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One quick plug before you keep scrolling: if you're not busy on Saturday, Oct 9th, I encourage you to stop by FMU HQ and check out our next sidewalk sale! We've been selling LPs and CDs right outside our building on the second Saturday of every month and will keep it going until the weather gets too cold. With two years in a row without the Record Fair, we've built up a lot of stock, and it's all priced to move. Come on by 43 Montgomery St in Jersey City anytime from 10am-5pm on Oct 9 and get some records! 

Olivia Bradley-Skill
Music Director
  • YOLA - Stand For Myself (Easy Eye Sound)
  • JUANA MOLINA - Segundo (21st anniversary) (Crammed Discs)
  • MARISA ANDERSON / WILLIAM TYLER - Lost Futures (Thrill Jockey)
  • VARIOUS - La Ola Interior: Spanish Ambient & Acid Exoticism 1983-90 (Bongo Joe)
  • VARIOUS - This Is Tehran? (30M Records)
  • NTSKI - Orca (EM Records)
  • SYLVIA - Sweet Stuff (Wewantsounds)
  • SUN RA - Lanquidity (Strut)
  • THE UMBRELLAS - The Umbrellas (Slumberland)
  • MYRIAM GENDRON - Ma Delire: Songs of Love, Lost & Found (Feeding Tube / les albums claus)
  • SHANNON AND THE CLAMS - Year of the Spider (Easy Eye Sound)
  • DRY CLEANING - New Long Leg (4AD)
  • HENRY KAWAHARA - Cybernetic Defiance and Orgasm (EM Records)
  • MAXINE FUNKE - Seance (A Colourful Storm)
  • LINGUA IGNOTA - Sinner Get Ready (Sargent House)
  • ALICJA-POP - Howlin' (Black and Wyatt)
  • BRUNO BAVOTA - For Apartments (Temporary Residence Ltd.)
  • THE MOVING PICTURES - Fake Books (K)
  • THE GOON SAX - Mirror II (Matador)
  • SPLLIT - Split Sides (Feel It)
  • LAURICE - The Secret EP (Mighty Mouth Music)
  • FASHION PIMPS & THE GLAMAZONS - Jazz 4 Johnny (Feel It)
  • MERIL WUBSLIN - Alors Quoi (Bongo Joe)
  • DERYA YILDIRIM & GRUP SIMSEK - Dost 1 (Bongo Joe)
  • HEART OF PALM - Tropique Concrete: Collected (Difficult Interactions)
  • NICOLAS JAAR - Cenizas (Other People)
  • LAFAWNDAH - The Fifth Season (Latency Recordings)
  • MIKADO KOKO - Maza Gusu (Akuphone)
  • DON CHERRY - Cherry Jam (Gearbox Records)
  • GINGER ROOT - City Slicker (Acrophase)
  • THE YEARNING FEAT. LUCI ASHBOURNE - Only When I'm Dancing (Elefant)
  • NATIK AWAYEZ - Manbarani (Sublime Frequencies)
  • DJ MUGGS THE BLACK GOAT - Dies Occidendum (Sacred Bones)
  • THURSTON MOORE - By The Fire (Daydream Library Series)
  • GAVILÁN RAYNA RUSSOM - Secret Passage (W. 25th)
  • JABU - Sweet Company (Do You Have Peace?)
  • VARIOUS - MIEN (YAO) – Cannon Singing in China, Vietnam, Laos (Sublime Frequencies)
  • PLUNKY & ONENESS OF JUJU - Make a Change (Strut)
  • YANN TIERSEN - Kerber (Mute)
  • ALOSTMEN - Kologo (Strut)
  • HENRI GUEDON - Karma (Outre National)
  • JULIA BARDO - Bauhaus, L'Appartamento (Wichita Recordings)
  • LUCY DACUS - Home Video (Matador)
  • EVAN ZIERK - Endless Gesture (Atlantic Rhythms)
  • LEONI LEONI - Yellow and Why (Bongo Joe)
  • JOHN ZORN - Nostradamus: The Death of Satan (Tzadik)
  • THE FREAKEES - 7" (Tomothy)
  • KASAI ALLSTARS - black ants always fly together (Crammed Discs)
  • DALTHAN - III (Feeding Tube)
  • ELORI SAXL - The Blue of Distance (Western Vinyl)
