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Hello! Here's a compiled list of all the new music we've been playing over the past month at WFMU. Yes, it's a super long list, but rightfully so, to represent all the new music that we play at the station. 

I'd love to hear from you. Feel free to get in touch.
Olivia Bradley-Skill
Music Director
  • VIVIAN GIRLS - Memory (Polyvinyl)
  • AMI DANG - Parted Plains (Leaving)
  • CUP (NELS CLINE & YUKA C. HONDA) - Spinning Creature (Northern Spy)
  • MIKEY YOUNG - You Feelin' Me? (Castle Face)
  • CARL STONE - Himalaya (Unseen Worlds)
  • FENELLA - Feherlofia (Fire Records)
  • MEGA BOG - Dolphine (Paradise of Bachelors)
  • TINARIWEN - Amadjar (Anti-)
  • INOYAMA LAND - Commissions: 1977-2000 (Empire of Signs)
  • BILL ORCUTT - Odds Against Tomorrow (Palilalia)
  • VARIOUS - Ryler Walker Presents Imaginational Anthem, Vol 9 (Tompkins Square)
  • SHOP REGULARS - Fortified Regulars (See My Friends)
  • LAURIE ANDERSON, TENZIN CHOEGYAL, JESSE PARIS SMITH - Songs From The Bardo (Smithsonian Folkways)
  • BILL DIREEN - A Memory of Others (Sophomore Lounge)
  • PRANA CRAFTER & TAROTPLANE - Symbiose (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond)
  • GUAXE - Guaxe (Oar)
  • JIM SHEPARD - Heavy Action (Ever/Never)
  • MOPE GROOVES - Desire (See My Friends)
  • WET TUNA - Water Weird (Three Lobed)
  • FRANKIE COSMOS - Close It Quietly (Sub Pop)
  • REDD KROSS - Beyond The Door (Merge)
  • THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS - In The Morse Code of Brake Lights (Concord)
  • SUSS - High Line (Northern Spy)
  • THE EXORZIST III - Studio Backing Tracks (Xrzst3, Ltd.)
  • YUKIHIRO TAKAHASHI - Saravah! (Wewantsounds)
  • VELVETEEN RABBIT - s/t (HoZac)
  • DISCO JUNK - Underage Punk (HoZac)
  • CASUAL BURN - Mean Thing (Headstand Records)
  • KENDRA AMALIE - Intuition (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond)
  • MNDSGN - Snaxx (Stones Throw)
  • SKARBO SKULEKORPS - Skarbo Skulekorps (Hubro)
  • THE RUBINOOS - From Home (Yep Roc)
  • VARIOUS - Interactions: Guide to Swiss Underground Experimental Music (Buh Records)
  • BODYWASH - Comforter (Luminelle)
  • MICHAEL VINCENT WALLER - Moments (Unseen Worlds)
  • ROLF HANSEN - Elektrisk Guitar (Karaoke Kalk)
  • SURPLUS 1980 - Pigeon Obstacle Course (Geomancy Records)
  • LUNCH LADY - Angel (Upset the Rhythm)
  • AUTOMATIC - Signal (Stones Throw)
  • SO COW - Do Re Mi Fa (Self-Released)
  • JONNY COUCH - Mystery Man (Damaged Sofa)
  • BERT JANSCH - Avocet (Earth)
  • ELEH - Living Space (Touch)
  • IGGY POP - Free (Loma Vista)
  • SANDRO PERRI - Soft Landing (Constellation)
  • VARIOUS - Live It Up! Bayswater Beat Girls 1964-67 (Ace)
  • BCUC - The Healing (Buda Musique)
  • OS SEIS EM PONTO - Os Seis Em Ponto (Vampisoul)
  • STEFAN CHRISTENSEN - The Upcoming Flame (Bruit Direct Disques)
  • HTRK - Venus In Leo (Ghostly International)
  • VARIOUS - Los Angeles Soul Vol. 2 (Kent Soul)
  • VARIOUS - Eminent Domain (Long Island Electrical Systems)
  • VARIOUS - Strut My Stuff: Obscure Country & Hillbilly Boppers (Modern Harmonic)
  • CHELSEA WOLFE - Birth of Violence (Sargent House)
  • MICAH FRANK - Quetico (Puremagnetik Tapes​)
  • THE STARGAZER LILIES - Occabot (Rad Cult)
  • BELLE AND SEBASTIAN - Days of The Bagnold Summer (Matador)
