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Hello! Here's a compiled list of all the new music we've been playing over the past month at WFMU. Yes, it's a super long list, but rightfully so, to represent all the new music that we play at the station. 

I'd love to hear from you. Feel free to get in touch.
Olivia Bradley-Skill
Music Director
  • MOON DUO - Stars Are The Light (Sacred Bones)
  • KIM GORDON - No Home Record (Matador)
  • ARTHUR RUSSELL - Iowa Dream (Audika)
  • KOKOKO! - Fongola (Transgressive)
  • PURPLE PILGRIMS - Perfumed Earth (Flying Nun)
  • CARLA DAL FORNO - Look Up Sharp (Kallista Records)
  • ANGEL OLSEN - All Mirrors (Jagjaguwar)
  • GUERILLA TOSS - What Would The Odd Do? (Nna Tapes)
  • KACY & CLAYTON - Carrying On (New West)
  • JAB - Erg Herbe (Shelter Press)
  • JUANA MOLINA - For Fun (Crammed Discs)
  • SUSS - High Line (Northern Spy)
  • NEGATIVLAND - True False (Seeland)
  • THE ELEVATOR OPERATORS - s/t EP (13 O'Clock)
  • SHINTARO SAKAMOTO - Boat b/w Dear Future Person (CD version) (Zelone Records)
  • ERNEST HOOD - Neighborhoods (Freedom To Spend)
  • LUC FERRARI - Photophonie (Transversales Disques)
  • STEVE HAUSCHILDT - Nonlin (Ghostly International)
  • SWANS - Leaving Meaning (Young God)
  • SHANA FALANA - Darkest Light (Arrowhawk)
  • ALLAH-LAS - Lahs (Mexican Summer)
  • GHOST FUNK ORCHESTRA - A Song For Paul (Karma Chief)
  • BATTLES - Juice B Crypts (Warp)
  • KA BAIRD - Respires (RVNG Intl.)
  • THE POP GROUP - Y (Mute)
  • ANGEL BAT DAWID - The Oracle (Intergalactic Mantra Recording Co.)
  • GLENN BRANCA - The Third Ascension (Systems Neutralizers)
  • MIKAL CRONIN - Seeker (Merge)
  • THE CHINESE RESTAURANTS - Instant Music (Ever/Never)
  • THE JAY VONS - The Word (La Castanya)
  • CHARLES RUMBACK & RYLEY WALKER - Little Common Twist (Thrill Jockey)
  • NORMAL BRAIN - Lady Maid (Wrwtfww)
  • ZONAL - Wrecked (Relapse)
  • ACID ARAB - Jdid (Crammed Discs)
  • MOON ON THE WATER - s/t (Black Sweat)
  • HÔPITAL DE LA CONCEPTION - The Electric Rockin' Chair (Opaque Dynamo / Cardinal Fuzz / Feeding Tube)
  • IKEBE SHAKEDOWN - Kings Left Behind (Colemine)
  • JENNY HVAL - The Practice of Love (Sacred Bones)
  • STEREOLAB - Dots and Loops (expanded edition) (Warp)
  • CHEVAL SOMBRE - Been a Lover b/w The Calfless Cow (Market Square)
  • FKA TWIGS - Magdalene (Young Turks)
  • SOUNDS OF LIBERATION - Sounds of Liberation (Dogtown Records)
  • JIM SULLIVAN - If The Evening Were Dawn (Light In the Attic)
  • LEE NOBLE - The Man Who Bites His Tongue (No Label)
  • LIGHTNING BOLT - Sonic Citadel (Thrill Jockey)
  • ITASCA - Spring (Paradise of Bachelors)
  • KLEIN - Lifetime (ijn inc.)
  • DAN FRIEL - Fanfare (Thrill Jockey)
  • MATANA ROBERTS - Coin Coin Chapter Four: Memphis (Constellation Records)
  • TOMAGA AND PIERRE BASTIEN - Bandiera Di Carta (Other People)
  • DELIA DERBYSHIRE - The Dreams (Fantome Phonographique)
  • TACHYCARDIE - Probables (unjenesaisquoi)
  • BIG THIEF - Two Hands (4AD)
  • JIM SULLIVAN - s/t (Light In the Attic)
  • SARAH PAGE - Dose Curves (Backward Music)
  • VARIOUS - Music from Jarvis Cocker's Sunday Service (Ace)
  • LAURA AGNUSDEI - Laurisilva (Tapeworm)
  • VARIOUS - Seitō: In the beginning, woman was the sun (Akuphone)
  • VETIVER - Up On High (Mama Bird)
