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Our 2023 Fundraising Marathon is over, and we hit our goal! Thanks to the many listeners, volunteers, and WFMU staffers who pledged. Due to all of our pandemic precautions, this was the biggest gatherings of people we've had in years, and it was such a great feeling to be around friends again. I'm so grateful for this place and all who help it continue to exist and thrive. If you missed out on the action, you can still make a pledge right here. Thanks again!

Olivia Bradley-Skill
Music Director
  • BROADCAST - Maida Vale Sessions (Warp)
  • FEVER RAY - Radical Romantics (Mute)
  • DEATH VALLEY GIRLS - Islands in the Sky (Suicide Squeeze)
  • ALGIERS - Shook (Matador Records)
  • SWEET KNIVES - Spritzerita (FDH)
  • KOSMISCHER LAUFER - Volume Five (Unknown Capability Recordings)
  • SAINT ABDULLAH & JASON NAZARY - Evicted in the Morning (Disciples)
  • DELPHINE DORA AND JACKIE MCDOWELL - The Dream of Change (Feeding Tube / Round Bale)
  • MISS GRIT - Follow the Cyborg (Mute)
  • JACKIE-O MOTHERFUCKER - Manual of the Bayonet (Feeding Tube)
  • CIVIC - Taken By Force (ATO Records)
  • EUROSHIMA - Gala (Dark Entries)
  • VARIOUS ARTISTS - Pacific Breeze 3: Japanese City Pop, AOR & Boogie 1975-1987 (Light In the Attic)
  • LALALAR - Bi Cinnete Bakar (Bongo Joe)
  • LINDA SMITH & NANCY ANDREWS - A Passing Cloud (Grapefruit Records)
  • NEUTRAL - Nar (Grapefruit)
  • LISEL - Patterns for Auto-Tuned Voices And Delay (Ba Da Bing)
  • MICHAEL BYRON - Halcyon Days (Cold Blue Music)
  • SHANA CLEVELAND - Manzanita (Hardly Art)
  • NEIL ROLNICK - Lockdown Fantasies (Other Minds)
  • TIME WHARP - Spiro World (Leaving Records)
  • E RUSCHA V, PETER ZUMMO - Thinking A View (Fourth Sounds)
  • NOJO HOTEL - Nojo Hotel (Wollesonic Records)
  • DAVID DUNN - Angels and Insects (EM Records)
  • SOFT SHOULDER - Smile Building's Exit (Gilgongo)
  • PETER GARLAND - The Basketweave Elegies (Cold Blue Music)
  • M83 - Fantasy (Mute)
  • U.S GIRLS - Bless This Mess (4AD)
  • AMI DANG - The Living World's Demands (Leaving Records)
  • JOSEPH ALLRED - What Strange Flowers Grow in the Shade (Feeding Tube)
  • KOLEZANKA - Alone with the Sound the Mind Makes (Bar None)
  • RACHIKA NAYAR - Our Hands against the Dusk (NNA Tapes)
  • SALAMI ROSE JOE LOUIS - Zdenka (Brainfeeder)
  • VARIOUS - Peru Selvatico: Sonic Expedition into the Peruvian Amazon 1972-1986 (Analog Africa)
  • VARIOUS - Sintomas de Techno: Underground electronic waves from Peru 1985-1991 (Buh Records)
  • EMERGENCY GROUP - Inspection of Cruelty (Island House Recordings)
  • MAGIC TUBER STRINGBAND - Tarantism (Feeding Tube)
  • ULTRABONUS​ - El Gimnasio en Casa (Kitchen Leg)
  • BHAJAN BHOY - To Love Is To Love (Vol. 1 & 2) (Feeding Tube / Cardinal Fuzz)
  • BILL SEAMAN AND STEPHEN VITIELLO - The Clear Distance (Room40)
  • OOZING WOUND - We Cater To Cowards (Thrill Jockey)
  • DICKIE LANDRY - Solos (Unseen Worlds)
  • LORI GOLDSTON, GREG KELLEY - all points leaning in (Broken Clover)
  • UMILIANI (ZALLA) - Problemi d'oggi (Black Sweat)
  • CHRIS LUJAN & ELECTRIC BUTTER - The Real Thing / Electric Butter (Lugnut Brand Records)
  • AUGENWASSER - The Big Swim (Bongo Joe)
  • LUCAS BRODE & G. CALVIN WESTON - Imagination/Meditation (Cacophonous Revival)
  • BIG | BRAVE - nature morte (Thrill Jockey)
  • SILENT SERVANT - Optimistic Decay Vol 1 (L.I.E.S.)
  • COLUMBIA ICEFIELD - Ancient Songs of Burlap Heroes (Pyroclastic Records)
  • CRIME - San Fransisco's Doomed (Superior Viaduct)