  • BOY SCOUTS - Free Company (Anti)
  • M83 - Dsvii (Mute)
  • OPERATOR MUSIC BAND - Duo Duo (Broken Circles)
  • WOW - Come La Notte (Maple Death)
  • BLACKS' MYTHS - Blacks' Myths II (Atlantic Rhythms)
  • ANGEL-HO - Death Becomes Her (Hyperdub)
  • GREG TOWNSON - More! Travelin' Guitar (Hi-Tide Recordings)
  • JOAN SHELLEY - Like The River Loves The Sea (No Quarter)
  • PUZZLEHEAD - Big Sniff (Stucco)
  • TYVEK - Changing Patterns of Protective Coating (Double Tapes)
  • THE BABE RAINBOW - Today (30th Century Records)
  • THOSE PRETTY WRONGS - Zed For Zulu (Burger)
  • ALESSANDRO CORTINI - Volume Massimo (Mute)
  • INTURIST - Economy (Nisha)
  • JULIA REIDY - In Real Life (Black Truffle)
  • KAZU - Adult Baby (Adult Baby)
  • PIXIES - Beneath The Eyrie (Infectious)
  • VARIOUS - The Time For Peace Is Now (Luaka Bop)
  • DOUBLE DEE & STEINSKI - Lesson 4: The Beat EP (Self Released)
  • RESINA - Traces - Remixes (Fatcat)
  • SUN CITY GIRLS - Dawn of the Devi (Abduction)
  • J. PAVONE STRING ENSEMBLE - Brick and Mortar (Birdwatcher)
  • KRAUS - Pudding Island (Self-Released)
  • LONG BEARD - Means To Me (Double Double Whammy)
  • THE MONOCHROME SET - Fabula Mendax (Tapete)
  • THE PARANOYDS - Carnage Bargain (Suicide Squeeze)
  • WHITNEY - Forever Turned Around (Secretly Canadian)
  • DEREK MONYPENY - How Can Be (Raheem)
  • THE MIDDLE AGES - The Middle Ages (Ripe Records)
  • A HANDFUL OF DUST - Dragging her wings of rusty knives (Thin Wrist)
  • BRIDGET ST. JOHN - Live at the Betsey Trotwood (Feeding Tube)
  • SQUID - Town Centre (Speedy Wunderground)
  • VARIOUS - Can You Feel It? Vol. 2 (Tramp)
  • DAISIES - What Are You Waiting For? (K Records)
  • (SANDY) ALEX G - House of Sugar (Domino)
  • ESTHER ROSE - You Made It This Far (Father/Daughter)
  • PETE SEEGER - The Smithsonian Folkways Collection (boxset) (Smithsonian Folkways)
  • SUI ZHEN - Losing, Linda (Cascine)
  • DANA - Glowing Auras and Black Money (Heel Turn)
  • DE BONS EN PIERRE - Ep 1 (Dark Entries)
  • SEA MOSS - Bidet Dreaming (Feeding Tube)
  • CHASTITY BELT - Chastity Belt (Sub Pop)
  • ILPO VÄISÄNEN - Tietoisen Siirtymän Oletettu Toiseus (Erototox Decodings)
  • LEE HAZLEWOOD - 400 Miles From LA 1955-56 (Light In the Attic)
  • Y LA BAMBA - Entre Los Dos (Tender Loving Empire)
  • FLORIS VANHOOF - The Fluid Computer (Kraak)
  • FRANCOIS J. BONNET & STEPHEN O'MALLEY - Cylene (Editions Mego)
  • OWEN MAERCKS - Kinds of Blue (Feeding Tube)
  • KRGA - Mysterious Lady b/w Don't Ask Don't Tell (Hoser Records)
  • THISTLE GROUP - Thistle Group (Soft Abuse)
  • AARON RUSSELL - Coral Music (Gertrude Tapes)
  • CALVIN JOHNSON - A Wonderful Beast (K)
  • HOZAN YAMAMOTO WITH SHARPS & FLATS - Beautiful Bamboo-Flute (Mr. Bongo)
  • PIP - Possible Worlds (Sofa Music)
  • SKY BURIAL - The Forcing Season: Further Acts of Severance (Opa Loka Records)
  • STAG - Electric Mistress (Ethylene Music)
  • THE HOLD STEADY - Thrashing Thru The Passion (Frenchkiss)
  • THE LONG RYDERS - Psychedelic Country Soul (Omnivore)
  • THE TOUCHABLES - The Noise Is Rest (Conrad Sound)
  • BUCK YOUNG - Buck II: Where Do You Want It? (No Rent)
  • LOS WEMBLER'S DE IQUITOS - Vision del Ayahuasca (Barbes)
  • MATA - Archipelogos (Only Fucking Noise)
  • SHANNON LAY - August (Sub Pop)
  • THE DEAD SOUND - Cuts (Crazysane)