  • TELEVISIONARIES - Ram-A Lam-A (Hi-Tide Recordings)
  • DANNY BROWN - uknowhatimsayin? (clean) (Warp)
  • SCOTT WALKER - Live on Air 1968-1969 (London Calling)
  • JULIANA HATFIELD - Juliana Hatfield Sings The Police (American Laundromat)
  • WILCO - Ode To Joy (dBpm)
  • CHROMATICS - Closer To Grey (Italians Do It Better)
  • TEMPLES - Hot Motion (ATO Records)
  • HARRY NILSSON - Losst and Founnd (Omnivore Recordings)
  • KARATE BOOGALOO - KB's Mixtape No. 2 (Hopestreet)
  • LAND OF KUSH - Sand Enigma (Constellation)
  • URSULA 1000 - Esoterique (Insect Queen Music)
  • GARCIA PEOPLES - One Step Behind (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond)
  • SPRAY PAINT - Into The Country (12xu)
  • FOXES IN FICTION - Trillium Killer (Orchid Tapes)
  • PHARMAKON - Devour (Sacred Bones)
  • RYUICHI SAKAMOTO - Thousand Knives of Ryuichi Sakamoto (Wewantsounds)
  • CLANG! - Whac-A-Mole (Self-Released)
  • ROCKET 808 - Rocket 808 (12xu)
  • SLUMP - Flashbacks from Black Dust Country (Feel It Records)
  • DJ FEMALE CONVICT SCORPION - Stanford Wednesday (Kzsu)
  • VARIOUS - No Other Love: Midwest Gospel 1965-78 (Tompkins Square)
  • CRÈME DE HASSAN - Tricontinental Circus (Inversions Music)
  • VARIOUS - Bulawayo Blue Yodel (Mississippi)
  • ESPEN SOMMER EIDE - The Waves (Sofa Music)
  • PAN AMERICAN - A Son (Kranky)
  • VON HAYES - Moderate Rock (No Label)
  • WARMDUSCHER - Tainted Lunch (Leaf)
  • MATTHEW J. ROLIN - s/t (Feeding Tube)
  • LANKUM - The Livelong Day (Rough Trade)
  • SUDAN ARCHIVES - Athena (Stones Throw)
  • PAINT THINNER - Hagioscope to the Heart (ŌblĒk)
  • BATANG FRISCO - Batang Frisco (Numero Group)
  • BLACK MARBLE - Bigger Than Life (Sacred Bones)
  • FREDDIE GIBBS AND MADLIB - Bandana (clean) (Keep Cool)
  • MASAHIRO SUGAYA - Horizon Vol. 1 (Empire of Signs)
  • BRITTANY HOWARD - Jaime (ATO Records)
  • CEO OF EVERYTHING (DIREKTOR VSEGO) - Vsego (Incompetence)
  • PSYCHIC LEMON - Freak Mammal (Self-Released)
  • STARCRAWLER - Devour You (Rough Trade)
  • EMPTYSET - Blossoms (Thrill Jockey)
  • ANDREW DR ABBOTT - Dead In Chellow Dean (Cardinal Fuzz / Feeding Tube)
  • LOSCIL - Equivalents (Kranky)
  • MANINKARI - L'océan rêve dans sa loisiveté "third session" (Three:four Records)
  • TIM WALTERS - Neither Here Nor There (Vauxflores Industrial)
  • EARTHEATER - Trinity (Chemical X)
  • ELIZABETH JOAN KELLY - Farewell, Doomed Planet! (Self-Released)
  • JOY CLEANER - You're So Jaded (Jigsaw)
  • LUMEN DRONES - Umbra (Hubro)
  • MERMAIDENS - Look Me In The Eye (Flying Nun)
  • RAMLEH - The Great Unlearning (Nashazphone)
  • SCHNEIDER TM & JOCHEN ARBEIT - Ra (Erototox Decodings)
  • SUNWATCHERS - HausLive 1 (Hausu Mountain)
  • THE BRIEFS - Platinum Rats (Burger)
  • THE GOOD ONES - Rwanda, you should be loved (Anti-)
  • LORI GOLDSTON - Things Opening (Second Editions)
  • LOS SHAIN'S - El Ritmo De Los Shain's (Munster)
  • PAULINE OLIVEROS / GUY KLUCEVSEK - Sounding / Way (Important Records)
  • ANNA MEREDITH - Fibs (Moshi Moshi)
  • FLOATING POINTS - Crush (Ninja Tune)
  • THE SHIVAS - Dark Thoughts (Tender Loving Empire)
  • DENNIS YOUNG - Visions (Daehan Electronics)
  • GUIDED BY VOICES - Sweating The Plague (GBV Inc.)
  • LIFE - A Picture of Good Health (Pias)
  • ROBERT GLASPER - F*ck Yo Feelings (Loma Vista)
