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Hello! Here's a compiled list of all the new music we've been playing over the past month at WFMU. Yes, it's a super long list, but rightfully so, to represent all the new music that we play at the station. 

I'd love to hear from you. Feel free to get in touch.
Olivia Bradley-Skill
Music Director
  • VON SPAR - Under Pressure (Bureau B)
  • JANE WEAVER - Loops In The Secret Society (Fire)
  • VANISHING TWIN - The Age of Immunology (Fire)
  • CLINIC - Wheeltappers and Shunters (Domino)
  • KAREN MARKS - Cold Cafe (Efficient Space)
  • FRENCH VANILLA - How Am I Not Myself? (Danger Collective)
  • ALDOUS HARDING - Designer (4AD)
  • VARIOUS - Bob Stanley/Pete Wiggs Present: Three Day Week (Ace)
  • ROSE CITY BAND - Rose City Band (Jean Sandwich Records)
  • MORT GARSON - Mother Earth's Plantasia (Sacred Bones)
  • VARIOUS - Planisphere (Numero Group)
  • VARIOUS - Cosmic Discotheque (Take It Acid Is)
  • THE ANEMIC BOYFRIENDS - Fake I.D. / Bad Girls In Love (HoZac)
  • AZYMUTH - Demos (1973-75) Volumes 1&2 (Far Out Recordings)
  • LONG HOTS - Nickel & Dime b/w Give & Take (Third Man)
  • WEEED - You Are The Sky (Half Shell)
  • EMILY A. SPRAGUE - Water Memory / Mount Vision (RVNG Intl.)
  • PIP BLOM - Boat (Heavenly / PIAS)
  • LAURENCE PIKE - Holy Spring (Leaf)
  • YPY - Be A Little More Selfish (EM Records)
  • PETER PERRETT - Humanworld (Domino)
  • PLAYDATE - Manitoulin Tapes (Seance Centre)
  • THE DICTAPHONE - How To Improve Your Relaxing (Un Je Ne Sais Quoi)
  • SUSS - Chisholm Trail b / w Aurora (Northern Spy)
  • 75 DOLLAR BILL - I Was Real (Thin Wrist)
  • RED CHANNEL - Crazy Diamonds (Upset the Rhythm)
  • TENGGER - Spiritual 2 (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond)
  • VARIOUS - Holding Things Together: The Merle Haggard Songbook (Ace)
  • NEUTRALS - Kebab Disco (Emotional Response)
  • SPAZA - Spaza (Mushroom Hour Half Hour)
  • ALESSANDRO ALESSANDRONI - Prisma Sonoro (Roundtable)
  • BILL CALLAHAN - Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest (Drag City)
  • THE ART ENSEMBLE OF CHICAGO - We Are On The Edge - A 50th Anniversary Celebration (Pi Recordings)
  • OKKOTO - Fear the Veil Not the Void (Self-Released)
  • BILLY CHILDISH - Punk Rock Ist Nicht Tot! (Damaged Goods)
  • THE ZOLEPHANTS - Islands of Neptune (Fuzzy Warbles)
  • FOX MILLIONS DUO - Biting Through (Thrill Jockey)
  • J MCFARLANE'S REALITY GUEST - Ta Da (Night School)
  • CHRISTELLE BOFALE - Swim Team (Father/Daughter)
  • NUN - The Dome (HoZac)
  • GARLANDS - Vulneraries Vol. 1 (Tall Owl Audio)
  • ANNA HOMLER - Deliquium in C (Prasens Editionen)
  • INSTITUTE - Readjusting The Locks (Sacred Bones)
  • HOUSE AND LAND - Across The Field (Thrill Jockey)
  • FREDRIK RASTEN - Six Moving Guitars (Sofa Music)
  • MIDDLE KIDS - New Songs For Old Problems (Domino)
  • STRATIS - New Face (Dark Entries)
  • ANNA MIEKE - Idle Mind (Art For Blind )
  • VARIOUS - Wound (Carbon)
  • BEDOUINE - Bird Songs of a Killjoy (Spacebomb)
  • THE OHSEES - Grave Blockers EP (Castle Face)
  • MATTIEL - Satis Factory (ATO Records)
  • DIS FIG - Purge (PTP)
  • DEAD SEA APES - The Free Territory (Cardinal Fuzz / Feeding Tube)