  • AMERICAN NUDISM - Negative Space (K Records)
  • STRANGE RANGER - Remembering The Rockets (Tiny Engines)
  • THE GARIFUNA COLLECTIVE - Aban (Stonetree)
  • ABDALLAH AG OUMBADOUGOU - Anou Malane (Sahel Sounds)
  • HAND & LEG - Lust In Peace (Black Gladiator / Slovenly)
  • ROBERT SOTELO - Infinite Sprawling (Upset the Rhythm)
  • ALEXA ROSE - Medicine For Living (Big Legal Mess)
  • DOON KANDA - Labyrinth (Hyperdub)
  • GIRL IN RED - Beginnings (chapter 1 + 2) (Self-Released)
  • KATHLEEN SUPOVE - Eye To Ivory (Starkland)
  • THOUGHT PROCESS - Public Works (Self-Released)
  • VARIOUS - Country Music: A Film By Ken Burns (Sony / Legacy)
  • BIG STICK - Lp (Drag Racing Underground)
  • PLEATHER - Wasting Time with Riot (Feral Kid)
  • BETHLEHEM STEEL - Bethlehem Steel (Exploding In Sound)
  • HILDUR GUDNADOTTIR - Music From HBO Miniseries Chernobyl (Hbo)
  • ONE ELEVEN HEAVY - Desire Path (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond)
  • TAKAHIRO MUKAI - Helplessness (Degenerate Trifecta)
  • CHRISTIAN WOLFF - Preludes, Variations, Studies, and Incidental Music (Sub Rosa)
  • GOSPELBEACH - Let It Burn (Alive Naturalsound)
  • GRAND VAPIDS - Eat The Shadow (Self-Released)
  • PAPER BEAT SCISSORS - Parallel Line (Forward Music Group)
  • BARNES & BARNES - Voobaha (Demented Punk Records)
  • MUSK - Animal Husbandry b/w The Floor (Total Punk)
  • MICHAEL HARLEY - Come Closer (New Focus)
  • RICHARD AND THE YOUNG LIONS - Volume 2 (Wicked Cool)
  • SURF CURSE - Heaven Surrounds You (Danger Collective)
  • BLOOD RHYTHMS - Civil War (No Part Of It)
  • DREAM SKILLS - Volume I: playgrounds (fortissimo)
  • CABARET VOLTAIRE - 1974-76 (Mute)
  • CURLEYS - s/t (Total Punk)
  • LEE "SCRATCH" PERRY - Rootz Reggae Dub (Megawave)
  • PINKLIPS - Pink Is The New F*&% You (Modern Vegan)
  • PIXVAE - Cali (Buda Musique)
  • VARIOUS - Vent The Spew, Vol. 1 (Red Hour)
  • ESPEN BERG TRIO - Free to Play (Odin Records)
  • INDIAN SUMMER - Cherry Smash (Fun With Tape)
  • OLIVIA JEAN - Night Owl (Third Man)
  • THE LIVERNOISE - P.O.O.P. (Phony Old Oily Politicians) (Great Again Records?)
  1. BLACKS' MYTHS - Blacks' Myths II (Atlantic Rhythms)
  2. AARON RUSSELL - Coral Music (Gertrude Tapes)
  3. TAKAHIRO MUKAI - Helplessness (Degenerate Trifecta)
  4. DREAM SKILLS - Volume I: playgrounds (fortissimo)
  5. GROTTO TERRAZZA - Stumpfer Gegenstand (Maple Death)
  6. YIALMELIC FREQUENCIES - Yililok (Leaving)
  7. TRESQUE - Tendresse, Encore (Zamzamrec)
  8. DONKEY NO NO - Pretty Confusing (Feeding Tube)
  9. DISTANCE MACHINE - Distance Machine (Cloister Recordings)
  10. CHURCH SHUTTLE - Mind Leash (anathema archive)
  1. DISCO JUNK - Underage Punk (HoZac)
  2. TYVEK - Changing Patterns of Protective Coating (Double Tapes)
  3. KRGA - Mysterious Lady b/w Don't Ask Don't Tell (Hoser Records)
  4. THISTLE GROUP - Thistle Group (Soft Abuse)
  5. AMERICAN NUDISM - Negative Space (K Records)
  6. MOTHER, JUGGS, AND SPEED - Party Trash b/w You're Bumming My Trip (Radical Documents)
  7. PLEATHER - Wasting Time with Riot (Feral Kid)
  8. MUSK - Animal Husbandry b/w The Floor (Total Punk)
  9. CURLEYS - s/t (Total Punk)
  10. THE LIVERNOISE - P.O.O.P. (Phony Old Oily Politicians) (Great Again Records?)
Even More People You May Know 
Monday, October 21st, 9am - Noon 
on Surface Noise with Joe McGasko 