  • THE BLACK WATCH - Here & There (Atom Records)
  • JOHN ZORN - Parables (Tzadik)
  • LIARS - The Apple Drop (Mute)
  • BRANDEE YOUNGER - Somewhere Different (Impulse!)
  • CHIHEI HATAKEYAMA - Late Spring (Gearbox Records)
  • INDIGO DE SOUZA - Any Shape You Like (Saddle Creek)
  • MINOR MOON - Tethers (Ruination Record Co. & Whatever's Clever)
  • YOGASTARE - More Wolf Tickets (Ponzi Skeme)
  • HAMIET BLUIETT - Bearer of the Holy Flame (Strut)
  • LOADBANG - Plays Well With Others (New Focus Recordings)
  • MANKWE NDOSI & BODY MEMORI - Felt /not said (Auspice Now)
  • TAPES AND TOPOGRAPHIES - Monomials (Simulacra Records)
  • BUCK OWENS & HIS BUCKAROOS - The Kansas City Song (Omnivore Recordings)
  • MALAGASY - At Newport-Paris (Souffle Continu)
  • MUJERES PODRIDAS - Muerte En Paraíso (Beach Impediment)
  • CASH & SKYE - No More Candy / Sweeping Wet Floors (Third Man)
  • THE YOLKS - Take Your Time / Tell Me Now (Randy)
  • IF / WHEN - this never happened (Smooth Space Editions)
  • BYRON WESTBROOK - Mirror Views (Ash International)
  • DONOVAN'S BRAIN - Sandbox Shadows (Career)
  • JOSEPH SHABASON - The Fellowship (Western Vinyl)
  • JUU4E - Baka Sekai (Crazy World) (EM Records)
  • STURGILL SIMPSON - The Ballad of Good & Juanita (High Top Mountain)
  • TOSHIYUKI HIRAOKA - Waterphone II (Edgetone Records)
  • THE RED MICROPHONE - And I Became of the Dark (ESP-Disk)
  • FRANCISCO MELA, MATTHEW SHIPP & WILLIAM PARKER - Music Frees Our Souls (577 Records)
  • BYARD LANCASTER - My Pure Joy (Strut)
  • CM VON HAUSSWOLFF, CHANDRA SHUKLA - Travelogue [Nepal] (Touch)
  • DANA GILLESPIE - Deep Pockets (Ace)
  1. LEONI LEONI - Yellow and Why (Bongo Joe)
  2. IF / WHEN - this never happened (Smooth Space Editions)
  3. NIGHTTIME - Turning Wheel (Self Released)
  4. THIGH MASTER - Live on WFMU (Tenth Court)
  5. COSMIC PANTHERS - Life and Death at the Red Wall (Fuzzy Warbles Cassettes)
  6. DEREK MONYPENY - Unjust Intonation (Trouble In Mind)
  7. NICOLE L'HUILLIER / THELMO CRISTOVAM - radio eclipse (presses précaires)
  8. GUDINNI CORTINA - La sombra es la reina del color (presses précaires)
  9. JEROME - Moods (Maple Death)
  10. TAKUJI NAKA / TIM OLIVE - Minouragatake (Notice Recordings)
  1. THE FREAKEES - 7" (Tomothy)
  2. CASH & SKYE - No More Candy / Sweeping Wet Floors (Third Man)
  3. THE YOLKS - Take Your Time / Tell Me Now (Randy)
  4. BEAT HAPPENING - Crashing Through b/w The This Many Boyfriends Club (K Records)
  5. SLUT MAGIC - Show Me (Take 2) (Leesta Vall)
  6. THE TUBS - Names (Trouble In Mind)
  7. VARIOUS - He's Bad! 11 Bands Decimate The Beats of Bo Diddley (Slovenly / Black Gladiator)
  8. BREANNA BARBARA - Big Bang Blues (Freeman Street Records)
  9. VOLK - I Fed Animals / Yorkshire Girl (Romanus Records)
  10. XPOEMSX - Who Makes The Summers (Easy Subcult)
  11. MONKEY POWER TRIO - On Legs of Lions (Pocahontas Swamp Machine)
  12. JOE COLLEY - Trying to Play Nothing (Meeuw Muzak)
  13. THE FUN TIME COMMISSION - A. Mississippiensis (Cryptic Carousel Records)
  14. GHOST POWER - Asteroid Witch / Inchwork (Duophonic Super 45's)
Joe Turow, author of "The Voice Catchers" 
Monday, September 27th, 6pm - 7pm 
on Techtonic with Mark Hurst 