  • SYLVIA BLACK - Twilight Animals (Self Released)
  • BAFUS/BREWER/RASKIN - Hornets/Queasy (Lather Records)
  • FRED LANE & THE DISHEVELED MONKEYBITERS - Icepick To The Moon (Feeding Tube)
  • KING KHAN EXPERIENCE - Turkey Ride (Ernest Jenning Record Co.)
  • KRISTIAN POULSEN - In- & Output (KP Entertainment)
  • THE LLOYD PACK - On Holiday with... (Feeding Tube)
  • TOM OF ENGLAND - Sex Monk Blues (Long Island Electrical Systems)
  • FAILED FLOWERS - Faces (Slumberland Records)
  • FAST EDDY - Toofer One (Spaghetty Town Records)
  • COMMON HOLLY - When I say to you Black Lightning (Barsuk)
  • LOS PIRAÑAS - Historia Natural (Glitterbeat)
  • NEAL FRANCIS - Changes (Karma Chief)
  • TELEFON TEL AVIV - Dreams Are Not Enough (Ghostly International)
  • HONEY RADAR - Ruby Puff Of Dust (What's Your Rupture?)
  • FEET - What's Inside Is More than Just Ham (Clapped Records)
  • JOHN COLTRANE - Blue World (Impulse!)
  • NAHAWA DOUMBIA - La Grande Cantatrice Malienne (Awesome Tapes From Africa)
  • STEREOLAB - Emperor Tomato Ketchup (Expanded Edition) (Warp)
  • VARIOUS - Classic Productions by Surin Phaksiri: Luk Thung Gems from the 1960s​-​80s (EM Records)
  • BROKEN ENGLISH CLUB - White Rats II (Long Island Electrical Systems)
  • EXTENDED ORGAN - Vibe (Important Records)
  • KAPUTT - Carnage Hall (Upset the Rhythm)
  • STEREOLAB - Cobra and Phases Group Play Voltage in the Milky Night (Expanded Edition) (Warp)
  • PATTI - Good Big (Erste Theke Tontraeger)
  • FASCINATIONS GRAND CHORUS - Presentations of Electrical Confectionery (Self Released)
  • FRIENDSHIP - Dreamin' (Ordinal Records)
  • AARON DOLMAN - Nostalgia and Other Fantasies (Self Released)
  • BARRETT MARTIN GROUP - Indwell (Sunyata)
  • BONNIE BAXTER - Axis (Hausu Mountain)
  • DELPHINE DORA - Dunkles Zu Sagen (Fort Evil Fruit)
  • EL LAGO - Pyramid (Wallflower Records)
  • FEDERALE - No Justice (Jealous Butcher)
  • IAN HAWGOOD + PHIL TOMSETT - Fragmented Boundaries (Home Normal)
  • SASHA BELL - Love Is Alright (Both Sides Now)
  • SUN RA & HIS MYTH SCIENCE ARKESTRA - When Angels Speak of Love (Cosmic Myth Records)
  • VARIOUS - Jon Savage's 1969-1971 Rock Dreams (Ace)
  • BEAU WANZER - Beau Wanzer (Long Island Electrical Systems)
  • RATS ON RAFTS - Where Is My Dream? / Meggy (Spazz)
  • THE MONKEY POWER TRIO - You Can Do Anything The Universe Wants You To Do (Pocahontas Swamp Machine)
  • DESERT SESSIONS - Vol 11 & 12 (Matador)
  • GEOWULF - My Resignation (Pias)
  • IGUANA DEATH CULT - Nude Casino (Innovative Leisure)
  • ROBERT JOHNSON - Close Personal Friend (Burger)
  • ROBERT WORBY - Factitious Air (Electronic Music) (Tappersize)
  • VARIOUS - American Tunes: Songs by Paul Simon (Ace)
  • YANN NOVAK - Slowly Dismantling (Room40)
  • AKI ONDA & PAUL CLIPSON - Make Visible The Ghosts (audioMER.)
  • IDEA FIRE COMPANY - The Light That Never Ceases To Fail (Feeding Tube)
  • MUTTER - Ich schäme mich Gedanken zu haben die andere Menschen in ihrer Würde verletzen (Die Eigene Gesellschaft)
  • THE ROCKIN' RAMRODS - The Rockin' Ramrods (Modern Harmonic / BeatRocket!)
  • ANAMANAGUCHI - [usa] (Polyvinyl)
  • BANTOU MENTALE - Bantou Mentale (Glitterbeat)
  • GABRIELE MITELLI - The World Behind The Skin (We Insist!)
  • HANA VU - Nicole Kidman/Anne Hathaway (Luminelle)
