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This Saturday, July 30th from 10am-3pm, drop on by WFMU at 43 Montgomery Street in Jersey City! We'll be selling LPs and CDs, and everything's a dollar! Don’t miss the opportunity to snatch up some cool music at bargain prices at this special sale held in addition to our usual monthly sidewalk sale.

Olivia Bradley-Skill
Music Director
  • AUTOMATIC - Excess (Stones Throw)
  • SESSA - Estrela Acesa (Mexican Summer)
  • FRANCOIS ROBIN / MATHIAS DELPLANQUE - L'Ombre De La Bete (Parentheses records)
  • CHERI KNIGHT - American (Freedom To Spend)
  • GLENN JONES - Vade Mecum (Thrill Jockey)
  • CLARA ROCKMORE - The Lost Theremin Album (Mississippi)
  • MOUNT MAXWELL - Only Children (Feeding Tube / Cardinal Fuzz)
  • SERPENTE - Dias de Aranha (Discrepant)
  • WINGED WHEEL - No Island (12XU)
  • GREEN/BLUE - Paper Thin (Feel It)
  • QUINQUIS - Seim (Mute)
  • KOT KOT - i pni (Aguirre)
  • OKSANA LINDE - Aquatic and Other Worlds (Buh Records)
  • DYLAN MOON - Option Explore (RVNG Intl)
  • HOLLIE COOK - Happy Hour (Merge)
  • JEFFREY ALEXANDER - Flutterings (Feeding Tube)
  • ROGERS & BUTLER - Brighter Day (Think Like A Key Music)
  • KINK GONG - Zomia Vol. 1 (Discrepant)
  • LEWSBERG - In Your Hands (12XU)
  • PUPPET WIPES - The Stones Are Watching & They Can Be A Handful (Siltbreeze)
  • VARIOUS - Salutations, (Rvng)
  • OMERTA - Collection Particulière (Zamzamrec)
  • WATER DAMAGE - Repeater (12XU)
  • PROPAN - Swagger (Sofa Music)
  • THE ROUTES - The Twang Machine (Double Crown)
  • ISIK KURAL - in February (Rvng)
  • UNIVERSAL LIBERATION ORCHESTRA - Communion (Freedom To Spend)
  • GLEAMING SPIRES - Songs of the Spires (Omnivore Recordings)
  • KIRK KNUFFKE TRIO - Gravity Without Airs (Tao Forms)
  • YEA-MING AND THE RUMOURS - So, Bird... (Dandy Boy)
  • NAIMA BOCK - Giant Palm (Sub Pop)
  • ABRONIA - Map of Dawn (Feeding Tube / Cardinal Fuzz)
  • MONOPHONICS - Sage Motel (Colemine)
  • AGNES PE - Ardii Latx (Self-Released)
  • LAVENDER COUNTRY - Blackberry Rose and Other Songs and Sorrows (Don Giovanni)
  • MOMMA - Household Name (Polyvinyl)
  • NIGHT CRICKETS - A Free Society (Omnivore Recordings)
  • LIZARD MUSIC - Arizone! (Omnivore Recordings)
  • MARCIA BASSETT - Midnight Xpander (Yew)
  • NO KNUCKLE - s/t (Tomothy)
  • THE RATS - In A Desperate Red (Mississippi)
  • JOHN DOE - Fables In A Foreign Land (Fat Possum)
  • LINNEA TALP - Arch of Motion (Thanatosis Produktion)
  • SAM PREKOP AND JOHN MCENTIRE - Sons Of (Thrill Jockey)
  • KEELEY - Drawn To The Flame (Dimple Discs)
  • THIRD COAST PERCUSSION - Perspectives (Cedille Records)
  • SWAMP DOGG - I Need A Job... So I Can Buy More Auto-Tune (Don Giovanni)
  • WEX DABBLER - Dislogic (No Label)
  • AMELIA CUNI - Parampara Festival 13.3.1992 (Black Truffle)
  • CLAIRE ROUSAY - everything perfect is already here (Shelter Press)
  • YANN TIERSEN - 11 5 18 2 5 18 (Mute)
  • RG ROUGH - 70 (Bam Balam)
