music Is (Okeh)
ALESSANDRA NOVAGA - Movimenti Lunari (Blume)
YASUAKI SHIMIZU - Kakashi (Palto Flats)
THE BREEDERS - All Nerve (4AD)

Medium Airplay
HURRY - Every Little Thought (Lame-O)
NEVADA GREENE/SCOTT TUMA - Ragged Holllow (Hitt)
MORE EAZE - Staring At A Stature Of Paint (Kendra Steiner Editions)
CHARLIE MORROW - Toot! Too (Recital)
GINO AND THE GOONS - Rip It Up (SunWray)
LUCY DACUS - Historian (Matador)
PEARLS BEFORE SWINE - One Nation Underground (Drag City)
DAMNATION OF ADAM BLESSING - The Second Damnation (Capitol/Exit)
O.A.S.I. - Il Cavaliere Azzuro (Soave)
MAMUTHONES - Fear On The Corner (Rocket)
RICK DEITRICK - Gentle Wilderness (Tompkins Square)
MUDDERSTEN - Playmates (Sofa)
TRASH MONKEYS - Trash Monkey Universe (Almost Ready)
RENATA ZEIGUER - Old Ghost (Northern Spy)
SOLO ORGAN - Frequency Illusion (Golden Slipper)
WAND - Plum (Drag City)
AMEN DUNES - Freedom (Sacred Bones)
FRANKIE COSMOS - Vessel (Sub Pop)
MIKEY YOUNG - Your Move vol. 1 (Monkier)
SLY AND ROBBIE MEET DUBMATIX - Overdubbed (Echo Beach)
SHOPPING - The Official Body (Fat Cat)
PALM - Rock Island (Carpark)
THE WRONG SOCIETY - Tell Me You'll Be Mine (Market Square)
GLADIATORS - Full Time (Nighthawk/Omnivore)
ELEPHANT9 - Greatest Show On Earth (Rune Grammofon)
CAMP COPE - How To Socialise & Make Friends (Run For Cover)
HOT SNAKES - Jericho Snakes (Sub Pop)
SKADNE KREK - Schjesslips (Skussmaal)
STRIE - Perpetual Journey (Serein)
PAT AMENT - Songs By+Time Moved On (Grapefruit)
VARIOUS - Changes- Ru-Jac Records Story, Vol Three (Omnivore)
DELVON LAMARR ORGAN TRIO - Close But No Cigar (Colemine)
THE SPERM - 50th Erection I: Collected Works 1967-1970 (Svart)
RAFAEL TORAL - Moon Field (Room40)
HIGH AURA'D - No River Long Enough Doesn't Contain A Bend (Debacle)
FLORIAN KUPFER - Contact 12" (Long Island Electrical Systems)
THE ELECTRIC MESS - The Beast Is You (Sound Flat)
GREY PARK - Travel Agent Certification Training Program: Courses I,II, and III (267 Lattajjaa)
PEARL CHARLES - Sleepless Dreamer (Kanine)
NORA ORLANDI - Il Dolce Corpo Di Deborah (Cinedelic)
HOLY MOTORS - Sleeprydr (Wharf Cat)
JIMI HENDRIX - Both Sides of the Sky (Experience Hendrix)
CHAI - Pink (Burger Records)
TRIPTIDES - Visitors (Requiem Pour Un Twister)
THE MEN - Drift (Sacred Bones)
JEFF SNYDER - Sunspots (Carrier)
NERVE BEATS - s/t (Fine Concepts)
TOR LUNDVALL - A Dark Place (Dais)
GREAT PLAINS - The Mark, Don & Mel EP +4 (Rerun)
THE DECEMBERISTS - I'll Be Your Girl (Capitol)
ESSAIE PAS - Newpath (DFA)
THE ASTRA CHOIR - We, Like Salangan Swallows... (New World Records)
ROSE MERCIE - s/t (SDZ/Jelodanti/Monofonus Press)
NICK HOFFMAN - Salamander (Notice Recordings)
MARTIAL CANTEREL - Forgotten Tracks (Medical Records)