Last year around this time, Joe did a show he really enjoyed. It was the second time he did it. He played songs with titles that named people: First name, last name. An example of this type of song would be David Bowie's "Andy Warhol" (although he hasn't played that one yet). This year, Joe will be playing more songs like this. It will be fun and informative. He hopes you will also enjoy it. 

Bark and Mike Edison 
Monday, October 21st, Noon - 3pm 
on Three Chord Monte with Joe Belock 

Bark is the alt-duo of husband/wife Tim Lee (bass VI) and Susan Bauer Lee (drums), both formerly of the Tim Lee 3. Before that, Tim was a member of the legendary Windbreakers. They return to play another cool live set. Mike Edison, himself a notorious raconteur and accomplished drummer, is the author of Sympathy for the Drummer: Why Charlie Watts Matters. This book is both a gonzo rush—capturing the bristling energy of the Rolling Stones and the times in which they lived—and a wide-eyed reflection on why the Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Band in the World needed the world's greatest rock 'n' roll drummer. 

Greg Fox and Micah Frank live at Monty Hall 
Monday, October 21st, 3:01pm - 6pm 
on Radio Ravioli with Olivia 

We'll hear live sets from Micah Frank on amplified cactus and Greg Fox on modular synth. These are from their performances at Plants and Synths, which happened on October 10 at WFMU's own Monty Hall. 

Station Manager Ken Freedman 
Monday, October 21st, 6pm - 7pm 
on Techtonic with Mark Hurst 

Humans vs. robots - who will win? Station Manager Ken Freedman joins Mark Hurst on the next Techtonic to discuss recent cases of human-on-robot violence. 