  • THE MUTANTS - Curse of the Easily Amused (Liberation Hall)
  • ELI WINTER - Eli Winter (Three Lobed Recordings)
  • SALLY ANNE MORGAN - Cups (Thrill Jockey)
  • R.E. SERAPHIN - Swingshift (Mt. St. Mtn.)
  • ZACH ROWDEN - When The Gloss Is Removed (Gertrude Tapes)
  • ALESSANDRO BARIS - Sintesi (Self Released)
  • DEPARTURE STREET - Vacancy From A Spinning World (Wormhole World Records)
  • FUNKADELIC - Funkadelic's Greatest Hits (Ace Records)
  • PINK MOUNTAINTOPS - Peacock Pools (ATO Records)
  • JON ROSE & LUIZ GUBEISSI - Honey Ants: New Music from Alice Springs (Thodol)
  • PI JA MA - Seule Sous Ma Frange (Bleepmachine)
  • SAIRIE - The Cinder Sheet (Self Released)
  • TANNER MENARD - had you not changed but your cameras were no longer identical (Full Spectrum Records)
  • WHEELCHAIR SPORTS CAMP - Alice In Wonderland (No Label)
  • JERICHO - De Dreit Nien (Aguirre)
  • MARCO BENEVENTO - Benevento (Royal Potato Family)
  • MOUNT MAXWELL - The People's Forest (M. Maxwell at Hotham Sound Mobile Recording Studios)
  • SHIRLEY MASTIC - Shirley Mastic (Daksina)
  • CHABAPHRAI NAMWAI & BANYEN RAKKAEN - Lam Phloen Songthaew Fan Club (EM Records)
  • SIMON JOYNER - Songs From A Stolen Guitar (Grapefruit)
  • SEBI TRAMONTANA - Unfolding To Be You (We Insist!)
  • TAKEDA - Psychedelic Minimalism Vol. 1 (Carbon Records)
  • ANDREA GROSSI BLEND 3 + BEATRICE ARRIGONI - Songs and Poems (We Insist!)
  • VARIOUS - My Intention Is War (Trinidad Calypsos 1928-1948) (Mississippi)
  • BUILENRADAR - There Is No Hunger In Your shame (School of the Arts)
  • PINKCOURTESYPHONE - All Intensive Purposes (Room40)
  • JOHN LUTHER ADAMS - Houses of the Wind (Cold Blue Music)
  • BOBBY VOLKMAN - These Recordings... (Self Released)
  • MATTHEW SHIPP TRIO - World Construct (ESP Disk)
  • PHILIP GAYLE - reject. defect. (Family Vineyard)
  • EX-VOID - Bigger Than Before (Don Giovanni)
  • GERMAN ARMY - Passage Through Selk’nam Hain Ceremony (L.I.E.S. Records)
  • DYLAN WARD - Tourmaline (Neuma Records)
  • MIMICOF - Distant Symphony (Karlrecords)
  • JFK - Avalanche Zone (L.I.E.S. Records)
  • VARIOUS - Secret Records Compilation 2021 1​/​2 (Secret Records)
  • ALIEN YOKE - Breederline (Ponzi Skeme)
  • BREN'T LEWIS ENSEMBLE - Consumption (Butte County Free Music Society)
  • CHASSOL - X-Pianos (Tricatel)
  • SOUNDTRACK - Les Idoles (Monster Melodies)
  • LLANO ESTACADO MONAD BAND - Collective Graphic Works (Full Spectrum Records)
  • ANTHONY ALLMAN AND DAN MELCHIOR - The Depth Boys (Wrong Pipe)
  • KOOL - Dagobah (Feeding Tube Records)
  • TERRAPIN GUN - Relax Your Mind (Infinite Spin Records)
  • GRACE IVES - Janky Star (True Panther Records/ Harvest Records)
  • VARIOUS - Whatever You Want Bob Crewe's 60s Soul Sounds (Kent Soul)
  • ANTLER JOE AND THE ACCIDENTS - Go Commercial! (Almost Ready)
  • JAN STEELE, JANET SHERBOURNE - Distant Saxophones (Community Library)
  • REINER VAN HOUDT - The Adventure of Sleep (Elsewhere)