Light Airplay
THE NAZGUL - s/t (Mental Experience)
GIDIANS BIBLE - 1969: The Golden Voice Recordings (Alona's Dream/Golden Voice)
TEENAGE DEPRESSION - Skank Or Die (Rerun )
PNZ - Shut Your Eyes On The Way (Ecstatic)
BREN'T LEWIIS ENSEMBLE - Taxidermy Frogs Copulating (BUMFS)
SUSS - Ghost Box (No Label)
LOTTO - VV (Instant Classic)
OFFA REX - The Queen Of Hearts (Nonesuch)
KENNETH JAMES GIBSON - In The Fields Of Nothing (Kompakt)
OLUKO IMO - Praise Jah 12" (Invisible City)
R. STEVIE MOORE - Advanced (Cordella)
VARIOUS - Changes: Ru-Jac Records Story vol. 4 1967-1980 (Omnivore)
MOANING - s/t (Sub Pop)
SANDY B - Amajovi Jovi (Invisible City)
AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS - Big Attraction & Giddy Up (Homeless)
GORILLA - It's All Pop EP (Hidden Volume)
REV. LONNIE FARRIS - A Night At The House Of Prayer (Buked and Scorned/Social Music)
ATLAS - Breeze (Studio Mule)
LAKE RUTH - Birds of America (Feral Child)
TORI KUDO - ガラ刑GALAKEI (Bruit Direct Disques)
DARK BLUE - Fight To Love/For You (12XU)
RULER - Tiger/Gimme Some Noise (Secret Mission/Mangrove)
THE ALIEN BALLROOM - Makrophreakzville EP (Sentinel)
IBON ERRAZKIN - Foto Aerea (Elefant)
SONNY SMITH - Rod For Your Love (Easy Eye)
WARM BODIES - s/t (Lumpy)
THE AND BAND - Outhern (Spacecase)
TRISOMIE 21 - Chapter IV+ Remixes (Dark Entries)
VARIOUS - Godspunk vol. 18 (Pumf)
THE COMMON COLD - Shut Up! Yo Liberals! (Action)
MICHAEL GAROFALO - Bestiary (Wave Farm)
CASH RIVERS AND THE SINNERS - Blue Balls Lincoln (Jellyfish)
THE MICROSCOPIC SEPTET - Been Up So Long It Looks Like Down To Me (Cuneiform)
B. FLEISCHMANN - Stop Making Fans (Morr Music)
LOS CHICOS MALOS - s/t (Vampisoul)
DIRTMUSIC - Bu Bir Ruya (Glitterbeat)
KRIKOR KOUCHIAN - Pacific Alley (Long Island Electrical Systems)
VIA APP - Secret Rotation (Bank)
RIDE - Tomorrow's Shore (Wichita)
BEN VAUGHN - Instrumental Stylings (Bar None)
YAMANEKO - Spa Commissions (Local Action)
SIDI TOURE - Toubalbero (Thrill Jockey)
TOBY GOODSHANK - Dream On Me (No Label)
DEDEKIND CUT - Tahoe (Kranky)
THE BROTHERHOOD - Stavia (Out-Sider)
JERKAGRAM - All Eyes On Me (No Label)
CAROLINE SAYS - No Fool Like An Old Fool (Western Vinyl)
BRANDI CARLILE - By The Way, I Forgive You (Low Country Sound)
SUUNS - Felt (Secretly Canadian)
HEY COLOSSUS - In Black And Gold (Launch)
THE GALLANT TREES - Open Book Syndrome (Half a Cow)
AQUARIUM - Hex (Lumpy)
DELPHINE DORA - I Am The Moonlight On A Cottage With No Roof. (Three Four)
EXODUS/MUNICIPAL WASTE - Mr Pickles Thrashtacular (Nuclear Blast)
COLOR TV - Paroxeteens/Night After Night (Neck Chop)
JACOB BELLENS - Trail Of Intuition (HFN Music)
DICK STUSSO - In Heaven (Hardly Art)
HOLY FUCK - Congrats (Innovative Leisure)