The Big Planet British Beat Battle! 
Monday, October 21st, 8pm - 11pm 
on Big Planet Noise with Bob Irwin and Gina Bacon (on Rock & Soul Ichiban stream) 

It’s the simpler times of 1965 all over again as we feature five fantastic British Beat groups who will vie for your chatroom votes: 16 Magazine and Big Planet Noise present The Stones battling The Dave Clark 5 battling The Animals battling The Hermits battling… an unknown, secret guest Beat group… 

Return to Boot City U.S.A. 
Monday, October 21st, 9pm - Midnight 
on The Frow Show with Jesse Jarnow
Join Jesse and WFMU celebrity drop-ins to celebrate the power of noncommercial radio with another full episode dive into unofficial/live/demo/bootleg recordings. If it’s been released, it’s not getting played. 

Kendra Amalie 
Tuesday, October 22nd, 9am - Noon 
on Garbage Time with Matt Warwick 

Kendra Amalie stops by WFMU to bring her cosmic guitar sounds into the Garbaggio Lounge. Her new album "Intuition" is out now on Beyond Beyond is Beyond. 

Michele Brings You "The Feelings Guide to Life - Information, Instruction, Inspiration" 
Tuesday, October 22nd, Noon - 3pm 
on Feelings with Michele with One "L" 

Join Michele as she brings you tips and strategies to get though this wonderful tragedy we call life. Hopefully making your time on hell's creation a little bit funnier and easier. 

Ken and Andy's Bob Dylan Extravaganza 
Wednesday, October 23rd, 9am - Noon 
on Ken's show 

Join Station Manager Ken and Andy Breckman for three hours of Bob Dylan obsessiveness, highlighted by a live remake of the famous 1996 WFMU Bob Dylan Advanced Obituary Show, from 10:15 to 11:15 AM, during which time listener phone calls and remembrances of Bob will be welcome on the air at 201-209-9368. 

Lawrence Kumpf 
Wednesday, October 23rd, 3pm - 5pm 
on Ridgewood Radio with David Weinstein (on Give the Drummer Radio stream) 

Lawrence Kumpf: An illustrated conversation with the founder and director of Blank Forms, whose concerts, talks, and publications have added depth and context to New York’s new music scene. 

A salute to New York Rocker 
Wednesday, October 23rd, 9pm - Midnight 
on The Evan "Funk" Davies Show 

In the late 1970s and early 80s New York Rocker's extensive coverage and arresting visual style made it a vital companion for music fans, and it remains revered today by those who read it. Andy Schwartz, who took over the reins from founding editor Alan Betrock, joins Evan "Funk" Davies tonight to talk about all things Rocker, and they'll be joined by former NYR staffers Glenn Morrow, Lisa Jane Persky, and other former staffers still to be confirmed. Don't miss it! 

CX Kidtronik 
Thursday, October 24th, Midnight - 3am 
on Nickel And Dime Radio with $mall ¢hange
CX produces throwback dancefloor rap, electro, and beyond, has had DJ stints for Anti-Pop Consortium, Atari Teenage Riot and Saul Williams, part of the NYC hardcore/rave outfit Sewer Rats, and is generally out of his mind 

Rosanna Bruno, artist and creator of 'The Slanted Life' 
Thursday, October 24th, 9am - Noon 
on This Is The Modern World with Trouble 

This is the Modern World welcomes Rosanna Bruno, artist and creator of 'The Slanted Life'. Rosanna's witty hand drawn graphic novel enlarges the life of Emily Dickinson, suggesting an alternate Emily to the poet we believe we have come to know. Through her ridiculously funny cartoons, Rosanna creates the social media world of Emily Dickinson, illustrates her closet filled with contemporary designers and reveals Emily pitching reality tv shows. "Tell all the truth but tell it slant" takes on new meaning in this fresh look at a mysterious literary icon. 