  • CYRNAI - Charred Blossoms (Dark Entries)
  • CITY & I.O - Spirit Volume (PTP)
  • TORN HAWK - Time Is A Scam (Long Island Electrical Systems)
  • STEREO TOTAL - Ah! Quel Cinema! (Tapete)
  • SOUNDS OF LIBERATION - Unreleased (Columbia University 1973) (Dogtown / Brewerytown Beats Records)
  • ZRU VOGUE - s/t (Dark Entries)
  • CIRCUIT DES YEUX - Reaching For Indigo: Gaia Infinitus (Drag City)
  • CONSTANT MONGREL - Experts In Skin (Upset the Rhythm)
  • THE WOOLLY BUSHMEN - In Shambles (Pig Baby)
  • CANALON DE TIMBIQUI - De Mar y Rio (Llorona Records)
  • MARTIN BARTLETT - Anecdotal Electronics: Live Experiments & Other Recordings (Arc Light Editions)
  • DUSTER - Capsule Losing Contact (Numero Group)
  • DYLAN MOON - Only The Blues (No Label)
  • SIMON JOYNER AND FRIENDS - Low Fidelities & Infidelities (Demos & Covers) (Grapefruit)
  • TRIPLE NEGATIVE - Precious Waste In Our Wake (Penultimate Press)
  • WOJCIECH RUSIN - The Funnel (Akashic Records)
  • MODEL ZERO - Model Zero (Black Gladiator / Slovenly)
  • THE ETHIOPIAN QUINTET - Afro Latin Soul Vol. 2 (Strut)
  • DSORDNE - È Un Sole (Dark Entries)
  • JOHN DI STEFANO - For The Moment (Concentric Circles)
  • SARAH BETHE NELSON - Weird Glow (Burger Records)
  • HATCHIE - Keepsake (Double Double Whammy)
  • THE BOSTON TYPEWRITER ORCHESTRA - Termination Without Prejudice, Volume 1 (No Label)
  • IAN WILLIAM CRAIG - Thresholder (Fat Cat)
  • THE GOTOBEDS - Debt Begins at 30 (Sub Pop)
  • DAVID ROTHENBERG - Nightingale Cities (Gruenrekorder)
  • LEE SCRATCH PERRY - Rainford (On-U Sound)
  • LONNA KELLEY - Will I See You b/w Times Waits For No One (Moone Records)
  • AARON MARTIN - A Room Now Empty (Preserved Sound)
  • VARIOUS - Cyclone! Gallic Guitars A-Go-Go 1962-66 (Ace)
  • CARDINAL & NUN - 12 (Long Island Electrical Systems)
  • FRED GALES - Het Jakoba Prieel (Black Sweat)
  • COMFORT - Not Passing (Anxious Music)
  • ANNA WEBBER - Clockwise (Pi Recordings)
  • JAKE XERXES FUSSELL - Out of Sight (Paradise of Bachelors)
  • KEVIN RICHARD MARTIN - Sirens (Room40)
  • SAMANA - Ascension (Fat Cat)
  • 'BLUE' GENE TYRANNY - Out of the Blue (Unseen Worlds)
  • BIG STICK - Much of the Best of Big Stick (Drag Racing Underground)
  • BODY WITHOUT ORGANS - Isis And Thoth (Dark Entries)
  • 'BLUE' GENE TYRANNY AND PETER GORDON - Trust In Rock (Unseen Worlds)
  • WEEPING BONG BAND - II (Feeding Tube)
  • SLAUSON MALONE - A Quiet Farwell, 2016-2018 (Self-Released)
  • TREDICI BACCI - La Fine Del Futuro (NNA Tapes)
  • RIEN VIRGULE - Le Couronnement Des Silex (Zamzam)
  • JOSEPH ALLRED - O Meadowlark (Feeding Tube Records)
  • KLAUS SCHULZE - Next of Kin (Roundtable)
  • MASAYUKI TAKAYANAGI NEW DIRECTION UNIT - April Is The Cruellest Month (Blank Forms Editions)
  • VARIOUS - The Social Power of Music (Smithsonian Folkways)
  • SEBADOH - Act Surprised (Dangerbird)
  • MUTTER - Musik von Samplern und Demos (Die Eigene Gesellschaft)
  • THOMAS CARNACKI - The Museum of Lost Species (Alethiometer Records)
  • CACTUS LEE - Cactus Lee (709 Recording Co.)
  • THE INFINITES - The Infinites (First Humans)
  • GOLDEN PELICANS - Grinding For Gruel (12XU)
  • MATT GIMMICK - Detroit Renaissance '79 EP (HoZac)