ELLERSTRöM & KINNANDER - Mörka Och Ljusa Drömmar (Firework Edition)
DIANETICS - Book Learned (Weirdly)
DREAM CONTROL - Zeitgeber (Medical Records)
BOOKWORMS - Xenophobe (Bank )
MARSHALL CRENSHAW - Thank You, Rock Fans (Warner Brothers/Parlophone)
HANS CHEW - Open Sea (At the Helm)
CHRIS WEISMAN - Chaos Isn't Single (Feeding Tube)
DJANGO DJANGO - Marble Skies (Ribbon Music)
FIRE HEADS - s/t (Big Neck)
TANIA CHEN - John Cage: Electronic Music For Piano (Omnivore)
STEF ANIMAL - Top Gear (Fishrider)
JOHN TEJADA - Dead Start Program (Kompakt)
SHADOWS - Bruce Spills The Pills (Polar Envy)
ELLEN ALLIEN - Nost (Ghostly)
WENDY RAE FOWLER - Warped (Round Trip)
HAWTHONN - Red Goddess (Ba Da Bing)
UNCLE WALT'S BAND - Anthology (Omnivore)
VARIOUS - Proespective Recs- Retro Prospective: 1987-1997 (Dub Ditch/Prospective)
HIS ELECTRO BLUE VOICE - Mental Hoop (Maple Death)
TASHI DORJI & TYLER DAMON - Leave No Trace: Live In St. Louis (Family Vineyard)
HOROSCOPE - Misogyny Stone (Wharf Cat)
WOLF ROXON - Reflections From The House of Buttermilk (No Label)
GLASS TRAPS - s/t (Blue Arrow)
ED ASKEW - A Child In The Sun- Radio Sessions 1969-1970 (Galactic Zoo / Drag City)
JOAN BAEZ - Whistle Down The Wind (Razor & Tie)
WAREIKA - Water, Sky, Sun, Wood (Mule Musiq)
NO BABIES - Someone To Watch Over Me (Upset the Rhythm)
CITIZEN KAY - Belly Of The Beast (Onetwo)
FRONDS - Cold Across My Skin (Gold Robot)
HUMANS - Dead Shack OST (Lakeshore)
THE CAVEMEN - Nuke Earth (Slovenly)
KYLE DIXON & MICHAEL STEIN - Stranger Things 2 OST (Lakeshore)
U-NIX - I Give You U-Nix (Lumpy)
ERNESTO DIAZ-INFANTE - The Lovers Escape (Kendra Steiner Editions)
JAY RODRIGUEZ - Your Sound (Whaling City Sound)
OSCAR ROCCHI QUINTET - Jazz Progression (Cinedelic )
SKULL CULT - VOL​.​1 + VOL. 2 EP (Weirdly)
THE CAVEMEN - Band In B.C. (Weirdly)
MODERN WARFARE - Complete Records And More (Rerun )
LAURENCE WASSER - V (Atomic Bongos)
JJ-180 - Talk Talk/Classroom (Alona's Dream)
MAMMALS - This Sound (Lamont)
ERASURE - World Beyond (Mute)
THE DEAD BROTHERS - Angst (Voodoo Rhythm)
YASUMUNE MORISHIGE & REIZEN - Live In Hong Kong (Edition Omega Point)
MARTIN ARCHER + ENGINE ROOM FAVORITES - Safety Signal From A Target Town (Discus)
HAXXAN - Magnificent Planet Of Alien Vampiro Ii (Slovenly)
Z-COUNTRY PARADISE - Live In Lisbon (Leo)
JESSE DULMAN QUARTET - Live at Downtown Music Gallery (RR Gems)
CURRENT JOYS - A Different Age (Danger Collective)
AERA - The Sound Path (Permanent Vacation)
VARIOUS - Tani Disco Rumba (Pharaway Sounds)
S. CAREY - Hundred Acres (Jagjaguwar)
TITUS ANDRONICUS - A Productive Cough (Merge)
SEEING THE SIGHTS - Mojave Sunsets (Persistantmidnight)
RHYE - Blood (Innovative Leisure)