  • ISAN - Lamenting Machine (Morr Music)
  • KRAAK & SMAAK - Pleasure Centre (Boogie Angst)
  • LITTLE SCREAM - Speed Queen (Merge)
  • MARIA W HORN - Epistasis (Hallow Ground)
  • OMNI - Networker (Sub Pop)
  • PEACH PYRAMID - Bright Blue (Oscar St.)
  • STEVEN WARWICK - Moi (Pan)
  • THE REVILLOS - From The Freezer (Damaged Goods)
  • VARIOUS - Shel's Girls: From The Planet Records Vaults (Ace)
  • ALEXIS GIDEON - Upgrade Soul (Fpe)
  • TRAMPOLINE TEAM - Trampoline Team (HoZac)
  • VARIOUS - Au-Dela (Meakusma / La Scie Dorée)
  • VLAD AND THE IMPALERS - Serfs Up (Soundflat)
  • CLIPPING. - There Existed An Addiction To Blood (Sub Pop)
  • MESSER CHUPS - Spook​-​o​-​rama (Musick Recordings)
  • PETROLOUKAS HALKIAS & VASILIS KOSTAS - The Soul of Epirus (Artway - Technotropon)
  • WALRUS - Cool To Who (Outside Music)
  • SPIDER BAGS - A Celebration of Hunger (Sophomore Lounge)
  • VARIOUS - Garland Records: Pacific Northwest Fuzz Box (Beat Rocket)
  • ELECTRIC FUNERAL - The Wild Performance (Guerssen)
  • BORIS - LOVE & EVOL (Third Man)
  • DE LORIANS - De Lorians (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond)
  • THE BE POSITIVES - s/t (White Zoo)
  • MAMADOU KELLY - Les Bateaux (Clermont Music)
  • ROLAND BUCHER - Viaje (Hallow Ground)
  • MILLION BRAZILIANS - Urban Fossickated Octave (Feeding Tube)
  • FRAN - A Private Picture (Fire Talk)
  • LARRY GUS - Subservient (Dfa)
  • LAZER BOY - Lazer Boy 4 (Vanity Case Records)
  • MARCONI UNION - Dead Air (Just Music)
  • MARCOS VALLE - Braziliance (Mr Bongo)
  • MATT MALTESE - Krystal (7476)
  • SQUARE PEG ROUND HOLE - Branches (National Sawdust Tracks)
  • VARIOUS - Barbi(e)turix Compilation BBX #1 (Vertical Records)
  • SORE POINTS - Not Alright (Slovenly)
  • CAT CASUAL & THE FINAL WORD - The Secret Self (SonaBLAST! Records)
  • VARIOUS - Kinshasa 1978 (Crammed Discs)
  • WARREN TEAGARDEN AND THE GOOD GRIEF - Modern Drugs (meaningless world records)
  • CIRCLING VULTURES - 12" (Long Island Electrical Systems)
  • FOREST MANAGEMENT - After Dark (American Dreams)
  • LUMINANCE - Ahead (Medical)
  • ROACH MOTEL - It's Lonely At The Top (Floridas Dying)
  • BRAN(...)POS - Cosmic Mushroom (No Label)
  • 3 MUSKETIERE - Abflug (Terp)
  • CIGARETTES AFTER SEX - Cry (Partisan)
  • MADE TO BREAK - F4 Fake (Trost)
  • OLD CASTLE - Old Castle (Alrealon Musique)
  • POPPY JEAN CRAWFORD - Poppy Jean Crawford EP (30th Century Records)
  • VARIOUS - Body Beat: Soca-Dub and Electronic Calypso (1979-98) (Soundway)
  • VASE - Pixelated Red Squirrel (Hand Idiom Recordings)
  • FOSTER CARE - El Abuso (Total Punk)
  • GOG - Something On A Thin Rope (Self Released)
  • INVALID SISTERS - S/t (Youuoy Records)
  • J.R. BOHANNON - Dusk (figureight)
  • CHICANO BATMAN & CALONCHO - Hablame B/W Corazón De Roca (ATO Records)
  • ANAÏS MAVIEL - in the garden (Gold Bolus)
  • ISAAM HAJALI - Mouasalat Ila Jacad El Ard (Habibi Funk)
  • KYLE EYRE CLYD - Eggshell (Yew)
  • MICHAEL BYRON - Bridges of Pearl and Dust (Cold Blue Music)
  • VARIOUS - Yesterday Has Gone: The Songs Of Teddy Randazzo (Ace)
  • DNTEL - Hate In My Heart (les albums claus)
  • PATTY WATERS - Live (Blank Forms Editions)
  • SPELTERINI - Pergélisol (Kythibong)
  • WILLIAM ENGELEN - 32 bpm (Edition Telemark)
  • CHARLY BLISS - Supermoon (Barsuk)