  • ANDY SHAUF - Norm (Anti)
  • BILLY WOODS & MESSIAH MUSIK - Church (BackwoodzStudioz)
  • DOUGIE POOLE - The Rainbow Wheel Of Death (Wharf Cat)
  • ONE ELEVEN HEAVY - Poolside (Kith & Kin)
  • BIPOLAR EXPLORER - In the Hours Left Until Dawn (Slugg Records)
  • BRIA - Bria Sings Cuntry Covers (Sub Pop)
  • FLEA COLLAR - Flea Collar (Feel It Records)
  • WYLDE RATTTZ - Wylde Ratttz (Vampire Blues)
  • THINGS FALL APART - Bye Bye My Rose b/w Manna (Just Add Water)
  • DREW GARDNER - S/t (Eiderdown Records)
  • HIRAM - Immersion (Home & Garden)
  • ISAAC - The Evenings (Self Released)
  • THE CHADBOURNE/GONZALEZ COLLUSION - Irresponsible RocknRoll Shenanigans (CIA Records)
  • RLW - Satanic Inventions (Black Rose Recordings)
  • CONTRASTATE - 35 Project (Black Rose Recordings)
  • DICKIE LANDRY - Having Been Built on Sand (Unseen Worlds)
  • HENRY KAWAHARA - Cybernetic Defiance and Orgasm 2 (EM Records)
  • ELUCID - I Told Bessie (BackwoodzStudioz)
  • KELELA - Raven (Warp Records)
  • VARIOUS - This is Flying Dutchman 1969-1975 (BGP / Ace)
  • LE DIABLE DEGOUTANT - Fleur de Chagrin (Aguirre)
  • MISHAGAS - 1996-1997 (Astral Spirits)
  • THE LIVING SKY - Enter The Sky (Home & Garden)
  • SAMIA - Honey (Grand Jury)
  • ARITOMO - Acacia y suministro de agua (Bruit Direct Disques)
  • KARL BLAU - Scream Time (No Label)
  • CLIFF BARNES - Free Flyin' (No Label)
  • SIGHTLESS PIT - Lockstep Bloodwar (Thrill Jockey)
  • NIL. - 1 (Intangible Arts)
  • TAKASHI KOKUBO & ANDREA ESPERTI - Music For A Cosmic Garden (WRWTFWW Records)
  • FRANCESCO MESSINA - Reflex (Superior Viaduct)
  • COLOURED BALLS - Ball Power (Just Add Water)
  1. EMERGENCY GROUP - Inspection of Cruelty (Island House Recordings)
  2. ULTRABONUS​ - El Gimnasio en Casa (Kitchen Leg)
  3. DREW GARDNER - S/t (Eiderdown Records)
  4. MISHAGAS - 1996-1997 (Astral Spirits)
  5. THE LIVING SKY - Enter The Sky (Home & Garden)
  6. PIEUVRE​ - Hyperstretch (Kitchen Leg)
  7. PARKER ALLEN - Parker's First Song Diary (Ever/Never) 
  8. DANE LAW - blue forty​-​six (Blue Tapes)
  9. ALMA LAPRIDA - ensayos baschet (presses précaires)
  10. CHARLES LAREAU - stasis (Public Eyesore)
  1. CHRIS LUJAN & ELECTRIC BUTTER - The Real Thing / Electric Butter (Lugnut Brand Records)
  2. THINGS FALL APART - Bye Bye My Rose b/w Manna (Just Add Water)
  3. GREEN/BLUE - Worry / Gimme Hell (Feel It Records)
  4. CHISAKO & JUNTA - (​Kon'nan​) ​Difficulty (EM Records)
  5. THE WILD CHERRIES - I'm The Sea (Stop Killing Me) b/w Daily Planet (Just Add Water)
  6. MATTHEW HIMES - Hold Tight b/w My Ride (Home & Garden)
  7. TONI TORNADO - Sou Negro (Mr. Bongo)
  8. LES IMPRIMÉS - I'll Never Leave b​/​w If I (Big Crown)
  9. INDRE KRIG - Destroyer (Beach Impediment)
  10. LINDA SMITH - Figment of Your Imagination b​/​w Ideal View of the Ideal City (Almost Halloween Time)
*These are releases that we didn't receive a physical copy of but have been playing digitally. 
  1. PARKER ALLEN - Melon Kolly / Parker's First Song Diary (Ever/Never)
  2. SOFIA KOURTESIS - Madres (Ninja Tune)
  3. YALLA MIKU - Yalla Miku (Les Disques Bongo Joe)
  4. DRY CLEANING - Swampy EP (4AD)
  5. IVAN THE TOLERABLE - Toft House Session
  6. LAURA BRIARD - Ne pas trop rester bleue (Midnight Special Records)
  7. PHYSIQUE - Again (Iron Lung Records)
  8. MATT ELLIOTT - The End Of Days (Ici d’ailleurs)
  9. LAMIN FOFANA - Unsettling Scores (peak oil)
  10. ANAT BEN-DAVID - Conversations (Self Released)
Little Hag Live in Studio B 
Friday, March 31st, Midnight - 3am 
on Six Degrees with Alan 