Jazz List
PHAROAH SANDERS - Deaf Dumb Blind (Anthology)
THE UNDERGROUND SET - War In The Night Before (Cinedelic)
CHIP WICKHAM - La Sombra (Lovemonk)
RASKOVICH - The Bid On-Sorry Puppet (Cinedelic)
FREE JAZZ WORKSHOP - Inter Frequences (Souffle Continu)
JAZZ A LA MODE TRIO - Less Is More (Cinedelic)
JEAN-FRANCOIS PAUVROS & GABY BIZIEN - No Man's Land (Souffle Continu)

Loud List
INSECT ARK - Marrow Hymns (Profound Lore)
ANGKOR WRACK - Built To Kill (Mastermind)
CCR HEADCLEANER - Mission Control (Pollen Season)
KEIJI HAINO & JOHN BUTCHER - Light Never Bright Enough (Otoruku)
THE SWORD - Used Future (Razor & Tie)
TRIAL BY FIRE - 1982 (Alona's Dream)
K9 COGNITION LAB - s/t (The Gift Of Music)
ISS - s/t (Sorry State)
FACELESS BURIAL - Grotesque Miscreation (Iron Lung)

Electronic List
SAMARITAN QUELL - s/t (Monofonus)
LOCKS & DDM - s/t (Long Island Electrical Systems)
MATIAS AGUAYO & THE DESDEMONAS - Sofarnopolis (Crammed Discs)
BHOB RAINEY - From Null Lands Led, Starrily (Anomia)
KYLE GANN - Hyperchromatica (Other Minds)
CONGA SQUARE - Secada Mondatta (Palto Flats/PFF)
WETWARE - Salpinx (Bank)
XTERIP - The Frisbee Sessions (Kendra Steiner Editions)

Gwenifer Raymond 
Saturday, June 30th, 6am - 9am 
Shrunken Planet with Jeffrey Davison 
Early in 2017, listener Simon from the U.K. told me about a young guitar-and-banjo player living in Brighton. Following his lead, I found a small number of tracks online, including some videos of her busking. I was simply astonished not only at her level of musicianship but with the intensity of her playing. I told fellow guitar-lover Josh Rosenthal of Tompkins Square Records about her, which led to her signing with the label and to her first American gigs, in April of this year. While she was in the New York area for a gig at Wonders of Nature, she made time to stop by the WFMU studios for a live session. Her debut LP, "You Were Never Much Of A Dancer, will be released on June 29th by Tompkins Square. 

Matt Clark fills in for Todd and brings in special guest- The Hall Monitors! 
Saturday, June 30th, 3pm - 6pm 
What's Happening?!?! with Matt Clarke 
Washington D.C.'s premier garage outfit The Hall Monitors will be rock 'n rolling the Live Room. The long delayed and anticipated debut LP has finally been issued on Hidden Volume Records, so we are considering this a record release bash of sorts! They are also playing at Diviera Drive in Brooklyn later that night. Make sure to bring your hall pass and tune in at 3PM! 

Jon Madof of Chant Records: An Adventurous New Artist-Run Indie Label 
Saturday, June 30th, 6pm - 9pm 
on Transpacific Sound Paradise with Rob Weisberg 

Jon Madof and Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz are two brilliant musicians who've made big waves while steering utterly clear of the mainstream. They've played together in various edgy / experimental / improvisational bands. And now they've launched a label together: Chant Records is a label whose aim - in Jon and Shanir's words - is to "create a sonic temple for adventurous music". Chant Records releases run the gamut from rootsy stuff like klezmer to not-so-rootsy things like experimental doom metal! Jon Madof joins us this week to introduce us to some of the music on this exciting new label. 

Garbeque 2018: Live BBQ Broadcast from the WFMU Parking Lot 
Wednesday, July 4th, 9am - Noon 
Moisture Time with Lil' Debbie Warwick and The Scented Towelettes 
The show formally known as Garbage Time (filling in for Ken) and Duane Train will be broadcasting live from the WFMU parking lot the 2nd annual 4th of July Garbeque. The live broadcast will take place from 10-3pm. Tune in to hear the sounds of hot dogs being grilled and cold ones being enjoyed. Or stop on by and partake! BUT BRING SNACKS. 

Garbeque 2018: Live BBQ Broadcast from the WFMU Parking Lot 
Wednesday, July 4th, Noon - 3pm 
The Duane Train 
The show formally known as Garbage Time (filling in for Ken) and Duane Train will be broadcasting live from the WFMU parking lot the 2nd annual 4th of July Garbeque. The live broadcast will take place from 10-3pm. Tune in to hear the sounds of hot dogs being grilled and cold ones being enjoyed. Or stop on by and partake! BUT BRING SNACKS. 