  • EDNA VAZQUEZ WITH PINK MARTINI - Besame Mucho (Heinz Records)
  • LUKE LALONDE - The Perpetual Optimist (Paper Bag)
  • MINYOS CRUSADERS - Echoes of Japan (Mais Um Discos)
  • RICHARD SHIRK - Arcadia (Self-Released)
  • VARIOUS - Dave Godin's Deep Soul Treasures Volume 5 (Ace)
  • FLOROS FLORIDIS - ​.​L​.​O​.​R​.​O. IV - Future Learning Of Radical Options (To Pikap Records)
  • BELLA - Hadron (Pan Y Rosas Discos)
  • FEA - No Novelties (Blackheart)
  • GREEN BUZZARD - Amidst The Clutter And Mess (I Oh You)
  • I KNOW I'M AN ALIEN - I'm Not On Drugs (Self-Released)
  • LUCIFER WAS - Underground And Beyond (Guerssen)
  • MARGAUX - More Brilliant Is The Hand That Throws The Coin (Massif Records)
  • ROCKABYE BABY! - Lullabye Renditions of Katy Perry (Rockabye Baby!)
  • SAM EASTMOND - Gulgoleth (Chant Records)
  • VARIOUS - Pacific Northwest Stash Box (Beat Rocket)
  • AARON NOVIK - The Hotel of the 13 Losses / Rotterdam (Self Released)
  • BASEMENT REVOLVER - Wax and Digital (Sonic Unyon)
  • SEAN HENRY - A Jump From The High Dive (Double Double Whammy)
  • VARIOUS - On Corrosion (Helen Scarsdale Agency)
  • BLUES LAWYER - Something Different (Mt. St. Mtn.)
  • GINO AND THE GOONS - Rip It Up (Slovenly)
  • HUMAN ADULT BAND - Weird Mirror (Nostorca)
  • RUSH TO RELAX - Rush To Relax (Look Back and Laugh)
  • VARIOUS - Brick & Mortar (Northern Spy Records / NNA Tapes)
  • BAD//DREEMS - Doomsday Ballet (Farmer Owl)
  • BEABADOOBEE - Space Cadet EP (Dirty Hit)
  • DOUBLE NELSON - Erreur 89450 (Self Released)
  • FAY VICTOR - Barn Songs (Northern Spy)
  • IAN WELLMAN - Bioaccumulation (Room 40)
  • GEA - Butterflies (Fragity Oy)
  • SOGA - Demo (Iron Lung)
  • THE KIWI ANIMAL - Music Media (Digital Regress)
  • WIVES - So Removed (City Slang)
  • EARTHLOGOFF - Fungym (Kitchen Leg)
  • DANS LES ARBRES - Volatil (Sofa Music)
  • MARIA CHAVEZ - Plays (Macro)
  • DANNY OXENBERG + BEAR GALVIN + FRIENDS - Early Abstractions, Vol. 1 (Feeding Tube / Three:Four)
  • FUTURE SILENCE - Future Silence (Half A Cow Records)
  • HAAPOJA & ILLMARI KOLLEKTIIVI - Uusi maailma (No Label)
  • HYEMEN & METALFUNKEL - Coasters (Bits and Waves)
  • PERU NEGRO - Peru Negro (Vampisoul)
  • MOLLY SARLE - Karaoke Angel (Partisan)
  • ROBERT ASHLEY - Improvement (Don Leaves Linda) (Lovely Music)
  • CHRISTOPHE CLÉBARD - Honte (les albums claus)
  • STONEFIELD - Bent (Flightless)
  • THE FALLEN LEAVES - Maximum Minimum (Parliament)
  • ALTIN GUN - Süpürgesi Yoncadan b/w Vay Vay (ATO Records)
  • HAAI - Systems Up, Windows Down (Mute)
  • PATRICK WATSON - Wave (Domino)
  • PERCEPTION - Live at Le Stadium (Souffle Continu)
  • SUBDUXTION - The Black Point (Aagoo)
  • THE LONDON SOUND SURVEY - Thames (Persistence of Sound)
  • TYCHO - Weather (Mom + Pop / Ninja Tune)
  • JONATHAN SOMETHING - Art So Small You Can Hardly See It (Solitaire)
  • COLOURED BALLS - Heavy Metal Kid b/w Around and Around (Just Add Water)
  • DAVID S. WARE NEW QUARTET - Theatre Garonne, 2008 (Aum Fidelity)
  • GREY PARK - Three Notes On Stockholm Palindrome (267 Lattajjaa)
  • MARK LANEGAN BAND - Somebody's Knocking (Heavenly / PIAS)
  • NATE TRIER - Palehound in a Sea of Color (Self-Released)
  • NICK DUNSTON - Atlantic Extraction (Out Of Your Heads Records)