  • IAN NAGOSKI - Kerflooey (Ehse Records)
  • QUENTIN TOLIMIERI - Monochromes (Elsewhere)
  • WILLIAM ENGELEN - Verstrijken (Edition Telemark)
  • SANCTUARY - s/t (Sundazed)
  • SHENG JIE (A.K.A. GOGOJ) AND DENG BOYU - Soul Sender (Inu Wan Wan Records)
  • THE LINDA LINDAS - s/t (In the Red)
  • WPH - II (No Label)
  • DIRT ROOM - Moving Paint EP (No Label)
  • FAMILY RAVINE - Away & Instinct (Round Bale)
  • ALEX IZENBERG - I'm Not Here (Weird World / Domino)
  • SOFT SHOULDER - Left Over, Table Top  (Gilgongo)
  • MICROKINGDOM - Undevelopmental Arrestment (Sensitive Documents)
  • CONRAD PRAETZEL - Adventures Into Somethingness (Paleo Music)
  • PCN - Arowana - Sessions (Self Released)
  • LYLE LOVETT - 12th of June (Verve)
  • MIKE YOUNGER - Burning The Bigtop Down (Self Released)
  • VARIOUS - Songs of Slavery and Emancipation (Jalopy)
  • TED BYRNES - Speed as Expression (Rural Isolation Project)
  • VARIOUS - Bob Stanley & Pete Wiggs Presents Fell From The Sun (Ace)
  • WILL STEWART - Slow Life (Blank State Music)
  • KROVOPUSKANIE - Goner (Helen Scarsdale Agency)
  • SZDANIK TTTK, MEXIKA, A. KUSTARNIK, VIN RAR - Untitled (Psy-Fiction Records)
  • TOM WHITE - Side Down (anathema archive)
  • MY IDEA - Cry MFer (Hardly Art)
  • BOYLE - Psych-Jazz Collage I (Personal Archives)
  • CHARLIE GABRIEL - Eighty Nine (Sub Pop)
  • THE HANDCUFFS - Burn The Rails (Pravda)
  • THE LEFT BANKE - Strangers On A Train (Omnivore Recordings)
  • THE LOUD FAMILY AND ANTON BARBEAU - What If It Works? (Omnivore Recordings)
  • DJ OVERDOSE - Deal Breaker (L.I.E.S. Records)
  • ZOMBIES OF THE STRATOSPHERE - The Well-Mannered Look (No Label)
  1. BUILENRADAR - There Is No Hunger In Your shame (School of the Arts)
  2. DIRT ROOM - Moving Paint EP (No Label)
  3. FAMILY RAVINE - Away & Instinct (Round Bale)
  4. KROVOPUSKANIE - Goner (Helen Scarsdale Agency)
  5. SZDANIK TTTK, MEXIKA, A. KUSTARNIK, VIN RAR - Untitled (Psy-Fiction Records)
  6. TOM WHITE - Side Down (anathema archive)
  7. VOYEUR'S MARKET - demo (self-released)
  8. MICUSNULE - CZERWONE - Les Plages Contraries (Jardin au Fou)
  9. PATRICK SHIROISHI / KYLE MOTL - Apparitions (Notice Recordings)
  10. SWELL MAPS / VARIOUS - Swell Maps: Deconstructed/Reconstructed (Industrial Coast)
  1. CHABAPHRAI NAMWAI & BANYEN RAKKAEN - Lam Phloen Songthaew Fan Club (EM Records)
  2. SOFT SHOULDER - Left Over, Table Top  (Gilgongo)
  3. ANTLER JOE AND THE ACCIDENTS - Go Commercial! (Almost Ready)
  4. SNOOPER - Music For Spies (Electric Outlet)
  5. VIOLENT RIVER - That's All I Want To Do (Beat Rocket)
  6. THE DOGS - John Rock (Almost Ready)
  7. THE STONEMEN - Faded Colors b​/​w In the Evening (Celluloid Lunch)
  8. HONEY RADAR/VIOLENT CHANGE - Split (Chunklet Industries)
  9. DELIVERY - Personal Effects / The Topic (Feel It)
  10. LIGHTNING IN A TWILIGHT HOUR - The Circling Of The Seasons (Elephant Records)
Guest DJ set by TV Priest 
Friday, July 29th, 9pm - Midnight 
on Mona til Midnight 