Elephant Micah 
Wednesday, July 4th, 7pm - 8pm 
on Irene Trudel's show 

Since the year 2000, Indiana-based Elephant Micah has been swirling traditional Appalachian-style folk slowly around with complementary atmospherics. Elephant Micah is mainly Joseph O’Connell, crafting these languid, moody tunes. On "Genericana," the new album coming out in August, Joe uses the themes of genealogy, genre, generic brands (and perhaps a bottled genie), to point to a different theory of what binds our culture together. To help fans keep up with O'Connell's sporadic output, Elephant Micah offers a $5. annual subscription through Bandcamp. For this WFMU session Elephant Micah is Joe joined by brother Matt, recorded during a recent tour through the NY area. 

Midnight Matinee: Daffy Ducko 
Saturday, July 7th, Midnight - 3am 
on Inflatable Squirrel Carcass with Rich Hazelton 

John Schnall's occasional radio show Midnight Matinee presents Daffy Ducko, in which a sleepwalking duck is haunted by a mysterious and wascally wabbit, and end-of-the-world hilarity ensues. 

Sam Newsome 
Friday, July 13th, Noon - 3pm 
Miniature Minotaurs with Kurt Gottschalk 
Saxophonist Sam Newsome has crafted an absolutely breath-taking style by combining his own virtuosic skills with a mastery of extended instrumental techniques to bring his horn into unreal, yet in-the-pocket, realms. With chimes and percussion attached to his horn and an abiding love for Ellington and Monk, Newsome has truly created a new take on the jazz tradition. Hear the glory on at noon on July 13, when Newsome stops by the Miniature Minotaurs show. 

Bastille Day Special with guests Juniore, Calypso Valois, and April March 
Friday, July 13th, 3pm - 6pm 
Sophisticated Boom Boom with Sheila B. 
France’s music scene is booming! Not since the heydeys of 60s yé-yé and 80s synth-pop has France churned out so much outstanding (and very sophisticated!) pop music. Parisian yé-yé noir girl group, Juniore and French-pop royalty Calypso Valois are at the center of this buzzing French-pop scene and will be on deck to kick off Sophisticated Boom Boom’s Bastille Day celebrations. Juniore will be playing songs off their new mini-album, Magnifique—soon to be released stateside by California’s Burger Records. And musician, animator, and French pop connoisseur April March will be joining Sheila B. to interview Calypso Valois, daughter of 80s electro-duo Elli & Jacno, actress, and musician, who released her debut album, Cannibale, last year. Both ladies will be selecting their female-fronted favorites. Plus the best of French pop from the 50s through today! 

The Bakersfield Breakers Live In The Studio! 
Saturday, July 14th, 11am - 1pm 
on Michael Shelley's show 

Michael welcomes instrumental trio The Bakersfield Breakers for a live set of twang/surf/country inspired instrumentals! The band’s mission is to reawaken the classic guitar-driven sound of 1950’s Bakersfield and the driving tunes of 1960’s surf rock. 

Pearl Charles 
Saturday, July 14th, 3pm - 6pm 
Todd-o-phonic Todd's show 
Pitchfork says of Pearl Charles' debut album Sleepless Dreamer: "Charles' record takes cues from movements all over the American map. There are hints of Southern folk and alt-country, Midwest Americana, and West Coast acid rock." Pearl manages to coalesce these and other influences into something wholly original that will be on full display with a live set on the Todd-O-Phonic Todd show. Catch her live at Baby's All Right on July 20th. 

Reigning Sound 
Saturday, July 21st, 3pm - 6pm 
Todd-o-phonic Todd's show 
Reigning Sound has been cranking out the hits for most of this century! The one permanent member has been Greg Cartwright, also known for being in such other stellar combos as The Oblivians and The Compulsive Gambers. The current line-up features Greg and New York's own Jay Vons, as perfect a combination as you are ever likely to find. Check out Reigning Sound's soulful rock'n'roll live with Todd-O-Phonic Todd on July 21st and don't miss them at Monty Hall on July 20th and Elsewhere as part of Jonathan Toubin's Soul Clap on the evening of July 21st. 

Naughty Clouds 
Monday, July 23rd, Noon - 3pm 
on Three Chord Monte with Joe Belock 

Naughty Clouds is a vigorous music duo that includes Alexis Moon and Ray Kubian. They like to sing songs and beat on things in this Brooklyn/New Jersey meeting of the minds. They'll be performing songs from their debut album, "Everything's Hard." 