Your smart speaker is listening to you. Soon enough, so will your car, your house, and every hotel you stay in. Why are Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Apple so interested in capturing your unique voiceprint? Trillion-dollar companies profit heavily from opaque, invisible, ubiquitous surveillance of your voice. Tune into the next Techtonic as Mark Hurst interviews Joe Turow about his new book "The Voice Catchers." 

So You Want To Be a Rock n Roll Star part 2 
Friday, October 1st, 2pm - 4pm 
on Shakin' Street with Joe Belock 
(on Rock'n'Soul Radio stream
Two more hours of ragged and raw sounds of future rock stars and other assorted celebrities before they decided to dumb it down for the masses. You'll be shocked to learn that some of these people didn't always suck! 

Whats two more hours in Hell? 
Friday, October 1st, 5pm - 7pm 
on Musical Dose with medson 
(on Rock'n'Soul Radio stream
Im sure your work week was a living hell, so c’mon what’s two more hours? Tonight I’ll play hellish songs and maybe conjure up an evil spirit for your terrible boss. Come see if your favorite Hell song makes the cut. 

The Music of Spirit 
Saturday, October 2nd, 11am - 2pm 
on Bob Brainen's show 
(on Give the Drummer Radio stream
One of the more unique bands to come out of the cauldron that was 1960s L.A., Spirit included 2 Jazzers, one of whom, was the step-father of another member, 2 blonde pretty boys who could both sing and play great, and a teen guitar phenom who had rubbed frets w/Hendrix and been renamed by him. Join Bob Brainen and special guest co-host Pete Tomlinson as they present the music of SPIRIT! 

Paul Jones 
Saturday, October 2nd, 3pm - 6pm 
on Todd-o-phonic Todd's show 

Paul Jones sang with Manfred Mann from the band's inception into 1966. He also boasts an impressive acting resume including his starring role in the cult classic "Privilege". Todd-O-Phonic Todd and Paul dig deep for a three hour special program that is not to be missed! 

Javier comes back to guest host! 
Sunday, October 3rd, 5pm - 6pm 
on Radio Row 

A mosaic. From south of the border, with love. Dedicated to the tamaulipecan writer Orlando Ortiz. 

Feelings Presents 3rd Annual Covers Show 
Tuesday, October 5th, Noon - 3pm 
on Feelings with Michele with One "L" 

It's the Time of the Season to jump on the Crazy Train. What a Wicked Game, Michele presents 3 hours of her favorite covers. Don't Be Cruel and tune in! 

Fun '81 
Tuesday, October 5th, 3pm - 7pm 
on Dark Night of the Soul with Julie 
(on Give the Drummer Radio stream
A sweet spot between punk & the glut of overproduced synth pop, 1981 deserves its very own show. Whether you were there at the time or not enjoy the focus on the more obscure and forgotten artists -- when alternative really was alternative -- while Bette Davis Eyes & Rick Springfield topped the charts. 

Demos To Spazz By 
Thursday, October 7th, 9pm - Midnight 
on Music To Spazz By with Dave the Spazz 

It’s Spazzy Demonstration Time! Demo recordings from a wide spectrum of Music To Spazz By perennials.