It's the Song Not the Singer 
Thursday, October 24th, 9pm - Midnight 
on Music To Spazz By with Dave the Spazz 

Messed-up mind bending instrumentals that'll leave you speechless! 

Marika Hackman 
Friday, October 25th, 3pm - 6pm 
on Sophisticated Boom Boom with Sheila B. 

Music writer Sophie Kemp called Marika Hackman’s third and most recent album, Any Human Friend (Sub Pop), “a singular, extraordinarily horny, and occasionally bleak pop record.” Pleasures of the flesh are explored both alone (“Hand Solo”) and with partners (“Come Undone”), but the sharp guitars, chilly melodies, and Marika’s soft yet serious voice don't quite evoke feelings of sensuousness as much as they do loneliness and a longing for connection. British born and London based, Marika is currently touring the US in support of Any Human Friend, and will be performing live on Sophisticated Boom Boom with her backing band, Girl Friday. 

Put The Needle On The October Hellraiser Hip-Hop History Pt 4: Turntablism & The DJ with DJ ALF 
Friday, October 25th, 7pm - 8pm 
on Put The Needle On The Record with Billy Jam 

In the final of four parts in the 2019 October Hellraiser hip-hop history series Billy Jam, along with co-host and in studio turntablist DJ ALF, will focus on the history of the DJ in hip-hop music/culture. In addition to live scratch routines by DJ ALF, Billy will present a quick mix of early era DJ tracks. Put The Needle On The Record; Friday October 25th at 7pm on WFMU. 

Downtown Popcornville: 100 percent popcorn 45s! 
Friday, October 25th, 8pm - 9pm 
on Downtown Soulville with Mr. Fine Wine 

Inflatalk Radio 
Saturday, October 26th, Midnight - 3am 
on Inflatable Squirrel Carcass with Rich Hazelton 

Three hours of spoken word recordings. That’s the kind of talk radio I like, and perhaps you will too. Samuel Beckett radio plays, Boris Karloff, Leonard Nimoy, John Barth, myths, legends, sound poetry, unsound poetry, instructional records, perhaps a piece or two from some of our DJs, these are a few of the things you may or may not hear tonight. 

Saturday, October 26th, 9am - 11am 
on Double-Dip Recess with Roger and Amanda
Let Roger and Amanda be the soundtrack to your pumpkin-carving and costume-planning. Caution: songs may be ghoulish, gruesome, or ridiculous. 

Author Burt Kearns 
Saturday, October 26th, 11am - 1pm 
on Michael Shelley's show
Michael gets ready for Halloween with a chat with Burt Kearns co-author of "The Show Won't Go On: The Most Shocking, Bizarre, and Historic Deaths of Performers Onstage." 

4 Live Sets: Fast Eddy, Kacy and Clayton, Redd Kross and Surf Curse 
Saturday, October 26th, 3pm - 6pm 
on Todd-o-phonic Todd's show
Todd is proud to present live sets from 4 of the hottest acts in today's world of showbiz. Fast Eddy hails from Denver and is the rock'n'roll result of too many nights spent drinking at The Satire Lounge. Their new EP "Toofer One" is out now on Spaghetty Town. Kacy and Clayton's new Carrying On album (New West) is produced by Wilco's Jeff Tweedy. The second cousins from Saskatchewan continue to excel with their arresting amalgamation of psychedelic folk, English folk revival and the ancestral music of Southern Appalachia. Redd Kross are in the midst of a massive tour with The Melvins. L.A.'s finest take a few moments off to play live on WFMU and celebrate the release of their latest Merge smash "Beyond The Door". Band leaders Jeff and Steven MacDonald have been doing this since they were pre-teens! Surf Curse's new long-player Heaven Surrounds You (Danger Collective), is a coming of age epic, inspired by the many cult films they've cherished throughout their young adulthood. The duo of Nick Rattigan and Jacob Rubeck flush out the live band with a full 5 piece line-up. 