London band TV Priest are doing a guest DJ set and interview on Mona Til Midnight this week in support of their new album My Other People on Sub Pop. 

Are We There Yet? The 2nd Annual Double Dip Recess Family Road Trip Special. 
Saturday, July 30th, 9am - 11am 
on Double-Dip Recess with Roger 

Distract yourselves on that long trip by listening to songs about cars, travel, vacations, snacks, car games and pee breaks. 

Drop-In Presents Chili MacPagoda 
Saturday, July 30th, 6pm - 7pm 
on Drop-In 
(on Rock'n'Soul Radio stream
A global plague motivates people towards an interesting & unintended effect in the public airwaves. Upending the idea of “radio” with transmitting their favorite sounds, by whatever means at the ready. An ode to micro-broadcasting/pirate radio and the dj’s who produced an alternate means of survival. 

DJ Domenica guest hosts!
Sunday, July 31st, 5pm - 6pm 
on Radio Row 

This time with a mix of sultry after hours florid and humid electronics. 

Dan Wool of Pray For Rain (Mad God / Sid & Nancy) 
Tuesday, August 2nd, 8pm - 9pm 
on Morricone Island with Devon E. Levins 

SF-based composer Dan Wool discusses his latest score for Phil Tippett's 30 years-in-the-making stop-animation masterpiece "Mad God" (soundtrack on Waxwork Records). His 50+ film, documentary and tv credits begin as leader of soundtrack band Pray For Rain scoring seven of Alex Cox's films starting with Sid & Nancy and Straight To Hell, and Abbe Wool's Roadside Prophets, Dan sang and guitared for early 80's St. Louis punk band The Strikers. 

Interview and live performance from NRBQ 
Saturday, August 6th, 11am - 1pm 
on Michael Shelley's show 

Michael welcomes NRBQ for an interview and set of live music recorded in Montclair, New Jersey at Magic Door Studios. Formed in 1967 and still going strong, the band plays songs from their new lp "Dragnet" and discusses touring, recording, The Beatles, and more! 

Keegan guest hosts! 
Sunday, August 7th, 5pm - 6pm 
on Radio Row 

Research suggests that both the void and the vibe are the strongest between the hours of 5 and 6pm on Sunday afternoons in late summer. 

DJ Fisk Guest Hosts! 
Sunday, August 14th, 5pm - 6pm 
on Radio Row 

Berlin based artist and DJ Fisk will guide you through a range of experimental club music and deconstructed beats, with influences from the UK and around the world. 

Bob Brainen & Pete Tomlinson Present American Music B.T.B. (Before The Beatles) 
Saturday, August 20th, 11am - 2pm 
on Bob Brainen's show 
(on Give the Drummer Radio stream
Many Music Historians claim that music in the U.S. was a wasteland before the Beatles arrived to save us. We beg to differ and feel that there was plenty of amazing, vital & just-plain-fun music being made of all different types and we'll attempt to prove it. 

DJ Mr. Giveyourgirlback Guest Hosts! 
Sunday, August 21st, 5pm - 6pm 
on Radio Row 

From RLC-WVPH, DJ Mr. Giveyourgirlback from the Grandslam is bringing you an hour of stargazing and shoegazing 

Masma Dream World Guest Hosts! 
Sunday, August 28th, 5pm - 6pm 
on Radio Row 

"strange,how very,very strange..." Journey into the lands of bass, ceremonial percussion,moody and spooky new music all the way to the cries of crows....expect storytelling of Gabonese folk tales and enchanted memories from their childhood... 

DJ Gummie guest hosts! 
Sunday, September 4th, 5pm - 6pm 
on Radio Row 

Grrrrlz, grrrlz, grrrlz. DJ Gummie is all balled up and ready to roll with an hour of tension-tightened tunes by women.

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