Say It Ain't So: 2 hours of Hey Joe! 
Friday, October 8th, 2pm - 4pm 
on Shakin' Street with Joe Belock 
(on Rock'n'Soul Radio stream
That's right, 2 solid hours of 1960s recordings of one of the most well known yet mysterious songs of all-time. Who actually wrote it? What exactly are the original or correct lyrics? Who does the best version? Did Joe have a permit for that gun? We won't be answering any of these questions, just adding to the confusion. Where you gonna go? Crazy! 

Grateful for so many Dead Songs. 
Friday, October 8th, 5pm - 7pm 
on Musical Dose with medson 
(on Rock'n'Soul Radio stream
Let’s see how many Dead songs we can squeeze into a 2 hour show. It's anyone's guess. 

Peter Holsapple of The dB's 
Saturday, October 9th, 11am - 1pm 
on Michael Shelley's show 

Michael welcomes Peter Holsappple back to the show to discuss The dB's upcoming release "I Thought You Wanted to Know: 1978–1981" which compiles rare and obscure remixes, demos, and live recording from the band's formative early days, shortly after their move from Winson-Salem, North Carolina to New York City. 

Lily Sloane guest hosts 
Sunday, October 10th, 5pm - 6pm 
on Radio Row 

Lily Sloane (who used to run the podcast “A Therapist Walks Into A Bar”) dusts off her archives to bring you a spooky and fantastical psychological and cultural exploration of ghosts and zombies. What better time than October to dig into our collective shadows. 

Punk, Just Punk, and Nothing but Punk, Part 2 
Monday, October 11th, 9pm - 11pm 
on Oh, My Soul with Nate K. 
(on Rock'n'Soul Radio stream
Nate K. had so much fun flipping the script and playing nothing but punk records on OH, MY SOUL one night last summer that he’s doing it again as part of the October Hellraiser. Tune in for exactly what the title says. And no weak pits! 

Tuesday, October 12th, 3pm - 7pm 
on Dark Night of the Soul with Julie 
(on Give the Drummer Radio stream
Birds! Songs about birds! Songs by bands with bird names! Shrieking & whistling from the birds actually in the room! What's it like to do a 4-hour radio show of bird-related songs & sounds? Join Julie and find out! 

EFD’s Annual Punk/Post-punk/Power Pop/New Wave Throwback Show! 
Wednesday, October 13th, Noon - 3pm 
on The Evan "Funk" Davies Show 

On the brink of senior citizenship, Evan "Funk" Davies tries to re-live his college radio glory days once again by playing some of the great records that came out in the late '70s and early '80s when he was on the air at that New York university across the river. Tune in for a mix of songs we didn’t know would become classics and flashes in the pan that faded away. 

Spazz Comes Alive 
Thursday, October 14th, 9pm - Midnight 
on Music To Spazz By with Dave the Spazz 

The Greatest Live Show in the Universe from all of your Music To Spazz By favorites! 

Twist and Pout: Failed Dance Crazes 
Friday, October 15th, 2pm - 4pm 
on Shakin' Street with Joe Belock 
(on Rock'n'Soul Radio stream
Remember The Octopus? How about The Peanut Duck? Don't worry, no one else does! Two hours of flopped floor-fillers that cleared dance halls across the nation. 

To Hell with the Dead ! 
Friday, October 15th, 5pm - 7pm 
on Musical Dose with medson 
(on Rock'n'Soul Radio stream
It’s week three of the WFMU Hellraiser and I got nuthin. So it's all songs that didn’t make the cut for shows 1 & 2. Drop by the show anyway and see how it goes. 

Jess Shane and Evan Cartwright guest host 
Sunday, October 17th, 5pm - 6pm 
on Radio Row 

A combo of field recording, music, and sound art. 

Singles Going Nowhere, Part 2 
Monday, October 18th, Noon - 3pm 
on Three Chord Monte with Joe Belock 

Three more hours of canceled or withdrawn singles. Record company meddling, lawsuits, artist tantrums and other assorted controversies have left a trail of "what ifs" throughout rock & roll history. We'll hear the best (or is it worst?) of them. 