  • READE MCCARDELL - Tell Me I'm Wrong (No Label)
  • THE CHUTNEYS - Home (Gold Bolus)
  • TUMMYACHE - Humpday (Poor Man)
  • K.V. RAUCOUS - Tornado Rock n' Roll (Tombstone Hop Music)
  • PETITE LEAGUE - Rattler (Zap World Records)
  • MOTORMOUTH MABEL - Knifetrash (Tick Tock Records)
  • DANIEL LIPPEL - Mirrored Spaces (New Focus)
  • DJ PNUTZ - Work Flow (Self-Released)
  • DUB MENTOR - A Slow Hot Wind (Ent-T)
  • FROM THE MOUTH OF THE SUN - Hymn Binding (Lost Tribe Sound)
  • KASPER SKULLERUD VÆRNES & ANDREAS WILDHAGEN - Troposgrafien (Nakama Records)
  • TAWIAH - Starts Again (First Word)
  • PERCEPTION - Perception (Souffle Continu)
  • THE RATS OF NEW YORK - s/t (No Red Tape Music)
  • AARON NOVIK - Berlin // O+O+ (Avant Laguardia)
  • BRIAN SHANKAR ADLER - Fourth Dimension (Chant Records)
  • DANIEL LENTZ - Ending(s) (New World)
  • JEAN-PHILIPPE GROSS - Curling (Eich)
  • KUNÉ - Canada's Global Orchestra (Universal Music Canada)
  • THE BUILDING - Petra (Concord)
  • ARTURAS BUMSTEINAS - Bad Weather Long Play (Edition Telemark)
  • NICHOLAS CARRAS - Missile To The Moon (Modern Harmonic)
  • GHOST WOLVES - Crooked Cop EP (Third Man)
  • POWER - The Fool (Feel It Records)
  • CRAZY BREAD - Vocoder Divorce (Astral Spirits)
  • FAUSTO MAIJSTRAL - The First Five Year Plan (Self Released)
  • WHIT DICKEY / TAO QUARTETS - Peace Planet -&- Box of Light (AUM Fidelity)
  • SUBJECT TO CHANGE - You Knew Sounds (Fur Tuxedo Records)
  • ACID PARENTING - Untitled (No Label)
  • COATIC SEQUENCE - Coatic Plates (Fractal Meat Cuts)
  • BLACK SCIENCE - Worlds Within Worlds, Worlds Without End (No Label)
  • CHICKN - Bel Esprit (Inner Ear)
  • COLIN HINTON - Simulacra (Panoramic Recordings)
  • ICE & BONE - Frostlake (Discus)
  • MATT SARGENT - Separation Songs (Cold Blue Music)
  • DAN MELCHIOR GROUP - Ruins (Heel Turn Records)
  • LEATHER LICKERS - Leather Lickers E.P. (Cool Death)
  1. BRAN(...)POS - Cosmic Mushroom (No Label)
  2. HUMAN ADULT BAND - Weird Mirror (Nostorca)
  3. RUSH TO RELAX - Rush To Relax (Look Back and Laugh)
  4. VARIOUS - Brick & Mortar (Northern Spy Records / NNA Tapes)
  5. EARTHLOGOFF - Fungym (Kitchen Leg)
  6. CRAZY BREAD - Vocoder Divorce (Astral Spirits)
  7. FAUSTO MAIJSTRAL - The First Five Year Plan (Self Released)
  8. ACID PARENTING - Untitled (No Label)
  9. COATIC SEQUENCE - Coatic Plates (Fractal Meat Cuts)
  10. DYLAB - Dances on All Fours (Soil Records)
  1. THE ELEVATOR OPERATORS - s/t EP (13 O'Clock)
  2. CHEVAL SOMBRE - Been a Lover b/w The Calfless Cow (Market Square)
  3. TELEVISIONARIES - Ram-A Lam-A (Hi-Tide Recordings)
  4. FAILED FLOWERS - Faces (Slumberland Records)
  5. FAST EDDY - Toofer One (Spaghetty Town Records)
  6. RATS ON RAFTS - Where Is My Dream? / Meggy (Spazz)
  7. THE MONKEY POWER TRIO - You Can Do Anything The Universe Wants You To Do (Pocahontas Swamp Machine)
  8. VLAD AND THE IMPALERS - Serfs Up (Soundflat)
  9. SORE POINTS - Not Alright (Slovenly)
  10. CHICANO BATMAN & CALONCHO - Hablame B/W Corazón De Roca (ATO Records)
Kate from 79.5 
Thursday, December 12th, 9am - Noon 
on This Is The Modern World with Trouble
Kate from the very fabulous ensemble 79.5 is coming out to dj, yes it's true! Trouble is thrilled, she can't wait for all the fab sounds she will mix up on This is the Modern World. 