  • THE SCHRAMMS - Omnidirectional (Bar None)
  • JANEY & THE RAVEMEN - Midnite Blues b/w Crawling Up A Hill (Soundflat Records)
  • SKINNY PELEMBE - Dreaming Is Dead Now (Brownswood Recordings)
  • PALEHOUND - Black Friday (Polyvinyl)
  • TANDOORI KNIGHTS - Temple of Boom b/w Tandoori Dolly (Slovenly)
  • HARRGA - Héroïques Animaux De La Misère (Avon Terror Corps)
  • DENNIS YOUNG - Sojourn (Daehan Electronics)
  • CARPETBAG TROUT - Boyz From The Black Guff (Help For Zeros)
  • JANE CHURCH - Calimocho Molotov! (Greenway)
  • S S S S - Walls, Corridors, Baffles (Prasens Editionen)
  • DOUG TUTTLE - Dream Road (Burger)
  • BILL BAIRD - Daily Ever Dawning (EBB)
  • ERIK GRISWOLD & CAMERATA STRING QUARTET - Hollows Out Of Time (Harrigans Lane Collective)
  • LEO SVIRSKY - River Without Banks (Unseen Worlds)
  • SAM HOOKER - On The Water (Two Rooms)
  • EARTHEN SEA - Grass and Trees (Kranky)
  • PLEASURE LEFTISTS - The Gate (Feel It)
  • BLACK MOUNTAIN - Destroyer (Jagjaguwar)
  • JACQUES THOLLOT - Quand Le Son Devient Aigu, Jeter La Girafe A La Mer (Souffle Continu)
  • MERIDIAN BROTHERS - Donde Estas Maria? (Soundway)
  • THEE OH SEES - Thee Hounds Of Foggy Notion (Castle Face)
  • TASHI DORJI - but a night that ends... (Moone Records)
  • BOZO SHMO - Freak You, Bozo! (Shmotown Records)
  • THE FALLEN LEAVES - Green Eyes F.C. b/w Motorcycle Girl (Parliament)
  • KRIKOR - Saudi (Long Island Electrical Systems)
  • SUZUKI JUNZO - The Magus (Plunk's Plan)
  • SONTAG SHOGUN - It Billows Up (Youngbloods)
  • PHEW/OREN AMBARCHI/JIM O'ROURKE - Patience Soup (Black Truffle)
  • JUAN WAUTERS - Introducing Juan Pablo (Captured Tracks)
  • GRAHAM DUNNING / EDWARD LUCAS - End Of A Cable (tsss tapes)
  • YOHUNA - Mirroring (Orchid Tapes)
  • THEE SPEAKING CANARIES - Who Are The Shitbirds Playing? (Chunklet Industries)
  • PENGO - File Under WTF??? (Carbon)
  • PHAST PHREDDIE & THEE PRECISIONS - Hungry Freaks Daddy b/w What a Friend I Have In Whiskey (Spacecase)
  • CHESTER HAWKINS - K516156 / 91044 (Intangible Arts)
  • DJ QUEST - Biotronic (Self-Released)
  • SHOLTO DOBIE & MARK HARWOOD - The Blue Horse (Penultimate Press)
  • THE LICE - JK Ultra (Fork in the Outlet)
  • RAFAEL ANTON IRISARRI - Solastalgia (Room 40)
  • XENU & THE THETANS - Xenu & the Thetans (Slovenly)
  • JENNIFER WALSHE - All The Many Peopls (Migro Records)
  • NERVE BEATS - Nerve Beats (Fine Concepts)
  • TITUS ANDRONICUS - An Obelisk (Merge)
  • FREELOADER - The Path of Least Resistance (Rum Bar)
  • ELEPHANT9 - Psychedelic Backfire I (Rune Grammofon)
  • TOYOTA - Toyota (Digital Regress)
  • THE MIGHTY SPARROW - The Slave (Modern Harmonic)
  • RATSO - Stubborn Heart (Lucky Number)
  • ZLURAD - A Blessing or a Curse (For the Good of Evil) ([addicted label])
  • BEIGE - Beige (Feeding Tube Records)
  • YAWNERS - Just Calm Down (La Castanya)
  • DASHER - Dear Humans (Chunklet Industries)
  • PRIVATE ANARCHY - Central Planning (Round Bale Recordings)
  • FRUIT BATS - Gold Past Life (Merge)
  • FROTH - Duress (Wichita)
  • TELEKRIMEN - Culto a lo Imbécil (Slovenly)
  • SHUMOTO/RAMBUTAN - The Migration to Warm Rivers (Lost Forest)
  • COOL FLOWERS - Pig Charade / Angry (Self-Released)
  • THE TOMB WEAVERS - We Dig Sounds (13 O'Clock)