SPEAKING WORDS OF WISDOM: The Flashback 1960s - 2000s Edition 
Sunday, October 27th, 6am - 9am 
on Serious Moonlight Sonatas with Carol 

Hear a veritable freeform array of music, along with the artists themselves speaking about their songs, their craft, their influences, that whacky band name they came up with & maybe even an amusing anecdote about that strange encounter with an Oscar Meyer weiner truck near the Ho-Ho-Kus exit on Route 17. Sure to enlighten your Sunday morning! 

*Diabolus X Machina* 
Monday, October 28th, Midnight - 3am 
on Nowhere Places with SV
Metal of the 8-bit variety (when chugs become bleeps) 

Play It Again, Band 
Monday, October 28th, 9am - Noon 
on Surface Noise with Joe McGasko
If you have a hit in pop music, it's never a bad idea to see if it could be a hit again. That's why the Ventures did "Walk Don't Run" and then "Walk Don't Run '64." That's why David Bowie did "Fame" and then "Fame '90." Tune in for an entire show made up of performers reviving their hits for new pop eras with varying degrees of success. 

Three Hour Edition of The Secret Harmony 
Monday, October 28th, 3:01pm - 6pm 
on Radio Ravioli with Olivia
Over the last couple months, Olivia has been making original compositions for radio in a segment on her show called "The Secret Harmony." Usually lasting five minutes or less, this one will last the entire show, and will feature found sounds, radio collage, and original electronics, with Olivia guiding you through the fray. Whether you catch a few minutes or tune into the entire show, prep your ears for a deep dive into sound and memory on this special show, where dreams become thought. 

Big Planet Noise 4th Annual “Halloween-Not-Halloween” Special! 
Monday, October 28th, 8pm - 10pm 
on Big Planet Noise with Bob Irwin and Gina Bacon (on Rock & Soul Ichiban stream) 

We play three kinds of records in our “Halloween-Not-Halloween” shows: records that scared the crap out of me as a kid, records that still scare the crap out of me, and records that my father forbade me from playing in the house (while simultaneously threatening to send me to “military school to straighten me out.”) 

Eyes of Chaos/Veil of Order with Gary Lambert 
Monday, October 28th, 9pm - Midnight 
on The Frow Show with Jesse Jarnow 

Radio veteran Gary Lambert visits WFMU to discuss to Eyes of Chaos/Veil of Order, the avant-garde KPFA show he hosted with Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh in the early ‘90s. Gary and Jesse will dive into a trove of music submitted for consideration during the show’s last season and talk about (and listen to) recordings from Gary’s 50+ years of music freakdom. 

Halloween Spooktacular: Jonathan Herweg joins Micah on Music of Mind Control 
Tuesday, October 29th, 6pm - 7pm 
on Music Of Mind Control with Micah
DJ Herweg will join Micah for some pre-Halloween hijinx as he allows the Micah to use him as an open channel for the spirit world. 

A profile and sampling of Arthur Russell's work. 
Wednesday, October 30th, 3pm - 5pm 
on Ridgewood Radio with David Weinstein (on Give the Drummer Radio stream)
Arthur Russell: A profile and sampling of the songwriter’s work including recently restored recordings and a long lost, unheard concert of experimental work from 1985. 

Pre-War Blues Special with Andy Maltz 
Wednesday, October 30th, 7pm - 8pm 
on Weekly World Blues with Matt Fiveash 

Friend of the show Andy Maltz drops by to play some of his favorite pre-war sides and chat with us about how great and misunderstood this music is and how much everything else sucks. 

Stag plays live 
Wednesday, October 30th, 9pm - Midnight 
on The Evan "Funk" Davies Show
GET READY TO BE BEDAZZLED! Seattle's Stag, who wowed WFMU listeners a couple of years ago with "The Bedazzler" (Evan's #1 single of 2017!) bring their '70s-infused glam-pop swagger to the WFMU airwaves at long last! The band includes That Petrol Emotion singer Steve Mack, as well as former members of Alcohol Funnycar and The Cops. Their latest album Electric Mistress is out now! Make sure you're there for the Stag party on Wednesday night, October 30, at 9pm! 