Opening up the show with a live set from Asbury Park bitch rockers Little Hag recorded live in Studio B last week. 

Merrily We Roll Along: Episode 44 - "The Wacky World of Spike Jones Tributes" 
Friday, March 31st, 8am - 9am 
on Merrily We Roll Along with MHLee 
(on Sheena's Jungle Room Stream
MHLee digs through the dregs of youtube and obscure releases to find oddball covers dedicated or clearly in imitation of Spike Jones. 

Special Guest: Bill Janovitz 
Friday, March 31st, Noon - 3pm 
on Hinky Dinky Time with Uncle Michael 
(on Give the Drummer Radio stream
Join Uncle Michael as he welcomes author Bill Janovitz, who visits Hinky Dinky Time to talk about his new book, Leon Russell: The Master of Space and Time's Journey Though Rock & Roll History. Bill's previous books include The Rolling Stones' Exile on Main St. (33 1/3) and Rocks Off: 50 Tracks That Tell the Story of the Rolling Stones. Bill has been singing, playing guitar and writing songs with the band Buffalo Tom for over 35 years. 

John Schnall’s Midnight Matinee: MASHville 
Saturday, April 1st, Midnight - 3am 
on Inflatable Squirrel Carcass with Rich Hazelton 

Attention, attention. This April Fool’s Day Midnight Matinee is proud to present MASHville, smashing two Robert Altman hits into one hour-long package. Get your April Fool’s Day off to a rollicking start with your host John Schnall and a star-studded list of special guests. Also, your shoelace is untied. That is all. 

Drop In presents THIRD EYE with Clara Clairvoyant 
Saturday, April 1st, 6pm - 7pm 
on Drop-In 
(on Rock'n'Soul Radio stream
Come along with Clara Clairvoyant, your third eye to the past, present and future of psych and progressive musical styles on April 1st, Sat 6-7pm on the Rock n Soul Stream 

Damp Carpet guest hosts! 
Sunday, April 2nd, 5pm - 6pm 
on Radio Row 

Damp Carpet playing the hits that never were. 

The Final Dimension X Story! 
Monday, April 3rd, 9pm - 11pm 
on Dimestore Radio Theater with Austin Rich 
(on Sheena's Jungle Room Stream
On Box 13, science affects both Dan Holiday and, "Archimedes and The Roman.” Meanwhile, the chant of, "We Want Cary Martin," seems to be on the lips of everyone on Bold Venture, including Bogart & Bacall. Chandu the Magician may wind up, "Lost in The Catacombs," if he's not careful, while we offer our very last Dimension X feature, "Nightfall," to wrap up that series. Join us for adventure, romance, and excitement, on Dimestore Radio Theater!” 

"Bamalama Bambalamnesia" w/ Arvo Zylo 
Tuesday, April 4th, 9pm - 11pm 
on Mid-Valley Mutations with Austin Rich 
(on Sheena's Jungle Room Stream
Arvo Zylo returns to the program for a free-association romp that colludes with hidden areas of music history and structure. Join us as we travel through Arvo Country, a place where you’re never too sure what might be around the next bend, or over the next horizon; Two hours of raw cuts and secret selections that take you to a place you might have remembered… if you had been there before. 

Jack Peterson guest hosts! 
Sunday, April 9th, 5pm - 6pm 
on Radio Row 

Taking your electric brain and your acoustic heart to the depths of their interplay, indie and emo at their richest and truest and highest and lowest. 