  • MARS - Mars Archives Vol. 3: N. N. End (Feeding Tube / Negative Glam)
  • ATOMIZADOR - Fuego (La Castanya)
  • ANCIENT POOLS - Cosine (Feeding Tube)
  • RICHARD VAIN - Night Jammer (Big Neck)
  • HUMA UTKU - Gnosis (Karlrecords)
  • DIVINO NIÑO - Foam (Winspear)
  • COLLATE - Symptomatic (Self-Released)
  • PRETTIEST EYES - Volume 3 (Castle Face)
  • VARIOUS - Esperanza de OTO 3 (Hakanairo)
  • VIN SOL - Planet Trash (Dark Entries)
  • AMNON RAVIV - Mirror (Paradigm Discs)
  • EDDY SENAY - Step By Step (Modern Harmonic)
  • MY CAT IS AN ALIEN - Spiritual Noise_ Vol . 1 (Antigravitational Records)
  • MARTIN BRANDLMAYR - Vive Les Fantomes (Thrill Jockey)
  • NIKLAS ADAM - Undulate (Sofa Music)
  • DUMB - Club Nites (Mint)
  • VARIOUS - Experimental Sounds Behind The Iron Curtain (Major Label)
  • RATKILLER - blue thirty (Blue Tapes)
  • ELEVEN ELEVEN - Eleven Eleven (FPE)
  • JULIAN LEAL - 1985 Debut (HoZac)
  • SINDRE BJERGA - Hesitation Marks (Eh?)
  • PARLOURS - Who will listen to aches that Everyone has (Penultimate Press)
  • TRIPLE NEGATIVE - TOWERS, OPEN, FIRE / Looking For Business (Penultimate Press)
  • IT THING - Kensington Way Revisited (No Label)
  • BARONESS - Gold & Grey (Abraxan Hymns)
  • COLOURED BALLS - Won't You Make Up Your Mind b/w Devils Disciple (Just Add Water)
  • SOPHIE COOPER - The Little Room (Self-Released)
  • THE HOLLYWOOD STARS - Sound City (Burger)
  • LADRONES - Ladrones (Slovenly)
  • VARIOUS - Territorial Pissings (To Pikap Records)
  • PRUDE BOYS - The Reunion // Daddy (Grumble Records)
  • CALLIOPE MUSICALS - Color/Sweat (Rhyme & Reason)
  • LE REX - Escape of the Fire Ants (Cuneiform)
  • HORSE JUMPER OF LOVE - So Divine (Run For Cover)
  • NOTHING ON SEMBLE - Corners and There Places (Feeding Tube)
  • DECIBEL - The Last Days of Reality (Room 40)
  • SCHNITT - Wand (Alien Transistor)
  • RYAN JEWELL QUINTET - Vibration! (Two Rooms)
  1. DIS FIG - Purge (PTP)
  2. GRAHAM DUNNING / EDWARD LUCAS - End of a Cable (tsss tapes)
  3. COLLATE - Symptomatic (Self-Released)
  4. MAXIMUM ERNST + DANIEL CARTER - Live at Legion Hall (Ever/Never)
  5. KI ONI - You Made It Out Of The Forest Alive (Atlantic Rhythms)
  6. COURTIS / MOORE - 2283 (Gertrude Tapes)
  7. SINDRE BJERGA - Hesitation Marks (Eh?)
  8. IVAN ZOLOTO - Compass (CANT)
  9. POSSET / ULYATT - A Jar Full (Crow Versus Crow)
  10. LANA DEL RABIES - Shadow World (Deathbomb Arc)
  1. LONG HOTS - Nickel & Dime b/w Give & Take (Third Man)
  2. THE ANEMIC BOYFRIENDS - Fake I.D. / Bad Girls In Love (HoZac)
  3. SUSS - Chisholm Trail b​/​w Aurora (Northern Spy)
  4. RED CHANNEL - Crazy Diamonds (Upset The Rhythm)
  5. CHESTER HAWKINS - K516156 / 91044 (Intangible Arts)
  6. TANDOORI KNIGHTS - Temple of Boom b/w Tandoori Dolly (Slovenly)
  7. TRIPLE NEGATIVE - TOWERS, OPEN, FIRE​ / ​Looking For Business (Penultimate Press)
  8. CONSTANT MONGREL - Experts In Skin (Upset The Rhythm)
  9. LONNA KELLEY - Will I See You b/w Times Waits For No One (Moone Records)
  10. PHAST PHREDDIE & THEE PRECISIONS - Hungry Freaks Daddy b/w What a Friend I Have In Whiskey (Spacecase)
Matt Stroud, author of "Thin Blue Lie" 
Monday, July 15th, 6pm - 7pm 
on Techtonic with Mark Hurst 