Bookclub: The Rings of Saturn by W.G. Sebald (Parts II & III) 
Thursday, December 12th, 6pm - 7pm 
on The Blind Tourist with Adriene 

We continue on Sebald's journey around East Anglia with memories of war, Somerleyton Hall and herring fishing. Either read ahead or wait and read parts II and III after you listen. If you missed it don't forget to catch up with part I in the archives or on the podcast. 

Key Wilde and Mr. Clarke 
Saturday, December 14th, 9am - 11am 
on Double-Dip Recess with Roger and Amanda

A prolific duo influenced by punk, folk, bluegrass, the Beatles, and much more, Key Wilde and Mr. Clarke have been making music together since 1990, and kids' music for the past decade. Wilde, also an illustrator, creates the art for the duo's albums. Roger and Amanda are delighted to welcome them for a live set of their clever, hilarious songs. 

Lakha Khan: Master Fiddler From Rajasthan, India 
Saturday, December 14th, 6pm - 9pm 
on Transpacific Sound Paradise with Rob Weisberg
Lakha Khan is a master of the Sindhi sarangi of Rajasthan - one of India's great folk fiddles. Indian label Amarrass Records has brought him from the village to the world, releasing his albums and bringing him out to tour internationally. Including: A stop at the 2019 WOMEX World Music Expo in Finland, where Khan was selected to showcase. Rob was thrilled to record a session with the master accompanied by his son in the WOMEX EBU Radio Studio. Hear it here on WFMU! 