Freakout at 45RPM : Singles Going Steady Week 
Tuesday, October 19th, 7pm - 8pm 
on Inner Ear Freakout with Daisy Lacy 
(on Rock'n'Soul Radio stream
One hour of psychotic reactions and cycle-delic seven inches. 

Singles Going Seventies! 
Wednesday, October 20th, Noon - 3pm 
on The Evan "Funk" Davies Show 

It’s become one of the most anticipated shows on the EFD calendar: SINGLES GOING SEVENTIES! Three hours of nothing but 7-inch records released between 1970 and 1979 (inclusive!), with songs from different genres living side-by-side in peace and harmony, just as the ancient Top 40 Radio gods decreed. It’s all part of Singles Going Steady Week, WFMU’s celebration of those little records with the big holes. 

All B-Sides All Night Long 
Thursday, October 21st, 9pm - Midnight 
on Music To Spazz By with Dave the Spazz 

Once again, Dave the Spazz celebrates Singles Going Steady Week by plugging the wrong side of the record. Usually crazier and typically more rockin’, these unsung gems will flip you out! 

Belock's Bargain Bin 
Friday, October 22nd, 2pm - 4pm 
on Shakin' Street with Joe Belock 
(on Rock'n'Soul Radio stream
The 'vinyl revival' got you down? Lose out on another last-minute online bidding war? Discogs prices too expensive? On Singles Going Steady week, Shakin' Street shows there's plenty of cool cheap 45s still to be had! Not a sole Northern Soul record to be heard - just quality Jersey junk! 

1st and possibly last Halloween Creeptacular Pregame Show. 
Friday, October 22nd, 5pm - 7pm 
on Musical Dose with medson 
(on Rock'n'Soul Radio stream
Think of it as a Halloween tailgate with a trunk full of PBR’s good tunes and pledging support for WFMU. Halloween should be a month long holiday anyway. Be there or be square. 

Four For 4AD 
Tuesday, October 26th, 3pm - 7pm 
on Dark Night of the Soul with Julie 
(on Give the Drummer Radio stream
There's not a lot of labels you can identify by sound but 4AD, particularly during their heyday of the 80s & 90s, not only describes the music they released but can often be used as a compliment when referring to other bands. Join Julie for a curated tour through 41 years of the great 4AD label from Cocteaus to Grimes and beyond to relive those memories and hear things you may have missed. 

Black Mass Ritual Radio 
Tuesday, October 26th, 6pm - 7pm 
on Music Of Mind Control with Micah 

Join Micah, Satan, Abaddon, Belphagor and friends as they perform an on-air ritual intended to reverse the emerging theocratic takeover of America and the continuing destruction of our planet. 

The Grave Rave-Up 
Tuesday, October 26th, 7pm - 8pm 
on Inner Ear Freakout with Daisy Lacy 
(on Rock'n'Soul Radio stream
There’s a freakout on the 13th floor and you’re invited! 

Thursday, October 28th, 9pm - Midnight 
on Music To Spazz By with Dave the Spazz 

A night of messed-up, mind bending instrumentals that'll leave you speechless! 

Scary Street 
Friday, October 29th, 2pm - 4pm 
on Shakin' Street with Joe Belock 
(on Rock'n'Soul Radio stream
As if having Joe Belock on twice a week isn't already frightening enough, Shakin' Street on WFMU's Rock 'n' Soul Radio stream becomes Scary Street with two hours of insane Halloween-related sounds! 

1st and possibly last Halloween Creeptacular Show. 
Friday, October 29th, 5pm - 7pm 
on Musical Dose with medson 
(on Rock'n'Soul Radio stream
The musical equivalent of getting home to find out you got tons of raisins, Mary Jane & Bit-O-Honey in your sack. 

Colin Blunstone 
Saturday, October 30th, 3pm - 6pm 
on Todd-o-phonic Todd's show 

Colin Blunstone, fabled lead singer of The Zombies, joins The Cavalcade Of Stars to discuss the 50th anniversary of his first solo album, "One Year", and the ensuing live shows in Los Angeles on November 2nd and on November 8th at The Gramercy Theater in New York City. Two magical voices combine on one show.

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