Thatcher Keats guest hosts on Vocal Fry 
Monday, July 23rd, 7pm - 8pm 
Vocal Fry with Dan Bodah 

Mark R. guest hosts on Weekly World Blues 
Tuesday, July 24th, 8pm - 9pm 
Weekly World Blues with Matt Fiveash 

Wet Ink violinist Josh Modney 
Friday, July 27th, Noon - 3pm 
Miniature Minotaurs with Kurt Gottschalk 
Violinist Josh Modney is a fixture of the New York new music scene. He's a member of Wet Ink and the International Contemporary Ensemble and played with the Mivos Quartet for eight years. He's releasing his first solo album, a sprawling three-cd set with compositions by Anthony Braxton, Sam Pluta and Kate Soper, plus some old guy called Bach. He'll be stopping by to play live, preview the CD and chat a bit on Miniature Minotaurs, July 27 at noon. 

Cut Worms 
Saturday, July 28th, 3pm - 6pm 
Todd-o-phonic Todd's show 
Cut Worms are a vehicle for the stunning songwriting of Max Clarke. A Cut Worms song may impress an innocent summer stroll across fields of tall grass and lavender but there's undoubtedly a severed ear out in there in the grass. Some unseen dark forces are always lurking at the edges of songs' sunbursts. Bright, beautiful lap steel or a cheery harmonica accompaniment often belie an impending doom or crestfallen narrator. Cut Worms debut album on Jagjaguwar, Hollow Ground, will no doubt appear on many Best Of 2018 lists. Max has previously appeared solo on Todd's show, but for this set he will be joined by the full orchestra. 

John Noreen of The Rose Garden 
Saturday, August 4th, 11am - 1pm 
on Michael Shelley's show 

Michael chats with John Noreen about his time in The Rose Garden, who while John was still a teen went from rehearsing in his L.A. bedroom to being signed to ATCO Records. Along the way the band crossed paths with Neil Young, Gene Clark, Sonny Bono and other characters tangential to the swinging L.A. scene. Described as a melding of The Byrds and The Mama's and the Papa's, they were short lived, but long remembered, mostly for their 1967 single “Last Plane To London,” a #17 hit. 

Live Remote From Union Pool featuring: The Jay Vons, Miriam and Nobody's Babies and PMS and The Mood Swings. 
Saturday, August 4th, 3pm - 6pm 
Todd-o-phonic Todd's show 
Once again The Todd-O-Phonic Todd program presents an installment of Union Pool's formidable Summer Thunder Series of free afternoon shows. This year's guest host will be the redoubtable Amanda Nazario! Live music will be provided by the brilliant trifecta of The Jay Vons, Miriam and Nobody's Babies and PMS and The Mood Swings. 
The Jay Vons kick the afternoon off with their groovy soulful winners. Miriam and Nobody's Babies have firmly established themselves as WFMU favorites and actually feature on-air personalities such as Matt Clark, Ira Kaplan and Matt Fiveash in the band. To date they have released two albums on Norton of wonderfully evocative girl group and folk rock sounds fronted by The Ashtabula Nightingale, Miriam Linna. 
PMS and The Mood Swings are celebrating the release of their debut album on Burger Records, one of the best summer listens in years! Songs like "Lifeguard Steve" and "Coney Island Baby" are made for the season! Don't miss these suave pop confections live and in person at Union Pool! 

Brett Berns director of "BANG! The Bert Berns Story" 
Saturday, August 18th, 11am - 1pm 
on Michael Shelley's show 

Michael welcomes Brett Berns, director of "BANG! The Bert Berns Story" which tells the story of the creative force Bert Berns, whose childhood bout with rheumatic fever left him with a short life expectancy which inspired his prolific creative output. His mort successful run was a seven year period in the 60's where he had a hand in 51 charting singles. He died in 1967 at age 38 and left behind a safe full of cash and a musical legacy that includes "A Little Bit Of Soap," "Hang On Sloopy," "I Want Candy," "Under The Boardwalk" and work with Solomon Burke, Van Morrison, Erma Franklin, The Isley Brothers, Wilson Pickett, Ben E. King and tons more. 

Special 2 hour edition of Vocal Fry 
Monday, August 27th, 6pm - 8pm 
Vocal Fry with Dan Bodah 
Want to see all the past events? Go here.

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