Halloween evil muzak special with Peter Gunn and Crito 
Thursday, October 31st, Midnight - 3am 
on Nickel And Dime Radio with $mall ¢hange 

Becoming an annual thing? Peter Gunn and Crito return once again to trade off dark sided electronic and other sounds into the wee hours 

Caitlin Keegan 
Thursday, October 31st, 9am - Noon 
on This Is The Modern World with Trouble
Caitlin Keegan, illustrator and surface pattern designer returns to WFMU to celebrate All Hallows' Eve. Caitlin is the author and illustrator of The Illuminated Tarot and Dreamer’s Journal. We will talk about dreams, nightmares and tarot cards while playing music that might please witches. 

Fabio has Clay Pigeon as his co-host today! 
Thursday, October 31st, 3pm - 6pm 
on Strength Through Failure with Fabio 

Fabio will have the inimitable Clay Pigeon as his co-host for a head scratching pairing unlike any other in the history of WFMU personalities. Tune in to hear frustrating musical selections, unlikely statements of wonder, non sequiturs and other hair raising personality juxtapositions. Most importantly, tune in to help us raise money for WFMU! 3pm, October 31. 

Halloween Frightfest! 
Thursday, October 31st, 8pm - 9pm 
on Make With The Shake with DJ Pat K (on Rock & Soul Ichiban stream) 

Hang some garlic above the turntable, steal your kids' candy, and do the zombie watusi! Make With The Shake on WFMU's Rock & Soul Ichiban stream will be delivering a Halloween horrorfest of the most chilling soul, r&b, and garage 45s that DJ Pat K can dig out from his vinyl crypt! (WFMU not legally responsible if you DIE of fright!) 

Halloween Spooktacular! 
Thursday, October 31st, 9pm - Midnight 
on Music To Spazz By with Dave the Spazz
Blast away your trick-or-treaters with this Halloween Stereo Simulcast Soundtrack in Spazz-A-Rama! Count Spazzula and Bingo the Gorilla guide you through the dark ride that is the Music To Spazz By Halloween Spooktacular. 

Pale Lips + Chrissie Hynde 
Saturday, November 2nd, 3pm - 6pm 
on Todd-o-phonic Todd's show
Montreal's Pale Lips refer to themselves as "drippy mascara slopped rock'n'roll with sprinkles!". Their latest album for Spaghetty Town, "After Dark", is a joyous concoction of punk infused two and half minute number one hits. Don't miss them rocking out at St. Vitus in Brooklyn on October 27th and be sure to tune in for their live set on Todd's show. Rock goddess Chrissie Hynde shoots the breeze with Todd-O-Phonic regarding her new album "Valve Bone Woe", The Pretenders and more! 

Jennifer Vanilla 
Monday, November 4th, 3:01pm - 6pm 
on Radio Ravioli with Olivia 

Jennifer's here to help! Performance artist and self-described "culturally absorbent prototype" Jennifer Vanilla joins Olivia in the studio to perform, take calls, and play some records. Jennifer Vanilla released her motivational dance floor hit J.E.N.N.I.F.E.R. EP on Beats In Space on October 18. We'll hear new cuts from J.E.N.N.I.F.E.R. EP and more. Tune in! 

Fri Oct 25 – WFMU Movie Night “Night Of The Living Dead” with an original live score by the Morricone Youth | tickets

Sat Oct 26 – Karaoke Night with Clay Pigeon | door

Wed Oct 30 – Seven Second Delay Standup Comedy Mischief Night | tickets

Sat Nov 2 – Protex | tickets

Sun Nov 3 – Mike Doughty Plays Soul Coughing’s “Ruby Vroom” 25th Anniversary Tour/The Ghost Of Mr. Oberon | tickets

Fri Nov 22 – Sarah Shook and The Disarmers tickets



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