Wadada Leo Smith Interview 
Tuesday, April 11th, 7pm - 10pm 
on Observations of Deviance with David Mittleman 
(on Give the Drummer Radio stream
81 year old Wadada Leo Smith is a legendary black creative musician. For 60 plus years Wadada has been at the forefront of creative music making, composition and teaching. As an early member of Chicago's AACM (Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians) he helped advance the cause of collective avant-garde artistic creation. Since 1971 Wadada has operated his own record label - Kabell Records. On March 31, 2023 Kabell releases Wadada's newest album, "Fire Illuminations," which Observations of Deviance host David Mittleman believes will stand as one of Wadada's supreme artistic achievements. Join David as he plays cuts from "Fire Illuminations," additional Kabell releases, other Wadada LPs and exclusive excerpts from his recent Wadada interview. 

Mutations Fest, LIVE! (Week 1) 
Tuesday, April 11th, 9pm - 11pm 
on Mid-Valley Mutations with Austin Rich 
(on Sheena's Jungle Room Stream
Celebrating 30 Years of ‘zines, 29 Years of Bands, and 25 years of Radio, “Mutation Fest” is a selection of live music and sound art – much with video accompaniment – to help put on a virtual music fest you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home. It’s a cross-section of experimental, electronic and other kinds of music by friends of the show, LIVE, on Mid-Valley Mutations! 

Bob Brainen & Pete Tomlinson Present the music of Dillard & Clark and the Flying Burrito Brothers 
Saturday, April 15th, 11am - 2pm 
on Bob Brainen's show 
(on Give the Drummer Radio stream
You can do something prosaic like file your taxes and/or you can join us as we celebrate, hands down, our two favorite branches of the wondrous Byrds family tree. Between them, these two bands contained a whopping eight members who were either actual Byrds or were affiliated with them. We'll connect all the dots and celebrate the sounds. 

YHWH Nailgun Live Set 
Sunday, April 16th, Midnight - 3am 
on Radioactivity with Abbie From Mars 

NYC-based art-noise-post-punk group YHWH Nailgun performs live on RadioActivity with Abbie from Mars 

DJ Earl Grey guest hosts! 
Sunday, April 16th, 5pm - 6pm 
on Radio Row 

Strings and things! Tambourine beats and drum heat from around the world! 

Linda Smith & Nancy Andrews 
Monday, April 17th, 3:01pm - 6pm 
on Radio Ravioli with Olivia 

In 1983, Nancy Andrews and Linda Smith shared a big house in Baltimore with a continuously revolving cast of artists and musicians and formed their first band. In 2020, Linda rediscovered in the back of a drawer some old tapes of Nancy’s songs she had recorded for her in the 90’s, leading them to start a new collaborative project. Their new album "A Passing Cloud" (to be released on Grapefruit Records on March 17) is the fruit of their rekindled long-distance musical conversation. Linda Smith and Nancy Andrews join Olivia in the studio to talk about all this and more! 

Mutations Fest, LIVE! (Week 2)
Tuesday, April 18th, 9pm - 11pm 
on Mid-Valley Mutations with Austin Rich 
(on Sheena's Jungle Room Stream
Mutations Fest Continues! Celebrating 30 Years of ‘zines, 29 Years of Bands, and 25 years of Radio, “Mutation Fest” is a selection of live music and sound art – much with video accompaniment – to help put on a virtual music fest you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home. It’s a cross-section of experimental, electronic and other kinds of music by friends of the show, LIVE, on Mid-Valley Mutations! 

Brian Abelson guest hosts! 
Sunday, April 23rd, 5pm - 6pm 
on Radio Row 

DJ/Producer Brian Abelson takes you on an hourlong tour of their fun, twisted musical world full of awkward bangers, oddball edits, and long blends. 

Steven Bernstein of Sexmob 
Tuesday, April 25th, 9pm - Midnight 
on The Frow Show with Jesse Jarnow 

Trumpet hero and rogue jazz raconteur Steven Bernstein visits the Frow Show to preview Sexmob’s “The Hard Way,” out May 12th, and tell tales of his legendary quarter-century-old quartet, along with the Millennial Territory Orchestra, Spanish Fly, the Hot 9, a gazillion Hal Willner projects, and underground New York music history. 

Bivassyndrome ("BEE-vahs-syndrome") guest hosts! 
Sunday, April 30th, 5pm - 6pm 
on Radio Row 

It's sick. FMU volunteer / sometimes intern Veronica brings you this mix!

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