Sounds Under 64 Not Allowed, first episode 
Sunday, December 15th, 1pm - 2pm 
on Sounds Under 64 Not Allowed with Jan Turkenburg (on Sheena's Jungle Room Stream)
Another new show by DJ Jan Turkenburg (on Sheena's Jungle Room Stream) One hour of 78rpm records only. You'll be amazed. 

Three Chord Monte Christmas Party starring Fascinations Grand Chorus 
Monday, December 16th, Noon - 3pm 
on Three Chord Monte with Joe Belock
Jersey City's favorite indiepop duo combine their love of The Beach Boys, The Misfits, 1910 Fruitgum Company, vintage synths and certain antiquated arcade games into a sweet sound all their own. They'll be playing songs from their just-released debut album as well as cool original holiday numbers. Will their catchy Christmas songs be enough to convince WFMU's resident grinch that he really has had a wonderful life? Tune in to find out! 

Count It Down! with Nate K: A Burn It Down! Best of 2019 Special 
Tuesday, December 17th, 9pm - Midnight 
on Burn It Down! with Nate K.
Time is a construct designed to stave off the inevitable mental collapse that would occur from our inability to contextualize correlative and causal relationships, agreed? So to avoid losing his mind, Nate K. takes his annual look back at the year that was and play tracks from his favorite LPs, EPs, singles, comps, and reissues. Apologies in advance to the creators of the numerous fantastic releases that Nate will surely forget about. 

Spazz Xmas Fiasco! 
Thursday, December 19th, 9pm - Midnight 
on Music To Spazz By with Dave the Spazz
Celebrate the holidays with Spazzy Claus and his musical guests The Wassailants (featuring WFMU DJs Amanda Nazario, Matt Fiveash, Gaylord Fields, Matt Clarke and others)! 

Frame Duggy Louder 250 
Friday, December 20th, 2pm - 4pm 
on Frame Duggy Louder with Jan Turkenburg (on Sheena's Jungle Room Stream) 

250 episodes ago in 2006 DJ Jan Turkenburg started the Dutch language version of Frame Duggy Louder on local radio, in Zwolle The Netherlands. Today he looks back to that first season, playing segments by Ton Rückert and Marco Kalnenek, who had regular items in the show back then. The show finishes off with a brand new guest mix by the Polish DJ Marcin Przyłęcki. 

Molly Burch Holiday Special 
Friday, December 20th, 3pm - 6pm 
on Sophisticated Boom Boom with Sheila B.
Dolly Parton, ABBA, The Mamas & the Papas, and Nino Tempo & April Stevens are a few of the artists covered by Austin-based chanteuse Molly Burch on her brand new record, The Molly Burch Christmas Album (Captured Tracks). It’s a laid-back, exquisitely produced record, swathed in acoustic guitars, soft bells, and Molly’s enchanting voice. She says it’s an album "for people who love Christmas music and don’t love Christmas music,” and she’ll be performing a few of her festive favorites on Sophisticated Boom Boom—just in time for the holidays! 

George Faulkner 
Saturday, December 21st, 11am - 1pm 
on Michael Shelley's show 

Celebrate with Michael as he hosts an on-air holiday party and chats with George Faulkner about his new single, which features songs written by Beach Boys' Wilson brothers dad Murry Wilson! 

Food Art Special 
Monday, January 6th, 2020, 3:01pm - 6pm 
on Radio Ravioli with Olivia
Tune in for thoughts on food, art, memory, nostalgia, and identity. Olivia interviews ceramicist Stephanie Shih, well known for her ceramic dumplings and hyper-realistic porcelain replicas of grocery staples, and more. 

Sat Dec 14 –Laura Cantrell/Juniper/Girls on Grass/The Piggies | tickets

Sun Dec 15 – Laura Stevenson/Adult Mom | tickets

Sun Dec 29 – NRBQ | tickets


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