Matt Stroud joins Mark Hurst on the next Techtonic to talk about his new book "Thin Blue Lie." In the book, Stroud tells the story of the company that makes Tasers, leading to what Stroud calls "the failure of high-tech policing." 

Cult Leader Unicole Unicron 
Tuesday, July 16th, 6pm - 7pm 
on Music Of Mind Control with Micah

Unicole Unicron is the leader of UNICULT, a communal framework for establishing joy. Promoting ideas of intention and manifestation, extraterrestrial intelligence and transhumanist notions of gender and identity, Unicole is a rising pop star cult leader and digital salvationist. She is also the brains behind the Indie GoGo campaign "Eve's Robot Dreams", a consent-focused robot brothel. 

Lesley Karsten & JP Jofre (That's Not Tango: Astor Piazzolla, A Life In Music) 
Tuesday, July 16th, 7pm - 8pm 
on Morricone Island with Devon E. Levins

Producer/actor Lesley Karsten and bandoneonist/composer JP Jofre discuss their upcoming "musical biography" performances of "That's Not Tango: Astor Piazzolla, A Life In Music" debuting at Jazz At Lincoln Center on July 30 & 31, along with a focused peak into the often overlooked film and television soundtrack side of Piazzolla who composed over 50 feature length films, documentaries, television productions and shorts from 1949 until his death in 1992. 

Spazzy On the Moon 
Thursday, July 18th, 9pm - Midnight 
on Music To Spazz By with Dave the Spazz

Fifty years of stupid moon songs. 

Chris Leo of The Van Pelt visits Trouble and Guest DJ's 
Thursday, July 25th, 9am - Noon 
on This Is The Modern World with Trouble

Chris Leo, the charming former front man of NYC indie rock band The Van Pelt will guest dj on This is the Modern World with Trouble on July 25. Expect sounds fantastico, mostly from the great synthy pop hotbed of Europe. Be there or be sad. 

Jason Kruppa, host of the podcast Producing The Beatles 
Saturday, July 27th, 11am - 1pm 
on Michael Shelley's show

Michael welcomes Jason Kruppa, the host of the podcast Producing The Beatles which takes a deep look into George Martin's contribution to The Beatles catalog using interviews, music manuscripts, previously unexamined record company files and, most excitingly, multi-track studio recordings. 

Drunk Mums 
Saturday, July 27th, 3pm - 6pm 
on Todd-o-phonic Todd's show

You’d be hard pressed to find someone that’s into rock and roll and not into a Drunk Mums record. It’s well written, raw and most importantly free of pretension. In essence what they do is straight up Aussie rock and roll reminiscent of The Saints with a contemporary garage slant and an enthusiasm to match in the live setting. Catch the action at Elsewhere on 7/25 and The Saint in Asbury Park on 7/26. 

Hash Redactor 
Tuesday, July 30th, 9pm - Midnight 
on Burn It Down! with Nate K.

With a hazy, cacophonous twin-guitar interplay anchored by a lockstep rhythm section and lyrics that take direct aim, but also throw an arched brow, at the messy state of the world, Hash Redactor represent an exciting evolution of the "new weird Memphis" sound. Featuring members of Nots and Ex-Cult, the band drop by the show to play songs from their new album "Drecksound." 

Cate Le Bon 
Friday, August 2nd, 9am - Noon 
on Radio Ravioli with Olivia

Cate Le Bon will play a few tracks from her new album Reward, which came out on Mexican Summer a couple months ago. She'll be playing Central Park SummerStage with Kurt Vile and Dinosaur Jr. on July 25.

Tue July 16 – Electric Six | tickets
Thu July 25 – Martin Courtney/Ryley Walker | tickets
Sat July 27 – WFMU Movie Night “Fantastic Planet” with  a live score by Morricone Youth | tickets
Tue Sept 3 – Kevin Morby Duo/William Tyler | tickets
Sat Oct 12 – Titus Andronicus | tickets
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